MagiReco Alina Gray story translation

Mar 9th, 2018
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  3. Disappearing Motivation
  5. 1.1
  6. [overview of the city]
  7. *Number 3: Kamihama Modern Art Award*
  8. *Gold Award: Permanent Collection Selection*
  9. *"A conflict-free completed work"*
  10. *Alina Gray*
  11. [on a street]
  12. girl a: "Did you see the bulletin board at school? About Gray-san's artwork?"
  13. girl b: "I did, I did. She made an oil painting from a photo of herself, right?
  14. [in a school hallway]
  15. girl a: "They say she made it because she couldn't think of anything to make specifically for the prize."
  16. girl b: "Huh? What do you mean?"
  17. girl a: "She was angry and snapped all of the wood in the prep room."
  18. "Apparently, it came to her when she was about to snap the canvas in two from frustration."
  19. [in a classroom]
  20. girl b: "She had paint all over her body, and around her all the scraps of broken wood were scattered around."
  21. girl a: "Yeah, that's right."
  22. "At that moment she had an idea and had her junior take a photo of her."
  23. "They say that she drew herself because she liked how she looked standing there."
  24. girl b: "Then why did she coat only the part with her on it with sand?"
  25. girl a: "It's crazy, right?"
  26. [in the hallway]
  27. girl c: "whisper whisper"
  28. Alina: "..."
  29. Karin: "..."
  30. [the screen darkens]
  31. Alina: *grab*
  32. [fade back]
  33. Karin: "Ah, my strawberry milk!"
  34. Alina: *sluuuuurp*
  35. Karin: "Ah..."
  36. "That's mean, Alina-senpai..."
  37. Alina: "It's more mean to talk about people behind their backs, you know."
  38. Karin: "B-but, you were happy you won the award..."
  39. "And on top of that, I was the one who took the photo."
  40. Alina: "sigh..."
  41. "Before you get to be proud of yourself, you have some things you need to work on."
  42. "Croquis, sketching, color composition... You're poor at all of them, you know?"
  43. Karin: "Ah... umm... I'm sorry."
  44. "But I really think you're amazing!"
  45. "After all, it's permanent collection!" [Permanent collection in English]
  46. "Permanent!"
  47. Alina: "Do you even understand what you're saying?"
  48. Karin: "Huh!?"
  49. "Umm, per-ma-..."
  50. "Ah, a lion!?"
  51. Alina: "You fool girl..."
  52. [Alina leaves]
  53. Karin: "Wait up, Alina-senpai!"
  54. [fade to black, now in a classroom]
  55. Alina: (If I were actually aiming for the prize, I might not have minded that the word got out...)
  56. (But I'm not.)
  57. (I'm always working seriously, and never exhibiting in a concours.)
  58. [fade to gray with Alina visible]
  59. Alina: *I just create.*
  60. *What I want to make.*
  61. *To go with my taste.*
  62. *With things I'm interested in*
  63. *With my own two hands.*
  64. [fade to black and back to the classroom]
  65. Alina: (That reminds me, one of the judges was going to come to see me...)
  66. ""
  67. (I'll pass, it's gonna be a pain.)
  69. 1.2
  70. Alina: "..."
  71. "..."
  72. (No, I need more inspiration...)
  73. [the bell rings for the intercom]
  74. intercom: *ding dong*
  75. *Alina, Alina Gray. Please come to the teacher's room.*
  76. *I repeat...*
  77. *Alina Gray. Please come to the teacher's room. You have a guest waiting.*
  78. Alina: "Ah, damn, what a pain..."
  79. "Do I really have to meet with someone who I'm not interested in?"
  80. "It's not like I wanted the prize. I really couldn't care less..."
  81. "...I'll pass."
  82. [the door opens with a bang]
  83. teacher: "I knew it, you were here!"
  84. Alina: "Shit!"
  85. teacher: "Who are you calling shit!? I'm a human!"
  86. "Come on, don't make them wait any longer!"
  87. Alina: "You were the one who sent it in. Now I have to deal with this trouble!"
  88. teacher: "Don't be spoiled!"
  89. "Do you realize how many people wanted that prize!?"
  90. Alina: "Then I'll give it back!"
  91. teacher: "Just come!"
  92. Alina: "See you not again."
  93. [she runs away]
  94. teacher: "Wha- Don't run away!"
  95. [in a restaurant]
  96. Alina: "Sighhhh..."
  97. (That was really awful...)
