Sep 3rd, 2012
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  2. Krog returns home a hero. He is greeted with song and dance, and a feast is held in his honor. It would've lasted a single day, but the Shokul, spurred by Zledo in a quest to increase their reptuation, make the celebration last five days. At the end, Krog is given a prostethic hand by a lufae trader, and he gains a new title from his people as Ferok Kranos "Great Hand." Krog is celebrated as a warrior without equal, resilient even in the face of being bodily maimed. He shall become a figure of legend to the Log'eadz of Tanacs Azseg, a patron of Honor, Strength and Endurance.
  4. Krom is no less celebrated. Although he is the twin brother of Krog, his mind turns more to governance and prosperity. He sits on the council that governs the Tanacs Azseg, and is a moderate voice, for a Log'ead. He is heir to his father, Eno, and his uncle, Dlo. He shall become Grand Chief, and will rule with wisdom and foresight. When questioned as to why it is assumed that he, and not Krog will become Grand Chief, he responds "My brother has no children, and a Chief cannot promise stabiliity to the tribe if its leadership in the future is questionable. No, Krog is content with being Champion, and seeks not to clutter his mind with affairs of state. He's far to busy killing things much bigger than him."
  6. The Shokuls attempts have gained them great prestige amongst the people. They've fought the beasts that beset the land, they honor the Champion, and they shout unto the leaders of the Tanacs Azseg "Beware, Beware! The Lufae cannot be trusted! Beware, Beware! Smash them before they can harm us again! Beware, Beware! Destroy the monsters that plague our lands! Beware, Beware!" The council might not agree with them on starting up a war with the Lufae, but they don't fully trust the Lufae yet either, and the Shokuls efforts in fighting these blungs brought by the soundscape have gained respect. The Shokul might not have a place on the council, but it is only a matter of time before a councilor becomes their voice.
  8. Endaskie is now a refuge from those who oppose the Shokul and the dominion of Tanacs Azseg, like the forest Log'ead tribes, and shwirm families that wish to leave behind the turmoils of monsters, war and fear that haunt them on the ground. Endaskie gains distinction between its "districts," which are clumps of lubs that are connected only to other clumps by bridges and pulleys. The first type of clumps are called "First Districts." These were the first floating forests to be settled by the families of blimp pilots. They remain the main population centers of Endaskie. The second type has only one example, and is known as "Second District." Second District is where trade and work are done, with a small inn at the center of Second district. Second District is the largest of any of the forests that have been bound to make Endaskie. The Third type is, naturally, "Third Districts." Third districts are higher up than the other districts, often casting shadows on the lower districts, this so that they have more light for their sole purpose: Vine farming. Entire floating forests are given over to farming vines that grow berries, which are the only crop that can be grown in Endaskie. Vine farming allows the citizens of Endaskie to be more independent from the ground dwellers, which is favored by the Log'eadz that live in Endaskie because they are from the forest tribes that the Nag Ber'Ek conaquered, and wish to be free of their oppressors, and it is favored by the shwirm families because it means that, since they ask for nothing to be given by the ground dwellers, they need not given anything back in return, like soldiers.
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