Get Cutter get Butter 3

Jun 27th, 2016
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  1. POP!
  2. >With the kind of reflexes that you didn't know you had, you managed to twist your body and land on your hooves before you hit the ground
  3. >Your friends, however, weren't so lucky, all of them hitting the dirt rather hard
  4. >"Omph!"
  5. >"Bucking-"
  6. >"My word!"
  7. >Weee!"
  8. >"Dangit Twi!"
  9. >...
  10. >Alright...
  11. >That teleportation could have gone a little better...
  12. >Blowing a bit of your mane out of your face, you looked up to see that you were now standing outside of Anon's gym
  13. >Well, the landing might have been a little bumpy but at least you didn't accidentally teleport anypony to Canter--
  15. >You couldn't help but jump as Anon leapt to his feet, angrier than you had ever seen him
  16. >In fact, you think this was the angriest that you've ever seen ANYPONY
  17. >There were veins bulging from the human's forehead and neck, his eyes were wild and furious and if you didn't know any better you'd say that he was foaming at the mouth
  18. >...
  19. >Yep, he was foaming at the mouth...
  20. >Breathing hard, Anonymous stared at his gym with the kind of look that promised not very nice things
  21. >...
  22. >You'll talk to him in a minute...
  23. >You turned your attention away from him
  24. "Are you girls alright?" you asked as you reached over and helped Applejack to her hooves
  25. >"The trip coulda been a little better but I'm fine," the farmer dryly remarked as she set her hat properly on her head. "Are ya alright over there, Pinkie?"
  26. >The party pony, looking dazed, nodded
  27. >"Yeppers!" she said with a wiggle. "I managed to land on something super, duper soft!"
  28. >From underneath her, Rarity groaned
  29. >"Sweet Celestia above, Pinkie! What in EQUESTRIA do you eat?!"
  30. >"I eat lots of things Rar--"
  31. >"It was a retorical question, dear. Now could you PLEASE get off me?"
  32. Rainbow Dash, who thankfully didn't look any worse for wear, was frantically looking around
  34. >"Fluttershy? Fluttershy? Hey, here the heck is Flutter--"
  35. >You and the other girls jumped as the sound of metal screaming filled the air
  36. >Your heads snapped over toward the Quill and Sofa's store
  37. >There was Anon, shirtless, with a street lamp in his hands
  38. >...
  39. >Where...
  40. >Where were his pants?
  41. >Where did his pants go?
  42. >He was wearing them just a second--
  43. >...Wait ...
  44. >The colt just RIPPED a BUCKING STREET LAMP out of the ground!
  45. >horseapplesabouttogodown.ohnoes
  46. >Twitching in rage, Anon slowly made his way toward his gym with his newly acquired weapon in hand
  47. "Aw horse apples," Applejack muttered under her breath. "Here we go."
  48. >"CARAMEL! MR. CAKE! FUCKING THUNDERLANE! GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF HERE!" Anon roared, swinging the street lamp around
  49. >Rarity, the first one to snap out of her shock, stepped in the giant stallion's path
  50. >"Anonymous, dear, I understand that you are upset--"
  51. >[Angry Human Noises]
  52. >"--But you must approach this with some tact, simply charging--ohmygoodness!"
  53. >Not slowing down at all, Anon continued forward
  54. >Rarity, with a surprised yelp, latched onto one of his legs
  55. >This, of course, did nothing to stop him or even slow him down
  56. >[Apoplectic Human Noises]
  57. >"Anon! Anonymous! Please! I don't want to see you in the newspaper again! Applejack! Twilight! Please help me restrain this stallion before he hurts somepony!"