  98. [screen wipe; we see Karin]
  99. Karin: "pant... pant..."
  100. "Ah, where's Alina-senpai... pant... There she is!"
  101. [she runs and the screen wipes]
  102. Alina: "Geh, what are you doing here?"
  103. "I'm not going back to school..."
  104. Karin: "I don't care about that."
  105. Alina: "Then why don't you just go back? I'm in a bad mood..."
  106. Karin: "I won't."
  107. Alina: "What? I don't get it."
  108. Karin: "The judge gave me a letter to give to you."
  109. Alina: "Oh, did you go meet them in my place?"
  110. Karin: "More like taken to meet them."
  111. Alina: "...sorry."
  112. Karin: "Well, here it is."
  113. Alina: "Thank you."
  114. "..."
  115. "Not going to leave?"
  116. Karin: "Once you finish reading it, I want to go with you to buy art supply store."
  117. "I'd like you to teach me some stuff."
  118. Alina: "Rather than a fool girl, you're way too much of a free girl..."
  119. "Well, I got you involved in this, so just hold on a bit."
  120. Karin: "Okay!"
  121. Alina: "..."
  122. "..."
  123. "..." [she looks displeased and the music changes]
  124. Karin: "Alina-senpai?"
  125. Alina: "Sorry, but I'm going now."
  126. Karin: "Huh? Alina-senpai!"
  127. [on the street in the evening]
  128. Alina: "..."
  129. "What's with this letter..."
  130. [fade to black]
  131. letter: *It seems you are capable of creating a work that is so beautiful and arcane that viewers will think about it until their deaths.*
  132. *However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane.*
  133. *That's why I want to tell you this.*
  134. *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  135. *You are only fifteen years old; if you haven't realized this, your brilliance will probably run out.*
  136. [back to the street]
  137. Alina: "I don't get it."
  139. 1.3
  140. [black screen]
  141. letter: *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  142. [on a traditional looking street at night]
  143. Alina: (That's probably asking about one piece I made...)
  144. (Telling me to consider what exactly was I trying to ask with it.)
  145. (This is the first person not asking about my work, but about my values...)
  146. [fade to black]
  147. letter: *"However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane."*
  148. [back to the street]
  149. Alina: (And then this is saying that my work might be some kind of poison or drug...)
  150. "Hm..."
  151. (I wouldn't mind if it were true...)
  152. "Even I don't know the reason why I create art..."
  153. "Maybe I should review how I got where I am..."
  154. [scene change to an art gallery, where we see a black-haired girl in Mizuna Girls' uniform.]
  155. Alina: "Do you work here?"
  156. Kozue Mayu: "Euah!? Uh, y-yes! Wait, you're Alina Gray-san!?"
  157. "Hawawa..."
  158. Alina: "I believe there's an exhibit on my works right now..."
  159. Mayu: "Ah, yes, I know that!"
  160. Alina: "And is there a poster listing my past works on it?"
  161. "My papa and mama should have sent you the information to put on it."
  162. "I just came to confirm that it's here, just in case."
  163. Mayu: "I-I'll go and check!"
  164. Alina: "..."
  165. [fade to black and back]
  166. Mayu: "Umm, here it is!"
  167. Alina: "Alright, thank you."
  168. "!?"
  169. "What on earth..."
  170. "It has photos from when I was a kid and way too much information..."
  171. Mayu: "..."
  172. Alina: "..."
  173. "If you can replace this, then can you swap it out later?"
  174. "I'll send you a simpler version..."
  175. Mayu: "Ah, yes, I'll ask for you!"
  176. Alina: "..."
  177. [fade to black]
  178. *Age 0: Born in Sakae Ward of Kamihama City.*
  179. *Age 2: In her parents' Gallery Gray, she was able to touch all kinds of artwork.*
  180. *Age 8: Through the deaths of her dog and her grandparents, she became aware of the transformation from living creature into a mere object, and began trying to depict the boundary between life and death.*
  181. *Age 10: By creating composites across life and death using time lapse photography, and posing skeletons in lifelike positions, she began to express herself in all sorts of ways.*
  182. *Age 11: "Solid: A Living Monochrome" A monochrome skeleton symbolizing death, upon which vivid and psychedelic colors symbolizing life were placed.*
  183. *Age 12: "Drawing: Scream Arhat" The scream of pain is sensed at the apex of life, where substance, feeling, and reason all coexist at their global maxima. She attempts to express instinct and impressions.*
  184. *Age 13: "Installation: A Single Gathering" In order to emphasize the lives of the solitary, a stationary individual is recorded among a dynamic crowd. The work is contemporary dance based upon that. The theme became the expression of life.*
  185. *Age 14: "Drawing: Dead Reincarnated Series" Drawn using charcoal from carbonized corpses, the work attempts to revive not a new life, but the past life. It is a completion of the expression of life.*
  186. *"Solid: Samsara and Water: An Evidential Engine"*
  187. *"Photo: Digital Dead Life"*
  188. *"Drawing: The Face of the Bloodless"*
  189. *"Installation: At the Feet of a Soldier"*
  190. *"Drawing: Has emptiness acquired everything?"*
  191. [now a red background with Alina]
