??? (Fox Yakuza Greentext)

Jan 26th, 2017
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  1. >Flirting with that hot fox at the club.
  2. >You actually hit it off.
  3. >Both of you know where it's going.
  4. >She pulls you into one of the VIP rooms.
  5. >She's straddling your lap, grinding on you.
  6. >She pulls off her top.
  7. >Something catches your eye in the mirror.
  8. >You look away from her ample breasts for a second.
  9. >Your heart drops like a rock and your blood runs cold.
  10. >Everyone in the city knows that mark.
  11. >She's got seven tails.
  12. >She gently turns your face back to hers.
  13. >She's still smiling at you, but now you feel an oppressive, sinister force behind it.
  14. >'Is there any problem, sweetie?'
  15. _________________________________________
  16. >Collect yourself and smirk coolly.
  17. >'Hmph, no problem at all.'
  18. >Things progress to the bedroom.
  19. >She starts taking your shirt off.
  20. >Force her to turn face down and take her clothes off instead, she smiles and moans, loving the forcefulness.
  21. >Take her there doggystyle, the neon lights from the signs outside the dank hotel illuminating your lewd and naked forms.
  22. >Finish in that position, she's passed out.
  23. >You pull your shirt back on, covering the 5-circled Demon Cabal tattoo on your back before leaving.
  24. >Not a bad night in the end.
  25. >Don't notice she had an eye open and turned on your back as you left.
  26. _________________________________________
  27. >A few days passed since you slept with that fox at the club.
  28. >Head down to your mailbox.
  29. >Amid the junk mail is a letter.
  30. >It's got a wax seal with a fox on it.
  31. >Fuck...
  32. >It's a small note, addressed specifically to you by name.
  33. >'Come to this address today at 4 p.m. Come alone & unarmed if you value your life.'
  34. >The address is for the Empress' Garden, a high-class Oriental place downtown.
  35. >Inside, you are greeted by a jet-black fox with an eye-patch.
  36. >'My Mistress would like to speak with you.'
  37. >You move to back away a bit, but she flashes her sword.
  38. >'I am afraid she insisted.'
  39. >You obey, following her into the back.
  40. >It's dimly lit, just a few booths at the back.
  41. >There's two people seated at one.
  42. >You instantly recognize one as that fox from the club last night.
  43. >The older one you don't recognize, but you can guess who it is.
  44. >Oh gods, they're going to kill you.
  45. >You want to run, but the guard-fox blocks the door.
  46. >'That's quite enough, Ana. You may wait outside.'
  47. >'Bu- Yes, my Mistress...'
  48. >She bows before turning out.
  49. >You make your way over & take a seat opposite the foxes.
  50. >The Nine Tails were the most feared gang in the city, and here you were with their boss
  51. >She was in an elegant robe, hair back in a graceful bun.
  52. >Age had certainly been kind to her, she was still quite beautiful.
  53. >And yet, there was an oppressive atmosphere in the room that made it feel like you were suffocating
  54. >'Is he the one, dear?'
  55. >'Yeah, that's the guy who picked me up at the club. Kinda plain-looking, but he was a pretty fun fuck.'
  56. >She turns to you. Her eyes are closed, but it feels as if she's staring through you.
  57. >'So, young man, it would seem my daughter has taken an interest in you.'
  58. >Daughter? You banged the daughter of the Nine Tails' leader? Your life was over...
  59. >'So, darling, it seems we have a matter to discuss. I am not one to deny my daughters anything, but it would seem you have a problem.'
  60. >'Uhh, problem, ma'am?'
  61. >Her smile disappears and her eyes open. Not a lot, just enough to see her crimson irises.
  62. >'Don't play me for a fool, boy, or you will die in that seat. My daughter saw the mark on your back.'
  63. >'Yeah. Cabal brand, right?'
  64. >'I can hardly have the Empress' property defiling my daughter now, can I?'
  65. >You swallow hard.
  66. >'So the way I see it, you have two options now.'
  67. >'The first, You walk out of here, and I declare that the Cabal has disgraced my family, while making sure everyone knows who's responsible. It would be open war in the streets. And assuming Ana doesn't cut you down on the way out, one the Empress' women will come for your head.'
  68. >'A-And the other option?'
  69. >She smiles again. 'You become my daughter's servant. We erase your old life, you pledge yourself to our family. It will look like an accident. You will wait on her hand and foot, doing anything she commands of you. If she tells you to die for her, you do it.'
  70. >From being one gang's property to another. Great...
  71. >'I guess I don't have many options, do I... Misstress.'
  72. >She smiles at you gain, extending her hand out to you.
  73. >You take it, gently kissing the ornate ring that adorns it.
  74. >Her daughter chuckles. 'Welcome to the Nine Tails, stud. Hehehehe.~'
  75. _________________________________________
  76. >True to her word, the Mistress was thorough.
  77. >A few cut wires, a stiff from the city morgue, and a few greased palms was all it took.
  78. >Your house was gone in a blaze overnight, along with your old life.
  79. >The worst part, though, was your brand.
  80. >Breaking a Demon's contract is no small feat.
  81. >Even with the right magic, it feels being run through with red-hot irons.
  82. >But you managed to pull through, and a week later you stood in front of a mirror, admiring your new ink.
  83. >The fox was ornately designed, with an intricate background.
  84. >Five long tails swirled from its body across your back.
