5/10 Riftmancy 101

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  1.  Donovan Invidia says, "Hey Sors."
  2.  Artaghh says, "Ay Sors."
  3.  Donovan Invidia says, "Artaghh tastes vaguely like dragon without being a dragon."
  4.  Artaghh exclaims, "Neat!"
  5.  Vaan Invidia asks, "You've...tasted him?"
  6.  Donovan Invidia asks, "Yes?"
  7.  Freya Vishkar says, "I am now slightly more afraid of Donovan. "
  8.  Sors Ultovex says, "Don."
  9. Donovan Invidia asks, "Yes?"
  10.  Freya Vishkar says, "I do not want to be tasted. "
  11.  Vaan Invidia says, "I'd prefer to not be tasted as well."
  12.  Sors Ultovex says, "Artaghh."
  13.  Donovan Invidia says, "Oh you're doing that thing."
  14.  Freya Vishkar says, "Lord Ultovex."
  15.  Donovan Invidia says, "I'll taste you two later."
  16.  Sors Ultovex says, "Freya."
  17.  Elisa Lockland says, ".. weirdos."
  18.  Freya Vishkar says, "No you wont."
  19.  Vaan Invidia says, "No you won't."
  20.  Nyphadora exclaims, "Nyph!"
  21.  Freya Vishkar says, "Jinx."
  22.  Freya Vishkar says, "You owe me a soda."
  23.  Sors Ultovex says, "Lady Nyphadora."
  24.  Vaan Invidia says, "..."
  25.  Freya Vishkar says, "Got `em."
  26.  Nyphadora says, "Greetings, Adjudicator Sors."
  27.  Nyphadora asks, "Wildcard Sors! ... Sors the voidwalker? What is your proper title?"
  28.  Freya Vishkar says, "I thought it was Ultovexian Lord Sors."
  29.  Vaan Invidia says, "I need a cool title..."
  30.  Jack Kykessy says, "No Sors feelings."
  31.  Nyphadora asks, "Ultovexian Wildcard Adjudicator Sors the Voidwalker?"
  32.  Sors Ultovex says, "Wildcard Adjucator? Void Doctor? Plague Maker? "
  33.  Sors Ultovex says, "Ultovexian Nightmare."
  34.  Artaghh says, "I go' too many titles a' this poin'."
  35.  Nyphadora exclaims, "Void Doctor!"
  36.  Nyphadora says, "That sounds cool."
  37.  Freya Vishkar says, "Wildcard voidplague lord Sors Ultovex."
  38.  Donovan Invidia says, "I've technically got the title Void-krakenslayer."
  39.  Vaan Invidia says, "That title sounds lame."
  40.  Nyphadora asks, "An' am the Dragonslayer, but don't tell Niklaus that, aye?"
  41.  Donovan Invidia says, "And Voidwyrm slayer."
  42.  Nyphadora winks.
  43. (Nyphadora)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. Amalka Tval says, "Hm..."
  46.  Donovan Invidia says, "And.."
  47.  Donovan Invidia says, "Uh.."
  48.  Chaos Florence exclaims, "Amalka!"
  49.  Artaghh exclaims, "Voidwyrm slayer sounds pretty cool!"
  50.  Donovan Invidia asks, "I don't know devourer of worlds?"
  51.  Amalka Tval says, "--Ah? You... Chaos."
  52.  Amalka Tval asks, "How goes training?"
  53.  Chaos Florence says, "Can i talk to you about somthing... in private."
  54.  Artaghh says, "Enemy of Puns."
  55. Nyphadora says, "Anywho."
  56. Nyphadora says, "Riftmancy lessons."
  57.  Sors cackles. "Ya, ain't take it he real fond o' Dragonslayers."
  58. (Sors Ultovex)
  59. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. Donovan Invidia exclaims, "Yes!"
  62.  Amalka Tval asks, "Private? Why's that?"
  63.  Freya Vishkar says, "Fleshcrafter? "
  64.  Nyphadora asks, "Who else was it?"
  65.  Vaan Invidia says, "Me as well."
  66.  Nyphadora says, "Someone else wanted to learn too..."
  67.  Nyphadora says, "Yes! Vaan."
  68.  Sors Ultovex says, "Voidwyrm. One day, ya."
  69.  Nyphadora says, "And then..."
  70.  Nyphadora says, "That unnamed person with a mask."
  71.  Chaos gives a worried look. His ears are drooped and his eyes look sad and dull.
  72. (Chaos Florence)
  73. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75.  Donovan Invidia asks, ".. That cat?"