  58. >Though your common sense told you to stay away from the angry stallion who had just ripped out a bucking street lamp from the ground you leapt forward, your horn glowing
  59. >Applejack, using her silly pony powers, pulled out a lasso, quickly throwing it over his shoulders
  60. >As she did that you cast a spell that would keep Anon's feet glued to the ground
  61. >[Irate Human Noises]
  62. >Your eyes widened as your spell shattered into a million pieces as Anon just kept stomping forward
  64. >ohshit.scroll
  65. "Anon!" you yelled as Applejack was dragged along. "Anon, I know you're mad but you can't just go on a rampage."
  66. >With a flap of your wings, you took off into the air and flew over to the angry human
  67. >You understood that he was upset but you weren't going to just let him go and hurt a bunch of stallions
  68. >Maybe they deserved it but violence was never the answer!
  69. >You were sure if you just let them cool off for a little bit you could go back into the gym and--
  70. CRASH!
  71. >Both you and Anon stopped as weights went flying through the gym's windows, shattering the glass into a million pieces
  72. >"This is a stallion's world!"
  73. >"Down matriarchy!"
  74. >"BUCK MARES!"
  76. >Both you and Anon looked at each other
  77. >Though you didn't think it was possible, he looked ever more angry as he looked at his now broken windows
  78. >"Those cost three hundred bits a window," he said
  79. >You could hear the metal pole in his hand screeching in protest as he squeezed it so hard that his fingers left marks
  80. >...
  81. >Oh buck
  82. >You ALL were going to be in the paper at this rate
  83. >Again
  84. >"Anon! Anon! Can you hear me you bucking housecolt!"
  85. >You turned your attention back toward the gym
  86. >Through the broken windows you could see dozens of stallions staring at you, dumbbells and barbells and plates in their hooves
  87. >"Thunderlane? I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF MY FUCKING GYM I'M COMING IN YOU CUNT!" Anon barked, shoving you out of the way
  88. >"This is for the good of stallions everywhere, Anon. You'll see that someday."
  90. >"I'm afraid we can't do that, Anon. We're making our stand here and there's nothing that you can do about it."
  92. >"Nothing I can do about it? Oh that's where you're wrong twinkle dick," Anon growled, taking a threatening step forward. "There's a lot--"
  93. >"Bring out the hostage!"
  94. >Anon stopped in his tracks and you find yourself falling to the ground as you watch the stallions drag Fluttershy into view
  95. >The mare was red-faced, shaking and bound up tightly in a series of giant rubber bands
  96. >...
  97. >What was Fluttershy doing there?!
  98. >You could have swore you teleported her with the rest of you!
  99. >"Fluttershy?!" Rainbow yelled, her rosy eyes blazing. "You buckers let her go before I go over there and teach you--"
  100. >"Your threats mean nothing to us, you pig!" Caramel snapped, poking his head out of the broken window to stare hatefully at her. "We're not going to be shackled by your oppression any longer!"
  101. >"YEAH!" the stallions yelled
  102. >"We want what is rightfully ours and we want it now!"
  103. >"We want a stallion in charge with some power!"
  104. >"We want better jobs!"
  105. >"Higher wages!"
  106. >"I want mares to stop ogling me whenever I put something cute on!"
  107. >"We deserve to be treated equally!"
  108. >"MUH FREEDOMS!"
  109. >"You let Flutters go right now so I can kick your ass!" Anon snarled, waving his lamp post around
  110. >Thunderlane poked his head out of a window
  111. >"We can't do that, Anonymous," he said. "We need her as leverage so when we talk to somepony important we can get some CHANGES made."
  112. >You could see Fluttershy repeatedly mouthing "oh my goodness" as she looked around at the big, burly, angry stallions all around her
  113. >There was a blush on the mare's face and, if you didn't know any better, you'd say that her wings looked just a little bit sti--
  114. >Wait...
  115. >You literally have a riot on your hooves...
  116. >You should probably do something about it
  117. "Gentlecolts, please! Why don't you come out here so we can ta--"
  119. >"Buck off, Twilight!"
  120. >"Get lost tubby!"
  121. >"We don't want to talk with a chubby princess like you!"
  122. >Hey now...