  85. >One extra embellishment, a crimson rope collar, served as a mark of your tie to the ruling family.
  86. >To anyone who didn't know the meaning, it would have been beautiful.
  87. >Though for you, it felt like trading one set of shackles for another.
  88. >'Enjoying your new ink?'
  89. >The fox responsible for all this was standing in the door, eyeing you up.
  90. >You learned her name was Yumi, the youngest of the Mistress' five daughters.
  91. >She walks over to you, running a delicate finger over the still-sensitive skin.
  92. >'Have to say, I think this suits you much more than that stupid brand you had.'
  93. >She turns with a smirk to lay out on your bed.
  94. >'Yeah. Too bad about all the strings attached to it. Thanks for not even letting me clear out my house, by the way.'
  95. >Yumi stared you down with her fiery red eyes. 'You should be thanking me. You were the dumbass who decided to fuck across gang lines. If I hadn't taking a liking to you, Ana would have cut you down in your sleep.'
  96. >As much as you hated it, she was right about that. You just sigh with resignation.
  97. >'Alright, so what does being your boyfriend... bodyguard... whatever... entail?'
  98. >'Let's call it 'boytoy' for now. You have a nice game in bed, but I don't know if I like the rest of you quite yet to keep around.'
  99. >'Fine. What am I doing, then?'
  100. >'Well, tradition states that any man in the ruling family serves as the loyal steward to his wife. Protecting her honor and all that shit.'
  101. >Yumi slowly crosses the room to you, her tails lazily swishing behind her.
  102. >'Basically, you're my top bodyguard. You come with me wherever I go, do whatever I tell you to. If I want to have someone beaten, you beat them. If someone tries to shoot me, you take the bullet...'
  103. >She wraps her arms around you, pushing her ample chest into you.
  104. >'And if I need certain... 'services' from a man, you will fulfill them. I'm sure you won't object to that last bit, will you?~'
  105. >'Not like I have too much choice in the matter.'
  106. >'Ohh, come now. I'm sure you'll grow to love me after you get to know me.'
  107. >Yumi lets you go, turning to leave the room.
  108. >'And who knows? Do a good job and you might earn yourself some tails. And I'm not just talking about the tattoo on your back.'
  109. >One of her tails playfully flicks in your face as she makes her exit.
  110. >Great. Now you're the muscle/fucktoy for one of the most dangerous vixens in the city.
  111. >And she was expecting you to flex those muscles right away. She had a business meeting in a little bit.
  112. >You open the closet. It's filled with suits from some of the most expensive brands in the world.
  113. >You pull one out, and it fits like a glove. AAs if it had been personally tailored for you.
  114. >You give yourself a once-over in the mirror and can't help but whistle at how sharp it is.
  115. >You have to admit, you never had anything this good with the Cabal.
  116. >'Heh. Maybe this gig won't be all bad.'
  117. _________________________________________
  118. >Yumi has you driving her to meet a 'friend'.
  119. >Just like your suits, it seems her family doesn't skimp on their cars.
  120. >Bullet-proof glass, military-grade armor plating, sacred wards to prevent magical tampering.
  121. >All alongside a mini-bar, built-in phone & wi-fi, and a soundproof privacy window.
  122. >She gave you this one, with a deep cherry red finish, as a gift.
  123. >'So, you mind telling me why we're driving out to Little Zippangu?'
  124. >'Just paying a little visit to a friend. Strictly for business.'
  125. >'Right. And what would this business happen to be?'
  126. >Yumi smirks at you in the mirror. 'My my, so nosy. Didn't they teach you anything in that boorish sex ring?'
  127. >'Just to stay the hell away from anyone with a fox tattoo.'
  128. >'You must have skipped that lesson then, ehh? Very well. I suppose if you're to be my plaything, you should be privy to some things.'
  129. >'The Nine Tails deal primarily in black market trading. Illegal products, Demon Realm contraband, weapons, and anything else the government might get cross about someone having. All hidden behind several independent companies that deal in legitimate trade. Well, independent on paper, anyway.'
  130. >'We're going to visit with one of our clients today. A little lizard by the name of Alexa. She likes to spice up her cooking with some exotic meats, but lately she's been avoiding payments. So it's my job to get the bitch to pay up.'
  131. >A classic shake-down. 'And I guess you're not just having me along for show?'
  132. >'Now you're catching on. Her husband can be a bit over-zealous, but he shouldn't be there right now. So assuming everything goes well, you just stand there and look pretty while I have a little chat.'
  133. _________________________________________
  134. >You pull up on the restaurant, a little hole-in-the-wall hibachi place.
  135. >You let Yumi out of the car, following close behind her.
  136. >A small bell rings as you enter the place.
  137. >At the counter is a young lamia, her back to you.
  138. >'Welcome! How can I help-'
  139. >Her eyes go wide with fear when she catches sight of Yumi.
  140. >She dashes for a phone.
  141. >'Ahh-ah, we won't have any of that now.'
  142. >A wave of her finger, and the phone on the wall bursts into a flash of blue fox-fire.
  143. >Alexa recoils from the burning heap of plastic, her eyes now firmly fixed on Yumi.
  144. >'As a matter of fact, dear you can help us. For starters, where's our money?'
  145. >'P-Please, Yumi. It's not what you think...'