  76.  Nyphadora asks, "Reaper?"
  77.  Chaos Florence says, "Its... important"
  78.  Amalka Tval asks, "Huh? What's wrong there?" Nyphadora asks, "Reaver?"
  79.  Donovan Invidia says, "Oh."
  80.  Donovan Invidia exclaims, "The alchemist!"
  81.  Donovan Invidia says, "No idea where he is."
  82.  Nyphadora says, "Mm, oh well."
  83.  Nyphadora says, "Come along then, you two."
  84.  Nyphadora exclaims, "Have you ever seen the Worldscape? Am unsure, have brought so many through time!"
  85.  Vaan Invidia says, "I haven't."
  86.  Elisa Lockland says, "Hrmm."
  87.  She raised her arms up, somehow appearing next to her Father. She didn't want him to pick her up, she just wanted him to say hello.
  89. "Hellllllo!" She exclaimed oddly cheerfully despite the whispers and chains.
  90. (Clara Ultovex)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. Tizetch Ixchelo whispers something.
  94. Donovan Invidia says, "Oh-"
  95.  Donovan Invidia says, "I've been to the worldscape before."
  96.  "Oh? How exciting then! I get to show off my home, mm! It is literally a place among the stars, quite beautiful."
  98. With a wave of her staff, a spike of lightning left the tip of Ingress- Reality itself imploded, a rift torn open amidst thin air itself. Death itself was the stench it adorned, however whilst terrifying, it was equally tempting; almost as though it promised power for those daring to enter.
  100. "Shall we go then?" And so she would enter, expecting the others to follow along.
  101. (Nyphadora)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104.  Freya Vishkar whispers: S`better, I suppose.
  105.  Artaghh says, "See ya Don! Vaan."
  106.  Tizetch thumbs back at the fountains.
  107. (Tizetch Ixchelo)
  108. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110.  Nyphadora asks, "Ah, why don't you come along, Artaghh?"
  111. Grey and gold stared into the fountain before the blue eye of the Whispering Eye turned, staring down at the floorbound child who raised up their arms. From this range, the child may have heard the whispers, the words that everyone around them would betray them, the paranoia that bleed from the Adjucator and the rattling of chains that was always by his side.
  113. "Clara."
  114. (Sors Ultovex)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. Artaghh asks, "Oh?"
  117. Artaghh asks, "Ye' sure?"
  118. Nyphadora exclaims, "No need to listen to my lesson, but you can view Worldscape!"
  119. Artaghh exclaims, "Sure, sounds fun!"
  120. Donovan Invidia says, "Ah, wonderful, more good company."
  121. Elisa Lockland says, ".. my feet are cold."
  123. Ser Artaghh would whistle idly as he floated away from his favorite lamp spot, opening that prime real estate to Dawn's fortunes as he hovered forth to the group with a nod. It seemed all like good fun! And rifts were neat.
  124. (Artaghh)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127.  Despite not having been to the Worldscape before, he had heard of it, the name at least. There was an anxious feeling within his chest as he was finally able to visit it, but not just that-- this would also be Vaan's first time going through a rift.
  129. The Invidia didn't mind the stench of death, it was something he'd become accustomed to after all. Nor did he mind what appeared to be wildlife dying as the rift hole was opened.
  131. The distortion in what seemed like reality itself would be analyzed for a few moments before a nod would be given and the violet Kitsune followed behind.
  132. (Vaan Invidia)
  133. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  134.  Theodore Khan says, "hey hey hey, fry up them grillers because im hungry"
  135.  If the child heard the maddening whispers hinting that those around her would betray her, she made no visible indication she heard them. She ignored them, much as she ignored the death and decay that her Father usually brought. That's what children were for, right? She smiled brightly up at the Adjucator as she nodded,
  137. "Father!" She exclaimed, "I have become Queen of the rocks! Do you want to see my loyal subjects?!"
  138. (Clara Ultovex)
  139. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140.  Takes the deepest of inhales, like he is inhaling dong. Afterwards he went down the list of people to say hi to starting from relevant to not.
  142. "Hello, Nyphadora, Artaghh, Lord Ultovex, Neo, Donovan, Moth, Vaan, Freya, Cat Kid, Elisa, and kid who got injured in the war."
  144. They then turned to Alice.
  146. "And...crazy psycho kid."
  147. (Theodore Khan)
  148. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  150. She smiled up at him to be met with a stone cold face. The grey and gold eyes held their heavy judgement within as the exclamation of the child whispered through the air.
  152. "Ya aim should be bigger then rocks. But it's a start I 'spose. Show then, ya subjects."