  192. Alina: "Nothing..."
  193. "Even if I go over it again, I have nothing to question with my work."
  194. "But, yes."
  195. "I'm receiving inspiration..."
  196. "From the things that excite and arouse me."
  197. "I'm just putting things in a form that I am able to."
  198. [fade to black]
  199. letter: *"However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane."*
  200. *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  201. [back to the gallery]
  202. Alina: "sigh... That's all. Thank you."
  203. Mayu: "Ah, yes."
  204. "Um..."
  205. Alina: "..."
  206. "...What is it?"
  207. Mayu: "I was just thinking that your art is quite amazing..."
  208. "I'm not quite sure, but it pulls you in, or something."
  209. "I can't help but stare at it. It's scary, but not really scary."
  210. "I guess that's what you'd call a masterpiece, right?"
  211. Alina: "Is that praise?"
  212. Mayu: "Why certainly!"
  213. Alina: "I see..."
  214. [fade to black; we see Alina]
  215. Alina: "Have you too been violated by my powerful drug?"
  216. [fade into a nighttime street scene]
  217. Alina: "Maybe my brilliance will indeed fade at the age of 15..."
  218. "If that's true, then I need to be more creative."
  219. [battle]
  220. [in a classroom with Karin]
  221. Alina: "..."
  222. "What... is this drawing..."
  223. "What... is this sculpture..."
  224. Karin: "What do you mean 'what', you made them."
  225. Alina: "I know... I know that already..."
  226. Karin: "That reminds me, Alina-senpai, could you look at this?"
  227. "Yesterday, I came up with a new character."
  228. "It's a really macho guy who saves the phantom thief protagonist..."
  229. "The rival of the guy who the protagonist likes!"
  230. [Alina hits something]
  231. *bam*
  232. Karin: "Hii! I'm sorry! Okay, no more macho!"
  233. Alina: "..."
  234. Karin: "!?"
  235. "What are you doing, Alina-senpai?! That painting's not dry yet!"
  236. Alina: "It's not exciting at all..."
  237. "It's not sensational enough..."
  238. "Not emotional enough..."
  239. "What is this trash..."
  240. Karin: "But you were working on this all last week!"
  241. *smash!!*
  242. *crack! bam!*
  243. *bam! bam! bam! bam!*
  244. *smash! smash! smash! smash!*
  245. Alina: "pant... pant... pant... pant..."
  246. Karin: "W-what's wrong?"
  247. Alina: "Take a photo..."
  248. Karin: "Uh, ah, you mean another like your last piece?"
  249. Alina: "pant... pant... Hurry up!"
  250. Karin: "O-Okay!"
  251. [she takes a pic]
  252. Karin: "..."
  253. Alina: "pant... pant..."
  254. Karin: "Is... this okay?"
  255. Alina: "..."
  256. "Heh."
  257. "It's terrible."
  258. [fade to black]
  259. Alina: *I might understand why my work has become trash...*
  260. *Because I have nothing...*
  261. *I've come to realize that I was empty, back when I just went with my inspiration and my senses, making artwork freely.*
  262. [back to the classroom]
  263. Alina: "I've decided..."
  264. "I'm gonna jump."
  265. Karin: "Huh?"
  266. Alina (aloud): "My artwork should have been more brilliant..."
  270. Final Artwork
  272. 2.1
  273. [black screen]
  274. Alina: *I used to make artwork with just inspiration and sense.*
  275. *However...*
  276. *"However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane."*
  277. *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  278. *Having been told that, I noticed where I was lacking.*
  279. [classroom scene]
  280. Alina: *It is something that wouldn't change even if I traveled the world and saw all sorts of things.*
  281. *This one month, I did not change at all.*
  282. *If this continues, my brilliance will fade at age fifteen.*
  283. Karin: "Where have you been all this time, Alina-senpai!?"
  284. "I was so worried because I couldn't get in contact with you!"