  123. >You took a few hasty steps backward, your ears pinning themselves against your head from the rather hurtful insults
  124. "Well, if you don't want to talk to be then who do you want to talk to?" you asked
  125. >"We wanna talk to Princess Celestia!"
  126. >"Yeah! We wanna talk to the mare who's oppressed us for so long!"
  127. >"We're gonna make her listen!"
  128. >"She's gonna give us what we want or we're gonna boop this mare senseless. SENSELESS!"
  129. >"Bring us the princess!"
  130. >"Bring us Celestia!"
  132. >"Oh my goodness they're becoming erratic," Rarity said, stepping forward so that she was side-by-side with you
  133. >"What an' the sam 'ell gotten them in such a tizzy?" Applejack grumbled as Anon pulled off her lasso
  134. >"What are we gonna do, Twilight?" Rainbow demanded.
  135. >You bit your lip as you looked around the empty street
  136. >What were you gonna do?
  137. >What were you gonna do?!
  138. >Something like this wasn't suppose to happen!
  139. >You just wanted to help Flutter Butter out by seeing what was wrong!
  140. >Noticing that you were breathing hard, you sat down, closed your eyes and did those breathing exercises that Cadence had taught you to do when you were little
  141. >No...
  142. >Freaking out wasn't going to help
  143. >You needed to be calm
  144. >You needed to come at this with a rational mind
  145. >If you didn't then not only would Fluttershy be in trouble but this whole thing could get REALLY out of hoof
  146. >Anon, who still had a death grip on that lamp post, looked down at you
  147. >Though he looked mess than happy his rage had cooled somewhat
  148. >He might not have been known for his temper but you were guessing even he didn't want something to happen to Fluttershy
  150. <[0+0]>
  152. >"We have the perimeter secure, ma'am!" the guardsmare said, smartly saluting. "Nopony's getting in or out without our say so!"
  153. >...
  154. >Should you salute back?
  155. >You might be a princess but did royalty do something like that?
  156. >For the life of you you can't remember anything about it in the royal etiquette book that you had picked up when you started this whole alicorn gig...
  157. >...
  158. >If you DID have to salute back did you need to click your hooves together just like the guard did, or would could you be a little more lax?
  159. >Oh horse apples...
  160. >The guard, still saluting, raised an eyebrow as you continued to just stand there, staring off into space like some weirdo
  161. >"...Ma'am?"
  162. >You jumped slightly
  163. "Yes, yes, thank you," you said, with a salute of your own. "If you could just please stand by until Princess Celestia arrives--"
  164. >Oh curd, she's giving you a funny look
  165. "--and assesses the situation. While these ponies ARE disturbing the peace and destroying property they ARE still stallions--"
  166. >You weren't supposed to salute were you?
  167. >You did something dumb and now you were going to look like some lame-o
  168. "--which means that we have to come at this delicately. We don't want to hurt any of them."
  169. >The guard, still giving you a funny look, once again clicked her hooves together before she turned around and walked away from you
  170. >No doubt going to tell the other guards that you saluted to her
  171. >Cringing slightly, you looked around the street
  172. >There must have been two hundred guards, from both the Night and Day Corps, walking around in full battle armor
  173. >Some of them looked bored, others looked irritated, but almost all of them looked happy to be out of the castle
  174. >You didn't have any idea why Princess Celestia would send this many guards
  175. >It wasn't like you wrote to her that the world was ending...
  176. >They were just a bunch of angry stallions that had damaged a gym...
  177. >Your gaze wondered a bit before it settled on Anonymous
  179. >He still was just in his underwear--you have no bucking idea what had happened to his shirt and his pants-- sitting cross-legged on the street
  180. >Guardsmares were all around him, armor-less and fawning over him
  181. >In his lap was Pinkie, who's mane he was running his fingers through
  182. >Sitting beside him, with a mixture between amusement and irritation on her face, was Rarity
  183. >While Anon still didn't look very happy, having a bunch of mares around him treating him like the center of attention had calmed him down significantly
  184. >...
