White Victims of Black Crime - 0888 - Stacie & Todd Bagley

Sep 7th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. 0888
  2. ----------------
  4. June 21, 1999
  6. Location: Killeen,TX
  8. Victim(s): Stacie Lynn Bagley 28,Todd Bagley 26
  10. Attacker(s): Brandon Am Bernard,Christopher Andre Vialva,Tony Sparks 17,Christopher Michael Lewis 15,Terry Terrell Brown 17,Gregory Hardin Lynch 16
  12. Description: The group asked Stacie and Todd for a ride, before pulling a gun on them saying that “the plans had changed.” They drove them around for hours as they begged for their lives in the trunk, before deciding to kill them, pouring lighter fluid on the interior of the vehicle while Stacie and Todd sang and prayed. Vialva then shot each of them in the head, before Bernard set the car on fire. Todd was killed by the gunshot, but Stacie was only knocked unconscious, and died from smoke inhalation instead.
  14. Bernard – Death.
  15. Vialva – Death.
  16. Sparks – Life with parole. (Originally Life without parole.)
  17. Lewis – 20 years in prison.
  18. Brown – 20 years in prison.
  19. Lynch – 5 years in prison.
  21. Link(s):
  22. Story on the crime.
  23. Sparks,Lewis,Brown,and Lynch are sentenced.
  24. Sparks will be resentenced to a life term with a chance at parole because of Supreme Court Opinions that juvenile offenders can’t be subjected to life in prison without parole 11-2016.
  25. Vialva is executed 9-24-2020.
  26. Bernard is executed 12-10-2020.
  27. Report on Bernard’s execution.
  29. Stacie’s find a grave memorial.
  30. Todd’s find a grave memorial.
  31. ----------------
  33. Lewis and Brown plead guilty 12-1999.
  34. Bernard and Vialva are convicted 6-2000.
  35. Bernard and Vialva are sentenced to death 6-2000.
  36. Bernard and Vialva’s appeal. Contains details of the crime.
  37. A list of federal death row prisoners, with race included. Both Bernard and Vialva are listed as black.
  38. Vialva’s arrest record.
  39. Bernard and Vialva’s death row info, including a picture of Bernard.
  40. A story on Vialva’s then upcoming execution.
  41. An eyewitness account of Vialva’s execution, which includes a statement from Stacie and Todd’s family about remembering the victims.
  42. Another story on Bernard’s execution.
  44. Todd’s father Rick’s find a grave memorial.
  46. Bagley surname info
  47. Bagley surname wikipedia entry.
  48. Bagley surname info house of names.
  49. Bagley surname info surname database.
  51. Press release from David Duke, condemning the prosecutors for not labeling the crime a hate crime 10-1999.
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