Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 19, Lost & Not Found

Apr 24th, 2018
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  1. >"What do you mean you don't know where they are?! You all were playing together! How hard is that to figure?"
  2. >Discord was furious, after the trip to the Crystal Empire (And Germany pony edition) you two arrived at El Dorado, and instead of having a relaxing welcoming with chaos and havoc, you got an overwhelming welcoming with... well, chaos and havoc.
  3. >What did you expect? Your life is mostly 24/7 chaos and shenanigans now.
  4. >Well the problem is that the alicorn fillies, Celestia and Luna, are missing.
  5. >How did this happen? Well, they are too good at hide n' go seek. So good that they went hiding with Epona and both of them decided to distract her while they... decided to hide in some better place.
  6. >Sure, hide or fly out of El Dorado as Epona saw before.
  7. >And what was the fillies weapon of distraction for the poor Epona? Well, it was nothing else but...
  8. >"A CARROT?! How can you lose sight of them with just a carrot?! What are you, a horse?" Discord waved his claw and paws angrily at Epona.
  9. >Well Epona was a horse and... aren't ponies actually horses?
  10. >"I-IT'S TRUH UHH UHHH UHH! I HAVE A CARROT P-PROBLEM!" Epona cried out while munching on another carrot in front of Discord.
  11. >You take a deep sigh while closing your eyes, then look at Discord while stepping twice in the ground with your left hoof, teleporting yourself in front of him with a stack of books on your hooves to help you stare directly at Discord.
  12. "Okay, let's not blame anypony /yet/. Epona wasn't supposed to keep them at bay while also playing! Don't blame others when you're the one to blame." You tap with your left hoof on the stack of books that you created twice, trying to make it disappear, but they all scatter and you fall flat on your face, then they disappear. "Damnit, did I catch a curse to hit my face now or what?"
  13. >"Me? The one to blame? If I should blame somepony I should blame the babysitter that they had! But since they no longer have one since Luna is a filly, I need to blame somepony for that!" Discord says, acting as the victim.
  14. "Yeah sure, as if you weren't the one that didn't turn Luna into a filly in the first place, or made her on purpose."
  15. >Yes, Luna was turned into a filly by Celestia, but Celestia grabbed easily that orb to turn Luna into a filly. It's Discord's fault- but he ain't gonna admit it.
  16. >"I could blame someone, but I'm tired of breaking the fourth wall. Take notice in how I say 'someone' instead of 'somepony'." Discord stared at the sky with his arms crossed.
  17. >And there he goes again...
  18. >You can take on whatever random shit he does, but when he talks about something like that... you can't follow. Well, you did at the duel with Sweetie Belle, but being honest, you don't know what the hell you meant by that.
  19. "Less blaming and more searching, dad." You step twice on the ground and make a helicopter the size of a pony with one extra passenger appear in the middle of El Dorado. "I say we search for those two before they turn day and night into the next level apocalypse that isn't your doing."
  20. >You didn't know your chaos magic could create a helicopter... although you created a whole island with only your mind, but... there is something you sure hate about your new creation.
  21. "HEY WHAT THE HAY! WHY IS MY HELICOPTER PINK?! I WANTED IT GREEN!" You pull a feather from your magic pockets® and sneeze teleport next to it. "HEREACHUUUUUUU!" Then you kick it with your left hoof.
  22. >...
  24. "Ouuuuuchie!"
  25. >The faggot of Discord was snickering while you were trying to resist the pain from the kick.
  26. >"Whoa..." Epona says while stepping near the helicopter, watching her reflection on the helicopter's glass.
  27. >Epona was surely in love with it, never seeing one... but WHY WAS IT PINK? WHY?
  28. >"What is this? Does it have carrots? Can I play with it? Does it hide rupees? Can I touch it? Can it talk? Can I ride it?" Epona was from the front to the back of the helicopter seeing with curiosity all about it.
  29. >You just take a breath, maybe you can change the colors later. Nothing a bucket of paint can’t do, right?
  30. "It's called a helicopter, my dear big sis." Aaaaaa, you missed calling her sister! "It can fly around with, well... I think it should use gasoline but I'm not sure if this works with my chaotic magic or just like a bicycle... just thought about wanting one to search the fillies is all I needed."