  146. >'It isn't now? Then please, correct me if I'm wrong here: You came to us looking to increase your sales. We provided you with rare meats that you can't even get in this country. Everything goes just fine, until suddenly, you decide to stop paying up. Have I left anything out?'
  147. >'Well, no, but-'
  148. >'But what? You haven't paid for your last three shipments. I'm just here to get what I'm owed now.'
  149. >Wisps of blue flames begin to materialize around the fox.
  150. >'So the way I see it, you have two options: Either you pay up for the product, or you give me a damn good excuse in the next ten seconds why I shouldn't burn this place to the ground. Ten... Nine...'
  151. >Alexa's face is one of pure horror. The hysteric woman throws herself before Yumi.
  152. >'Please, no! This is my life! I'll have nothing if you take this!'
  153. >'Eight... Seven...'
  154. >'NOOOO! I'm sorry Yumi! I do what I can, but it's too much right now!'
  155. >'Six... Five...'
  157. >Yumi pauses her count. 'What do you mean?'
  158. >Alex looks up, tears straming down her cheeks. 'M-My husband. H-He was injured at work and w-was laid off. A-And his medical bills are too h-high. All of my m-money is going to his treatment.'
  159. >Yumi looks the sad snake over before letting out a sigh. 'Ahh, fuck... Fine. We'll try to work something out. How much can you pay right now?'
  160. >'W-Well, we have a little saved up. I s-suppose we can pay half back.'
  161. >'Better than nothing. And I suppose I can't make back anything if I burn this place down...'
  162. >Alexa is on the verge of tears again, this time from relief. 'Thank you, Yumi!'
  163. >'Yeah, yeah. In the mean time, no more shipments until you pay us back. And if I have to come back here again...'
  164. >'No!... I-I mean, of course you won't have to! I understand!'
  165. >Yumi smiles at her. 'Good. I'm glad to see that we can have an understanding.'
  166. >Yumi turns on her heel, leaving the disheveled lamia at the counter. You hold open the door and lead her back to the car.
  167. _________________________________________
  168. >You hadn't seem much of Yumi since coming back to the penthouse.
  169. >One of the perks only two people in such a huge place: if you wanted to be alone, it wasn't hard.
  170. >Gave you a chance to mull over what you'd seen from Yumi that day.
  171. >But your solitude was short-lived.
  172. >'I hope I'm not disturbing anything?'
  173. >Yumi's leaning in your doorway, wearing a lacy sleeping top over black panties.
  174. >She slowly makes her way across the room, crawling onto the massive bed with you.
  175. >She drapes herself over you, pressing her chest into you.
  176. >'I was bored and decided to come visit. You busy?'
  177. >'Not really. Just thinking about you.'
  178. >'Ohh, were you now?~' She nuzzles the side of your face, peppering your cheek & neck with kisses.
  179. >'Not like that. I mean about before, at the restaurant.'
  180. >She pouts at you. 'You have a horny girl on top of you and you want to talk about work?'
  181. >'Call me a weird person.'
  182. >Yumi lets out a huff. 'Fine. What has you so distracted?'
  183. >'You let her off the hook with a slap on the wrist. Why?'
  184. >'Call me a sucker for a sob story. Now are we going to fuck or what?'
  185. >'Bullshit. I've seen plenty of people left in a ditch over less.'
  186. >Yumi props herself up on your chest, clearly annoyed. 'You really aren't gonna let this go, are you? Fine, I'll talk. Call it pragmatism. What good does burning down her shop get me? She's out of work, buried in debt, and I'd still need my money. Now I can get paid, and I don't have to pay off the cops for a wrecked building.'
  187. >'So, what? You never planned on following through? what about maintaining your honor and all that?'
  188. >Yumi is tracing lazy paths on your chest. 'Please don't patronize me about that. I've put my fair share of people in the ground for trying to flake on me. And if you intentionally try to piss me off, I make sure to pay you back.' She digs her nail into you a little more forcefully on that last bit.
  189. >'Ow. Alright, I get the hint.'
  190. >'You grow up in this business, you learn what works and what doesn't. A show of strength and a little leniency can go a lot further than a corpse. Show them that you can destroy them, but don't, and they're far more likely to play ball than if you just break them. And like I said before, I'm a sucker for sob stories. Satisfied now?'
  191. >'For now.'
  192. >Yumi pushes up, shifting to straddle your waist. 'Good. Now are we going to talk anymore, or are you going to put your dick in me finally?'
  193. >You smirk up at her. 'Are you saying I have a choice in the matter?'
  194. >The fox licks her lips as she removes her top. 'Afraid not. Don't forget, stud, I own you.~'
  195. _________________________________________
  196. >Yumi reaches across you, grabbing a box of cigarettes from inside the nightstand.
  197. >She pulls one out, igniting the tip with a puff of blue flame.
  198. >'Want one? It's the good stuff, not that cheap shit you get at a gas station.'
  199. >'Sorry, not really my thing to smoke inside.'
  200. >'Suit yourself.' She continues to lay atop you as she takes a deep drag, propping herself up on your chest.
  201. >Yumi lets out a long plume of smoke, filling the air with a slight haze.
  202. >'Nothing like a smoke after a good fuck.'
  203. >'Only after a good one?'
  204. >'You fishing for a compliment? Gonna have to try harder, I'm afraid.' The fox shoots a smug grin down at you.
  205. >You tried, at least.
  206. >'Besides, you grilled me before all this. Now I think it's only fair I get a few questions out of you.'