  285. Alina: "I was just enjoying a little bit of travel."
  286. Karin: "A trip?"
  287. "Wait, a trip!?"
  288. Alina: "I don't have any souvenirs for you or anything."
  289. Karin: "Oh..."
  290. Alina: "For that matter, did you disturb that painting that I broke?"
  291. Karin: "The teacher said that coming from you, it probably had some sort of meaning, so we should leave it."
  292. Alina: "Not just a fool girl, but a fool teacher..."
  293. "This is the end of this school..."
  294. Karin: "So, should we clean it up?
  295. Alina: "I don't feel like it, so maybe some other time."
  296. [fade to black, then back to the classroom]
  297. *scritch scritch scritch scritch*
  298. Alina: "..."
  299. *scritch scritch...*
  300. Alina: "..."
  301. *scritch scritch scritch scritch*
  302. Karin: "I finished sketching the box. Take a look, Alina-senpai!"
  303. Alina: "Alright, alright."
  304. Karin: "..."
  305. Alina: "sigh..."
  306. "Your light isn't going in a straight line."
  307. "You've got some other light source affecting the scene, making the shadow look strangely off."
  308. "Also, I've told you this before, but you're trying to draw with lines."
  309. "Manga may be drawn with lines, but there are no lines in the real world."
  310. Karin: "..."
  311. [Karin makes a sad face]
  312. Alina: "Are you okay?"
  313. Karin: "Alina-senpai..."
  314. Alina: "What?"
  315. Karin: "Today, you haven't drawn anything at all..."
  316. Alina: "Right now we're discussing your sketch, though."
  317. Karin: "But, it's not right... you've been strange since before you took your trip!"
  318. Alina: "So?"
  319. Karin: "Is it because of the letter I passed to you?"
  320. Alina: "..."
  321. "When..."
  322. "When you draw, what kind of theme do you have in mind?
  323. Karin: "Theme?"
  324. Alina: "Ah, right, the fool girl can be difficult."
  325. "Why do you want to draw manga?"
  326. Karin: "If I tell you, will that make you feel better?"
  327. Alina: "Well, I don't know that yet."
  328. Karin: "Meaning that there's a chance, right?"
  329. *deep breaths*
  330. "Umm..."
  331. Alina: "You don't have to embarrass yourself."
  332. Karin: "Umm, I want to draw manga because..."
  333. "I want people to read my manga and feel better."
  334. "Just like how I feel better from reading Magical Kirin-chan..."
  335. "I want to make a manga that'll make everyone cheer up!"
  336. Alina: "I see..."
  337. "You want to spread happiness to others..."
  338. Karin: "...Is that strange?"
  339. Alina: "Not really..."
  340. "Perhaps you might be more of a genius than I am."
  341. Karin: "Huh?"
  342. "That's not true, you're way more amazing than me, Alina-senpai!"
  343. "I could never make artwork that draws you in like that!"
  344. Alina: "I'm leaving. Bye-bye."
  345. Karin: "Come on, what's wrong, Alina-senpai!?"
  346. [scene change to the riverbank in the evening]
  347. Alina: (Even that fool girl has something that I don't...)
  348. (I'm lacking a logical part...)
  349. "While being born, I can't give birth to anything but a powerful drug..."
  350. "An artist who loses her brilliance at age 15..."
  351. "Ahaha..."
  352. "Hah..."
  353. [fade to black]
  354. Alina: *Oh my, that gave me the shivers...*
  356. 2.2
  357. [on the riverbank at night]
  358. Alina: *I am nearing my death as an artist who is interested in the boundary between life and death.*
  359. *My death is the death of my artwork.*
  360. *Just like that picture in the art room, now that I realized how empty I was, all of my past works have now lost their luster.*
  361. *That being the case...*
  362. *I'll break all of them, end all of them...*
  363. *Myself included.*
  364. *That will be my last artwork.*
  365. "Before I disappear, I'll go out in a blaze, and as my brilliance fades my body will rot away..."
  366. someone: "Would you really be alright with that?"
  367. Alina: "Who are you?"
  368. someone: "It's me, over here."
  369. [it's Kyubey!]