  185. >Or maybe it was just Pinkie in his lap that was doing it...
  186. >He DID like petting you all...
  187. >...
  188. >Whatever; just as long as he didn't go charging into the gym while you were trying to get everything figured out
  189. >From within the gym itself you could see all of the stallions staring at the soldiers with scrunched up noses
  190. >While you had, initially, thought that this show of force would make them think twice about all of this it seemed like to do the opposite
  191. >Plates were stacked all around them, many of them were carrying around barbells, holding them like they were spears, and they had this look of grim determination that told you that storming the place wouldn't be fun for anypony
  192. >...Except maybe Anon
  193. >You didn't even want to know what he'd do if one of those stallions up and threw one of those plates at him...
  194. >...
  195. >Alright Twilight!
  196. >The road as been closed off
  197. >You've cut off the entire gym from the outside world
  198. >Nopony's getting in or out there without being swarmed by dozens of battle hardened mares
  199. >At this moment, the situation was more than under control
  200. >Now you just had to wait--
  201. >"Good afternoon, Twilight."
  202. >You almost managed to keep yourself composed
  203. >You were almost able to keep yourself from yelping with a spastic hop and a flap of your wings
  204. >But you were too deep in thought, still too concerned with that salute
  206. >And she talked right. in. your. bucking. ear.
  207. "Motherbuckinghorseapplesthedeerarecoming!" you cried, hopping into the air, your wings flapping wildly around you
  208. >Quicklandonyourbuckinghooves!
  209. >With a yelp, you hit the ground, splayed out awkwardly
  210. >Shitgetupbeforeanyponyseesyou!
  211. >With half of the guard staring, many of them chuckling to themselves, you scrambled to your hooves
  212. >Princess Celestia, with a mischievous chuckle, smiled at you are you spun around to look at her
  213. >The hoof that you had cocked back, ready to give your jokester a taste of the ol' one-two Sparkle style, immediately went down
  214. >Your nose scrunched up at her as her smile widened
  215. >Yeah, yeah...
  216. >That was a bucking good one...
  217. >Laugh it up, filly
  218. "Good afternoon, Princess," you said with an inclination of the head
  219. >You couldn't help but smile as the elder alicorn frowned
  220. >Though she never said it you knew that she HATED when you did that
  221. >Toughttittyfilly.lastlaugh
  222. >"I came as quickly as I could," Celestia said, looking over to the gym. "So those stallions wish to speak to me?"
  223. >You nodded
  224. "Yes. They refused to speak to me because of... reasons. But if I were you I would wait, Princess. There's no knowing what they'd do if--"
  225. >Annnnnd she's walking toward the gym
  226. >"Oh I wouldn't worry about me, Twilight dear," your old teacher called over her shoulder. "I'm sure these nice young stallions just wish to talk. And if they don't I can assure you that I'm more than capable of handling myself."
  227. >Just like you handled Chrysalis?
  228. >Or Tirek?
  229. >Or--
  230. >No, no... Bad Twilight
  231. >Your old teacher always believed in you
  232. >And it wasn't like she was going to be fighting some villain with dark magic coming out of the wazoo
  233. >She'd be fine
  234. >In fact she'd probably get this whole nonsense sorted out before suppertime
  235. >...
  236. >Sure, you really didn't explain all that much in the letter
  237. >So she had no idea what was going on
  239. >And the stallions in that gym weren't acting like any stallion that you've ever met, so you honestly didn't know what they'd do when they saw her
  240. >...
  241. >As Celestia made her way over toward the gym you quickly waved one of the guards over
  242. >"Did you need something your highness?" she asked as she saluted
  243. >...
  244. >That seemed like a mocking salute...
  245. >Was she making fun of you because of that one guard?
  246. >Did you-- whatever...
  247. >BUCK. IT.
  248. >You don't even care anymore
  249. >...
