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Chihaya OFA route & EX EPs summary

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  1. Chihaya Route Summary
  4. Produce Start - You meet her at the zoo and tell her you'll be producing her. You ask why she's there, she replies she was observing animal sounds. She begins to state that she's not interested in other idol stuff and just wants you to help her get better at singing. You reply you want her to give up on singing being the main goal as she's already good enough that you see no reason to continue working on it. Instead you want to focus on improving her traits besides singing. Chihaya gets upset about that's not what she wants and to produce her seriously. Producer replies that he is being serious and that only focusing on the things you like isn't good for growing balanced. After that Chihaya is speechless and then comments she thinks you're strange as no one has ever said that to her before. Chihaya is a bit nervous but seems to understand now and goes along with it.
  7. Rank D - Chihaya starts off by thanking you and feels that she's grown somewhat. You ask her to go out somewhere with you before returning to the office. First you bring her to a clothing store and say as a reward she can pick out some clothes she likes to buy. Chihaya is bothered by this as she wasn't really trying her best for clothes. Producer says not to worry and mentions again he wants to focus on improving her other areas and that she can manage buying her own casual clothes. She says she's able to, but then asks if you enjoy bothering her. You say you don't and she comments you really are a strange person while smiling. Then you bring her to a cosmetics store. You tell her this is also part of it and she says just for this time only. After you go to a park looking area and producer asks Chihaya how the day was. Chihaya comments she forgot about on stage as she was too shocked afterwards. She comments how this is a first for her and she's still bothered by it. Producer comments there's a sparrow. No it's not going down that route again. He comments the bird is playing more than Chihaya and to watch it. Chihaya comments it's odd for it to be that close to people then mentions it's by her feet and what should she do. Producer says to try petting it. Chihaya says she can't do that as it'd fly away. He insists but she refuses. Then she asks how many years does producer think it'll live. Producer says he doesn't know well but guesses about 2-3 years. Chihaya comments that's short, but as long as you could fly as you pleased you might be satisfied anyways. Producer says that since she won earlier she should look a bit happier. Chihaya says she's not used to doing fun things and thanks you for today while smiling.
  10. Rank C - Producer brings Chihaya to a onsen/hot springs. He tells Chihaya to clean up while he goes to talk on the phone about work. Chihaya comments that refusing probably isn't an option and then asks if Producer isn't going to go in too. Producer replies they can go in together then. Chihaya seems happy until she realizes he said together and becomes flustered. Producer then says he'll go in the other room. Afterwards Chihaya says she feels satisfied and very clean. Producer decides to check this by touching her face. Chihaya feels that cleaning herself like this isn't bad. Producer asks where she wants to go next. Chihaya mentions there's a new mall that was finished recently. She says Haruka told her that there was a delicious donuts store there. They decide to go there next time. Producer mentions that earlier on the phone he was discussing about a new song. He asks what kind of song she wants to do next. Chihaya seems down about this sudden change in topic. She requests that Producer forgets about the mall thing earlier and that she's learned to find things outside of singing important to her. She says after this she'll polish her other skills on her own just like Producer taught her. He asks that isn't that boring? Chihaya says that's not the case and that even alone she can do so properly. She adds that this must be the result of her growing and thanks Producer. Producer then says this time will be the last time then.