  370. Alina: "Are you... a weasel?"
  371. "pfft... hehe.. Ahaha!"
  372. "A weasel is talking to me. Something must be seriously wrong with my head."
  373. Kyubey: "You are in a normal state, Alina Gray."
  374. Alina: "What are you?"
  375. Kyubey: "My name is Kyubey. I came here to meet you."
  376. Alina: "Here to meet me?"
  377. "This is way too fantasy-like to be real."
  378. "But I'll listen to what you have to say; it seems like it could be fun."
  379. Kyubey: "I'm glad to hear that."
  380. Alina: "So, what does the civet want from me?"
  381. Kyubey: "My name is Kyubey."
  382. Alina: "I don't care."
  383. Kyubey: "Among human beings, you seem to be one of the most difficult to understand types."
  384. Alina: "I just want to hear what you want from me. You came here to meet me, right?"
  385. Kyubey: "Yeah, that's right."
  386. "Actually, I'd like for you to make a contract with me and become a magical girl."
  387. Alina: "A magical girl?"
  388. Kyubey: "That's right, Alina Gray."
  389. Alina: "Ahaha, what the hell?"
  390. "It's becoming more and more of a fantasy."
  391. Kyubey: "Of course, I won't ask this of you for nothing."
  392. "If you become a magical girl..."
  393. "I will grant you one wish of your choosing."
  394. Alina: "Ah, I see."
  395. "Well, I'm fine. I don't have anything I'd like done for me."
  396. Kyubey: "Are you sure?"
  397. "You seem to be in a state similar to when humans are worrying."
  398. "If you have anything you're worried about, then I think I can help clear it up."
  399. Alina: "An animal probably wouldn't understand..."
  400. Kyubey: "Well, what is it?"
  401. Alina: "It would be pointless to acquire what I want by wishing for it."
  402. Kyubey: "But I don't think you can deny that you would have acquired it, though."
  403. "You might not get this chance ever again."
  404. "Our interests align here."
  405. [she hits him]
  406. Kyubey: "Pugyu!"
  407. Alina: "I already said that an animal wouldn't get it."
  408. Kyubey: "That's unfortunate, Alina Gray."
  409. "You possess great potential as a magical girl."
  410. Alina: "I have no intention of making use of that potential."
  411. "And also, I've already decided what my final piece of artwork will be."
  412. Kyubey: "!?"
  413. "Alina Gray..."
  414. "Might you be..."
  415. Alina: "Bye-bye."
  416. [she leaves]
  417. Kyubey: "..."
  418. [fade to black]
  419. Alina: *I'll break all of them, end all of them...*
  420. *Myself included.*
  421. *That will be my last artwork.*
  423. 2.3
  424. [in the city during the day, Alina is looking happy]
  425. Alina: "hmhmmm♪ hmm hmm hmmmm♪"
  426. (A beautiful blue sky...)
  427. (A calm, gentle wind...)
  428. (Today I will create and today I will face the end.)
  429. "Ahhhh...♪"
  430. (This holiday couldn't possibly get any better.)
  431. (I have my hammer and saw...)
  432. "Well, let's party♪"
  433. [screen wipe; we switch to a different street scene]
  434. Alina: "pant... pant... pant..."
  435. "I don't need a case for my hammer and saw!"
  436. [now in a traditional-looking street]
  437. Alina: "pant... pant... pant..."
  438. "I'm going to end my artworks!"
  439. [now she's at the art gallery]
  440. Alina: "And today I will complete it!"
  441. Mayu: "Uh, ah, Gray-san!?"
  442. "..."
  443. "EhhhhhhHH!?"
  444. "A hammer and a saw!?"
  445. Alina: "Where is my artwork!?"
  446. Mayu: "Hawawa... Umm, uh, you mean what's currently on display!?"
  447. Alina: "What else would I be asking for!?"
  448. Mayu: "No!"
  449. Alina: "Hurry up, show me the way to them!"
  450. Mayu: "B-but..."
  451. Alina: "Hurry! Hurry!"
  452. Mayu: "Ah, Ookay!!"
  453. [screen wipe]
  454. Alina: "There it is, my art..."
  455. Mayu: "Um, what are..."
  456. Alina: "I'm just here to complete my artwork!!"
  457. *smaaaaash*
  458. Mayu: "Kyaaa!"
  459. "What are you doing, Gray-san!?"
