Doumi - 55

Sep 12th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single

Chapter - 55

Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

MC and Joe are a bit drunk, after Joe confessed his 'fetish' to him, MC says how there is plenty of women in the world and asks him why he's focusing so much his attention on Yoo-Won. Joe looks at his empty glass full of nostalgia and tells him how she's looking like his first love from college days surprising MC..


Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

They both take another glass of soju before Joe continuing his story. Joe asks MC if he knows Lee Young Joon the general manager of the Finance Department, he tells him how he knows him. Joe tells him how Lee was the previous Team Leader, MC knows this too saying how Lee was the previous Leader of his team..


Company's Car Lee x Joe

Joe narrates how when they worked together, Joe was the deputy of Lee who was the Team Leader. He says how it's the same as the actual situation between MC and him. He says how they worked a lot together and how he learned a lot because of Lee and after staying together for a longtime their relationship grew into a friendship. He says how Lee knew Joe was a kinky man and brought him into a parlor massage to play, he knew about Joe fetish because the President of the company told him about what happened in the bar (When Joe fucked CEO's Wife).

Parlor Massage Yoo-Won x Joe

Joe is surprised when he sees Yoo-Won entering in the room, she finds his expression expression funny and can't help to ask him if it's his first coming to this kind of place, she laughs telling him calm down because everything will be alright.

Joe says to MC how it was his first meeting with Yoo-Won and he was very shocked to see a person resembling so much to his first love..

Yoo-Woo is taking off her clothes and asks him to do the same, she grabs his dick and laughs saying how his little boy is pretty big. She gives him a blowjob while Joe keeps staring at her, she stops, asking him if there is a problem and for what reason he's looking at her like this. He tells her she looks too much like his first love while crying, she's very surprised and tries to comfort him. She asks him why he's crying this much and if something bad happened between him and his first love, Joe can't answer and keeps crying..


Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

He's pouring himself another glass of soju while saying how he cried a lot the first he saw Yoo-Won. MC is surprised and asks him for what reason, Joe tells him how it's already in the past.. MC wonders for a moment before asking him if he really loved this much this girl, Joe is full of nostalgia and says how even after 10 years she's the only causing him to cry so much..


Jong Bok University Joe x Yoon-Ju (Joe's First Love)

Joe is shown sharing lovely moment with his first love, he tells to MC how they were a c'c (Cute Couple / Campus Couple) and all the campus were envious of him. He says how he was twenty years old and already thought of marrying her and how there love would last forever..

A bit later Joe x 2 Friends (Swab and Brush)

Joe is startled by hearing something and asks his two friends what they're talking about, Swab is pissed against Brush because he warned him before to talk about this after finishing their meal because it will cut the appetite to Joe to learn about this.. Joe asks them what they mean by Yoon-Ju is dating Jun-Hwi. Swab asks Joe to calm down and Brush says how it's painful for them to tell him this..

Joe is extra pissed and hit the table with his fist telling them to fuck off and to not visit him again. Joe narrates to MC how when he was doing his military duty, two friends of him came to tell him how his girl friend had an affair with a senior from the university. He sais how he was really sick and mad at this time and rejected his friends..

Street Joe x Yoon-Ju x Jun-Hwi

Joe tells to MC how when he got his first vacation, he ran towards Yoon-Ju place and saw her bringing Jun-Hwi in her room with his on eyes..


Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

Joe is pretty calm and says how it was the most important day of his life (The day when he found his inner cuck smh..), MC on the other hand is fucking angry and asks him why he followed them without beating them into pulp, Joe remains silent. MC can't calm down after hearing this and raise his fist saying if he was at Joe's place he would have trashed them.. Joe tells him to calm down and asks him why he's reacting this much about the past story of someone else. He says how each person are different, they're people reacting like MC and others reacting like him. MC apologizes because he was too impulsive, Joe takes another drink saying how MC his an impulsive guy while he's a rational one because of his past as a soldier (nothing rational in your comportment man, and you only did your military duty like all the Korean males.. You're not really a soldier smh..).

Joe asks him why should he be angry at first love and destroy their future like MC said, he says how she already loved someone else at this time.. MC stays silent while Joe takes another drink..


Parlor Massage Yoo-Won x Joe

MC narrates how Joe's first love left a tremendous trauma in his hearth and to ease his pain he came a lot at the parlor massage.

Yoo-Won is surprised to see Joe here and says how he's often there lately, Joe is a bit embarrassed saying she's right.. Joe asks her if she can hug him, she gives him a hug asking him if she's really looking like his first love, he nods while resting his head on her shoulder..

MC says how each time Joe came to the parlor massage he always requested Yoo-Won but because of his strong trauma he was unable to ejaculate or to keep his erection..

Yoo-Won asks him if he became limp again, Joe lowers his head apologizing.. MC says how Joe could only stay hard if he was giving a blowjob.. But even with oral sex he was unable to ejaculate..

Yoo-Won is giving him a blowjob while Joe tells her to stop because he can't do it today, she tries to comfort him saying how she'll try harder today and to stay still. After a while, she gives up and apologizes. She asks him if it's because she's looking like his first love that he can't stay hard or it's the same thing with the other girls. He says how it's only with her and apologizes because he keeps booking her while he can't satisfy her. He says how he really hates her but still miss her sometimes (Yoon-Ju).SHe tells him that he think about his first love because he's seeing her and maybe he will forget her if he stop to meet her. Joe hugs her.. SHe tells him she understands and will be his first love..

Joe is thinking while nesting in her embrace how he hopes he will find someone who will be able to satisfy her because he wants to make her happy..

MC narrates how Joe thought as Yoo-Won as his first love even when he was the one fucking her..

To be continued..
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