  13. Rank B - Producer comments about how great Chihaya's performance was. Chihaya says thank you and replies that she was singing with all her strength despite being in pain. Producer asks if something is hurting her. She says that's not it and says it wasn't like this before. Then she runs off crying while Producer chases after her. Panting Producer asks what's wrong as she succeeded at the event. Chihaya is silent. Producer wants to know what she meant by pain and to talk with her. She asks if is he asking that to her. He says yeah that he wants to know because it's about her. Chihaya doesn't comment. He's wondering why she's glaring at him and if he did anything that bad. He says he won't leave until she tells him what's wrong. Chihaya says she can't sing as straight forwardly as before. Before singing was everything to her. She wanted to sing the best song. Just for that she risked her life, but she can't do that now. She says that the power inside her is becoming unstable. Because you're there, by her side. That because you were so kind to her. You would talk together about anything and treated her warmly. She says that's stealing power away from her. She asks can you believe that sometimes she doesn't know how to sing. Even though she singing was that important to her before. Recently she's been indecisive, asking herself if this way of singing or if this direction is right. At this rate she won't be herself anymore. That her with someone by her side isn't her. If she wants to be on top she can't be like this. She won't rely on someone else. Producer wonders to himself if it's possible to be weakened by having someone there. Producer asks Chihaya what she wants to become. After becoming a top idol, does the rest not matter? She says that's all she has. Producer says that's not true and that people have many things to achieve and he doesn't think that Chihaya's singing power is weakening. He asks that isn't it because she's become more flexible that she's become hesitant? He says that her learning new things and singing styles means that her range of expression is becoming wider. As her choices increase it's natural that she'll become hesitant. That's not weakening, but growth. Chihaya asks if she's growing. He says that yes, not just as an idol, but as a normal girl as well and asks her to forgive herself. It's fine for her to be happy. There's no one there that would be distressed by that. Chihaya is confused and hadn't thought that she was happy. She asks Producer if she's okay like this, even if she continues being instable. He says it's fine and that means she's advancing well. He asks her if they can go somewhere together like before. She is surprised by him saying that all of the sudden. She says she'll continue to believe in Producer. Producer thinks that knowing her weakness is the beginning of strength being born as well and that together they'll verify that.
  16. Rank A - Chihaya starts off by saying she has an important conversation. Producer says he's honored to have a personal conversation with a top idol. She says not to tease her. She says that she has to tell him. So we're at the graveyard again. Chihaya wants to tell him about her past, from long ago until recently. But we hear none of this as it fades to black with Producer replying so her brother died in a traffic accident as a child and that her parents divorced. It wasn't a good environment for her. So to her then all that was important was the world of songs. Producer asks if that was the goal of her life. Chihaya replies yes, although that might have been a forced goal as while she was focused on that she forgot everything else. She says that now is different. Songs being important to her hasn't changed. But that's not all. She says she has other important things besides songs now. Her friends and things outside of that, many things. Producer comments she's at the start line now. Chihaya asks that even though she's become top idol that's the start line. He says that yes, and that thanks to her overwhelming ability she was able to do so despite a large delay. So the starting point is from now on. What Chihaya has really longed for and held dear. She replies that might be so. Chihaya thanks Producer and says that before she met him she was a wild bird with no path. Even if she had indulged in songs like that, she think it'd have taken 2-3 years of brute forcing. Chihaya says now is different and that she can see the real sky clearly now. As he was the one who taught her where the sky was. Producer comments he'll have to give it his all to make sure Chihaya becomes happy from now on too. All of his feelings that is. Chihaya is surprised by this and becomes flustered. She asks for him to do so. She asks if that's okay. If she becomes too happy, she might quit being an idol one day. She says that now she has a bit of confidence in herself without singing too. To be able to live with a smile. Producer says he won't mind if she quits as long as that's what she desires. Chihaya asks really. He says that smiling like she is now, Chihaya is an extraordinary idol. He thinks that is plenty. Chihaya gets a bit upset while blushing. Producer says once again that she's done well and congratulates her. Chihaya thanks Producer for finding her.