  31. >"You do know I can track the fillies the moment they use magic too, right?" Discord says while tapping his lizard feet on the ground, waiting for your answer.
  32. "Don't know don't care! This is more fun! We can start a police chase! Just think about it!" Using your magic, you summon a police uniform for you to wear. "Just imagine! I can yell all the time Weeeeee wooooooo weeeeeee woooooo!"
  33. >Discord just rolled his eyes, kind of bored by your shenanigans.
  34. >Epona was now inside the helicopter, probably seeing the buttons or whatever you had inside the helicopter. Heh, silly horse.
  35. >"Hey Anon" Discord whispered near you. "You aren't a bit concerned that your sister figures out how your helicopter works?"
  36. "Me? Concerned? Pfft" You wave a hoof. "Come on Discord, she won't press any buttons. I presume my magic was in touch and made the helicopter one hundred percent against Eponas!"
  37. >Then you heard the sound of the engine of the helicopter turn on and as you opened your eyes in surprise you saw how the helicopter was slowly flying with their rotor blades spinning.
  38. >"LITTLE BROTHER! There was a red rupee inside and it didn't come out, so I pushed it and now I'm flying! I'm helping you!"
  39. >Your coat probably went from green to white from the horror that was Epona flying a helicopter.
  40. "AY CABRON! D-Discord! Do something!"
  41. >Discord nodded and snapped his talons. A recording camera appeared on his claw while a cinematographic chair with the words 'Director Discord' were written behind it.
  42. "NOT THAT!"
  43. >Discord pointed the camera from recording Epona flying to yours.
  44. >"Well, why don't you help her with your magic? Works that you help me get this footage a bit wild with your ideas!" Discord neck traveled around where you were in circles until his head was in front of yours. "Or what, afraid of being weak and not feeling your legs for using too much magic? Hmm?" He wiggled his eyebrows at you while smugly staring at you.
  45. >Hmph! That was before! Now is now!
  46. "I created a whole island with my mind alone! I can help her! I can do it the chaotic way!"
  47. >"Surprise me."
  48. >Oh, you will!
  49. >Stepping on the ground twice with your left hoof you summon a rocket launcher that was levitating in front of you.
  50. >"I keep wondering if you're mocking me when you're stepping like that when it comes to magic. I also think your level of sanity is going low if your best solution is something as dangerous as a filly in a flying machine."
  51. "I can't solve my problems with explosions, can I? Right. I wish I was born Australian instead of Mexican for this case."
  52. >You throw the rocket launcher away and sit while pondering what to do.
  53. >Well explosions can't be a solution.
  54. >Maybe you can have a carrot to bait her out of the helicopter?, what if she jumps out? You can't probably catch her.
  55. >"Oi, brother!"
  56. >You keep pondering while Epona tries to talk with you. Hmmm, maybe you should have Pinkamena and Fluttershy fly a helicopter to help her get down! Two are better than one, right?
  57. >"Bro bro! Oi!" Epona poked you on your back.
  58. "Hush Epona, I'm trying to think of a plan to get you down from the sky!"
  59. >Jeez, you only need some time to think!
  60. >"Should I get back in the heli heli thingy then?" Epona wonders.
  61. >Wait a moment.
  62. "Epona! You're back!"
  63. >"Silly lil bro!" Epona bonks you on the head slightly with her hoof. "I'm not back, I'm Epona! Also your big sis!"
  64. >But how did she get back on the ground? Did Discord help?
  65. >You watch behind her, the pink helicopter had landed and was intact.
  66. "How did you...?"
  67. >"Hm?" Epona tilted her head. "I'm a good learner! I learned how to accidentally fly and to land on land! Hehe! Get it? Land!"
  68. >You freaking love her.
  69. "Well, maybe you can use the helicopter... I can fly so, well, I don't know why I even wanted a helicopter. Nostalgia, probably." You nod to yourself. "Yeah, the helicopter is all yours Epona!"
  70. >Her eyes shined and with a tiny jump, she happily started running back to your lighthouse.
  71. >Whatever silly stuff she will do to the helicopter, you have no idea- but you don't care as long as she is okay.