  153. (Sors Ultovex)
  154. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156. Sors Ultovex says, "Theo."
  157.  Theodore Khan asks, "Ya?"
  158.  Tizetch Ixchelo says, "My name.. is Tizetch."
  159.  Elisa waves to the man as he arrived and she was given a hello. "Heeello."
  160. (Elisa Lockland)
  161. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  163. Alice says, "..."
  164.  Moth says, "Ahhh, Hello."
  165.  Alice slyly unsheathes her knife and points it at him before returning it to its home.
  167. "Thanks!"
  168. (Alice)
  169. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  171.  Tizetch spots a swiusarm and darts at it in a clap of thunder.
  172. (Tizetch Ixchelo)
  173. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  175.  The child nodded,
  177. "Yeah yeah!" She said, with a wave of her hand. Her aim would be bigger than rocks - someday. But not today. Today she was just a simple and happy child. Perhaps tomorrow she'll be a Knight of the Legion. Perhaps next week she'll ride a Dragon. But for now, she shouldered the pack off of her, unclasping it and flipping the top open. She withdrew five acorns, a piece of mithril, six steel, some actual stone and.... Two broken eggs. Clara stared dumbfounded at the now broken eggs, eyebrows furrowing,
  179. "Oh no my rare white rocks broke - what...." She trailed off, not understanding.
  180. (Clara Ultovex)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183.  It wasn't exactly a scent she had missed per se. Plenty of things smelled of death and rot, especially when she was done with them.. But this? This was different. It held a certain allure, a wonderful power beneath the surface of wretched stench. She was eager to pass through into that world once more.
  185. Yet she waited, patient, however difficult it was to refrain from diving forth through the rift. It wouldn't do well to make a bad impression.
  186. (Donovan Invidia)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189.  Donovan Invidia exclaims, "Oh shiiiit!"
  190.  Donovan Invidia exclaims, "Hey guy, been a while!"
  191.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Sup."
  192.  Donovan Invidia says, "Uhhh."
  193.  Donovan looked up.
  194. (Donovan Invidia)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197.  Donovan Invidia says, "Endless abyss.. It's so beautiful..."
  198.  Artaghh says, "It is, real detached like. Peaceful."
  199.  And so the Worldscape was revealed, or more specifically the Fairy's Glade within it.
  201. The lovely Arkgvunde was still present, however the even more amazing fact was that the Island was floating amidst a literal sea of stars! Trees circled around it, and in the middle stood one much large and more powerful than all the others; Nyphadora's Eternal Tree, something with a connection to the Nature so powerful, one could feel the primeval connection upon touch.
  203. Whilst within this world, it felt as though happiness was nearly a compulsion- Or at least joy, something which could be resisted however somehow it felt extremely hard to be truly sad or depressed here.
  205. "Welcome! To my realm."
  206. (Nyphadora)
  207. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209.  Nyphadora exclaims, "This is where I live! Spent most of my time, mm. Hide most of my dangerous relics and tomes and stuff...!"
  210.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim asks, "Do I count as a dangerous relic?"
  211.  Nyphadora says, "Yes."
  212.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Fair."
  213.  Arriving to the Worldscape, Vaan would look around at what seemed to be...a glade. Beautiful trees and well as flowers had adorned the patch of land they were on.
  215. Yes, the patch-- as everything else seemed to be well, an endless collection of stars. Cosmic magi must have felt at home in a place like this.
  217. "This is..." He'd pause, trying to find words to describe exactly what he felt about the place, but it couldn't be put into words. There was an overwhelming feeling of shock but at the same time, he felt strangely at ease within the area.
  219. "--It's nice. I never would've imagined that a place like this existed." Vaan often said the sky was the limit, but looking around from where he was, it seemed such simply wasn't true.
  221. "Thank you...for the opportunity to see your home, Lady Nyphadora. It's truly an experience."
  222. (Vaan Invidia)
  223. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225.  Ser Artaghh would gaze out out into the distance abyss with wonder, his remaining eye flecking across the sea of stars as he began to smile almost instinctively. Perhaps it was simply the effects of this realm, but for a peasant such as Artaghh, to amongst the stars was the stuff of dreams! The swordsman would cross his legs in the familiar form of his energy meditations, admiring the expanse of the starry void, its ethereal beauty.
  227. He'd hover idly in the air, distracted by the sights. These things, they happened.
  228. (Artaghh)
  229. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  231.  It was unlike the other place she'd visited within the worldscape. Far more lush and vibrant, full of joy and pleasant color. A grin stretched across her face slowly, razor sharp teeth bared as she peered about the worldscape grove. It was enough for her to quite literally stop and smell the flowers.
