Life's Evils by Floranaturefairy/SailorMercury90

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  1. Life's Evils
  2. By Floranaturefairy
  3. Authoress Notes: This next story shall feature Setsuna as the main character and will display the special bond that she has with her daughter Jenn’e. As many of you know not many people pay attention to Poor Pluto since she didn’t get a bigger part in the anime. (bastards!) But I for one just adore Pluto because she has been my fave since she showed up in the R Season. . This will also be a bit more darker than my last two stories since I saw another movie that I thought I’d try out the idea for. (Hey I am of the female speicies and I watch Lifetime.)
  4. Disclaimer: I don’t own the Outer Senshi, they are owned by Naoko Takeuchi/ Kodanshada LTD/ TV Ashai/ Toei Animation. I do own Jenn’e however. So no using her without my permission or I’ll punish you.
  5. Chapter One
  6. “I  hate you Setsuna-Mama!”
  7. Jenn’e Meioh ran to her room and slammed the door behind her locking it. She had just heard the news that Setsuna had decided to marry the guy she had been dating for sometime. To say the least that during the party everyone had been thrilled…all except  Jenn’e…she had been sitting in the shadows to avoid being seen.  Sure it would be great to have a father around but not if it meant that her family would be changed.
  8. “Jenn’e open the door!” Setsuna called out trying to get her daughter to open door but failed miserably.  
  9. “Go away!” Jenn’e screamed from behind the door. “I hate you!”
  10. “Don’t worry Setsuna she’s getting used to the idea.” Michiru said. “She’s used to it being us around all the time.”
  11. “Why do things have to be so complicated?” Setsuna let out a sigh of sadness and went to her own bedroom. “If you manage to get her to open the door please send her to my room so we can talk.”
  12. “Don’t worry I am sure it won’t last all night,” Haruka said but heard a faint screaming from behind the door. “Or I could be wrong.”
  13. “It’s going to be a long night.” Michiru said with a sigh as the others nodded in agreement.
  14. ***********************************
  15. Jenn’e sighed, she looked into the fish tank that held her gold fish her Haruka-Papa had won at the festival a few weeks ago. She could see them swimming happily together…That is how she viewed her family, they were very close and always spending time together. But now it was going to be ruined by a new person arriving and joining their family.
  16. “Jenn’e open the door,” Haruka’s voice called from behind the door. “I want to talk to you.”
  17. Jenn’e got up from her desk and went to her door, she unlocked it and saw Haruka standing there with a tray of tea and cakes.  “Haruka-Papa…”
  18. Haruka smiled. “I thought we could have our tea and snack in here together,” She said. “We need to talk.”
  19. “What for?” Jenn’e said turning her back to Haruka. “Were going to lose our family bond all because of Setsuna-Mama getting married!”
  20. “Is that why you are so bitter?” Haruka asked setting down the tray on the nearby desk. “You know that nothing will change.”
  21. “Yes it will Haruka-Papa!” Jenn’e cried. “Setsuna-Mama will want to leave our family to be with that man! And then she’ll ignore us!”
  22. “That won’t be true,” Haruka said. “Setsuna cares a lot about this family and wouldn’t want anything to change…but having someone else here to help out with you and Hotaru is a good thing.”
  23. Jenn’e sighed and sat on her bed. “I just hate this…” she said as she started crying. “I don’t want anyone to ruin our family!”
  24. “Nothing will I promise,” Haruka said. “Now you need to go talk to Setsuna…she wants to make sure that you’re ok.”
  25. Jenn’e nodded. “Alright.” She said standing up and heading out her room and towards Setsuna’s room. She looked in and saw that Setsuna was sitting at her desk reading a book. “Setsuna-Mama…”
  26. Setsuna turned around. “Oh Jenn’e you’re here,” she said. “Come in.”
  27. Jenn’e walked into the room and shut the door behind her. “Setsuna-Mama…” She said. “I am sorry for the way I acted…and what I said earlier.”