  460. Alina: "Out of my way!"
  461. [she pushes past Mayu]
  462. *rip rip*
  463. Mayu: "Ehhh, s-somebody come help!"
  464. [she runs away to get some guy]
  465. Mayu: "pant... pant... wheeze..."
  466. "Over here!"
  467. man: "What the hell happened!?"
  468. Mayu: "W-what should I do... I'm gonna get fired..."
  469. [screen wipe]
  470. Alina: "pant... pant..."
  471. man: "Wha!? Alina Gray!?"
  472. Alina: "Bye-bye..."
  473. [fade to black]
  474. *"However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane."*
  475. *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  476. [Alina appears]
  477. Alina: "If my brilliance will fade at age fifteen and I will die as a creator..."
  478. "I'll break all of them, end all of them..."
  479. [scene change to a rooftop]
  480. Alina: "Finally, it ends with myself."
  481. [battle]
  482. Alina: "Finally, it ends with myself."
  483. "My brilliance as a genius artist will fade and my body will rot."
  484. "I think I'll record the moment when the all of the light disappears."
  485. Kyubey: "Yo, Alina Gray."
  486. Alina: "You're that white stoat from yesterday."
  487. Kyubey: "It's Kyubey."
  488. Alina: "I don't care."
  489. "You still want something from me?"
  490. Kyubey: "Why not once more reconsider becoming a magical girl?"
  491. Alina: "You're just too persistent!"
  492. [she hits him]
  493. Kyubey: "Would you not kick me unnecessarily?"
  494. Alina: "..."
  495. "No matter what you say, I won't make a wish."
  496. "If I solved my problems with just a wish, I would cease to be me."
  497. Kyubey: "Any other wish will do as well."
  498. "Anything you want, even if it's not what you're worried about, I don't mind."
  499. Alina: "sigh... I'd really like you to go away right now..."
  500. "!!"
  501. "Hmm, that might not be a bad wish."
  502. Kyubey: "Really!?"
  503. Alina: "I don't lie."
  504. Kyubey: "Then I'm glad I came to ask you again."
  505. "So what wish do you want to have granted?"
  506. Alina: "..."
  507. "Quite often..."
  508. "My parents get angry at me for spending all my time painting..."
  509. "So this is what I think I want."
  510. Kyubey: "What is it?"
  511. Alina: "My wish is..."
  512. "I want an area where nobody can disturb me."
  513. [the background fades to white]
  514. Kyubey: "Your wish has been accepted, Alina Gray."
  515. "You are now a magical girl."
  516. [back to the rooftop]
  517. Kyubey: "That gemstone that came out of you..."
  518. Alina: "Shut up..."
  519. Kyubey: "I am explaining to you about magical girls now."
  520. Alina: "I don't need you to."
  521. Kyubey: "What are you saying?"
  522. Alina: "I'm going to end here."
  523. "I've just mixed this wish in with my life and death, that's all."
  524. "Even the light from this wish will soon be lost as well."
  525. Kyubey: "Stop it, Alina!"
  526. Alina: "Bye-bye."
  527. [she jumps from the roof and lands with a thud]
  528. Kyubey: "I don't understand." [note: famous line from episode 6]
  529. [fade to black]
  530. Alina: *To everyone who said that I was a genius artist...*
  531. *This is my last piece of artwork.*
  532. *..."
  533. *You were the ones intoxicated with my artwork.*
  534. *You were the ones who valued it so much.*
  535. *...*
  536. *Ah...*
  537. *I see, this is it...*
  538. [fade in an image of Alina in a field of flowers with a video camera pointed at her]
  539. Alina: *...*
  540. *...*
  541. *...*
  542. *...*
  543. *...*
  544. *...*
  545. *...*
  546. *...*
  547. *...*
  548. *...*
  549. *...*
  550. *...*
  551. *...*
  552. *...*
  553. *...*
  554. *...*
  555. *...*
  556. *...*
  557. *...*
  558. *...*
  559. ???: *Hey, isn't that a person?*
  563. Awakened Sense
  565. 3.1
  566. [in a gray haze]
  567. Alina: "sigh... What a waste that was..."
  568. "Even though I found it at the end..."
  569. "What I wanted to ask... My theme..."
  570. [flashback]
  571. Mayu: "I was just thinking that your art is quite amazing..."
  572. "I'm not quite sure, but it pulls you in, or something."
  573. "I can't help but stare at it. It's scary, but not really scary."