  19. Ending/Post IE - After Chihaya beats this legendary festival she becomes more famous. A living legend in the idol world. Her absolute skills as a singer before long brings a lot of attention. In a movie theater Chihaya asks what movie they should see next and thinks that this is nice. Now in the city Chihaya asks if the equipment Producer is holding is heavy and that she'll carry half of it. And Producer makes some comment about her becoming an empress. Now we're in a fancy restaurant. Chihaya asks for a salad too, saying it looks nice and that it's healthy. Producer asks if she thinks the gap is intense. Chihaya doesn't understand what he means by gap. He says that in the media Chihaya gives off a complete aura of a top idol, but usually feels very normal. Chihaya thinks that's obvious. She asks where they should go next weekend. Chihaya is very happy as she finally has a day off. She says if you have no plans she wants to go somewhere. Producer comments how she's changed, and that she's very bright now. She replies that she doesn't think she's changed that much. It's not like she was forcing herself to change either, just that it happened naturally. Producer says they should discuss about the next live while eating. Chihaya 9393s He wants to know what she thinks they should do for the set list. Chihaya is not pleased. Producer asks what's wrong and why she's in a bad mood all of the sudden. She tells Producer to keep public and private matters separate. It's amusing as in a day off commu in 1 she gets mad at Producer for doing that, although it's because he was "joking" about being her romantic partner. Although that's another story She says that right now isn't work time so she doesn't want to discuss about the live, but rather something else. Producer comments how it's odd Chihaya not wanting to discuss a live feels like a lie though that mean she's fully calmed down. Chihaya says that right now she feels truly happy. Although this time she doesn't feel that her singing power is weakening. Chihaya says that's because she's found a new source of power and asks Producer what he thinks it is. He replies anger at him. Chihaya replies with a smile that you understand well and that's exactly it. Producer says he said that as a joke, and asks why. Chihaya gets mad and says Producer hasn't noticed at all. Recently all he's been talking with her is about work. Chihaya asks what happened about their oath at the beginning. That he wouldn't put songs above everything else. Producer says this is because they've become busier but understands. Chihaya comments how happiness has no end. Once you gain something, you want something else again. Going on like this she won't have to worry about losing competition. Producer comments how once you get to the top your path ahead is now everywhere. Chihaya asks if after they're done eating if they can go somewhere. She has a place she wants them to see together. They're now at a beach. Chihaya comments how nice it is. She feels that just looking at it makes her feel innocent again. She asks what Producer thinks is on the other side of the sea. He says probably America. Chihaya replies she's found a new dream. One that she hasn't told anyone yet, an important dream. She says her new dream is her dream after becoming top idol. That's to stay together with the Producer who raised her always, just like now.
  22. Chihaya EX episode 1
  25. Part 1, 1st Half
  26. Chihaya comments that it's about time to leave for the live. She thinks the variation of songs in the set list is amazing. Producer mentions it covers from things like children's songs to gospel. He wonders if it's too much even for Chihaya. She says it'll be difficult, but if Producer has hope in her she can do it. That right now what makes her most joyful is being able to give back from relying on him before. Producer states that looking at Chihaya recently has made him relieved as she is able to enjoy singing any song. Chihaya responds that it's because she's been able to feel fullness in both her professional and personal life. But she still feels like she's lacking something important. She's not sure what that is but thinks she'll figure it out after the live.
  29. Part 1, 2nd Half
  30. Producer comments that Chihaya surpassed his expectations. Chihaya thinks the live was fun, but at the same time she also found her issue. She feels that she's finally seen what the important thing she's lacking is. Producer asks if something was really lacking as she sang fine. Chihaya replies that she was satisfied with that before, but that the more various types of songs she sings the harder it is to see what she's lacking. Producer replies that's quite a riddling conversation. He guesses that the more she sings skillfully, the harder it is to see Chihaya's unpainted face. She thinks that while her ability is improving, she isn't expressing herself through song. To express herself she'll have to take another step. She thinks that a new song is needed, something that projects her own values, a song with a lot of heart put into it. Producer approves of this and they have a meeting right away. Back at the office, Producer asks if the staff listed is okay. For now they're working on the concept of the song. Chihaya is a bit uneasy. While great artists were chosen, she's not sure if they'll be able to show herself properly. Producer thinks so too as the people making the song wouldn't know her personally. He says he'll take responsibility for that part. He'll look over everything to make sure it's properly completed as "Kisaragi Chihaya's song". Chihaya thanks Producer happily and is relieved as Producer is the one who knows her best. She also thinks that it's not only her song but both of their reaching point and a result of their activities together. Producer comments it's like a crystal. Chihaya agrees and that it's a crystal that formed from their accumulated reliance. She's sure that it'll emit a deep shine as her representative song. Producer says that they'll stop here and they'll discuss the contents next time. First they'll have to work on the image as it's an important song.
  33. Part 2, 1st Half
  34. This time is a festival. Chihaya asks if she wins then afterwards could they discuss the song mentioned before as they still hadn't decided on the concept yet. Producer says that's okay, but he thinks that she should concentrate more on winning the fes first rather than the song. Chihaya says that's true as the rival is probably a formidable enemy. However she thinks battling with people is easy to do as you can see what they are doing and match that. Battling something unseen is more troubling.
