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Jul 3rd, 2017
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  1. >A pony uses athletic enhancement magic to cheat at something.
  4. >starlight glimmer wields all six of the elements of harmony and turns into an alicorn, with the elements turning into a single element with her as their bearer from now on.
  6. >Suri returns for revenge and steals that inspiration manifestation spell (Somehow despite it floating away) to do it.
  8. >Wind rider and Lightning dust team up to get revenge on Dash. Wind rider turns out to be LD's relative and dust has a Verbally abusive family that focused on a "Win at all costs" world view and she gets reformed.
  10. >Trixie and Twilight swap bodies.
  12. >One of pinkie pie's clones returns and the mane six realize it has its own thoughts and desires and is sapient, and they try and set up a new life for it somewhere.
  13. At the end they realize they were treating it like pinkie, when its a seperate individual, as it gets its own individual cutie mark in something different than pinkie.
  15. >Starlight meets Tree Hugger and digs her down-to-earth vibes, instant friendship, slice of life shenanigans ensue.
  17. >Trixie sees Starlight hanging out with Maud and grows jealous. At some point in the episode it's revealed that Trixie only knew about the alicorn amulet because Maud brought it up on the rock farm while Trixie worked there, Trixie breaks into Zecora's to steal the amulet/uses it to do something stupid.
  19. >Pinkie Pie opens a party business on a national scale but finds out ponies need different kinds of parties in different places.
  21. >Vapor Trail and Sky whateverhisnamewas revisit episode.
  23. >Lightning Dust redemption episode, holding a grudge against Dash, moral being not to blame other people for your failures, character improvement
  25. >horax and the Changelings are invited to a diplomatic event in the Crystal Empire along with Twilight and Glimmer. Chrysalis imprisons Thorax beforehand and impersonates him in order to hijack a Crystalling to steal its love and become powerful enough to take back the hive.
  26. But Thorax secretly escaped her capture and goes to the Empire in his own disguise. Yadda yadda, they fight, Chrysalis loses again because the Changelings under their new leadership have surpassed Chrysalis and she realizes living the lie she told them and accepts their way of life.
  28. >The EQG Mane 7 accidentally into Ponyville, and have to search for the missing Mane 6 while dealing with mistaken identity
  30. >Fluttershy asks Applejack if she can use a portion of Sweet Apple Acres as open range for her larger animals, who then cause trouble for both businesses
  32. >Pinkie Pie is off to plan another party but finds out somebody already did it for her, using her name. She sets off to investigate who it was. And it's not a Pinkie clone either.
  35. >CMCs help an adult that has no cutie mark. The episode draws parallels to unemployment and kinda rehashes the Flutter Brutter message. The pony eventually somehow gets their cutie mark at the end in a really rushed manner because "everypony has potential they just have to believe it ugguuuu". Glimmer simultaneously joins the CMC.
  37. >One of the Mane6 has a fallout with another Mane6. Twilight tries to solve it using conventional wisdomw like Forgive and Forget.That fails miserably.In comes Glimmer and by semi-mistake teleports them to some place where they end up only having each other to talk to, and thus realize they really are best friends after all as they have so much in common they didn't know about. Contains extremely small traces of those management courses where they ship a bunch of suits into the wilderness in order to learn how to cooperate.
  39. >glimmer freaks out for some reason and turns twilight into a baby and must look after her while keeping it a secret from the rest of the mane six. spike knows though. glimmer depends on him for most of the distractions but he's really bad at it. glimmer and spike desperately try every solution, including zecora and twilights books. twilight shits herself maybe.
  41. >Fluttershy goes on a nature trip, leaving a bored Discord to follow Twilight around as she does some research in the restricted section of the Canterlot library
  43. >we find out how Applejack's parents died, and explore AJ having a freudian excuse mental issue of some kind (like fear of bridges or zeppelins due to her parents dying in either a airship crash or bridge breaking).
  45. >Viking caribou invade the crystal empire due to being near extinction from living in the frozen wastes, and seeing taking their resources as the only way to survive.
  47. >We meet an earth pony with actual earth pony magic who's studied it all her life (as in, STUDY studied it, not just "has alot"), and she's the Earth pony equivilent for her race of starswirl the bearded.
  49. >We meet Somepony at the head of the wonderbolts who's over spitfire and actually NOT an incompetent asshole.
  51. >Spike finds out about who his parents were or how celestia got his egg.
  53. >Twilight tells starlight to fuck off, and founds a University in friendship studies instead-- Her arc in the rest of the season is finding suitable instructors for her University in training students in friendship.