  72. >As you scratch your back while laughing a bit to yourself, Epona was already coming from the lighthouse and was filling the helicopter with rupees and some carrots from some boxes she was carrying on her back.
  73. >Earth ponies sure are strong, hopefully she doesn't want to sleep in there too.
  74. >"Where do I put my bed in here, bro bro?"
  75. >You spoke too soon.
  77. >Some time passed from the helicopter incident, Discord wasn't worried anymore about Celestia and Luna, or probably forgot about it.
  78. >"So Anon, tell me, do you think you have a good handle in chaos now that you fought a filly by yourself?"
  79. >You tilted your head to him.
  80. "What do you mean? Of course, I do! I am confident enough to even fight a thousand fillies next!"
  81. >That totally didn't sound any creepy. At all.
  82. "Why the question, Discord?"
  83. >"Well easily enough. Didn't you feel any different while you were fighting? Like, I don't know... struggling to make your magic work or feeling like you were heavy or something?" Discord placed his claw and paw together to do a malicious stare at you. "I'm just wondering."
  84. >...Well, that's exactly what happened.
  85. "Yes... every time I wanted to stop time, my legs were feeling heavier and I couldn't move them... but that's not it! The time Sweetie Belle tackled me, I couldn't stop time in, well, time! Isn't that nuts?"
  86. >Discord started laughing.
  87. >"Oh sure it is 'nuts'. Tell me, Anon, don't you remember too what did you ask me to not do while you two foals were playing together?"
  88. >What you asked?
  89. >...
  90. "That... you didn't intervene if I remember correctly."
  91. >Confetti was summoned around you and a big party hat with the words 'SUCKER' appeared on top of your head.
  92. >"Correct! Does that ring a bell somewhere or I have to light your way for you to see?"
  93. >That was a bit sketchy.
  94. "Meh, boring to guess. Just tell me already."
  95. >In a blink of an eye Discord teleported you to an empty room that had only white walls. A chalkboard appeared near Discord along a casual outfit that made him look like a teacher, as for you, you were wearing a nerdy outfit with big glasses and... you feel like you had teeth brackets too.
  96. >"You see Anon, your synergy of magic is all thanks to the wonders of chaos." Discord snapped his talons and on the chalkboard was now a draw of a green pony, probably you. "The more chaos you have, the bigger your powers are. You follow what I say?"
  97. >You nod.
  98. >"Perfect. Now, chaotic magic is very, very fragile but also heavy! It consumes a very part of you and as you may know, it's attached to your feelings because... why not! It's fun to experiment it." Various other pointy ponies appeared near the draw that represented you, the green pony started to laugh at the others and they started turning a gray tone. "If you make others feel bad on purpose or create chaos on your own creative ways, your power goes up and up! Who knows what random spells you'll earn in the future?"
  99. "Okay, I get all of this, I don't think I need any more explanations in chaos..."
  100. >"That's where you're wrong, kiddo!" In the checkerboard now there was a draw of Discord, pointy too. "Now, since I'm around you almost all the time, your magic is powerful thanks to me, because I, the God of Chaos, I'm chaotic enough to help you control and grow up in chaos. Now, your little fight started with you saying that you didn't need any of my help, so I gave you the surprise of what chaos magic really is! Isn't it surprising?"
  101. >So... in summary...
  102. "So if you're nowhere near me, I'm weak unless I do chaos on my own? Is that all you wanted to say?"
  103. >"Most likely. You are useless without me unless you do some chaos on your own, and, by the way I saw you with that filly in your little playground, you have a long route to go.”
  104. >Great, another challenge that you need to complete.
  105. >Discord will probably give you a long ass mission where he is nowhere near you and you're on your own while trying to do chaos and get back to El Dorado.
  106. >Meh, there is no way that happens.
  107. >He probably is thinking about a way to mess with Sombra, Chrysalis and the rest of the ponies of Equestria.
  108. >Of course, after he remembers about the alicorn fillies.
  109. >Discord pulls a rope that was falling from the ceiling and all the white walls around you disappear as if they were curtains in a very cartoonish way. It seems you were still in El Dorado, just the white walls were around you, uh.
