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  1. [2019-07-21 23:08] *Heather Mills  takes a few deep breaths, feeling her pred side come over her as her pupils dilate a bit.  She licks her lips, looking the renamon in the eyes with a predatory grin.  “Well...?  Mind assuming the position?”
  2. [2019-07-21 23:13] *Amber The Renamon  giggles with a nod. I then get on all fours, spreading my legs and lifting my ass up. My tail lifts up for you."mmmmm, you got that look in your eyes"
  3. [2019-07-21 23:19] *Heather Mills  gives her a dominant, predatory grin, her lapine inscisors visible between those lips of hers.  “Do I?  I seem to get that a lot when people offer themselves to me like this~”  She moves into position as well, pressing that cock against the digimon’s tailhole, letting her pre spit against it to lubricate it before [b]sssshhhllllp![/b]  she pushed in, taking it a bit slow as she savored the experience, holding the herm that would be her cock soon enough hostage to the anticipation of it all.
  4. [2019-07-21 23:29] *Amber The Renamon  "Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhh" i moan and pant. Getting a bit heated and sweaty. My boobs hang and sway back and forth to your movement. My pussy getting nice and wet and drips to the ground.
  5. [2019-07-21 23:32] *Heather Mills  slides more of her bestial member inside that fox, her medial ring popping in and soon, that unflared knot fitting in as well with a more audible [b]pop![/b]. Now at the hilt, both parties could feel the changes beginning to take place.  Tingles where their bodies touched invaded both of their senses as they merged together at Heather’s groin.
  6. [2019-07-21 23:38] *Amber The Renamon  "mmmmmm, mmmmph, oh wow your so big" I dont realize it and just believes it's a sex session. I just move back and forth once I'm semi attached. My tits swaying back and forth.
  7. [2019-07-21 23:44] *Heather Mills  chuckled, seeing the naivety within her cock enhancement.  Those attempts at movement would soon be impossible, their bodies fusing as Heather’s cock melted away inside the ass of her “prey” for lack of a better term.  “Oh, I’ll be even bigger after this, dear~”  the changes began at the renamon’s hips, or more accurately, her base.  She could feel those arteries and veins fuse and pulsate as they became visible throughout her body and leaving indents visible through her fur.  Blood circulation was now something they shared
  8. [2019-07-21 23:48] *Amber The Renamon  "ahhhhhh, mmmmmm, if you say so" I huff and pant between words. Moaning and groaning as well. Not seeing the veins poping out just yet but I'm sure i will soon.
  9. [2019-07-21 23:57] *Heather Mills  gave her new cock in the making a rub.  The sensation would have been alien to the laquine had she not done this before, but to the renamon, it was extremely strange.  Her back seemed so much more sensitive, and sensual.  Fur began to disappear around her hips as Heather’s new sheath formed around where her rump has been.  Her legs had another distinctly alien feeling, almost as if they were shrinking into her rapidly expanding thighs, which felt oddly hollow as skin started to form between them, linking them in a fuzzy scrotum.  Perhaps now she would get a clue of what was happening.  Perhaps not.  The latter would certainly make the process go much more smoothly.
  10. [2019-07-22 00:01] *Amber The Renamon  not only that but my front paws would slowly lift off the ground. I then notice th ed veins. Then I look behind me, notching that my legs were becoming massive orbs."nnnngh, ahhhhh, wait.....what's going legs.....are turning into BALLS!"
  11. [2019-07-22 00:08] *Heather Mills  chuckles.  “Yeah.  I know I just had a person turn into my cock but...  I don’t know, I figured that if anyone’s gonna swing between a herm’s legs it should be another herm.  I hope you don’t mind.”  Amber could feel the blood pumping through her, almost getting lightheaded as she throbbed.  Her fur loss extended past her base, which bulged out into the form of the laquine’s knot.  Her stomach would bulge out, a tube made from her repurposed digestive tract creeping up her body and ending at the top of her neck, a wet burp escaping her lips longside droplets if pre she was beginning to drool.  She could feel that clear, salty liquid coming up from her balls, slipping up through her urethra as her body assumed a more cylindrical shape.  Heather would pick her shrinking form up, placing her against her chest as she felt The fox drool pre all over her rapidly devolving form.
  12. [2019-07-22 19:29] *Amber The Renamon  "what, nooooooo. I never asked to be a cock!" I panic and freak out. Wobbling my self around, making my once legs, now balls bobble around under her legs. I try to grab the ground and uses my claws to pull away but it's no use. Loads of pre coming out of my muzzle. "Blaaaagh"
  13. [2019-07-22 19:42] *Heather Mills  smiles, seeing the renamon devolve.  She could see her upper body go now, her face starting to shift from a narrow vulpine muzzle to a blunt, flared tip.  More and more pre spat from her muzzle.  Any attempts to swallowed felt strangely alien.  Even her muscle memory was being reworked by the laquine’s body.
  14. [2019-07-22 19:55] *Amber The Renamon  "mmmmmph, nnnngh, noooooblaaaaaargh, spurt, gurgle blurp!" I twitch a few times. Spewing some more pre cum. Twitching and throbbing and dangling from the buns crotch. My symbol that once once on my legs, seems to appear on each side of thoughs orbs. I then loose my eye sight and same for my mouth."gurgle blargh"
  15. [2019-07-22 20:17] *Heather Mills  clenched as she finished the changes.  She let go, letting that orgasm made from excess mass of Amber as she shrunk down to a more managable size.  That cum was easily a gallon of ex-digimon, painting the floor with its gooey nature.  The laquine chuckled.  “Enjoy your stay, my new cock~”
  16. [2019-07-22 20:20] *Amber The Renamon  I just flop down and soften up. Hanging between her legs. Swaying back and forth and side to side. Alot bigger then your cock before and wont even sheath. With the only thing of amber left with the sybombles on each orb was once on her thighs. "Gurgle"
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