  28. “It’s alright,” Setsuna said. “I understand that you were upset , and I don’t blame you one bit.”
  29. “Why do you have to get married to that guy?” Jenn’e cried. “I don’t trust him one bit!”
  30. “It seems that Hotaru gets along with him,” Setsuna said. “It may be your perception of him.”
  31. Jenn’e shook her head. “No..there is something not right about him,” she said. “I mean why would anyone all of the sudden purpose marriage without the approval of the first daughter?”
  32. “Well you have been pushing away any attempts of Jiro getting to know you.” Setsuna said. “So may be if you work a little harder to get to know him then you would see that he’s very charming.”
  33. Jenn’e let out a sigh. “Alright I will for you Setsuna-Mama.” She said hugging Setsuna. “Night!”
  34. As Jenn’e left the room, Setsuna had a strange feeling that something was going to happen to her daughter…it was a feeling that she didn’t like.  She wondered what it could mean.
  35. *********************
  36. The next morning Jenn’e woke up early and got ready for the picnic that her family had scheduled to spend time with Setsuna’s new fiance. She took this as a chance to get to know him and see if Setsuna was right.
  37. “Hey Big sis!” Hotaru said. “Remember to wear something that won’t be too uncomfortable since Haruka-Papa is going to bring the Soccer ball.”
  38. Jenn’e nodded as she got out of her bed and remade it. “Alright…” she looked towards her closet that was bursting with clothes and tried to decide what to wear.  She smiled and pulled out the shopping bags that held the new outfit she had gotten a few days ago.
  39. “Alright I am doing this for Setsuna-Mama.” Jenn’e said heading off to get dressed. “I am sure thatI will give it my all!”
  40. *****************************
  41. At the park there were many people out with their families enjoy the day and spending time together. The Outer family walked over to the place under the tree and spread the blanket out onto the ground.
  42. “Alright today shall be fun!” Haruka said. “Jenn’e and Hotaru remember to have fun and don’t hesitate to get dirty!”
  43. “But not too dirty,” Michiru said. “I don’t want to have to hear you both griping about having to wash your hair.”
  44. “We’ll be careful!” Jenn’e and Hotaru said in unison.
  45. Setsuna looked around and saw her fiance coming towards them. “Jiro were over here!” she caled out waving.
  46. Jiro walked over and smiled. “Hey sorry I am late,” he said. “Traffic was murder…I hope that I am not too late.”
  47. “You’re not,” Setsuna said warmly. “We just arrived as well, and don’t worry everything will go perfect today.”
  48. “How is my favorite girl today?” Jiro picked up Hotaru and smiled.
  49. “I am fine!” Hotaru said. “I am going to catch some butterflies today with Michiru—Mama, and Big sis, will you come along too Jiro?”
  50. Jiro nodded as he put down Hotaru and looked over  and saw Jenn’e sitting next to Haruka looking up at the sky.  “Hello Jenn’e.”
  51. Jenn’e looked at Jiro as she cringed, there was something not right about the guy, She sucked in a breath and stood up. “Hello…” she said politely. “Don’t worry I won’t be acting like a child today…I am going to try to get to know you.”
  52. Jiro smiled. “I would like that very much.” He said sitting down next to Setsuna as Jenne’ and Hotaru both ran off towards the lake.
  53. “Girls, don’t fall into the lake,” Michiru called out. “It’s too cold to go swimming and I don’t want you to catch colds.”
  54. “We’ll be careful,” Jenn’e and Hotaru promised.
  55. “How did you win her over?” asked Jiro nodding to where Jenn’e was with Hotaru as the two girls leaned over the docks.
  56. “I had a talk with her,”Setsuna said. “She promised to be more open minded about the whole situation.”
  57. Jiro nodded his eyes were transfixed on Jenn’e the whole time. “That seems like a good idea…” he said. “We all have to get along.”