  233. Wow, she'd never done that before.
  235. And she continued to not, after that one time, instead turning her attention back toward Nyphadora. They were there for a reason, though she had taken a few long moments to enjoy the peace and joy within. A form of satisfaction she seldom knew.
  237. "Quite the nice place indeed!"
  238. (Donovan Invidia)
  239. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  241.  Arkgvunde adds more fake energy trees to the Glades in the background, content to not be part of the conversation.
  242. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  243. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  245.  Nyphadora notes that the only tree in here that is actually not fake, is the Eternal Tree.
  246. (Nyphadora)
  247. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  249.  "Am happy to hear you all like it! It has been a long-life dream of mine to create this place, so am quite proud and happy about it!" A little giggle!
  251. "But! We are here for a lesson, are we not?" A more serious expression came over her, the Fairy swift to flutter into the middle of them all, probably to be heard better!
  253. "So we shall start out by simply defining what Riftmancy actually is. To do that, I must ask you- What do you define it as, if anything yet? Or rather… What do you know, yes?" A smile curved her lips, attention swift to turn to Artaghh in the brief moment she had.
  255. "It is quite a pretty sight, is it not ser Artaghh? It is not even fake."
  256. (Nyphadora)
  257. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  259.  Truthfully, Vaan held little to no information on Riftmancy, but that's why he was here-- right? The Invidia would gaze out into the distance for a few moments, as if trying to draw forth information which had since long been forgotten.
  261. "I don't really know anything about it, just that it's Chaos magic-- bad for the Lifestream. That's what dad told me, at least. Also that it lets the user move instantaneously from one place to another. Very useful in combat."
  263. At least it was based on his experiences sparring against Sors and Nyphadora herself.
  264. (Vaan Invidia)
  265. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  266.  Ser Artaghh would bob his head lightly as he hovered beside the great, definitely real tree amongst the bundle of probably fake ones. He wasn't entirely sure, this was a fairly new experience overall to him. Yet, floating idly beside Nyphadora and Donovan, he'd return his one eye to the fae with a wide smile and a thumbs up.
  268. "It's really pretty Nyphadora! Feel like I'm a lil' kid again, this place is righ' out'a fairy tales! I feel real peaceful like, ye' have my thanks fer bringin' me here!"
  269. (Artaghh)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  271.  What do you know, yes?
  273. Oh how much did she know? A lot, compared to Vaan, it seemed. Then, living in close proximity with a riftmancer for literal years would teach you a few things. Those speeches he made, the lessons he'd taught. She'd never managed much from those, her focus had been elsewhere..
  275. Perhaps she should've striven toward this goal when he offered the chance. No matter, better late than never. The little sirenian lifted a hand to place against the side of her face, her head tilted to one side.
  277. "Well.. Envy dearest always said he learned riftmancy to tear into the lifestream. A weapon against his greatest foe, yes? By that logic I take riftmancy as.. a blade of sorts, to rip a hole from one point in the lifestream to another.
  279. That anywhere close?"
  280. (Donovan Invidia)
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282.  A smirk.
  284. "That is definitely one way to look at the art of Riftmancy, however to be more precise! It is the art of tearing apart space in two locations to knit them together; allowing one to step through and achieving an effect of 'teleportation'. When mastered to a higher degree, one can use it much swifter and more precise for short distances within view, allowing you to 'warp' there instantly. Others can even fold the space around objects, storing them around them invisible and undetectable, very useful for combat and the like!" A nod.
  286. "And in the extreme cases of me…"
  288. A snap of her fingers, and the entire world changed. Or did they move location? Who knew! It happened in a literal instant, far too swift for even the senses of a Vampire to detect at all.
  290. "We can use it to shape and create worlds."
  291. (Nyphadora)
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. Arkgvunde is left with some discomfort at being plucked out of the Glades and forced back to Tragedy's castle, the place where the original Arkgvunde's persona went to die.
  295. The Demon refused to initially comment. Maybe it had been hardened in recent years, or there was some kind of double-jeopardy system at play that prevented some people in the Worldscape from going insane twice.
  297. ...or maybe they're still insane. Both prospects weren't all that fun.
  299. Arkgvunde tried to focus their attention on the group much more closely now that Nyphadora had somehow moved everyone with ease. The wound, for whatever reason, appeared to be patiently waiting for something. Or it was acknowledging Nyphadora. It's hard to read faces made out of wood.
  301. Whatever the case, the calmed and almost spritely demeanor from the Glades was completely replaced with standard Demon fare on his end.