  37. Part 2, 2nd Half
  38. Chihaya is glad she won and wants to discuss the new song right away. Producer asks if she has a draft in mind already. Chihaya has trouble responding and he replies that if it's related to the draft he'd be happy if she said it. Chihaya says she has a battle that she abandoned in the past. She thinks that if she had faced it properly like with today's fes that it should have been sorted out. Producer asks if it's an idol battle. Chihaya says that's not the case and that it's a battle within herself. She asks Producer if he knows that after her parents divorced she moved out right away and if he remembers what caused her parents to start not getting along. He says her brother's traffic accident, it happened when she was still very young so there's no way she could forget it. Chihaya thanks him for remembering. At that time she was still small and was always anxious when her parents were quarreling. Things like "My brother... Yuu isn't anywhere. This must be a nightmare". She kept running away from the fact and was able to live again. However she never faced the reality of what happened and continued on being unable to sort out her feelings. Chihaya was thinking of making the song about accepting her brother's death. She feels that she doesn't have the confidence to sing such a heavy song. Producer comments that her regret is also a part of her. Chihaya replies it's part of herself that she hasn't shown on stage before. Producer says that even if it's not a song she can sing with a smile, he thinks that it's a song only Chihaya now can sing. Chihaya now feels determined. She thinks that if it's a song about herself that it has to be on this topic. Now the concept is decided. He says the song is an end to the days up until now. She says she wants to finish the ceremony she never could before. Producer says now that it's decided they can begin on composing the song. She says to put everything that was resting in her heart into it, and that she wants to show the courage she has now too.
  41. Part 3, 1st Half
  42. Producer says it's about time to leave for the audition when he notices Chihaya looking at something. She's looking at the song's written music and it's almost finally complete. She's concerned about one part though, the lyrics. She wants to discuss it after the audition.
  45. Part 3, 2nd Half
  46. Chihaya says there was a word she's been worrying about adding or not for a long time. Right now it's not in the lyrics. Producer asks what kind of word it is. Chihaya says that it's a normal word that you can say to anyone. However since the day she became separated from her brother, she never said it to him once. A short word with only four characters. (in japanese) She would never say it in front of his grave. Producer replies it's "Goodbye" (sayonara). She says that when it was time to leave the office for the day she could say it normally, but no matter what she couldn't say it to her brother. She says it's a very heavy thing to put this word into the lyrics, to the degree it might change the nuance of the song. But she wants to put it into the song even if it becomes a bit painful. It'll be acknowledging her crossing a river she couldn't before now. Producer says she already has as she was able to overcome her sadness and became an idol. All that's left is for her to say the word she couldn't before. She says that might be the case and that it happened without her noticing, that all that's left is for her feelings to catch up with reality. Chihaya has come to a resolution and will put sayonara into the lyrics. She says she doesn't have any other problems. With this their song is complete. She has no worries about it. She thanks Producer for producing it. She says she'll prepare so she can sing this song on stage at full power.
  49. Part 4, 1st Half
  50. Producer exclaims that Chihaya's rival in today's festival will be Leon. He asks what song she wants to use against such a strong opponent. Chihaya comments how Leon is a world class idol. Chihaya thinks she won't win with half-hearted feelings. She says she'll go with that song. Producer asks if she's really ready to use her new song for this battle. Chihaya says she honestly doesn't know. She says she's sung it experimentally many times, but a test is just a test. Chihaya didn't have the confidence to keep her feelings under control so she was singing it without putting too much emotion into it. But today she wants to sing it at full power for the first time. She believes it might surpass a world class idol.