  55. >We get an episode about celestia running her University for gifted unicorns.
  57. >We get an episode detailing what happened to the alicorns or Celestia's parents.
  59. >Starswirl returns.
  61. >Tartarus Jailbreak, with a quirky miniboss squad of demons each tailored to be specifically beatable by one of the mane six.
  63. >Tree of harmony lore episode.
  65. >Airship race episode with AJ and Dash trying to win.
  67. >Fluttershy Tames a tatzlwurm.
  69. >Lightning dust and wind rider return for Revenge, and Dash and gilda team up to beat them.
  71. >Another episode about what's going on in the Ghetto that is Griffonstone.
  73. >Some villain reanimates Arahmaspi to be their Minion.
  75. >An episode about what the fuck Flurry heart is supposed to be the Goddess of.
  78. >applejack gets trapped in an illusion by Changelings of her parents still being alive and proud of her. Applejack ends up realizing its All a lie. Changelings try to tempt her into letting them erase her memories and go back to her ideal illusion of having a perfect family just like she always wanted. Applejack defeats their mind control illusion and beats the shit out of them before falling to the ground crying. thinks she sees her parents for a split second one last time. they were smiling at her
  80. >Darring Do is retiring and RD has to come to terms with her favorite series ending (Slightly parodying Misery)
  82. >The CMC venture to Manehatten to help Babs with a cutie mark problem
  84. >Pinkie Pie takes a dare to not smile for a single day and hyjinx ensue
  87. >To help Cadence and Shining Armor with their rigorous schedule, Twilight and her mom agree to drop Flurry Heart off at pony day care. But after getting herself into a panic worrying about how the other foals would treat the powerful young alicorn, Twilight decides to infiltrate the daycare and watch over Flurry from afar. Flurry actually shows a natural aptitude for socializing with the other foals at first until Twilight, meaning well, sabotages young Flurry's efforts and frightens the foals away. Anyway bullshit happens and Twilight ends up talking to her own mother who tells her that she too was terribly frightened to send Twilight off to magical pre school when she was just a filly. Twilight then comes to the realization that even though it's frightening to not always be around to protect the ones you love, that it's the only way they can grow and you have to trust in their own abilities. Episode ends with a reconciled Flurry Heart entertaining the other foals with a puppet show.
  89. >Maud and Pinkie visit Las Pegasi. Pinkie gets in trouble with some cupcake gansters, so Maud has to fix her shit. Shit gets real, Maud then shows that, behind that stoic and cold face, she has emotions, and thus, she's a real human being and a real hero
  92. >twilight is asked to give a gust lecture at her former school. her first thought is to make really complex and over the target group's heads. When she practices it, only glim glam gets it. her second thought is to make ridiculously simple and far below their level. Even RD and AJ can understand. finally manages to get right on third try.
  94. >BonBon attempts to keep the Mane 6 off the trail of an Event or creature which S.M.I.L.E is investigating. All while trying to keep her association with S.M.I.L.E. a secret.
  96. >Tirek breaks out of tartarus, and beats the shit out of all the six of the mane six.
  97. Starlight alone is left to fight him. but despite Blowing up several mountains and engaging in an anime fight that puts Twilight's kingdom to shame, she just isn't able to beat him. Running away, she seeks shelter in the cave of the tree of harmony; The tree of harmony speaks to her, telling her not to cry, and that it is finally time: It can sense that its true, prophecied bearer has come. When she asks who its talking about, the tree merely says "you". the tree then gives a giant list of her accomplishments and praises her kindness, generosity, loyalty, Magic, Honesty, laughter, empathy and love. The Elements all then fuse together into a single element, and the tree of harmony bestows it on Starlight, wilting into nothing in the process, giving its life secure in the knowledge that it has given its last vestiges of life into the hands of someone truly worth of wielding its power. Starlight ascends into an alicorn, and defeats Tirek in a massive Rainbow laser beam that causes him to shatter into nothing, finally defeated and removed from the world.The episode ends with Starlight unsure of her future and abilities, but being praised by the others and assured by celestia and luna that she will learn her way and that she has a truly great destiny in front of her.
  99. >While hanging out with the CMC, Glimmer remembers that, when she first gained her cutie mark, she removed the cutie mark of one of her classmates, and never returned it to her; dooming her to a life of being completely mediocre at everything. At the insistence of Twilight, Glimmer goes back to her home town to try and find the mare and make everything right. But when it's revealed that the mare doesn't want her cutie mark back, it's up to Glimmer to show her that there's nothing wrong with having a special talent.