  58. ****************************
  59. “Come on!”  
  60. Hotaru ran up the hill to catch up with Haruka whom had made it all the way up to the top of the steep hill. They had decided to hike after eating lunch.
  61. “Do we really have to hike up such a tall hill?” Jenn’e called out breathlessly as she stopped for a moment to retie her shoe. “Geez I hate hiking so much.”
  62. “Are you ok Jenn’e?” asked Jiro stopping and looking at the young girl.
  63. “I am fine,” Jenn’e said standing up. “I needed to retie my shoe but I’ll be ok…I need to hurry up and catch up with Haruka-Papa.”
  64. “Wait won’t you hike up this hill with me?” asked Jiro with a smile. “That way we can  get to know eachother.”
  65. Jenn’e wanted to say no, but she let out a sigh and remembered her promise to Setsuna. “Alright,” she said waiting for Jiro to get up to the place where she was.
  66. Jiro’s kind smile turned to an evil one once he was close enough to Jenn’e as he “accidently” bumped into her brushing his hand across her chest.
  67. Jenn’e yelped in surprise and narrowed her eyes. “What do you think you are doing!?” she cried in anger.
  68. “I am sorry Jenn’e,”  Jiro said. “I tripped and bumped into you…how clumsy of me…Let me make it up to you...”
  69. “I don’t think so…” Jenn’e said taking off up the hill as she made a mental note to let Haruka know what had happened. She knew that Haruka wouldn’t stand for it and let the guy haveit for touching her.
  70. **********************
  71. “He did what?!”
  72. Haruka’s eyes blazed with anger as she walked over to Jiro with Jenn’e in tow. She was going to make sure that guy wouldn’t do it again.
  73. “Haruka what’s wrong?” asked Setsuna as she and Jiro walked over they noticed that the blonde woman was upset about something.
  74. “Your so called fiance decided to get fresh with our daughter!” Haruka cried cracking her knuckles ready to punch Jiro.
  75. “Is this true?” asked Setsuna looking at Jiro.
  76. “Oh she must be referring to earlier while we were hiking,” Jiro said. “I lost my footing and I bumped into Jenn’e accidentially…she must’ve took it the wrong way.”
  77. “You didn’t mention that.” Haruka said to Jenn’e.
  78. “Haruka-Papa, I am not making it up!” Jenn’e said.  “He really did touch me!”
  79. “it was an accident.” Setsuna said.  “I thought you promised that you would try to get along with Jiro…but you’re making up stories.”
  80. “Setsuna-mama I Am telling the truth!” Jenn’e cried. “But I see that you would believe him more than your own daughter…”
  81. “Jenn’e wait!” cried Setsuna as she and Haruka took off after her. Neither one of them noticed the evil smile on Jiro’s face.
  82. **************************************************************************************
  84. Chapter Two
  86. Jenn’e couldn’t believe that Setsuna didn’t believe her about what happened during the outing the other day. She knew that she was not imaging things but she also knew that it wasn’t possible to tell anyone since Jiro would lie and make it seem like she was making it up. She let out a sigh and decided to forget about what happened earlier.
  87. “Big sis!” Hotaru called running into the room. “Guess what! We are going to the beach this weekend!”
  88. “Really?!” Jenn’e smiled as she went to her closet to decide on which swimsuit to wear. “Hey maybe when we are there we can see if Haruka-Papa will let us go water skiing.”
  89. “Well actually big sis…” Hotaru said. “Setsuna-Mama is inviting Jiro to come along too; he wants to spend time with us.”
  90. “What?” Jenn’e narrowed her eyes and shut her closet. “Well I am not going then…if he’s coming along.”
  91. “Why not?!” Hotaru whined. “You love going to the beach with us!”
  92. Jenn’e shook her head. “Not if that man is going too!” she said taking a seat back at her desk. “Now we should be going off to bed since we have school tomorrow.”