  207. >'Fair enough. Shoot then.'
  208. >Yumi takes another pull, thinking over her questions. 'Okay, we'll start off easy: How'd you end up with a demon contract branded on your back?'
  209. >'You mean, how'd I get roped into the Cabal? Probably same way most kids end up in a gang: Shitty childhood, pretty promises, and a lot of dumb decisions.'
  210. >'Hmmm. And just what were the terms of your contract?'
  211. >'Same as everyone else: total obedience to the Empress and her Sisters. In exchange, you have the organizations protection. And the contract gives you some perks depending on what Circle you belong to.'
  212. >Yumi's ears perk up a bit. ''Circle'? What's that, like your rank?'
  213. >'Sort of. The lower Circles don't necessarily have any power over each other, not like the upper ones. I was Fifth Circle: Wrath. The five lower Circles are Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, and Wrath; Upper ones are Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery.'
  214. >'Dante's Inferno. Guess the Empress has a fetish for old literature.' She blows a few smoke rings into the air. 'So Wrath. I'm guessing you were one of their skull-busters?'
  215. >'Pretty much. Lust are the prostitutes, Gluttony deals the drugs, Greed are the bean-counters, and Wrath bust heads.'
  216. >Yumi chuckles a bit. 'Guess I lucked out then. Though the way you fuck, I'd have believed you were one of their hookers.'
  217. >You go uncomfortably silent for a moment.
  218. >'Wait, you weren't actually a hooker, were you?'
  219. >You let out a heavy sigh. 'Pretty much everyone who joins starts in Lust. I've done plenty of things I'd rather forget, and not all of them involve caving in a person's face.'
  220. >There's a look of surprise on Yumi's face. But maybe a bit of something else, too. Concern?
  221. >She takes one last drag before putting it out in the tray. 'Well, this just got a bit too heavy for me. I think I'll call it a night, leave you to stew a bit.'
  222. >She pushes herself off the bed, heading for the door.
  223. >'What, not gonna stay the night?'
  224. >She looks over her shoulder at you. 'What, and have people think we're actually a couple? You might be getting ahead of yourself there, tiger.'
  225. >'Besides, then you wouldn't get to have this nice view on my way out.'
  226. >In the moonlight, you can see that Yumi's still completely naked as she walks out.
  227. >Her tails ripple as she walks, giving you a peek at her bare, shapely ass as they part.
  228. >After she's gone, you decide that maybe you do need a smoke to calm yourself.
  229. _________________________________________
  230. >You wake up one morning to voices outside your room.
  231. >One is clearly Yumi, but the other is a new one.
  232. >You head out to the living room, and you see Yumi is seated on the couch.
  233. >Her guest is a diminuitive tanuki.
  234. >The small size and high voice clash with the black power suit and sharp glasses she has on.
  235. >Almost like a child dressing up in her mother's outfits.
  236. >'Who's this?'
  237. >The pair of them perk up, looking over to you from the couch. The tanuki has to kneel up over to get a good view of you.
  238. >'Well, look who finally decided to grace us with his presence. And on full display, no less.'
  239. >You look down and realize that your still in just your boxers, on top of sporting a prominent case of morning wood.
  240. >The ring-tail adjusts her glasses as she looks you over.
  241. >'So this is the fellow you spoke to me about, Miss Soto? Hmmm... doesn't quite live up to the vision I had, though I can certainly see why you were fond of him.'
  242. >'Well fuck you too, kid.'
  243. >''Kid'? I will have you know I am a decade your elder in age, and clearly a lifetime ahead of you in intellect.'
  244. >Yumi can't help but laugh at the situation. 'Ladies, please. I need you both to get along for at least the next few minutes. But first, I think you should get something on, honey.'
  245. >'Yeah... right.'
  246. >'Honey.' Just another odd choice of name for you that Yumi's used in the past three months.
  247. >You still can't quite get a read on her, or what your... Relationship? Fling? Servitude?... is really supposed to be.
  248. >Yeah, you're basically her bodyguard, and she uses you whenever she's feeling horny, but there's more to it.
  249. >She probes you about your life and seems to show some actual concern for you sometimes, even if she's sparse about her own details.
  250. >But then she's just as willing to barge in, the middle of the night, to ride you and roll off without so much as a second word.
  251. >After making yourself somewhat more presentable, you rejoin the two in the living room.
  252. >'So, now that you look fit to be around people, let me introduce you. This is Catherine de la Tour, one of the brightest bankers in the country and my personal financial advisor.'
  253. >'A pleasure.' Catherine holds out a hand to you.
  254. >You give her a shake, introducing yourself. 'So your family has enough pull to just payroll bankers then?'
  255. >'I assure, Miss Soto's family has no pull over me. She personally contracted me of her own accord.'
  256. >'That so?'
  257. >'Yes. As you should be aware, as Miss Soto's... plaything-'
  258. >'Hey!'
  259. >'-not all of her dealings would be looked kindly upon in public. It is my duty to take her payments, legitimize & invest them, and maximize her returns to provide viable funds for her lifestyle and businesses.'
  260. >'So you're a money launderer.'
  261. >Catherine scowls at you. 'I assure you, all of my dealings are entirely legitimate and by-the-book. I don't need shady deals or armed coercion to get my results, so I will kindly thank you not to compare me to one of those charlatans.'