  574. [back to the fog]
  575. Alina: "That's how it was from the beginning."
  576. [flashback]
  577. Karin: "That's not true, you're way more amazing than me, Alina-senpai!"
  578. "I could never make artwork that draws you in like that!"
  579. [back to the fog]
  580. Alina: "I always had a theme, I always achieved results..."
  581. "There was nothing wrong in the first place."
  582. [fade to black with Alina visible in the background]
  583. Alina: *I just create.*
  584. *What I want to make.*
  585. *To go with my taste.*
  586. *With things I'm interested in*
  587. *With my own two hands.*
  588. [back to the fog]
  589. Alina: "So... my theme... was just..."
  590. [fade to black]
  591. Alina: *"My beauty"*
  592. [back to the fog]
  593. Alina: "But knowing that is pointless now."
  594. "Maybe dying isn't worth it after all..."
  595. "It would be the worst end imaginable to have my final work be a failure."
  596. "sigh..."
  597. "I wished for a place where nobody would bother me from that white weasel..."
  598. "I want that very much right now."
  600. 3.2
  601. [fade to black; Alina appears]
  602. Alina: ""
  603. "Huh... my body... won't move..."
  604. [fade to black; then to a hospital]
  605. Alina: (Ow...)
  606. "..."
  607. (Ceiling, fluorescent lights, daylight...)
  608. (So I ended up living?)
  609. "kuh..."
  610. (My legs won't move...)
  611. "Or rather, my whole body is right out..."
  612. "..."
  613. (So before, I was drifting in the space between life and death?)
  614. (It wasn't mysterious or peculiar, there was just nothing at all...)
  615. (I was just there, simply thinking...)
  616. (The space between life and death... A state overflowing with life...)
  617. (I can't tell without confirming with other people...)
  618. "sigh..."
  619. "..."
  620. someone: "...ina-senpai."
  621. Alina: "This voice..."
  622. "Ah..."
  623. Karin: "Alina-senpai!"
  624. "I'm so glad, you woke up!"
  625. "I was so worried about what might have happened!"
  626. Alina: "Hey, you're being too loud!"
  627. Karin: "I'm not being loud!!"
  628. "If someone hadn't found you, you might have died!"
  629. "Why, why, why!?"
  630. "Why..."
  631. "Why..."
  632. "waaah... sob..."
  633. Alina: "I was just making my body into my final artwork..."
  634. "There's no reason for you to cry."
  635. Karin: "I don't understand what you mean..."
  636. "Of course... I'd cry... sob..."
  637. Alina: "..."
  638. Karin: "Alina-senpai, are you going to turn yourself into art again?"
  639. Alina: "I won't..."
  640. "Because I found it..."
  641. Karin: "What?"
  642. Alina: "My theme."
  643. "I just don't yet fully feel that I'm alive..."
  644. Karin: *squeeze*
  645. Alina: "Why are you grabbing my hands?"
  646. Karin: "You're alive..."
  647. "Alina-senpai, you're alive!
  648. Alina: "Heh, I guess so."
  649. "Also, what's in the bag?"
  650. Karin: "I brought you some important things."
  651. Alina: "Important things?"
  652. Karin: "You're such a pain."
  653. "You draw with so little regard for your life."
  654. Alina: "So, what?"
  655. Karin: "So I brought Phantom Thief Magical Kirin!"
  656. Alina: "!?"
  657. Karin: "Read this and you'll know how important life is!"
  658. "I'll leave you all the volumes!"
  659. Alina: "Ahh, what a pain..."
  661. 3.3
  662. [insert image of Alina reading manga in the hospital]
  663. Alina: *...*
  664. *I don't understand...*
  665. *Karin's goal should be treasure! Why is she saving people!?*
  666. *Isn't that pointless!?*
  667. *...*
  668. *Using a clone here, Karin's cheating!*
  669. *...*
  670. *What!?*
  671. *I just don't get it...*
  672. [fade to black; we see Alina]
  673. *knock knock*
  674. Alina: "Yes?"
  675. [Touka and Nemu show up]
  676. Touka: "Hello! Ah, she's really awake, huh."
  677. Nemu: "Yep, she seems to be okay. I feel so relieved..."
  678. Alina: "?"
  679. "Who... might you be?"
  680. Touka: "I see, you don't know, huh."
  681. "We were the ones who found you!"
  682. Alina: "Hmm..."
  683. "I see. Thank you."