  250. >Really, you don't
  251. "The Princess is about to speak to the stallions," you told her. "Even though I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen I'd like you all to be ready in case of an incident."
  252. >"Ma'am yes ma'am!" the guard said, clicking her hooves together
  253. >...
  254. >Bucking saluting...
  256. >Be Celestia
  257. >Also known as Big Momma Sol in the streets
  258. >We stuntin' out 'ere
  259. >It seems like your old student has gotten herself caught up in a bit of a predicament
  260. >Stallions rioting, a building being damaged, hostages, the whole nine yards
  261. >To be honest you were sure that she'd have been able to figure out a solution to all of... this herself but you had a bit of cabin fever
  262. >You wanted to get out of your stuffy castle and enjoy the day
  263. >Though her letter had said that the situation was a little ignitable you were sure that you'd be able to talk the stallions down
  264. >They might have been a little emotional, as stallions were known to be, but if there was one thing that you were known for it was calming ponies down
  265. >You'd have this all sorted out by dinner
  266. >You were sure of it
  267. >A small smile came to your face as you looked away from the gym for a moment
  268. >Oh? Was that Anonymous over there giving out pets?
  269. >You'd have to remember to get a few
  270. >Sweet Faust above did you LOVE your bucking pets
  272. "Excuse me. Is it alright if I come in to talk?" you called, stopping a few feet from the front door of the gym. "I heard that you all wished to speak to me so I thought I'd come to see what's gotten you so riled up."
  273. >Through the broken windows you could hear the stallions muttering quietly to each other
  274. >The poor dears were no doubt scared stiff, what with all of the guards running around with spears
  275. >You'd have to assure them that no harm would--
  276. >You took a quick step back as the front door was open, revealing a muscle bound, giant, angry-looking stallion
  277. >"Princess Celestia," he grunted with a nod of the head. "My name is Caramel."
  278. >His gaze was steel as he stared into your eyes
  279. >It wasn't like how a stallion would usually look at you
  280. >In fact it was a good deal harsher than most mares would give you
  281. >His back was straight, his chest was puffed out and, if you didn't know any better, you'd say that his lips were drawn back into a snarl
  282. >...
  283. >Alrighty then...
  284. >Composing yourself, you smiled down at the stallion
  285. "Good afternoon, Cara--"
  286. >Before you could finish your sentence, Caramel had stepped out of the way
  287. >An unseen force, somepony's magic no doubt, slammed into your backside, causing you to stumble forward into the gym
  288. >"GET HER!"
  290. >"TIE HER UP!"
  292. >Quick to righten yourself, you noticed that you're surrounded by stallions
  293. >The first thing that hit you was the smell
  294. >Thick and musky, it permeated everything
  296. >It was a smell of sweat and anger and stallion
  297. >Your eyes widened as you realized that every single stallion in the room was a huge, sweaty, muscle-y beast
  298. >...
  299. > This was just like in your doujins
  300. >A bead of sweat made its way down your forehead as Caramel stepped in front of you, a rope in his mouth
  301. >"Princess," he said, stone-face. "Why don't you take a seat?"
  302. >Your nostrils flared as he leaned forward, baring his teeth
  303. >"We all have a few things that we need to talk to you about."
  304. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see dear Fluttershy, tied up and gagged and blushing hard
  305. >...Oh no...
  306. > Your fetish
  308. >Be Twilight once more
  309. >You were pacing back and forth, a small frown on your face
  310. >What the heck was taking Celestia so long?
  311. >She should have finished up by now
  312. >She should have--
  313. >"How and the BUCK did they move so fast!"
  314. >"The package is compromised! The package is compromised!"
  315. >"Code cyan, code cyan, this is not a drill! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!"
  316. >Your ears perked up as you looked around
  317. >Guardsmares were frantically running to and fro
  318. >Officers were shouting, guards were carrying around crossbows looking like their tails were on fire
  319. >"Do I have permission to fire, ma'am?"