  262. >'Whatever, lady. If it looks like a succubus and fucks like a succubus...'
  263. >The little tanuki looks ready to lay into you before Yumi cuts her off.
  264. >'Okay then, with that out of the way, back to the topic at hand: Can you get me the funds I need?'
  265. >Catherine pulls up a thick binder, flipping through it to several marked pages.
  266. >'It will take a bit of doing, but if I just allocate these funds... sell those off... yes, I should be able to have you the $3,000,000 by this afternoon.'
  267. >'Excellent, get on it.'
  268. >'As you wish, Miss Soto.' Catherine packs her supplies up, and with a small bow to Yumi, makes for the exit of the apartment.
  269. >You wait until you hear the door shut to speak up.
  270. >'So first off, how the hell are you able to just come up with $3,000,000? Second off, why do you need that kind of cash?'
  271. >Yumi gives you that smug fox smile. 'I told you didn't I? She's one of the best. How do you think I pay for all this?'
  272. >'Honestly, I figured with you being the daughter of the head of the yakuza...'
  273. >'Please. I'm not like some of my sisters. I get dirty and earn my money. Makes life more rewarding. And more fun.' She give you a little wink.
  274. >'As for the second answer, I have a plan. What do you know about the Tribals?'
  275. >You think back on it. The Tribals were a street gang, composed primarily of oni, amazons, and jinko. Each 'tribe' was established in a major city, and though loosely affiliated, each one mainly functioned independently. They were mercenaries, carrying guns and cracking heads for whoever paid them enough. Their operations were mainly funded by black alley casinos and fight clubs.
  276. >'Familiar enough with them. Ran across them once or twice before.'
  277. >'Good to see you're up to speed. I've got a bigger goal in mind, but for now, suffice it to say, I'm looking to bankroll them.'
  278. >'How many?'
  279. >'Their whole damn gang.'
  280. >'A total buy-out? Are you for real?!'
  281. >Yumi flashes you a defiant grin. 'You better fucking believe I am. Now, here's the way it's going down...'
  282. _________________________________________
  283. >You shift uncomfortably in your seat.
  284. >'Why do look so nervous? You scared?'
  285. >'Well, I can't say that I'm all too thrilled about going through with this plan with just the three of us.'
  286. >Seated across from you was Yumi, wearing a formfitting dress with a rather deep neckline, along with a shawl to hide her tattoo.
  287. >Next to her was Ana, the family enforcer you'd met when you were first 'recruited'. She remained dressed in a proper suit, her sword held in her lap.
  288. >'Too many people would have attracted attention. I'd rather not announce to them that they're being taken over until I actually can.'
  289. >Even so, this plan was a long shot. Apparently, the leader of the Tribals in the city is fond of cards, hosting high-stakes poker tournaments every so often. Yumi's plan was to buy in the three of you, clean out the whole tournament, then use the winnings as leverage to bankroll the gang. What for, though she hadn't said.
  290. >'And what do we do if things go to shit?'
  291. >'Well, assuming that this all works out, we won't have to worry about anything. If heads do have to roll, though, Ana will be able to assist them.'
  292. >'Of course, M'lady.'
  293. >Before you could even ask how she'd be let in toting a katana, Ana picked the blade up in her hand, dispelling it in a flash of magenta flames.
  294. >'Nice trick. You hiding any other weapons for us?'
  295. >Yumi shakes her head. ' Only works with her sword, unfortunately. But you won't go in empty-handed.'
  296. >She opens a small box next to her and pulls out an ornate wrist watch, which she fits onto you.
  297. >'Pretty, but what'd I do to deserve it?'
  298. >'Call it a good luck charm. Besides, I refuse to let anyone associated with me look less than amazing.'
  299. >Yumi glance out the window. 'Looks like we're here now. Shall we?'
  300. >Ana is the first out, holding the door open for Yumi. As you go to get out, though, she stops you.
  301. >'Let me make one thing absolutely clear to you. My job is to protect Lady Yumi. Her life is all that matters to me; yours does not. If I feel at anytime you are a liability, I will leave you behind. Is that clear?'
  302. >You let out a small huff. 'Crystal.'
  303. >The three of you come up to a large building in the heart of uptown.
  304. >From the outside, it looks completely non-descript, even a little rundown.
  305. >The armed oni at the side entrance told a difference story, however.
  306. >As you approach, she holds out an arm to bar the door.
  307. >'Nobody goes in without my say-so. Show me the cash.'
  308. >Ana presents a briefcase, opening it up for the guard to count
  309. >'I assume that will be enough for myself and my two guests?' Yumi asks.
  310. >The oni closes the case. 'Looks like it's legit. Now step up and spread 'em.'
  311. >Yumi goes first, raising her arms for a pat-down. 'Do be gentle, please.'
  312. >The guard glares at her, but Yumi just maintains that cool smile.
  313. >One by one you're frisked and waved into the building.
  314. >The interior is dimly lit, a thick cloud of smoke hanging above the lights.
  315. >Twenty tables are arrayed around the floor, slowly filling up with players.
  316. >Humans and monsters of all shapes fill the room, from wealthy businessmen looking for kicks, to gambling addicts with too much money, and plenty of other gangsters.
  317. >All around the room, armed Tribals stand, ready to cut down anyone who tries anything funny.
  318. >A succubus in a skimpy dealer's outfit greets the three of you at the door.