  684. Nemu: "...How outrageously matter-of-fact."
  685. Touka: "And you're saying that?"
  686. Nemu: "Care to explain what you mean by that?"
  687. Touka: "Neeeever mind."
  688. "So, you're that famous Alina Gray, right?"
  689. Alina: "!?"
  690. "You two know about me!?"
  691. Touka: "On the planning exhibition on TV they mentioned her, right?"
  692. Nemu: "Yeah."
  693. "There were a lot of young visitors for 'Psychedelic Adolescent Hymn', they said."
  694. Alina: "...I didn't know that."
  695. [flashback to the art gallery]
  696. Alina: "There it is, my art..."
  697. Mayu: "Um, what are..."
  698. Alina: "I'm just here to complete my artwork!!"
  699. (I thought I destroyed it all back there...)
  700. Nemu: "The trepidation and madness of youth..."
  701. "Take a close look at the teenager's art which was completed together with its destruction."
  702. Alina: "What's that flyer?"
  703. "Wait, that picture is from when I was destroying them!"
  704. Touka: "Amazing, huh?"
  705. "Well, looking at your face now, I'm not sure."
  706. Alina: "Well, I guess it's okay..."
  707. "Better than them charging me for breach of contract and damages."
  708. "So, was that what you came here to talk with me about?"
  709. Touka: "No, that's not it."
  710. Nemu: "We came to hear your thanks for us having saved you."
  711. Touka: "That's right."
  712. "For us to have saved you in that state..."
  713. "You sure hit some kind of miraculous jackpot, for us to have found you."
  714. "So we'd like your thanks."
  715. Alina: "How shameless..."
  716. "Could you leave? Go away."
  717. Touka: "It's not hard, so pleeeeeeease?"
  718. Nemu: "From me as well."
  719. Alina: "What do you want me to do?"
  720. Touka: "We'd like you to have a talk with us!"
  721. Alina: "!!"
  722. "What the heck?"
  723. [screen wipe]
  724. Alina: "sigh... what weird kids..."
  725. Kyubey: "But those two are the same as you."
  726. "I believe they have the same potential as you."
  727. Alina: "The white tanuki..."
  728. Kyubey: "It's Kyubey."
  729. Alina: "I don't care."
  730. "What happened to me, anyway?"
  731. "I'm still alive, and on top of that I heard various things..."
  732. Kyubey: "Yes, feel free to ask me anything."
  733. [battle]
  734. [still in the hospital room]
  735. Kyubey: "Basically, when you became a magical girl..."
  736. "Your body became able to fight against witches."
  737. "That's the primary reason why you survived."
  738. Alina: "I see..."
  739. "Just when I thought I would complete my final artwork..."
  740. Kyubey: "What you hoped for might not have come true."
  741. Alina: "Certainly, it didn't work out. But this is fine..."
  742. "Or rather, I'm grateful."
  743. Kyubey: "What do you mean?"
  744. Alina: "I found my theme, and I got the place I wished for."
  745. [fade to gray]
  746. letter: *"If you don't want to change the world, stop creating."*
  747. *"However, your work, which has no external theme, is a powerful drug that might drive people insane."*
  748. [back to the hospital]
  749. Alina: "I was a fool to have thought that."
  750. "I won't stop creating. What I will send out..."
  751. "...will be 'my beauty'."
  752. [she senses something]
  753. Alina: "This feeling..."
  754. Kyubey: "That was the magic of a witch."
  755. Alina: "Huh..."
  756. [she transforms]
  757. Alina: "Well, I must give it my greetings as a magical girl."
  758. [fade to gray; we see Alina]
  759. Alina: "Aha! Ahahahaha!"
  760. "This is the best!!!!!!!!!"
  761. familiar: "NATOYDNTHOENUHnt.yd,tnh!!"
  762. Kyubey: "How strange, Alina."
  763. "Your reaction to familiars and witches is unusual."
  764. "Even for a magical girl it's atypical."
  765. Alina: "Well that's because I think they're all strange."
  766. "This invisible world is overflowing with lifeforms of such a design!"
  767. "It... it..."
  768. "It really gives me the shivers... The materials for my next artwork..."
  769. [fade to black; text in pink]
  770. Alina: *Will be you!*
  771. *I will show all of you my beauty!*
  772. *And just like you always have...*
  773. *Become drunk on my art as you wish, value my artwork as you like.*
  774. *Ahahahaha!*
  775. [gray screen]
  776. Alina (aloud): "Ahahaha... sigh... it gives me the shivers."
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