  302. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  303. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  304.  Ser Artaghh would have just gotten cozy in the relaxing glade, puffing away at his corn cob pipe as he watched the stars before they shifted in the blink of an eye, the void remaining and yet different from what he'd been focused on. Sors had always mentioned that riftmancy was to deny space, and in this tour of the wondrous realm separated from the world, the knight could agree with certainty that he was right.
  306. To think that so much was possible with this simple mastery, to make the laws of space themselves amenable to one's will, it was a lot to mull over for the peasant, even after over two decades of living in Dawn. He'd nodded intently with a warm smile and a thumbs up to Nyphadora, full focused on her lesson in spite of his non-partipation. It was interesting regarless, and no doubt somehow useful to the energy magi.
  307. (Artaghh)
  308. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  309.  The art of tearing space apart in two locations to knit them together...
  311. Those sounded like important words and so Vaan would be sure to keep them in mind. Suddenly, things seemed to have become far more complicated, but complications weren't always so bad and with enough determination he could surely learn how to achieve such.
  313. Storing objects was of course another useful part of Riftmancy, there were a lot of things one could do with it and while lost in thought Vaan would soon notice that everything around the group changed.
  315. "Wait...what happened to the flowers, the trees?" Replacing them was a bridge and also what seemed to be a large fort.
  317. "You...created this world?"
  318. Was it done in an instant, or had they all just been transported at once? Hopefully answers would soon follow.
  319. (Vaan Invidia)
  320. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  321.  It didn't surprise her much. Malentine had brought her through rifts and sent her mind spinning oft enough that the disorientation was rather easy to recover from- And a grin stretched across her features when she noticed where they were. A giggle bubbled up and escaped her form as she stared up at the imposing keep.
  323. "Aha! There it is- Neat."
  325. The vampire spun in place, facing toward the fae once more. Had she truly been the one to shape this world? Donovan had only heard of Tragedy's works here- BUt then, she got information from a slightly biased source. Perhaps that had been another secret Envy kept.
  327. "So- It is like.. Stabbing a hole in the lifestream, just.. connecting the hole all the way through from one point to another. Did you base your ability to do that off of another one of your magics? Like- When you opened the rift to bring us to this world you used electricity- Is that your weapon?"
  328. (Donovan Invidia)
  329. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  330.  Artaghh exclaims, "So like usin' knittin' needles'ta weave toge'er two pieces'a space thread!"
  331.  Artaghh says, "An' then stabbin' people wit' those needles..."
  332.  Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Nmm."
  333.  "In a sense, I created this realm- Together with Lady Tragedy, or Lady Vigilat, of course. I wish not explain too much in detail, however the establishment of it was much more complex than simply using magic… But once we had it, yes! I can create worlds."
  335. She turned to look around, inspecting the area seemingly, "This appears to be the castle of Lady Vigilat, the one she placed Malentine within I believe- I admit I only truly brought you here to showcase the possibilities, yes? There are multiple worlds within Worldscape, hence the name!! I did not create this one in particular though…! But I can." A bright smile!
  337. And then attention turned to Donovan, "Electricity is not 'required', however my staff consists of a Spire Shard condensed together with Arcanium, I use it to greatly empower my stability and usage of the art. To connect it with my magic however, a brief physical connection must be established, hence the spike of electricity."
  339. "Rifts however are usually accompanied by strikes of corruptive, purple lightning, but that is more-so an reaction from the lifestream."
  340. (Nyphadora)
  341. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  342.  Ser Artaghh would nod with fascination as he leaned his chin upon his fist, thinking upon what Lady Nyphadora had said with curiosity. This place, the Worldscape, was almost like a living proof of concept of riftmancy. Worlds weaved together in a starry void of shimmering, ethereal beauty. That the fae spoke so casually of such things as crafting worlds said volumes in itself, but the knight tried not to let the grandeur distract him too much. It was a good lesson so far!
  344. So that electricity was not lightning magic, as Ser Artaghh had long suspected when Sors laid down the close range smackdown after plunging the knight into a wall with a cosmic death ball. A...reflexive reaction from the lifestream then, a natural rip, tear, and restoration as he'd heard before. Space magic was super cool!
  346. The knight would hover up and down as he silently thought upon the topics, not desiring to interrupt Vaan and Don's lesson with any of his own nonsensical inquiries unlessthey were needed. Or it was a really good question.
  347. (Artaghh)
  348. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349. Lady Vigilat, a familiar name. Recollections of once seeing the Archon, or God rather were made. Many years ago, he could recall said being showing some sort of interest in Sinael.
