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  1.                                             Messatsu Realms comprehensive skill tree guide
  2.                                                             By Ryu
  5. Okay fellas, you've been fricking hitting that RP like there's no tomorrow, and now you're wondering to yourself "What the heck am I gonna spend all this RPP on? I have all the ERP tickets I'll ever need, and all these slimes are making my dick limp." Well, buckle up chucklefuck. Because uncle Ryu comes with his comprehensive guide to all things skill tree related.
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Tier 0:
  10. Tier 0 are very basic skills, allowing the user to perform simple thing such as powering up. Everyone eventually ends up with everything from here, as some of them are spectacularly useful for combat. These consist of the following;
  12. Power control(10 RPP):
  13. Heighten or lower your power level, increasing or decreasing your battle power in a fight. This can make the difference between being BP walled, or putting up a fight. Power control is also necessary to access transformations. The higher you power up, the faster the energy drain.
  14. Powering down will allow you to mask your energy, nice for sneaking around, or catching your enemy by surprise.
  16. Zanzoken(10 RPP):
  17. Gotta go fast! This is that skill you always see in Dragonball, where someone teleports to someone else at speeds the eye can't follow. It's nice for getting around, but if you target someone and use it, you can teleport instantly to their side. Useful for combat, because it allows you to set up certain combos.
  19. Afterimage Strike(100 RPP):
  20. Allows you to dodge and counter attack automatically up to three times. Similar to wildsense, but with the addition of the counter strike part of it. Low damage, but still useful for the free evasions.
  22. Wild Sense(100 RPP):
  23. Sense the enemy, dodge their strike. Not as powerful as afterimage strike, as it lacks the counter. But, having both allows for more misses from the enemy, more distance between you, and thus more combos. This one lacks the automatic counter attack.
  25. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. Stances:
  28. Stances are minor statistical buffs that can be swapped between to host several advantages in fights, allowing a user to gain some bonus points for their character's build, which tends to be useful in combat. How else are you gonna make a 25x speed Neko that simply cannot be hit? WARNING: There's no prompt when buying a stance, so be careful when you purchase a stance.
  30. Wolf Stance(50 RPP):
  31. Increases strength and offense by 50%. Best utilized for when you wanna break someone's face.
  33. Turtle stance(50 RPP):
  34. Increases endurance and resistance by 50%. This is a tank's stance, for when you want your face not to be broken or blasted.
  36. Bat stance(50 RPP):
  37. Increases strength and force by 50%. This is your hybrid stance, for when you wanna break someone's face, and then blast their face off.
  39. Armadillo stance(50 RPP):
  40. Increases your endurance and defense by 50%. This is for when you don't want someone to break your face, but don't care about it being blasted off.
  42. Crane stance(50 RPP): Increases force and offense by 50%. This is for when you wanna melt someone's face.
  44. Cheetah stance(50 RPP):
  45. Increases speed and strength by 50%, but lowers offense by 50% (Except on Nekos). Gotta go really fast. This is for when you wanna really fuck someone's day. Nekos are ungodly with Cheetah, but it really works on any other melee focused character. The speed increase practically negates the offense loss. Vax hates this. (Meow.)
  47. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. Blasts tier 1:
  51. These are your basic ki moves. Using your force stat to calculate damage.
  53. Blast(50 RPP):
  54. Fire a bunch of blasts of energy from your hand. Low damage, low drain. More a nuisance than anything else, but still damn good with high force, or in a tight squeeze. Has range, which is always nice. Amount of blasts fired, and blast speed increases with mastery. Spam it to master.
  56. Charge(150 RPP):
  57. A larger, more powerful blast. Fires in singles, but carries far more damage. Takes time to charge. Increase mastery to charge faster. Fully mastered when it explodes on impact, dealing AoE damage. Speed stat also has a minor effect to charge time.
  59. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. Blast tier 2:
  62. Stronger, more powerful ki moves of the blast variant. Currently only one.
  64. Barrage(150 RPP):
  65. Fire a three-tile wide barrage of blasts. These are similar to regular blasts, but costs more energy. Travels in a straight line. Can also be rapid fired, like regular blast.
  67. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. Blast tier 3:
  70. Another tier of one-move blasts. Now we see the real costs, and the real power.
  72. Dragon Nova(500 RPP):
  73. Fire a large, powerful, and concussive blast that knocks back on hit. Big drain, reasonably large charge time and drain, but worth it if you can land it. (RYU PROTIP: This is a blessed little blast to follow through a stun with, if you have the speed. That extra damage and knock back can buy you a lot of advantage)
  75. Blast tier 4:
  76. WHY?! Okay, for real. This is a biggy. The end of the line for blasts on the skill tree, and it's a bit of a gimmick skill.