  93. “Oh come on big sis!” Hotaru whined.
  94. “Hotaru…” Jenn’e said in warning.  “My decision is final.”
  95. Hotaru nodded and left the room, she began to wonder if her sister was right.
  96. **************************
  97. The next morning Jenn’e was getting ready for school as she tied in her black hair ribbon at the back of her head.  She then began tying the ribbon on the front of her school uniform.
  98. “Big sis!” Hotaru called. “You better come on; Haruka-Papa is going to leave.”
  99. Jenn’e nodded as she began to tie the ribbon and grabbed her school bag. “You know we should really take a car to school like normal people.”
  100. “But it’s fun to take the helicopter!” Hotaru said. “Besides you’re still mad that Haruka-Papa won’t let you drive it.”
  101. “I wouldn’t crash it.” Jenn’e said shaking her head as the two of them headed to the roof where Haruka was waiting for them.
  102. “Here are your lunches!” Michiru said holding out two lunch bags.  “Remember to have a good day and stay out of trouble.”
  103. “We will!” Jenn’e and Hotaru hugged Michiru and got into the helicopter where Haruka was preparing for take-off.
  104. “Can I drive this time?” Jenn’ e asked. “I promise to be careful.”
  105. Haruka shook her head. “Not this time.” She said. “Maybe when you are older.”
  106. Jenn’e sweat dropped. “You always say that Haruka-Papa.” She said.
  107. The helicopter took off from the roof and headed off to the Mugen Gakuen where Jenn’e and Hotaru attended school.
  108. “Big sis are you sure you won’t change your mind?” asked Hotaru. “You know that you can’t stay home alone.”
  109. Jenn’e glared at her. “I am not going,” she said. “I’ll stay with one of my friends instead of going.”
  110. “Big sis!” Hotaru whined. “It won’t be fun without you.”
  111. “What are you two talking about?” Haruka questioned.
  112. “Big sis doesn’t want to go to the beach with us,” Hotaru said. “She is still angry about what happened yesterday.”
  113. “Big mouth…” Jenn’e muttered crossing her arms.
  114. “Jenn’e.” Haruka said. “I promise that nothing will happen when we go there, if you want you can stay close to me and Michiru.”
  115. Jenn’e nodded. “Ok…”
  116. As the helicopter arrived on the school’s air landing pad, Haruka smiled and waved at her daughters who were getting out.
  117. “Bye Haruka-Papa!” Hotaru and Jenn’e called as they headed towards the door to the roof to go to their classes.
  118. ***************************
  119. “Miss Meioh!” Miss Meioh!”
  120. Jenn’e turned from the bookshelf in the library, and saw that one of Hotaru’s classmates was running over to her. “What is it?”
  121. “Miss Meioh you have to come quick!” said the little girl. “There are some people picking on Hotaru in our class!”
  122. “What?!” Jenn’e dropped the books and rushed out the library and to the classroom where the students were picking on Hotaru and calling her names.
  123. “Hey why don’t you show us that power you have?” asked one of the male classmates. “Or are you too scared?”
  124. “Why don’t you leave my sister alone?!” Jenn’e called out from the doorway, she had a hand on her hip and she narrowed her eyes.
  125. “It’s Miss Meioh!” cried the boy who had been teasing Hotaru. “I didn’t know that Hotaru was your sister…”
  126. “I’ll give you to the count of three to get out of here….” Jenn’e said. “I am already in a bad mood and I won’t hesitate to take it out on you.”
  127. The kids in the class went back to what they had been doing earlier during lunch as Jenn’e smiled at Hotaru.
  128. “Want to have lunch with me?” Jenn’e asked.
  129. Hotaru nodded and wiped away her tears. “Ok Big sis…” she said softly as she grabbed her lunch bag and followed Jenn’e out the classroom. “Thank you for helping me…”
  130. Jenn’e looked at her. “What are big sisters for?” she said. “Those brats shouldn’t tease you into using your powers.”