  351. So this was her castle? Curiosity rang through Vaan's mind. What was the inside of it like, and...would she be found within the castle at this very moment?
  353. It didn't matter, not for now at least-- what was important was to soak in as much information as possible.
  354. Perhaps now was the time to ask questions. Vaan remembered speaking to Nicole about Riftmancy once, at the time she was practicing the aforementioned rift storage technique.
  356. "The ability to create entire worlds...remarkable. I remember speaking to a Neries once, Nicole. She said that she was one of your students. I ran into her while she was practicing and she mentioned that in order to actually use rift magic, one would have to be able to sense the Lifestream. How would I go about doing so?"
  357. (Vaan Invidia)
  358. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  359.  "Oooohh.. Interesting!"
  361. The childish sirenian nodded along listening well to what was said. The ability to create things such as this- It was certainly magnificent, yes. But Donovan had realized something some time ago now. She wasn't really the creative type. Building, molding, shaping- It wasn't her strong suit.
  363. She was built for carnage and destruction.. But rifts could do that too. If Baukdengrad wasn't enough proof- Ah, she shouldn't think on that too much. They were in the middle of a lesson!
  365. "Oh yes I was wondering how.. Well.. If one knows the very simplest basics as to what riftmancy is, where one is supposed to start. How one is meant to make that connection in order to manipulate it far enough to tear those holes and knit them together.. Uh.. If that makes sense."
  366. (Donovan Invidia)
  367. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  368.  "Oh, is it not obvious?"
  370. A tilt of her head, "Meditation, of course!!" A little snicker.
  372. "The very foundation of Riftmancy lies upon the principle one can interact with the flow of the life stream, and especially 'remember' said flow. In order to do that, one must first venture on a journey to experience this."
  374. "So meditation is the first step, and the final step. A practice you must keep up at all times during your studies, and preferably in the same location every time to increase your chances of finding it when you open your first Rift."
  376. Wings fluttered, keeping the Fairy afloat- Until finally they ceased, the Fairy still remaining still in the air however! She had probably forgotten she didn't need to strain herself in here.
  378. "Of course there are runes and such to aid in establishing said connection, however a natural connection is more suited for a Riftmancer-- it allows them to more freely open a portal, unlike say… Wayfinders, who must both place a mark and utilize a glyph to open their portals."
  379. (Nyphadora)
  380. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  381.  Ser Artaghh would think quietly to himself as he mulled over the teachings of Lady Nyphadora, chewing upon the tip of his corn cob pipe as turned glanced briefly between the fae, Don, and Vaan as he listened carefully, his head still a bit lightheaded and hazy from previous affairs. Yet, he held on tight to every word and inquiry, for Donovan’s question was one he to’d been trying to find the answer to in his own pursuits. Mastery of the mystic arts still eluded the commander, the higher concepts of ethereal manifestation still felt out of reach.
  383. He’d tried futilely to make use of the mystic energy’s ethereal properties on their lonesome to manifest a state of partial-shifting into the spirit realm, but without any background beyond personal experimentation, the peasant knight had largely come to a halt on his pursuits in mastering the mystic energies, Yet, Lady Nyphadora’s explanation had provided the key! If he could learn to shift fully into the spirit realm, well, he could certainly do it half way! Easier to retrace steps you’ve already walked once, the knight hadn’t even thought of that.
  385. He’d already spent countless hours in meditation to come this far in his energy magic, to think that he’d been on the right track with his efforts to transcend the barriers brought him great joy! A connection with the lifestream, then, a formal link from which to base one’s efforts in spatial magic or riftmancy alike. If he could manage the same, the swordsman would be that much closer to mastering the energies of the spirit realm, and truly making them his own.
  387. Artaghh whooped with joy! But then he stopped himself, this was a lesson and it was rude to interrupt, joyous whooping or otherwise. Ser Artaghh would smile his missing toothed grin wide, flicking his one eyed gaze between the trio before settling upon the distant, starry abyss. It truly was a beautiful sight.
  389. (Artaghh)
  390. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  391.  Each and every word was listened to intently, and then there it was, the answer. Meditation. Not something Vaan enjoyed doing generally, but he'd need to learn to like it should he become a Riftmancer.
  393. "Remember the flow..." Words muttered outwards, mainly to himself. The way Nyphadora kept afloat without the need to flutter her wings was noted, and a slight tilt of the Invidia's head would be his response.
  395. The mention of runes to facilitate a connection with the flow was noted but no-- meditation would be the way to go. There were no more questions, not from Vaan at least, the Kitsune would merely stand there and listen.