  78. Lana Del Ray (Lanaza del relampago)(500 RPP):
  79. Launch a magically attuned spear forward, draining some of your mana in exchange for a LARGE explosion on contact. It's the superopr of the charge blasts, if you're a magic man. Drains energy and mana to use, so be careful with your timing on this one chief.
  81. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  83. Beam tier 1:
  84. KAMEHAMEH- WAit, shit. These are beams, or energy waves. Your galic gun, your final flash, your makankasappo. Except they're not. See, this is the skill tree bucko. You're not a special snowflake (unless you are).
  86. Normal beam(100 RPP):
  87. It's a weak, slow charging beam. Honestly, there's really nothing special about it at all. But, it's a beam nonetheless. You charge it, you fire it. It moves slow, it does minimal damage for a beam, but it's still good in a pinch.
  89. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  91. Beam tier 2:
  92. These boys are ELEMENTAL! Nifty for killing slimes.
  94. Fire breath(200 RPP):
  95. Fairly powerful, because it's elemental. It's fast, strong, but has a fairly short range, and charges slow. Best used when you've got a quick moment to use it. Inflicts burn damage when it damages an enemy.
  97. Tidal wave(200 RPP):
  98. The same as fire breath, except not fire. This one's water! Which... yeah, go fire dude. Burn status is nasty. Also has no base icon.
  100. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  102. Beam tier 3:
  103. Now we're blowing holes THROUGH people. These two are your pierce beams. Fast, accurate, hard to deflect.
  105. Piercer(400 RPP): Fast, strong, quick charging, high distance and fair. It's a discount Makankosappo, really. Nice to have, good for killing things with death regen.
  107. Ray(400 RPP): Trade Piercer's damage for more speed and longer distance, but drain less. 20 tile distance is no joke, really. The damage difference is actually negligible when you account for the charge speed.
  109. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  111. Beam tier 4:
  112. C U S T O M S! Now you're a cool guy, so stop looking at explosions. This is the last of the skill tree beams, your own super move.
  114. Custom beam(500 RPP): A highly customizable personal beam you get to set the stats on from a set limit of points. Ryu's personal favorite forcie move. How else would you have an angry monkey screaming "REBELLION BREAK" every five minutes? Seriously, it's worth toying around with, even if just for your own custom finisher.
  116. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. Advanced melee stances:
  119. WARNING! Much like stances, there's no prompt on buying these, so be sure to pick the one you want. These are elemental fists skills, each may have hidden effects, or more obvious ones. My slime hate says use fire.
  121. Firefist(250 RPP): Inflicts burn with every punch you deal, super nice to stack wth light attack. You get bonus points for beating the ever loving fuck outta slime with this.
  123. Earth Fist(250 RPP): Coat your fists in spiky rocks. Slight increase to damage, not much else. Nice for high str builds.
  125. Wind Fist(250 RPP): Coat your fists in Tornados. Speedy punch No status effects.
  127. Water Fist(250 RPP) Coat your fists in water. Another one that has no -obvious- effects.
  129. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131. Unarmed tier 1:
  132. These are basic unarmed skills, usually used amidst combos. They're simple, but they do the job. Mandatory for most melee characters.
  134. Axe kick(50 RPP): Bring your foot down on an opponent, dealing increased damage during the attack. Queue it up and strike. Does extra damage to someone who is meditating... For some unknown reason. Because apparently, hitting someone who's meditating is a thing we do.
  136. Whirlwind strike(100 RPP): Spin yourself in a whirlwind. Creating an AoE that stuns enemies caught in it for a couple of seconds. This is one of them mandatory skills I mentioned, fellas. (RYU PROTIP: Combine this with heavy shot pursuit. You can double stun someone for huge damage if you're even remotely competent at verb.)
  138. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. Unarmed tier 2:
  141. Get ready for niche skills. These are cool, believe me.
  143. Hammer Fist(250 RPP): Uppercut an enemy, dealing a massive knockback. Great for making distance after a combo skirmish, or if you're starting to be pressured.
  145. Burning finger(300 RPP): WHY! Grab someone, they explode. It relies on the grab skill, obviously. You have ten seconds to land it, if you fuck it up, you wasted it and you're waiting on cooldown.