  101. >Rainbow Dash is sent on a 'real mission' with the Wonderbolts, like when they were sent to fight Spike (and failed). She has to learn to work with a group under pressure in a different way then she did with the rest of the Mane 6.
  103. >Spike receives a letter from Dragon Lord Ember who tells him that a disaster has occurred in the Dragon Lands and that the dragons must find a new home. She asks him to serve as her advisor on the journey to find a new home. Although Ember respects Spike and trusts his capabilities, many of the dragons, chiefly Garble, resent being led by one they view as weak and not a real dragon
  105. >Rarity goes to the flee market and finds a lovely new dress but it turns out to be cursed / Fluttershy's old prom dress or something
  107. >Spike accidentally ends up rummaging through the cursed object reliquary in canterlot to get twilight the stuff she asked for for research.
  108. Hilarity ensues.
  110. >As a season finale, Flurry Heart gets kidnapped by either a new villain or a previous villain, and gets transformed into a highly dangerous mature mare with unstable corrupt magic. Now it's up to Twilight Sparkle and friends (including Glim Glam and Trixie) to free her of the dark force.
  112. >Twiggles and Rara bonding over magic together. Maybe explore where Rara learned her stuff, whats unique about her gem finding spell if anything, proper horn care, etc. A simple slice of life episode.
  114. >Maybe throw in a subplot of one of the other ponies getting jealous (RBD?) but learning that sometimes friends hang out because they have different things in common, not because theyre trying to exclude you.
  117. >Twilight and Rarity receive a signal from the map calling them to the Crystal Empire. There they discover that Princess Cadence herself has a friendship problem. Unlike Shining Armor who's managed to keep in contact with his friends over the years, Cadence has found her role as Princess and then mother too time consuming to make time for her old friends and they've drifted apart as a result. But as Twilight and Rarity try to ease Cadence back into contact with her friends, on every occasion the ponies have simply grown too different from one another to reconnect again. This prompts Twilight to consider the uncomfortable possibility that some friendships simply aren't built to last and become paranoid about her own friendships. The hero of the hour proves to be Shining Armor himself who tells the trio that he and his friends have changed over the years but that that hasn't stopped them from being friends.
  119. >Colt Meadow and Rose Harmony, both unicorns, are prisoners of the ancient kelpie queen. She keeps using them to feed and lab rat experiment on them to figure out how to make her fairy horses more powerful.
  121. >Even bigger con artist comes along, Flim and Flam lose everything, and they have to learn honest work from the apple family, and begin to establish their skills as inventors (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 had to come from somewhere.)
  123. >An episode in the life of every changeling hive, starting with the honeycomb and necropolis hive.
  125. >An idea for an EqG special. Sunset starts talking about Equestria and stuff but no one knows what the hell she's talking about. Every memory of magic related incidens they dealt with isn't acknowledged by anyone. Sunset has to prove to her friends that she's not crazy.
  127. >A flashback episode where the main 5 tell Twilight how they met each other before she came to Ponyville.
  129. >Twilight and Starlight start messing with time magic again because Twilight wants to attempt to study alternate timelines and how many there could possibly be.
  131. >A Halloween/Nightmare Night special that takes place in the Nightmare Moon timeline.
  133. >Sugar Belle comes to visit Big Mac. The two acting all lovey dovey causes his sisters to realize the possibility of him leaving the farm to be with her. The two spend the episode trying to convince her how great it would be to move in with them. Mac finds out and tells them off for being selfish. They break down about how they don't want to loose anymore of their family. They have a heart to heart about how even if they go their separate ways, they'll always be family.
  135. >Trixie wants to try a new trick and goes to see Starlight, only to find that she's gone on a trip. She bugs Twilight to help her practice instead. Twilight agrees after being annoyed enough just so she'll go away. Trixie uses a spell for the trick, but something goes wrong and the two get fused together at the horn. Neither can use their magic and have to look for a way to fix it while being stuck together and bickering the whole time.
  137. >Treehugger comes across a package labeled hamster food or something. She takes it upon herself to take it to the animal shelter. Only the package actually contains contraband of some kind and a group of criminals are trying to get it back. It's a sort of "Man Who Knew too Little' type of plot where the criminals keep failing to get the package back while Treehugger remains oblivious.