  319. >'Good evening, and welcome to our humble game. Will all three of you be participating?'
  320. >Ana hands over the briefcase with your entrance fees to her.
  321. >'Very well, then. If you'll follow me, I'll cash you all in and take you to your tables.'
  322. >The three of you are split up to separate tables as you settle in for the long game ahead.
  323. >Hand after hand creeps by, pot after pot rolling through.
  324. >The weaker players drop fast, eaten alive by the more experienced card sharks.
  325. >Unfortunately, Ana is among them. Guess cards were never her strong point.
  326. >More rounds pass, and the tables begin to shuffle with the dwindling players.
  327. >One round pits you against a particularly cutthroat werewolf who almost cleans you out, but a lucky ace on the turn keeps you in it.
  328. >The number of players continues to drop, and eventually, Yumi is cleaned out by a devious dragon.
  329. >By some miracle, you make it to the final table.
  330. >The other two with you are the dragon and a hellhound who'd managed to go mostly unnoticed.
  331. >The hands play out, and the hellhound is the first to drop.
  332. >'Whatever. I think I spotted my consolation prize over there,' She looks over her shoulder at one of the other beaten players, licking her chops.
  333. >You play on, and the dragon is relentless, bleeding you dry hand by hand.
  334. >A desperation gamble manages to turn the tables, and you push the attack, taking chunks out of her pile each round.
  335. >Desperate, she goes all-in. She shows a full house, confident in her cards. Confidence that quickly drains when you reveal four jacks.
  336. >Furls of smoke puff from the corners of her mouth, but a pair of guards muscles her away before she has a chance to do anything.
  337. >The dealer turns to you. 'Congratulations on your winnings, sir. The chief would like to meet with you in person and offer you one last chance to test your luck.'
  338. >'What? Not gonna let me just walk out with my winnings?'
  339. >She gives you a sly wink. 'What kind of casino would we be if the house didn't try to clean you out? This way, please.'
  340. _________________________________________
  341. >You are lead to a private office
  342. >Seated at a large desk, a half done-up business jacket on, sits who you can only assume to be the chief.
  343. >You were no small guy, but she was huge, easily a full head taller than you and absolutely ripped.
  344. >She looks up at you with a cocky grin.
  345. >'So, you're the miracle boy who cleaned everyone's clocks out there. Gotta say, I'm impressed at how well you did.'
  346. >'Just a bit of luck, I guess.'
  347. >Her smile fades a bit. ' Maybe. We'll see how your luck holds up. One hand. Double or nothing.'
  348. >The two guards now barring the door behind you made it pretty clear that she was insisting.
  349. >'Well, how can I say no to such a friendly offer?'
  350. >You take a seat opposite the huge woman as she pulls out a deck of cards, shuffling it repeatedly.
  351. >She deals out each of you a hand of five cards.
  352. >You pick up the hand. Other than an ace and queen, it's utter garbage.
  353. >'I take two.' The chief throws aside a pair of cards and take two more from the deck. She chuckles at her hand as if she knows she's won.
  354. >You look your hand over carefully. 'Give me three.' You toss out most of your hand and pick up your new cards...
  355. >'Time to lay 'em out, hot shot.' She puts her hand down. 'Four of a kind. Nines.'
  356. >You breath heavily... then crack a small smile
  357. >You lay out your cards: Ten, jack, queen, king, ace. All hearts.
  358. >'What?! A royal flush?!'
  359. >'Heh. guess my luck held out.'
  360. >You move to get up, but the oni chief slams her fist. 'SIT DOWN!'
  361. >You freeze as she stands up, towering over her desk and you, a look of pure malice in her eye.
  362. >'You think this is some fucking game? You come in here, take advantage of people and then try to cheat me out of my money?'
  363. >'Cheat? The hell are you-'
  364. >'Shut your mouth! I watched you out there. You played like shit, yet every time you miraculously won. Nobody is that lucky without cheating somehow!'
  365. >'Like hell! How would I even do it?'
  366. >'If you value your life, that's what you'll tell me.'
  367. >You simply glare at the oni for a moment, unsure what to say.
  368. >'Silent, huh? Alright. Bring the two bitches in here!'
  369. >The door opens behind you. You turn in your chair to see a pair of jinkos struggling with Ana and Yumi before tossing them to the ground. You also notice that Yumi's shawl is gone, letting her tattoos peek out.
  370. >'Fucking bitches, if I get out of here...'
  371. >Ana stumbles to her feet, and in a flash her sword is in hand. Every guard in the room immediately has a gun pointed at the three of you.
  372. >'If you value your lives, you'll tell me in the next ten seconds why the Nine Tails are trying to cheat me, or I have two new fox pelts to hang on my wall.'
  373. >You look around the room. There's way too many guards for you to get out alive. Your only chance is to start bluffing.
  374. >'Hold up! Those two are innocent in all this.'
  375. >'This may come as a surprise, but I don't believe you.'
  376. >'Yeah? Well, you can't prove they did anything. Just like you can't prove I did, either.'
  377. >'And maybe I don't give a rat's ass about proof and just have you all killed right now.'
  378. >'And then what? You can't prove anything. All those people out there will see is a poor loser who gunned someone down for beating them at cards. And then what happens to your business?'
  379. >There's a pause in the oni's thoughts. As much as she wouldn't admit it, you were right.
  380. >'But, let's say you beat me. Not in cards, but something with actual skill to it...'