  147. Thunder Hands(300 RPP): It's the same as Burning finger, except it uses your force skill instead of your strength for the damage. Why you have this as a melee character unless you're a hybrid is beyond me. But hey, even forcies get in close quarters sometimes.
  149. GET DUNKED!(300 RPP): I love this skill. You queue it up, and if you land the hit, the next melee attack you do teleports you to the enemy and lets you beat the fuck outta them. Takes some practice, but god it's beautiful to see used by some of the upper-tier verbers.
  151. Headbutt(300 RPP): High risk, high reward. You deal huge damage, but take half the damage you dish out in return. Nice for knocking yourself into anger, or really insulting your opponent. Another Ryu fave.
  153. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. Unarmed tier 3:
  156. I'm running outta lines for these tbh, but hey we're getting through this together junior. It's another AoE kids.
  158. Sweeping Kick(500 RPP): Spin your leg in a kick, tripping people up. Pretty bitching, but requires you to be in a stance to use it. Knocks back one tile and stuns.
  160. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. Unarmed tier 4:
  163. Now you're a martial arts master. You've learned kung-fu. Get ready for....
  165. CLOTHES LINE(500 RPP): WE BROLY NOW, SON! It's literally the wrestling move. You run in a line with your arms extended at an enemy, slamming yourself into them. Dealing big damage and knocking them back. Can't change direction once you start moving, so it's hard to land.
  167. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  169. SUPER stances:
  170. These are fancy. THese are big boy stances. Very expensive, but every fun to use. As with all stances, no prompt. So be sure what you want before you get it.
  172. Dragon(500 RPP): +50% BP, +40% str and force, +20% end/res. Hybrid offense stance.
  174. Tiger(500 RPP): Cheetah 2, Devourer boogaloo. +50% str, +25% speed/force.
  176. Tortoise(500 RPP): -25% speed, 50% BP boost, 75% end/res boost.
  178. Phoenix(500 RPP): +50% BP, +75% Recov. Simple as that. You recover faster, you get stronger.
  180. Monkey(500 RPP): HEEHOO PEENUT! 2x speed, 1.75x off and def. For the love of god don't take this on a devourer. Koon already nerfed us once fellas.
  182. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  184. Sword Tier 1:
  185. Calm down, Trunks. We're not there yet.
  187. Air Render(50 RPP): Short sharp projectile attack with a sword. Simple as that. Has a cooldown, so no spam for you.
  189. Sweeping blade(100 RPP): AoE spin with your sword. spin2win, fellas. Deals damage to anyone caught in the area of effect.
  191. Arc slash(100 RPP): You cleave a couple of tiles in front of you, hitting multiple tiles at once. Nice against them leapy boys thatlike getting in your face, or for bullying slimes.
  193. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195. Sword tier 2:
  196. Calm down, Trunks. We're a little closer now.
  198. Bladed Flurry(200 RPP): 1.5x speed, 0.75x str Swing faster, but with less hurt behind em. Good for light attackers.
  200. Spin attack(200 RPP): Sweeping blade's bigger, angrier cousin. Has a wind up timer, but a much bigger AoE, and a neat ass knockback.  I punted myself like 7 tiles testing this against my devourer.
  202. Tipper(250 RPP): POKE FOR DECIMA! You pierce two tiles directly infront of you, with the ability to hit an enemy in both tiles. Pretty nifty for someone backing up.
  204. Scarring Breeze(150 RPP): Air render's bigger, badder cousin. You send an arc a few tiles wide forward in a projectile, ripping things apart. Deals nice damage.
  206. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  208. Sword tier 3:
  209. Get excited, Trunks. We're at the end.
  211. Tsunami Strike(500 RPP): Big WAVE! You launch a tsunami at the enemy. Large drain, but deals water damage, wide line skill.
  213. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215.  Buff tier 1:
  216. Bitch basic buffs, take a buff slot to use, lots of assortment here.
  218. Ki blade(500 RPP): Turns your forcie into a melee. Your melee attacks are based on force, not strength.
  220. Shield(500 RPP): Coat yourself in energy, reducing incoming damage from your energy rather than your HP. Good against forcies.
  222. Searing Heart(500 RPP): Support skill. Buff the strength of who you cast it on, costs mana.
  224. Zephyr Vision(500 RPP): Support skill. Buffs the off/def of a targeted ally. Costs mana.
  226. Stone skin(500 RPP): Support skill. Buff the endurance of a targeted ally. Costs mana.
  228. Ocean mind(500 RPP): Support skill. Buff the foce of a targeted ally. Costs mana.
  230. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. Buff tier 2:
  234. Expand(500 RPP): Buffs your muscles. The old Roshi method. Increases str/end but decreases speed and regen, as well as off/def. Can be trained to x4.
