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  1. Declare Unicode Function StrCmpLogicalW Lib "shlwapi.dll" (ByVal s1 As String, ByVal s2 As String) As Int32
  2. Private Function CompareFiles(x As String, y As String) As Integer
  3.     Return StrCmpLogicalW(x, y)
  4. End Function
  5. For Each driver As DriveInfo In DriveInfo.GetDrives()
  6.         If driver.IsReady And driver.DriveType = DriveType.Removable Then
  8.             Dim ext = {"*.zip"}
  10.             Dim rootFiles() As String = ext.SelectMany(Function(f) Directory.GetFiles(driver.RootDirectory.ToString, f, SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly)).OrderBy(Function(f) f).ToArray()
  11.             Array.Sort(rootFiles, New Comparison(Of String)(AddressOf CompareFiles))
  12.             'Next line gets System Volume Information
  13.             Dim otherFiles = ext.SelectMany(Function(f) Directory.GetFiles(driver.RootDirectory.ToString, f, SearchOption.AllDirectories)).OrderBy(Function(f) f).ToArray()
  14.             Array.Sort(otherFiles, New Comparison(Of String)(AddressOf CompareFiles))
  15.             ComBoxUsb.Items.Clear()
  17.             For Each model In rootFiles.Union(otherFiles)
  18.                 ComBoxUsb.Items.Add(model)
  19.             Next
  20.         End If
  21.     Next
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