Horizon 6-C

Nov 26th, 2014
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  1. Chapter 46:
  2. Mogami Yoshiaki eats with Kani Saizou.
  3. After a mythology debate, Hassan challenges Nate's mom to eat all of the curry he has prepared.
  5. Chapter 47:
  6. For history recreation purposes, Narumi fights Shirojiro.
  8. Chapter 48:
  9. Narumi defeats Shirojiro.
  10. Nate's mom keeps up with Hassan's pace.
  12. Chapter 49:
  13. Nate's mom admits defeat once Hassan serves her the perfect meal tailored to her.
  14. Ookubo is still being chased by Genan's mechanical phoenix, but Yoshiyasu shows up to fight Genan instead.
  16. Chapter 50:
  17. Yoshiyasu and Genan damage each other's god of war and phoenix enough to knock each other out of the fight.
  19. Chapter 51:
  20. Kani fights Mogami Yoshiaki and manages to put a single scratch on Yoshiaki's cheek before being defeated.
  22. Chapter 52:
  23. M.H.R.R. begins their attack on Paris.
  25. Chapter 53:
  26. After her victory, Narumi acts as an intermediary between Masazumi and Katakura of Date.
  28. Chapter 54:
  29. The talks between Masazumi and Katakura get nowhere because of misunderstandings.
  30. To preclude an actual battle, Ookubo challenges Kani to a karaoke competition.
  32. Chapter 55:
  33. Katou Yoshiaki battles Shirojiro.
  35. Chapter 56:
  36. Katou Yoshiaki defeats Shirojiro.
  37. Ookubo is attacked by Seki Masatada but defeats her.
  39. Chapter 57:
  40. Yoshiyasu must take Ookubo's pace in the karaoke competition against Kani even though she's only ever sung karaoke once before.
  42. Chapter 58:
  43. Yoshiyasu and Kani tie at karaoke.
  45. Chapter 59:
  46. For political reasons, Sviet Rus recruits Sanada Nobuyuki and sends him in, hoping he'll lose to Musashi.
  47. He mistakenly attacks Narumi instead, giving the win to Date instead.
  48. Seki fights and defeats Kotarou of Houjou (a Mouse) but is too badly damaged to continue on.
  50. Chapter 60:
  51. Nate's mom and Mogami Yoshiaki play ping pong and Yoshiaki wins.
  53. Chapter 61:
  54. The history recreation says Sviet Rus can't give Musashi the rights to their win over Houjou, so they, Date, and Mogami find excuses to exchange victory rights with each other so Musashi can
  56. ultimately be given the rights Sviet Rus holds.
  58. Chapter 62:
  59. Heidi takes the victory rights from Narumi in Shirojiro's place.
  60. Masazumi tells Naomasa their final representative will be Noriki.
  61. Hexagone Francaise foils Hashiba's attempt to flood Paris.
  63. Chapter 63:
  64. As a plan B, Hashiba creates a virtual sea with which to flood Paris.
  66. Chapter 64:
  67. Koroku uses the Genbu to defeat Isaac and Armand.
  68. Fukushima defeats Seikai.
  70. Chapter 65:
  71. Danzou is revealed to be a special type of celestial dragon.
  72. His lifespan reaches its end during his battle with Fukushima.
  74. Chapter 66:
  75. The Speers, including Ishida Mitsunari taking physical form for the first time, try to defend against Bernard, but are delayed long enough to prevent Hashiba from interfering with the events in
  77. Houjou.
  79. Chapter 67:
  80. Two Musashi teams make their way toward Kanie Castle, but Kakei attacks along the way.
  82. Chapter 68:
  83. Nate fights and defeats Kakei.
  84. Mochizuki attacks Tenzou and Mary slices her in two with Excalibur.
  85. Mochizuki detonates the ground beneath them.
  87. Chapter 69:
  88. Toori and Asama fall into Unno's Yomi down below.
  89. Asama has to kiss Toori to save him from the spell.
  90. Asama defends against Unno until Muneshige, Gin, and Tenzou arrive and defeat Unno.
  91. Toori more or less tells Asama her feelings are mutual and then kisses her.
  92. Takigawa discusses her plans with Yoshiaki and Kasuya Takenori of the Speers.
  94. Chapter 70:
  95. Once they arrive at Kanie Castle, Nate fights and defeats Takigawa.
  97. Chapter 71:
  98. The Musashi group enters the Houjou ruins and finds an undestroyed version of the Age of Dawn relief.
  99. It depicts the people worshiping a Double Border Crest.
  100. Neshinbara speculates it could be referencing the visit to the Environmental Gods.
  101. They realize there is something odd about the relief and there is probably more to it, but they have to escape when the ruins begin to flood and collapse.
  103. Chapter 72:
  104. Noriki uses his new spell to defeat Ujinao.
  105. He asks her to marry him.
  107. Final Chapter:
  108. Kakei dies of his injuries.
  109. In Paris, Hashiba's forces and the Hexagone Francaise forces begin telling stories of the previous battle.
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