  236. Focus(500 RPP): Nuke your strength, for speed, force and resistance. Slightly better regen too.
  238. Lightning aura(500 RPP):  Removes movement delay, and makes you combo whether your attack misses or not.
  240. Earthen wall(500 RPP): Become tank, become slow. Increases end, at the cost of speed.
  242. Mist Veil(500 RPP): Defensive as heck. Increase your overall defenses and recovery, at the cost of offense.
  244. Shadow Walk(500 RPP): Vax bullied me with this once. Makes you very hard to hit, and causes your sprite to fade slightly. Uses 3 buff slots though.
  246. Raging soul(500 RPP): basically toggle anger. Similar to unleash fury for aliens. Depends on your anger mod.
  248. Kindred heart(500 RPP): Increase BP, str and def, but lose end.
  250. Blazing Wrath(500 RPP): Gradually take burn damage, for a major buff to BP. (Tested on a human, I tripled my BP with it.)
  252. Boosting wind(500 RPP): Get fast, lose stat. 1.2x str, 1.5x speed. 0.8x for, 0.7x off/def
  254. Warrior stride(500 RPP): MUH WARRIOR STRIDE! 1.35x str/end, 1.25x speed, 1.1x for, 0.8x res
  256. Mana Blitz(500 RPP): Massively increases your mana pool. You go, Gandalf.
  258. Shining Star(500 RPP): doubles your force, 0.65x str, doubles your off, 0.8x def Heehoo, forcie.
  260. Frost Veil(500 RPP): 1.3x str, 1.25x regen, 1.15x recov, 1.25x def, 0.8x off
  262. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  264. Buff tier 3:
  265. Kill me. These are armors, I roll my eyes at these personally, but hey they're buffs. THERE'S FAR TOO MANY! You uhhh, also can't power up while using some of these.
  267. Lightning Armor(750 RPP): 2x speed, 1.5x str, 1.25x def.
  269. STorm armor(750 RPP):  2x str, 2x force, 1.5x off, 1.25x def
  271. Magma armor(750 RPP): 1.5x end, 1.5x speed, 1.5x res. Harm anyone who hits you, ya dick.
  273. Ghost armor(750 RPP): Lets you phase through shit, 3x regen.
  275. Salt armor(750 RPP): Feed off the salt of others lmao. 1.25x str, 2x end, 2x res, 1.25x off
  277. Oxygen armor(750 RPP): 1.45x str, 1.45x end, 1.6x force, 1.6x res, 1.45x off, 1.45x def
  279. Blood armor(750 RPP): 1.5x str, 1.25x end, 2.25x off, 1.75x def
  281. Ice armor(750 RPP): 1.25x str, 1.25x end, 1.75x off, 1.5x def
  283. Silk armor(750 RPP): 1.5x str, 2x off, 2x def
  285. Mana armor(750 RPP): MASSIVE increase to mana (Up to 600 on a human)
  287. Wood armor(750 RPP): Gimme your wood, daddy. 2x str, 2x res, 1.5x def
  289. Bubble armor(750 RPP): more after images in after image strike, heavy shot has increased knockback.
  291. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. Misc tier 4:
  294. These are misc skills. Obviously. Duh.
  296. Sense(100 RPP): Couple levels to this, lets you sense more details about an opponent, and sense further and further away from you with each level.
  298. Super Explosion wave(1500 RPP): BOOOOOOOM! It's a shit tier self destruct. Deals massive damage to all in range. Relies on force for damage.
  300. Splitclone(1500 RPP): got no friends? This is the skill for you. Create a clone of yourself, Piccolo style. Not recommended to be used in a fight, but nice to train against. If you do use it during a fight, I respect you. Seriously.
  302. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  306. Writing this killed me. But, it's something we needed doing. I've covered everything to my knowledge of the game in this little guide here for the skill tree. I might have missed things, but I'm fairly sure I didn't. Remember these are subject to change, and more may be added in future, but as of 22/7/19 this is the most comprehensive guide I personally could muster. A few little tidbits for you.
  308. -Expensive doesn't mean good
  310. -None of these compare to actual sigs and tier S skills
  312. -Having a good skill doesn't make you good at verb
  314. -Your RP is more important than being the cool uberbadass. It's okay to take the L sometimes.
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