  381. >'What are you getting at?'
  382. >'You really gonna make me spell it out for you? A fight! One-on-one. I win, we keep all the money.'
  383. > 'And what if I win? Sure as hell not settling for just the cash now.'
  384. >'If you win... you can have me. But no matter what happens, those two walk. Agreed?'
  385. >The room is dead silent for a moment, then the chief bursts out in an uproarious laugh.
  386. >'This dumbass has a death wish! Alright girls, clear out the floor. We have us a match to put on!'
  387. _________________________________________
  388. >You stare across the cage at the massive oni.
  389. >Scarred red skin barely containing huge, rippling muscles.
  390. >Her massive fists looked like they were hard as rock, and probably hit just as hard.
  391. >You'd fought oni in the past, but she was on a completely different level.
  392. >Making matters worse, you didn't have your Wrath contract to back you up anymore
  393. >This was not going to fun...
  394. >Yumi leans into the cage close by. 'Do you realize how fucking INSANE you are? Challenging a Tribal Chief is like trying to box with a pissed-off elephant!'
  395. >'What was I supposed to do? It was either this or we all get turned into Swiss cheese.'
  396. >'I know, I know. It doesn't mean I have to like the idea. Just... try to stay alive, okay?'
  397. >Yumi seems to be genuinely concerned about you. But before you can dwell on it, the bell rings, pulling you back into the cage.
  398. >You keep your hands up, slowly moving towards the massive woman across from you.
  399. >You skirt past a left aimed at your head, getting close in on her.
  400. >A clean shot to her gut connects, and you feel your hand throb like you just punched a brick wall.
  401. >'Nice try, kid.' She swings her arm at you, knocking you back as if you were a fly.
  402. >You flex your hand trying to get some of the feeling back into it.
  403. >'Yep, definitely not going to be fun...'
  404. >The fight is a long, dragged out one. It feels as if your trying to cut down a redwood with a hatchet.
  405. >You tag her with a few hits (or rather, she lets you hit her), but it feels like you're hurting yourself more than her when you do.
  406. >Your only saving grace is that she doesn't have much actual training, just brawling and her own strength.
  407. >Unfortunately, that strength makes each hit feel like you just got cracked with a cinderblock.
  408. >You're breathing heavily, the right side of your chest throbbing. She probably cracked a rib or three with that hook before.
  409. >The chief isn't unscathed, though. She's sporting a number of bruises on her chiseled stomach, as well as a mean gash over her eye from a lucky uppercut.
  410. >A cross catches you in the shoulder, but you roll with it.
  411. >You plant your shoulder into her midsection, shoving her into the cage wall.
  412. >With nowhere to go, you unload into her, drilling her with blows.
  413. >She's doubled over you, desperately trying to keep upright.
  414. >You take a half step back, winding up as you aim for her jaw.
  415. >She catches your blow mid-swing, though, and you feel the color drain from you as stares you down with fire in her eyes.
  416. >She grabs hold of you, swinging you around into the fencing with force.
  417. >Before you even have time to react, a vicious knee catches you in the stomach like a cannonball.
  418. >A second knee knocks the breath out of you.
  419. >A third knee, and you feel yourself lifted off the ground this time.
  420. >You stagger forward, clutching your stomach like you're about to puke your guts out.
  421. >A wicked backhand catches you in the face and your vision explodes into stars.
  422. >You go skidding across the floor, your head spinning from the impact.
  423. >You try to will your body to move, but it feels like it's made of lead.
  424. >The oni chief staggers into your blurry field of vision, clutching her sides.
  425. >'Heh. Gotta admit, you pack a punch, kid, but you're finished. Now say good-bye to your fox bitches!'
  426. >She raises a foot, intent on stomping you out.
  427. >One last, desperate burst of adrenaline spurs you to move, barely avoiding her hell crushing your face.
  428. >You swing your leg, sweeping hers to throw her off.
  429. >She staggers, leaving herself wide open.
  430. >You put everything you have into a left hook, and it hits home deep into her side.
  431. >The oni's face contorts into a twisted grimace.
  432. >She falls to her knees, head to the ground as she clutches her side, gasping in pain.
  433. >You lift the crippled oni's head by the horns, squaring up.
  434. >With one last push , you drive you knee into her face with thunderous force, and you feel a sickening crunch from the impact.
  435. >Her head snaps back, and for a moment she just stares at you, her nose shattered and bloodied.
  436. >Then you see her eyes roll back, and her body finally hits the ground like a sack of potatoes.
  437. >You feel your head suddenly go very fuzzy, your vision blurry.
  438. >You don't even remember hitting the ground, just seeing some vague shapes rushing into the cage.
  439. _________________________________________
  440. >It was a full day before you regained consciousness.
  441. >You came to in a hospital bed, sore as hell with various bandages & stitches on your body.
  442. >The first nurse you were conscious to meet, a rather strict unicorn, was kind enough to fill you in.
  443. >She said that a friend had brought you in after you got into a drunken brawl with an oni at a bar.
  444. >Guess the girls couldn't really say you'd been in an underground cage fight with a gang.
  445. >'Really now. The things that some boys will do to impress a girl. Now hold still.'
  446. >She places a hand on your side, and a warm green glow envelops it.
  447. >You feel the pain slowly ebbing away as the bruised skin and battered muscles work themselves back into order.