  131. Hotaru nodded. “I wish I was like you big sis,” she said. “You get a lot of attention.”
  132. Jenn’e sweat dropped. “I don’t recieve that much attention,” she said sweat dropping. “The idiot boys here always forget that I have a boyfriend…who can’t even get into this school because he has terrible grades.”
  133. Hotaru giggled. “Big sis you are silly.”
  134. **************************
  135. After school Jenn’e and Hotaru were walking out the school building together and sighed in happiness over the school day being over for the summer.
  136. “Big sis I am going to meet Rini at the park,” Hotaru said. “So tell Haruka-Papa and Michiru-Mama that I’ll be home soon.”
  137. Jenn’e nodded as she threw her cell phone to Hotaru. “Take my cell phone with you.” She said. “Call home if anything happens.”
  138. “But big sis don’t you need it?” Hotaru asked.
  139. Jenn’e shook her head. “I am just going straight home and I have my calling card as well.” She said. “I can use a public phone.”
  140. “Ok bye, big sis!” Hotaru called out as she ran off towards the park.
  141. Jenn’e smiled and began walking home; she let out a happy sigh. It was going to be a good day to go home and take a break.  She stopped walking to re-buckle her shoe when she felt as if someone was watching her, she stood up and began walking again but she could feel that someone was following her.  She began walking faster and then started running to get away as fast as she could, she sprinted across the street but heard a horn of a car blaring as it screeched to a stop. She gasped out when she saw the familiar red sports car as two familiar people got out of the car and walked over to her.
  142. “What in the world?!” cried a familiar voice as the person walked over to Jenn’e. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!”
  143. Jenn’e looked up and came face to face with Serena Tsukino. “Serena…” she said softly. “I am sorry…”
  144. “You shouldn’t be sprinting across a busy street like that,” Serena said. “You could get yourself killed.”
  145. “Is everything ok?”  Asked Darien.
  146. Jenn’e nodded. “I am ok…” she said softly. “I…it’s nothing.”
  147. “Come on we’ll take you home if you like,” Darien said with a kind smile.
  148. Jenn’e nodded as she followed Serena and Darien back to the car where Amy and Lita were wondering what was going on.
  149. “I am sorry for the trouble…” Jenn’e spoke up breaking the silence.
  150. “What were you running from?” asked Serena. “You’re the last one we’d expect to sprint out into a street like that.”
  151. Jenn’e sighed and didn’t say anything; she just looked down at her hands that were folded in her lap.
  152. “Come on you can tell us,” Lita said. “If anything is bothering you maybe we can help you.”
  153. “It’s nothing,” Jenn’e lied. “I was just careless that’s all.”
  154. Lita didn’t buy it one bit but she decided not to pressure the younger girl into revealing what was bothering her.
  155. Jenn’e sighed softly as she stared out the window. She wasn’t going to get her friends involved in what was bothering her.
  156. **************************
  157. “Thank you for the ride home.”
  158. Jenn’e stood outside her house on the sidewalk leading to the front of the house. “I am really sorry for making you go out of your way.”
  159. “It was no problem,” Darien said. “Remember to stop sprinting across busy streets.”
  160. Jenn’e nodded. “I will,” she said as she smiled.
  161. “If you need anything don’t hesitate to call us,” Serena said. “And I’ll let my brother know that you need to borrow his cram school books.”
  162. Jenn’e smiled and headed towards her house as she opened the door and walked in as she shut it behind her. “I’m home!”
  163. The house was silent except for the sound of the TV in the living room. She took off her shoes and headed towards the stairs to get to her room.
  164. “Oh Jenn’e you’re home…”
  165. Jenn’e turned around and saw Jiro sitting on the couch; he had a smile on his face as he got up from the couch and walked over to the younger girl.
  166. “Where are my parents?” Jenn’e questioned.