  140. >a "flash-ahead" episode where we see what the mane cast are up to in the future while also having to deal with their shithead kids
  142. >We follow an exiled Chrysalis that is trying and failing to acquire the resources to retake what she lost. That is until during her journey she meets up with other villains who also have a grudge with the ponies. These encounters lead to villain vs villain moments, but they always result with the bad guys learning a friendship lesson (even though they do not realize it) and banding together. After having gathered enough forces, Chrysalis leads the assault against Equestria. However, the intense epic battle between heroes and villains ends when they realize they pretty much share the same values. The finale ends with everyone laughing at the situation.
  144. >another Power Ponies episode, only this time it goes down a "Last Action Hero" route where they come to the 'real world', and their sci-fi nonsense clashes with Equestria's fantasy setting
  146. >Celestia & Luna reminisce over their wonder years in the distant past, before they became Princesses. elaborates into their struggle against Discord, the early days of their newly-established kingdom, and other pivotal moments in Equestrian history. builds up to a tearjerker ending where the mane cast unknowingly excavates some derelict relic from their childhood or something while they're off doing their own thing in the b-plot.
  148. >Homage of "The Wolf Man" with Princess Luna fearing that she transforms into Nightmare Moon during the full moon (which is conveniently every evening, leading up to Nightmare Night), but it's left completely ambiguous to the audience despite evidence incrementally mounting against her. She gets extremely deep into self-doubt, paranoid hallucinations and all sorts of bad shit, but at the end there's a tweest revealed that it was actually Queen Chrysalis, who was causing her memory to black out while she attempted a character assassination, hoping Luna would turn evil again if she was alienated far enough away from everypony.
  150. >An episode where Twilight has to figure out how to teach friendship to a race that either suppress or are flat out incapable of feeling emotions.
  152. >An episode where Pinkie and the Cakes move out of Sugarcube Corner and into a new playse... bakery because the Cakes need more space or whatever. Pinkie has to help and deal with being responsible for something again.
  154. >Spike gets an actual growth spurt and has to deal with him worrying that he'll go crazy with greed and destroy everything he loves.
  156. >During a diplomatic mission, Ember develops a crush on Spike and spends the rest of the episode trying to rationalize it off or punching whoever makes fun of her blushes and confusion (Spike remains blissfuly oblivious). Turns out that Ember's crush was her simply not being used to be treated with kindness and her lack of social experience regarding friends made her mistake Spike's friendship as a crush.
  159. >half the roofs in ponyville get damaged in an accidental storm Twilight offers for everyone to come live in her castle temporarily while repairs are made, thinking it will be fun to live with her friends but soon discovers they have habits that can get on her nerves or disrupt her daily life. The episode ends with Twilight learning the lesson that it's good to help your friends when they're in need but also that sometimes it's good to have a bit of alone time as well.
  161. >Rarity is tasked by the princesses to reform King Sombra and finds herself falling for him.
  163. >An episode of Maud and Discord interacting because that would be great Discord has devised a special lazer rifle or some shit to destroy all the pieces of the same magic-draining rock that Chrysalis had for a throne scattered around Equestria, and he needs Maud as she can sense the rock and tell where it is. Throughout the ep they get in odd situations in different Equestrian settings
  164. At the end they discover that the final piece of the rock is, in fact, Boulder. Discord, being the dick he is and still bitter at Maud after the Gala, is happy that he's finally gonna back at her. But accidentally looking into her mind, he finds out that before finding it, she was once as miserable and lonely as he was and that touches him deeply, after which Discord decides that even though Boulder is potentially deadly to him, he will let Maud keep it
  166. >Windiagos are becoming extinct and Twilight wonders how to save them without the hatred they usually need to survive
  168. >A group of pre Equestrian Pegasi are transported to the present. Disgusted how pegasi have lost their old ways by associating with the other races, they wage war and indoctrinate impressionable pesgsi in their ranks.
  170. >Twilight goes to the royal old sisters castle to find a magical book meant to improve her studies. What she finds is amazing. The old book wakes up all the memories and ghosts of the past of the castle. Twilight wakes up in the middle of a ballroom filled with ancient ponies she (and the viewers) have never seen before. She gets to see the original castle in all her splendor before evil Luna, before the everfree forest and the events that lead up to it.
  172. >Twilight meets a ghost pony in the library who takes care of her.
  174. >Dash's parents meet Zephyr and love him. Halfway through the episode Dash's dad starts calling Zephyr "champ". They keep giving Dash comments like "Why didn't you tell us about your special somepony" then they meet the Flutterparents and start planning the wedding, all while Fluttershy and Dash are completely dumbfounded
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