  448. >'Does that feel better?'
  449. >'For sure. So a few quick spells and I'll be good to go then.'
  450. >She shakes her head. 'We need to perform the spells in stages in order to ensure your body mends properly. You'll be here for a few days still.'
  451. >As it turned out, 'a few days' equated to a full week of being cooped up in a hospital room, and even when you were finally cleared to leave, your body still felt like it got kicked by a horse.
  452. >As you leave, you are met at the front entrance by a car, with Ana holding the door open for you.
  453. >It's quiet as she escorts you back to Yumi's penthouse. No music, no talking, just her occasionally glancing back at you. Kind of uncomfortable, really.
  454. >It's not until you're finally back home that she speaks up.
  455. >'Listen. Before I leave, there is something I wanted to say to you.'
  456. >She turns to you, getting down on her knees and bowing to the floor. This is a change of pace.
  457. >'I owe you a great apology for how I have treated you. You risked your life in that fight, and despite my actions, your only thought was to protect m'lady and I.'
  458. >'Hey, it's nothing.'
  459. >'No, it isn't. I was dismissive of you. I just wrote you of as a passing interest of Lady Yumi's, an insect not worthy of her time-'
  460. >'Gee, thanks.'
  461. >'But I see there is much more to you. You are loyal to her, willing to go to great lengths to protect both her and myself, even though you were forced to serve her.'
  462. >'What can I say? Something about her gets to me.'
  463. >Ana rises to one knee. She draws her sword from within her purple flames, holding it up in a salute to you.
  464. >'From this day forward, I solemnly swear my loyalty to you. So long as you and Lady Yumi are bound together, my life and my sword are yours to command... Master.'
  465. >Damn. This is the first time you've ever had someone pledge themselves to you. The weight if it is kind of daunting.
  466. >Ana rises, sheathing her sword.
  467. >'Before I take my leave, Master, is there anything you would need of me?'
  468. >'Kind of curious where Yumi is. I get her not picking me up, but I figured she'd be here, at least.'
  469. >'Lady Yumi is meeting with the Tribals chieftan at the moment.'
  470. >'She's still going after that? Figured after I decked their leader, they wouldn't be too keen on us.'
  471. >'On the contrary, your victory helped immensely. The Tribals operate on the philosophy of 'might makes right'. By besting their cheiftan, you have proven to be the stronger one to follow. And since you fought as a representative of Lady Yumi, along with having almost complete control of their finances, she was easily able to assert herself as their new leader.'
  472. >'No shit? Well, glad to see that this all turned out. You wouldn't happen to know why she wants to bankroll them, though, would you?'
  473. >Ana shakes her head. 'Unfortunately, I am not privy to Lady Yumi's ultimate goal. That would be a question for you to ask her. Is there anything else, Master?'
  474. >'Nah, I'm fine. probably just gonna rest until she gets back. Still feels like I got run over by a train.'
  475. >Ana bows to you. 'Very well then. Rest easy, Master, and congratulations on this victory.'
  476. _________________________________________
  477. >You've been recuperating in your room for a good while when you hear a knock at the door.
  478. >It creaks open, and Yumi's smug grin peeks in.
  479. >'So, how's my little prize fighter doing?'
  480. >'Still a little sore, but better.'
  481. >'Aww, you poor thing.'
  482. >She walks in towards your bed, crawling onto it.
  483. >When she rests her head on your chest, though, you see her expression has softened quite a bit.
  484. >It's not her usual, cocky smirk, but a genuine smile.
  485. >'Honestly, though, I'm happy to see that you're doing better.'
  486. >You cock an eyebrow at her. 'What's this now, actual emotions from my snarky owner?'
  487. >She bats at you with a tail. 'I'm trying to be serious, you ass.'
  488. >'Really?'
  489. >'Yeah. As much as I hate to admit it, I've started to become attached to you. he fact that you went all white knight on a gang of armed oni certainly helped, though.'
  490. >She gives you a kiss. You can feel the usual lust, but it's tempered by actual compassion.
  491. >'So, now that you're all better, how about we celebrate your victory the right way, hmm?~'
  492. >She kisses you again, easing you out of your shirt.
  493. >She pins your arms above your head, holding them there as she pushes her tongue into your mouth.
  494. >You're so distracted, you don't even realize what she's doing until you hear the *click*
  495. >You look up at your hands and realize that she's handcuffed your hands to the headboard.
  496. >'The hell is this?'
  497. >'Ufufufu. I thought that since you did so much work for me, I would do something a little special for you.'
  498. >She stands up over you, and with a snap of her fingers and a flash of fire, her outfit has changed.
  499. >Her arms are adorned with silky, elbow-length gloves. Her top has been replaced by a tight black leather corset, her chest spilling over the cups. Lacy black panties, just barely transparent enough to make out her already glistening lips. A garter belt attaches thigh-length stockings and her lips are painted a deep, ruby red to match her eyes.
  500. >'Dear gods, woman, have mercy on me. I just got out of the hospital.'
  501. >'Oh, don't worry, sweetie. I'll be gentle. I just wanted to give you one last good view before we have our fun.'
  502. >She steps up the bed, directly over your head now.
  503. >Yumi pulls aside her panties, giving you an unobstructed view of her delicate pussy.
  504. >'Now take a deep breath.~'
  505. >Her ass and crotch fill more and more of your view until the world goes black.
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