  110. >That's a nice touch of Discord, you gotta admit.
  111. >Discord summons a glass of chocolate milk and starts drinking from the glass, as usual.
  112. "So, what are you going to do about Celestia and Luna again?" You ask Discord while scratching your left hind leg with the right one.
  113. >Discord stops drinking from the glass and the chocolate milk falls to the ground as if it was glass it resembled the sound of broken glass when it splashed.
  115. "Of course you did." You said unamused to him.
  117. >...
  118. >..
  119. >.
  122. >"Laid low by their scars, a pony wounded, but free ♪~" The now filly, princess of the sun was walking along with her sister Luna around the dangerous forest that was the Everfree while happily singing. "Seek what lies beyond this dark age ♪~"
  123. >"Dear sister, is it necessary to sing in these dire moments?" Luna asked her sister.
  124. >Celestia stopped singing, nodding to her sister and readjusting the helmet that she was wearing.
  125. >"It is! And you should be too! Isn't it better to smile than be serious in these moments?" Celestia giggled to herself. "I didn't remember you were this grumpy as a filly, Luna!"
  126. >"I-I am NOT grumpy! Is just... all that has happened, how can we control these aspects... without going against each other?" Luna wondered while walking.
  127. >"Hmm... probably these are disguises? Sure I feel powerful, but isn't it because we are fillies again? I don't feel like making it day forever, for me, day and night are still as precious and there is no difference in them."
  128. >Luna smiled at her sister.
  129. >"Sister..."
  130. >Celestia flew near Luna and gave her a tiny hug.
  131. >"Besides, these helmets remind me of our old times! Don't you remember going around the castle while making Starswirl go crazy? That old wizard didn't have any patience!"
  132. >"Okay, I do admit... those were fun times." Luna giggled along with her sister. "But, you think Discord knows about this? That... we do remember everything even when we are fillies? You think he made this on purpose? Or is he planning something?"
  133. >Celestia slowly flew back at the side of Luna, walking at her same pace.
  134. >"If I'm honest, sister, I... made a big mistake on my own when I was alone with Discord and... I wanted to put him down by myself, I was being selfish... again." Celestia stopped as Luna did, they looked at each other. "Whenever I could, I was contacting a village on my own without your knowledge, for the fear the ponies would still have about Nightmare Moon... I didn't think they would accept you and thus, Discord saw through my plan and got me first."
  135. >Celestia stopped walking and looked down, sorrow could be sensed in her voice.
  136. >Luna lifted Celestia's face with her hoof and she gave her a warm smile.
  137. >"Dear sister, that was in the past... now, we are together into this and we will stop Discord once and for all."
  138. >The little smile from Luna became confidence for Celestia.
  139. >Celestia nodded to her.
  140. >"We will... but I don't wanna turn Discord into stone or punish him again..."
  141. >"Why's that?" Luna asked.
  142. >"There is good in every creature. I can sense beyond him that he can be good, everypony can if they try enough, right?” Celestia blushed a bit and while scrunching she half-whispered. “Also he did turn me to stone for a moment…”
  143. >Luna took a long sigh.
  144. >"After all he has done to our land in the past, present and what's left of the future- Wait a moment, he did what?"
  145. >As Luna was talking, Celestia started galloping in the Everfree forest while humming a song, trying to ignore the last she said as she remembered.
  146. >"H-Hey! Don't leave me talking alone!" Luna said as she followed her sister. "That's rude!"
  147. >"Hehe! You should act less than a mare and more like a filly now!"
  148. >"Sisteeeeeer...."
  149. >"Come on Luna, tell you what, we race to the Tree of Harmony and if you win I'll give you a rematch from our previous fight! But I won't go easy on you!" Celestia laughed while she was running.
  150. >"Hmph! I didn't know you could breathe fire! That's cheating, I tell you!" Luna angrily said, running behind her sister.
  152. >A little timberwolf that was in the Everfree Forest watched with curiosity the pair of fillies with peculiar coats and tail running across the Everfree as if nothing was happening around.
  153. >The little timberwolf recognized a voice, and without thinking, he started following the trail of the two alicorn fillies.
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