  53. Part 4, 2nd Half
  54. Producer is happy about beating Leon. He was able to see for the first time how amazing that song was. He comments it seems she put so much spirit into it that her back is still trembling. Chihaya turns around but something is wrong. She begins to burst into tears. Producer wonders if as soon as the song ended the memories began to bother her. Chihaya says she's no good and cries harder. Producer says not to talk and to calm down. Producer thinks to himself that at times like this whatever he says will be pointless. With all of his strength he hugs Chihaya. He says he'll hug her until her feelings have calmed down. Chihaya says okay and cries a bit more. Producer asks if she can talk now. Chihaya says yes and apologizes. She didn't think it would turn out like this. Producer asks if there was an omen while singing on stage. Chihaya says she was fine on stage. The moment her concentration was broken her memories began to act violently, as if being awakened. She says it's because it's her song, because it's too much her song. Her memories were heavier than she had imagined. She might have remembered the thing she didn't want to the most. Producer asks if it's her memories of after the accident. She says yes and that she had been able to endure what happened to Yuu more than she had expected. However she wasn't able to overcome the days after the accident at all. She just had sealed them away. She says her brother's story has a continuation. She hasn't told anyone how she lived after the accident. Producer mentally comments the accident happened 9 years ago but he hasn't heard anything about what happened before joining 765pro. Chihaya says that after the accident she- Leon shows up and cuts her off. Leon asks if she's okay. She says that when Chihaya was singing her spirit was strange. Leon was bothered by that. She asks if that's not her business. Producer replies Leon helped lighten the dark atmosphere a bit and thanks her. Leon says it's fine to sing earnestly, but that she shouldn't strain herself too much. That if she's completely absorbed in it in a bad way she won't be able to make her song shine. Also Leon will be bothered by it. Chihaya apologizes. She says she'll sing within her limits until she gets used to it. Leon thinks that's good. She says Chihaya should rest for now and leaves. Chihaya says she's inexperienced. Rather than winning it felt like she just manipulated her fes' opponent. It seems that Chihaya worried Leon. Producer says this song is a double edged sword. Chihaya replies she doesn't regret using this song. It was her song, the good and the bad. Chihaya is sure if she overcomes this pain it'll be better. Producer narrates that like this the first battle with Leon ended. However Chihaya's new song still has various problems. He'll have to battle with Chihaya's past together with her. And some day he wants to battle the serious Leon. Without Leon being concerned about Chihaya. Chihaya will have to conquer her past and make the song better. So Chihaya can overcome everything and feel release.
  57. Chihaya EX episode 2
  60. Part 1, 1st Half
  61. Producer reminds Chihaya that she was going to tell him what happened after the accident before getting cut off by Leon. She says she had wanted to mention it at a time that wouldn't have a bad effect on her idol activities. She says she can sing Saihyou but not filled with emotion like before. She says she'll tell you if she beats this event.
  63. Part 1, 2nd Half
  64. Chihaya and Producer go to an area with no one else around. Chihaya says that during the accident Yuu looked at her and then dashed into the road. Her parents didn't blame her but instead argued with each other saying things like "why did you let go of his hand?!". For several months the arguing continued and escalated until a book was thrown. This is when Chihaya realized things won't be the same. After this it got quiet as they decided to avoid each other and not talk to each other while living in the same house and when they did they argued again. One day Chihaya asked "If you hate it so much then why don't you leave him?" To which her mother replied trembling "Whose fault do you think it is?!". They wouldn't divorce because it's the worst thing a parent could do they thought. So from elementary school to high school Chihaya wouldn't smile while happy or cry while sad because she had no one to share her feelings with. She felt responsible for her own hell that wouldn't end because she was there. So she tried getting into music to get away from this. She says she's afraid of putting her feelings into Saihyou and afraid of family. Chihaya won't tell anyone else this as she's an idol.
  66. Part 2, 1st Half
  67. Chihaya decides that if she wins this event she wants you to come to her room to try and create a family atmosphere. Eventually you agree.
  69. Part 2, 2nd Half
  70. You visit her room. Smiling awkwardly she asks if she can pour you some tea and offers you a newspaper. I guess that's her concept of family time. She asks if you feel nervous being in her room and the end result is her saying to forget she asked that. Producer says instead of trying to force this they should just talk normally so they begin to discuss set lists. Chihaya replies this is the first time she's talked so much in her room with someone besides Haruka. Although she says it felt more like they were in the office than her room as they were discussing work. She asks how she was acting and apologizes for acting odd and thanks you for putting up with her selfishness.
  72. Part 3, 1st Half
  73. Chihaya wonders if being like in a family is impossible for her. Producer replies that it was just something bad that happened and she might have been fine with someone else. Chihaya considers giving up. Producer asks her if she'd feel happy giving up on this and continue living like that and she replies no. Producer says to give it another try and she says to come to her room again if she wins this event.