  396. (Vaan Invidia)
  397. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  398.  Well no, that hadn't been the evident answer. If it had been the sirenian likely would not need to ask. Yet the answer was given in many a word, and so she listened intently. Focused entirely upon the lesson that was offered. They couldn't help but wonder just how Malentine had managed that, beyond the artefact he used.
  400. Or.. Was it simply that? Could she even accomplish similar results without an item of similar power? It was certainly a thought she need look into.. Perhaps.. Oh yes, that might be an idea. She tucked the thought away into the back of her mind.
  402. She could very well remember the flow, if she could manage to tap into it. Leech from it. Draw upon that power and consume what was there to take. The matter of how seemed the more difficult part.
  404. A matter for another time.
  406. "Seems like a plan.. Not sure how good I'll be with meditation but if it's a necessity I'll pour my attention into it. I do so long to sink my teeth in-- Erh.. Metaphorically this time I guess."
  407. (Donovan Invidia)
  408. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  409.  Arkgvunde finally got the nerve to do something after some back-and-forth between Nyphadora and her crew of Rift-interested-but-still-maybe-questioning students. The Demon mulled over the Fae's words -- So much like his own missing hive-mother -- And tried to apply what it knew of the Rift in action, since it'd already been on the path to trying it out.
  411. The Demon offered up a tree branch in front of itself, free of encumberment from the Crystals it'd been collecting. Needed that little bit of dexterity.
  413. He first sought to simply imitate what Nyphadora, Shiva, and so many others did when they wanted to cross dimensions. Reach out to touch the Lifestream, and enact his will upon it like so many others before--
  415. But all this resulted in was a grey puff of smoke not unlike a circus magician putting on an act like the universal checkbox for 'magical error: spell not found.'
  417. It's obvious that Arkgvunde forgot most people couldn't open a basic rift to the 'normal' world, no matter how hard they tried. It didn't vocalize an acknowledgement of their failure, but judging by the fact that the Demon looked away and off to the side betrayed his internal embarassment.
  418. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  419. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  420.  The Fairy was an empath, much like every other Kin of hers, and as such, the feelings of the group were read like an open book. An almost unfair ability truth to be told, however it served well in reading whether someone was worthy to teach or not.
  422. And so far everything was going rather smooth!
  424. "Arkgvunde, if you wish to leave or go back to the Glade, I can take you. I suppose the same stands for you, Artaghh!" A nod.
  426. Attention returned to the two new students of hers, "But first, allow me to explain what meditation in truth it."
  428. A cough into her closed fist, her voice growing quite a bit less excited.
  430. "Meditation is the primary method of strengthening the connection. One must clear their mind and enter a deeper state of relaxation of awareness, to properly connect and feel the energies of the cosmos around us. It can take up to many years for some to learn, others simple months. To further branch into the Arcane, one can channel their emotions- Courage for perhaps Order, Passion for say Chaos?"
  432. "So of course, this is the first lesson- I wish for the two of you to begin this, and tell me the fruits of your efforts after some months. If there is any, then we can proceed onto the next step."
  434. "Any questions?"
  435. (Nyphadora)
  436. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  437.  Ser Artaghh would flash Donovan his missing toothed, toothy grin as he nodded steadily, he recalled with clarity how difficult meditative habits had been to begin for the meat headed swordsman. Sitting still with alcohol still proved difficult for him, but sober and clearheaded? It took a lot of practice for him to get this far. "I meditate all’ta time up in’ta mountains Don! Go’ me favorite spo’ on this small plateau up high in the cliffs. Real peaceful like, north’a Dawn an’ all windy chilly. Good place fer scatterbrained fools like me’self’ta separated from worldly affairs an’ clear’ta mind, helps wit’ focusin’ durin’ meditations. Ye’ can come up there wit’ me some time!"
  439. The paladin would continue to ponder Nyphadora’s words, gauging with certainty that returning to his familar training grounds was certainly a key to his own advancement process. If he could familiarize himself with the flow of the lifestream there, manifest a connection beyond that he had already maintained with the spirit realm, the ethereal qualities of the mystic energies would be his to wield in full. A ghosty knight, a spectral fencer, it sounded so fancy! It would be hard work, but so had all the steps he’d taken so far. He’d spent more time than he cared to admit in meditative trances trying to siphon the barest embers of spiritual energy during his early trials, but constant diligence always bore fruit!
  441. Mastery of the mystic arts wasn’t going to be just practice, he’d need to fully connect to the energies that flowed there, not merely siphon and abuse them as fit his fancy
  443. "I dunno Nyphadora, I’m in such good company! It’s been a grea’ time so far, an’ I go’ nothin’ bu’ lamp leanin’ on me schedule. If ye’ wan’ me’ta leave, I will though! No skin off me toes."