  320. >"No. I won't risk you hitting the princess, Sergeant!"
  321. >"I'm going to need more sand bags over here!"
  322. >"We need to get closer!"
  323. >"No! If we get closer then they might hurt the princess!"
  324. >...
  325. >Looking over at the gym you could see that the stallions were hanging Princess Celestia, bound and gagged like Fluttershy, outside one of the broken windows
  326. >...
  327. >Buck
  329. -_[0v0]_-
  331. >Be Rararararara
  332. >"Yeah, pet my ears, Nonny. A little lower, right near my--awyesh~"
  333. >You couldn't help but roll your eyes as Pinkie, with her tail wagging like some sort of mongrel, pushed herself against Anonymous's hand
  334. >Now, you knew that Anon needed to be kept preoccupied whilst Twilight and Princess Celestia sorted this whole rotten business
  335. >But where was Pinkie's sense of shame?
  336. >It was one thing to calm a stallion in his time of distress but this was going above and beyond the call of duty, sensibility and what was socially acceptable
  337. >For Equestria's sake, the girl looked nearly ready to LICK him!
  338. >To make matter's even worse the guard that Twilight had stationed around Anonymous, Equestria's finest, were staring longingly at Pinkamena as she wiggled in the stallion's lap
  339. >Had they no tact?
  340. >No SHAME?
  341. >Couldn't they see that Anonymous was far too distressed to be ogled!
  342. >...
  343. >Still, it couldn't be helped you supposed
  344. >Anonymous refused to leave for fear of his place of business being damaged further and you couldn't have him getting in the way
  345. >And, since he had insisted that he be given something to pet whilst the princesses did their duty, you couldn't really rebuke Pinkie for acting like she was
  346. >But that didn't mean you wanted any part of the nonsense
  347. >Twilight asked you to watch over the stallion and that was what you were going to do
  348. >Nothing more, nothing less
  349. >"Can you rub my tummy, Nonny? I got a scratch that--aw ya, just like that--"
  350. >Your ears perked up but you refused to look over to see Pinkie made a fool of herself further
  351. >Getting her ears and tummy scratched...
  352. >With her hooves lightly kicking as she giggled and--
  353. >No
  354. >NO!
  355. >You are better than that Rarity "Machomare" Savage!
  356. >You are going to sit right here and you are GOING TO--
  357. >"How the buck did they move that fast?!"
  358. >"Somepony get the bolts ready! Squad A! I want your best crossbowmare on that building up there!"
  364. >You looked up to see chaos erupting
  365. >The guards around you were scrambling for their weapons
  366. >The ones that hadn't been assigned to babysit Anonymous were running to and fro as if their tails were alight
  367. >Some looked grim, many looked confused as to what was happening and why they were being shout at by their superiors
  368. >Confused as well, you looked over to Twilight
  369. >The alicorn was looking at the gym, her eyes wide and her ears pinned against the sides of her head
  370. >When you noticed the look of shock and disbelief on her face you followed her gaze toward the gym
  371. >You gasped when you saw Princess Celestia, red-faced and sweaty, being dangled out of one of the broken windows
  372. >Just like Fluttershy had been, the princess was tied up but, for some odd reason, you noticed that she was also wearing a... ball gag
  373. >...
  374. >Where did those stallions--
  375. >"Sir. SIR. I must INSIST that you don't move from you--"
  376. >"Eh."
  377. >"SIR. I'm serious. You can't--"
  378. >"Eh."
  379. >"SI--"
  380. >"Eh."
  381. >Your head quickly snapped back toward Anonymous
  382. >The human was holding Pinkie in the air by the scruff of her neck with one hand
  383. >The other was reaching for the lamppost that he had sitting beside him
  384. >There was an ugly look in Anonymous's eye as he looked over at his gym
  385. >You knew that look; you had seen Anon wear it a few times during the few years that you had the pleasure of knowing him
  386. >It was a look that spelled trouble for everypony here
  387. >The guard didn't know Anonymous or his... quirks
  389. >They hadn't the foggiest idea what he'd do if he got up and made his way over there
  390. >But you did
  391. >Oh you did
  392. "Anonymous dear. What did I say about keeping calm?"