  75. Part 3, 2nd Half
  76. Chihaya thanks you for giving her a final chance. Producer says he wants to know more about her parents. He asks if they were scary people and that's why Chihaya's afraid of remembering it. She says she's afraid because they weren't scary. Before they were nice and she only has happy memories but one event changed them so much and caused them so much pain. Chihaya says sometimes she wonders if she had vanished like Yuu if they would have separated and lived in peace. She's afraid it'll happen again with 765 and Producer. Producer says that's not true and Chihaya responds that it happened with her parents and she can't help but wonder what ifs. Chihaya says it went on for nine years and that she doesn't know if her original self even exists anymore. Producer says why not start back at nine years old then. Chihaya smiles and asks if he's serious and that even if it happened she might not be an idol anymore. Even if he asks she's not sure she can do such a thing. Producer says she can. Chihaya gets mad asking how he can know. He says because he's seen what she can do since they met and their time spent together and comments that it'll continue. Chihaya begins to cry. He asks if she believes him and she says yes. She feels that she was finally able to come to terms with her past. She thanks Producer for pushing so hard and that she didn't think she had a person with this much impact on her. Producer thinks such a person is needed. He asks if she can sing Saihyou now. She says yes and that she feels like she has to. She wishes she met Producer sooner and says she's finally had a family like atmosphere and is glad she didn't give up.
  78. Part 4, 1st Half
  79. Chihaya says this'll be the biggest mountain she has to overcome. She'll try singing Saihyou at full power again and says if she can win her problems will turn into her strength. Producer asks if she'll be able to endure it. Chihaya isn't sure but says she'll be counting on you if something happens again. She says because you're here she feels that she can challenge this and to fight together with her.
  81. Part 4, 2nd Half
  82. Chihaya looks sad at first. She says she thought again on stage and how horrible she looked before. She says she sang with only her sadness, no one else's. She won against her weak self and asks to be praised for not running away. You say she did a good job and pet her head. She says she always wanted that. You say she should make up with her parents as she has the strength to now. She says she had considered writing letters to her mother at times and if you insist she'll try staying in contact more often. She says she has to make up to Leon too for showing her bad side and worrying her. She says she'll battle her again and show she's fine as an idol.
  85. Chihaya EX episode 3
  88. Part 1
  89. Chihaya competes in a fes where Leon is watching.
  90. After performing Leon shows up and praises Chihaya quite a bit. She says rather than long time no see it's more like meeting a new Chihaya who isn't as weak and held back by her past. However she says that Chihaya is mistaken as an idol. She compares Chihaya to a German story.
  91. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin
  92. Chihaya becomes worried and wonders what Leon meant.
  94. Part 2
  95. Next week Chihaya is still pondering what Leon said and decides to ask "the greatest idol" for another perspective. This ends up being Haruka. Chihaya asks what Haruka thought about her performance. Haruka says it's cool and a very Chihaya ish song. However she said Chihaya's face looked scary at one part. Haruka says that the line "despite struggling I'll walk onwards" suited Chihaya and that she should sing it more normally. Chihaya realizes that Saihyou is not supposed to be a sad song about her past, but a song about heading towards the future. Chihaya's not really sure about her future as it isn't concrete like the past or present.
  97. Part 3
  98. Next week Chihaya is at a live. She decides that she should view how the audience reacts. After she noticed the crowd isn't happy. She realizes that like the story leading kids to death, her song is dragging her fans into her sad past and making them sad too. She says she needs more time to think about her future. Later she says that her future is for her present life to continue on like this.
  100. Part 4
  101. Next week she rematches Leon. Leon notices Chihaya has changed again and is now a worthy foe. After Chihayas wins they go to the beach and Leon mentions she also used to be like Chihaya, always looking towards the past for some revenge but eventually realized that wasn't a worthwhile thing. Leon saw that and wanted to help Chihaya. Leon tells Chihaya that she thinks that life is a great thing. Chihaya thanks Leon calling her sensei as she leaves.
  102. Chihaya mentions she wants to become a mother in the following conversation at the very end.
  103. ---
  104. Chihaya "Phew, we're finally at the office. What's wrong Producer?"
  105. Producer "Look over there. There's a parent and child walking over here and I just sort of noticed. A mother and child… They're still tottering, seems kind of dangerous."
  106. Chihaya "Ah, it's true. But they're trying with all their might… ……"
  107. Producer "Hm, what's wrong Chihaya?"
  108. Chihaya "…Producer, I, I maybe someday… might become a mother."
  109. Producer "Huh?! W-What are you saying all of the sudden?"
  110. Chihaya "S-Sorry. I just suddenly thought that while looking at them. Until now I hadn't really thought about that sort of thing, but for some reason…"
  111. Producer "I see… Well, I think it's certainly there. That sort of future as well."
  112. Chihaya "Producer, if I had a child… I have something I would want to tell them."
  113. Producer "What would you want to tell them?"
  114. Chihaya "I'd hug them. And say "I'm really glad you were born"."
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