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  1. Good evening,
  2. I am not actually looking for a refund but also to see what happened.
  4. It seems that the package i ordered has been delivered to another totally random address and not my home.
  6. By tracking RP138763597CN through the greek tracking system ( ) i can see that the package was received "by M.D Aspropirgos, Athens, Greece" which is a totally different address that the one i provided: "Parnassou 5 Lamia, Fthiotida, Greece".
  8. I talked with our local Post Office and they informed me that it is most likely that you gave me a wrong Tracking Number or wrote the delivery information wrong.
  10. This has never happend before with AlieExpress, and i've been ordering on the same address for more than 2 years.
  12. Could you please verify that you have sent the item to the correct address?
  14. If not, would you please resend the item to the correct address?
  15. Due to the "huge delay" (60 days and counting), free priority shipping would be a nice bonus if possible, so i could receive it asap.
  17. Kind regards,
  18. Vasileios Dimitriadis
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