  393. >Anon seemed to ignore you as he sat Pinkie on the ground next to him
  394. >His other hand had finally found the lamppost, and he was slowly picking it up
  395. >With wide eyes, you quickly trotted over to him
  396. "Anonymous! Anon!"
  397. >As before Anon didn't even regard you
  398. >His eyes were narrowing, and you could hear the metal in his hand creaking as his grip on it tightened
  399. >Nottoday.darling
  400. >With some hesitation, you sat in his lap, grabbed his cheeks with your hooves and forced him to look at you
  401. "You listen here, my good stallion! You will not throw a hissy fit--"
  402. >With a bear-like growl, Anonymous made to grab for you
  403. >You, of course, lightly slapped his hand away
  404. "You are going to sit here and--Anonymous!"
  405. >"Don't tell me what to do, Rare."
  406. "Violence is never the answer!"
  407. >"Says you. Now lemme up, I have orifices to shove this thing up into."
  408. >The two of you struggled--and by struggled you meant Anonymous haphazardly tried to grab you with a slightly bored/bothered look on his face whilst you struggled
  409. >It got so bad that you, a mare who would NEVER lay a hoof upon a stallion, had his face pressed up against your chest while you rocked him back and forth
  410. >You might be too much of a gentlemare to lay your hooves upon a stallion, but you had absolutely no qualms about rocking them
  411. >You'll rock the HORSE APPLES out of--
  412. >"Look at what she's doing!"
  413. >"That bucking pig!"
  415. >"Anon! Get away from him!"
  416. >Your ears perked up
  417. >Ceasing your rocking (for the moment) you looked up
  418. >Over at the gym, there must have been at LEAST two dozen stallions poking their heads out the windows so that they could look at you
  419. >You were taken aback at the looks of outrage, disdain and shock that they were giving you
  420. >Blinking, you looked down at Anonymous
  422. >You realized that you were straddling the stallion, and that you were forcing your tuft into his face as he "weakly" struggled against you
  423. >...
  424. >Oh...
  425. >Oh my goodness
  426. >You ARE in a rather compromising--
  427. >"GIVE OFF OF HIM YOU CUNT!" one of the stallions roared, leaping through the window
  428. >Your eyes widen even further as, with a wild look in his eyes, that muscle-bound brute comes charging toward you
  429. >"We got a bogey!"
  430. >"Get him!"
  431. >"TAKE HIM DOWN!"
  432. >The stallion managed to make it twenty feet before he was swarmed by guards
  433. >Angry and strong though he was he most certainly didn't have the training or skill to take on battle-hardened guards, so he was subdued without much of a...
  434. >...
  435. >You looked down at Anonymous before looking back at the stallions in the gym, all of whom were GLARING at you
  436. >Slowly, you once again began to rub Anonymous's face against your tuft, making it a point to--
  438. >"GET HIM!"
  439. >"BRING HIM DOWN"
  440. >Your brow furrowed as another stallion was carted off to heaven knows where, nearly foaming at the mouth and firmly clamped in irons
  441. >You loosen your grip on Anonymous's head
  442. >This allowed him to stare up at you quizzically
  443. >"What the hell's gotten into you, Rare?"
  444. >Blowing a bit of your mane out of your face, you settled in the human's lap, resting your hooves on his shoulders
  445. >Though you didn't like to drag, you considered yourself a sharp mare
  446. >This meant that the pieces of the puzzle were quick to come together, giving you an idea
  447. >A scandalous one that, to be honest, you weren't particularly comfortable with, but it was an idea nonetheless
  448. "Anonymous, dear. I think I might have something."
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