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  1. New Beginnings - SCP Secret laboratory
  2.  Rules:
  3.   1. Do not hack/cheat.
  4.   2. You may not use Racial Slurs, Regardless of Race.
  5.   3. Mic-Spamming is not allowed.
  6.   4. Team killing is not allowed.
  7.   5. Do not spam SCP voice channels with music as 939.
  8.   6. If you are found intentionally delaying the round/not contributing to the round, you may be forced to
  9.      to spectator or kicked.
  10.   7. ADMIN SAY IS FINAL. Judgement is person-to-person, so don't go complaining to an admin that someone
  11.     said you could do "this" or "that".
  12.  Cross-Teaming
  13.   Two or more teams may cooperate to ensure a mutual benefit until the need isn't there.
  14.     (e.g. Locked in a room Together, taking down an enemy threat together, etc...)
  15.   Class-D and Scientists may team against SCPs but not against MTF or Chaos.
  16.   SCPs may grant "mercy" to a player. Leaving them alone is enough. It should not be repeated Mercy.
  17.   Scientists or MTF are not allowed to team with the SCPs.
  18.   MTF can disarm D-Class to become NTF, and Chaos may detain Scientists to become Chaos.
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