  445. (Artaghh)
  446. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  447.  So, meditate over the coming months to strengthen his connection with the cosmos. It seemed simple enough. One thing had worried the Invidia however and that was the discrepancy between how short and how long such would take.
  449. Of course, it would be worth spending years to learn such an art, but ideally Vaan would be able to do so within a few months.
  451. "No questions for now, Lady Nyphadora. Thank you."
  453. It was a lot to take in. The ability to progress to a point in which entire worlds could be created, if he hadn't experienced the Worldscape first-hand, then such would have only been treated as a tall tale by the Invidia.
  455. It was real, however.
  456. (Vaan Invidia)
  457. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  458.  "No questions here."
  460. It's been heavily implied before to some in the crowd that the last time Arkgvunde was stuck here, he meditated himself into mental illness over the course of a few decades.
  462. ...and he was about to do it again like a masochist to the slaughter.
  464. He picked up on the tonal shift and realized that it was meant for the Invidias, but failed to patronize them. They already knew what was implied here, how the Rift was part of the Arcane, and the Demon didn't demand an explanation. It was kind of implied when they talked about altering the Lifestream - And it allowed Nyphadora to focus on the other two while he was free to do as he wished here, in this moment.
  466. The Demon's outer, wooden shell appeared to shrink a few feet inwards from all directions. It revealed the Occultism that outlined his silhouette, made up the framework for the rest of the Demon's body; It looked unfocused and blurred around the edges, unrefined and the corrupt fire was matted.
  468. Perhaps this is what passed for 'meditation' to him.
  470. Meditation, noun, a discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.
  471. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  472. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  473.  "Ooohh.. That makes more sense."
  475. It seemed Donovan needed things spelled out for her in some scenarios. Or- Rather, on occasion, she simply would not understand one way of explaining things. So she needed a secondary way. Something different. With the new way of phrasing things the idea clicked a bit better in her mind. It fit with all the bits and pieces she'd picked up from Malentine, too.
  477. Of course. Passion, hatred, had he not said just how crucial these things were? If she had an abundance of anything- Well her abundance would be desire, actually. But a secondary thing she could certainly find with ease was passion. She nodded along, a grin stretched across her lips.
  479. First, sensation. Feeling. Make certain something was actually there to reach out and direct such emotion towards. Then direct the emotion.. She.. Probably missed the first step a long while ago. She'd hated the lifestream plenty with no change.
  481. But now.. Maybe something would finally happen.
  483. Once she practiced of course.
  485. "Think I'm good on the question front-
  487. And.. Erh.. Yea, Artie. Think that'd actually be a fun time probably, good practice, get out of the way of people and whatnot."
  488. (Donovan Invidia)
  489. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  490.  "Hm. I suppose that actually is everything."
  492. She looked around one final time, pondering for a good second or two.
  494. "Seems so, at least for the first lesson. So I guess we could all return to Dawn together!" And as she spoke, reality itself imploded just down the path- A portal was opened, one with the sight of Dawn's square within it. How fancy! And it seemed to be much less destructive than a Rift. Perhaps the example of perfection? Though only achieved in the land of Worldscape it appeared.
  496. "Meditation is key, however. With that alone, some could perhaps even achieve the art alone- With extreme talent, of course!" By now she was already inching towards the portal, "But alas, I have no doubt the two of you will take it very serious."
  497. (Nyphadora)
  498. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  499.  A nod was given. Yes, the coming months and years even would be filled with lots and lots of meditation. To hear that such could even allow a talented person to achieve the art alone, well-- it was inspirational.
  501. Looking towards the portal which seemed less destructive than what he had seen before, the Invidia would join the others in walking towards it before stepping through to return to Dawn's square.
  502. (Vaan Invidia)
  503. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  505.  Ser Artaghh would nod to Donovan with a smile before turning his attention back to Nyphadora. Why, the lesson had been so much fun, the knight had barely realized time had passed. It had been a wondrous evening venture into a world of fairy tale sights for the knight, and the grin that held upon his face was genuine with or without the glade's joyous inflection.
  507. Ser Artagh would turn one more, longing eye to the distant blackness and starry lights, his grin toned down to a peaceful, soothed smile as he was lulled by the beauty this little slice of space separate from everything else was, for all it represented and in its own aesthetics too! The swordsman would prepare to follow Nyphadora through the rift, bobbing his head in affirmation. Home time, he supposed.
  508. (Artaghh)
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