  167. “Haruka and Michiru went to the garage to get Haruka’s car fixed, and Setsuna had to go back to her store to pick up a dress.” Jiro said leaning closer to her. “So it’s just us here.”
  168. “I Am going out...” Jenn’e said feeling sick as she reached into her school bag for her cell phone but remembered that she had given it to Hotaru.
  169. “What’s the hurry?” Jiro questioned grabbing Jenn’e by the wrist. “Why not spend time with me?”
  170. “Let me go!” Jenn’e cried trying to snatch her wrist away.
  171. Jiro pulled her to the couch and pressed his weight on her to stop her from moving. “You are very beautiful Jenn’e…” he said.  “Such pretty blue eyes that resemble a blue sky.”
  172. “Let me go now!” Jenn’e cried out as she tried to push Jiro off of her.  
  173. “Why?” asked Jiro with a smile as he licked her cheek. “You know that I am going to be thrilled to have a teenage daughter…one that is cute and always does as she is told…now how about we have a little fun?”
  174. Jenn’e let out a loud scream as she continued to fight him off to avoid being taken advantage of. “Let me go now!”
  175. Jiro began to undo Jenn’e’s school uniform as he smiled evilly and leaned own to kiss her on the lips.
  176. “Get the hell away from her!”
  177. Haruka threw Jiro off of Jenn’e as Michiru and Setsuna rushed over and pulled Jenn’e into her arms.
  178. “My poor baby,” Setsuna said holding a now sobbing Jenn’e in her arms as she looked up at Jiro with hate in her eyes. “How dare you do this my daughter?!”
  179. Jiro began to think of a way to avoid being killed by Haruka and losing Setsuna. “It’s not what you think Setsuna, she came on to me!”
  180. “Liar!” Haruka cried out slamming her fist into Jiro’s face. “You good for nothing man who do you think you are trying to take advantage of a teenage girl?! And then trying to lie like she’s done something!”
  181. “Haruka calm down,” Michiru said. “I’ve already called the authorities and they’ll be on their way here to take this scum bag away.”
  182. “Setsuna it’s not what you think,” Jiro tried to reason with Setsuna. “I had no idea what I was doing…I am telling the truth…besides she knows that I was kidding!”
  183. Setsuna glared at him as she summoned her time staff and held it towards his neck. “You deceived me...and tried to hurt my child…I will never forgive you.” She said. “If you don’t want to die a horrible death you’ll shut your damn mouth right this instant.”
  184. Jiro went quiet as the sounds of sirens filled the air indicating the police were making their way to take him to receive his punishment.
  185. ***********************
  186. Later that night Jenn’e was sitting up in her bed writing in her diary about the events that had happened earlier in the day. She could hear Haruka’s voice from the gym and the sound of her hitting the punching bag.
  187. The door to her room opened and she saw Setsuna look in on her, Jenn’e put her diary under pillow.
  188. “Setsuna-Mama…” Jenn’e said softly. “Is something wrong?”
  189. Setsuna shook her head and walked in as she took a seat on the bed. “I came in to apologize for what you had to go through these past couple of months…if I hadn’t asked you to try to get along with Jiro then maybe you wouldn’t have been attacked.”
  190. Jenn’e shook her head and laid her head on Setsuna’s lap. “I am not upset with you Setsuna-Mama.” She said. “I love you and I could never hate you.”
  191. Setsuna teared up at how her daughter easily forgave her for the mistake; she knew that it would take a long time for Haruka and Michiru to get over it. “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” She said in between sobs. “You could’ve had your innocence taken away by a man I thought that cared a lot about you and Hotaru…and if he would’ve gotten to Hotaru I don’t know what I would’ve done…”
  192. “Don’t cry Setsuna-Mama.” Jenn’e said. “Were ok…Haruka-Papa and you saved the day...everything will be normal again.”
  193. Setsuna nodded as she held Jenn’e in her arms. “I know…” she said. “Time will only tell.”
  195. The end
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