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  1. 146 Mushoku Tensei
  3. There once was a young girl, rescued some 200 years ago from a Labyrinth.
  4. However, that girl lost all her memory and emotions.
  5. Her identity unknown, but from appearance her race could be determined.
  6. Thus, that girl was dropped off at that race's village and begun her life there.
  7. The villagers happily welcomed that girl.
  9. That girl never regain her memories.
  10. But few years later, emotions did return to her.
  11. Soon that bright and cheerful girl fell for a boy of the village, and they became lovers.
  13. Soon they married, but from then a strange problem appeared.
  14. Her sexual appetite grew and grew.
  15. Every night she craved for him.
  17. The race that girl belonged to lacks strong sexual appetite.
  18. Inferior to human or goblins.
  19. Because of that, the boy often felt troubled, but still they lived a quiet life.
  21. Soon afterwards, that girl's body began to change.
  23. Starting from her first time with a boy, every time of the month, she gave birth to something.
  24. A magical crystal.
  25. A small and round magical crystal.
  26. Containing enormous magic power, it could be sold for a high price.
  27. With her husband they discussed it.
  28. Although it made him slightly uncomfortable, never less he accepts her.
  30. Afterwards, the boy sold the magical crystal in the city.
  31. The enormous sums blinded him... But it wasn't his fault, so don't blame the boy.
  32. Not particularly wealthy, nor did the girl work.
  33. At least, the boy did not treat that girl as a golden goose.
  34. They lived happily together.
  36. It happened 5 years later.
  38. The boy died.
  39. He was murdered.
  40. Carrying valuables so regularly, he was marked by human bandits, attacked, losing both life and money.
  41. The boy died, and that girl became a widow.
  43. Ten days after his death.
  44. That girl lost control of herself and attacked another boy in the village.
  45. She knew she shouldn't, yet she did.
  46. But the target didn't really mind, so the matter rests.
  48. Ten days passed.
  49. That girl attacked another boy.
  50. Another ten days, then another.
  51. That girl went wild, her actions exposed, and finally caught by the girls of the village.
  53. Thus she was cast out the village.
  54. Thereafter, she lived as a prostitute, a slave, and finally an adventurer, and even now she wanders the world.
  56. ---
  58. Listening to Elinalise's story was the first thing I did this morning.
  60. "... Pretty much that's my life's story."
  61. "I don't really need that much detail..."
  63. Honestly, I feel rather bothered by that story.
  64. ALl I really need is information about curses.
  65. Yet, Elinalise went ahead and told me everything.
  67. "I'm sorry for hiding this from you all this time."
  68. "Does... Cliff know about this?"
  69. "Of course, I told him everything before the wedding."
  70. "Right... and Sylphy?"
  71. "Sylphy doesn't know.  Her grandma was once a prostitute, isn't it better if she doesn't?"
  72. "I think Sylphy wouldn't mind something like this..."
  73. "Rudeus too, please don't look at Sylphy differently after hearing these things.  That girl may be of my blood, but she's just a normal girl."
  74. "Of course.  Me too."
  76. Elinalise is Elinalise, Sylphy is Sylphy.
  77. Still, with a past like hers, I can understand why she wasn't so forthcoming as Sylphy's grandma.
  78. Most people would probably look at her at a different light.
  79. What's past is past.
  80. One shouldn't run from one's past, but only I know of it is enough.
  82. "Well, in summary, what is this curse Elinalise speaks of?"
  83. "Magic crystallize within my body after fertilized by men.  Without sperm, magic will expand until I die.  That sort of feeling."
  84. "But, nothing happened in the first few years?"
  85. "I'm not very sure myself about that... But back then, my monthlies haven't start yet, so that might be the case."
  86. "Monthlies..."
  88. So it's related to menstruation.  Magic crystallized from her eggs?
  89. In that case, Zenith's curse is probably something different.
  90. Zenith already have two kids.
  91. I should check with Lilia, but Zenith should be 35 or so, so it's possible.
  92. Still, at least for now, nothing has happened.
  94. "Memory, did it ever return?"
  95. "No, still nothing."
  96. "..."
  98. Her memory never came back.
  99. So who Elinalise actually is, we may never know.
  100. It's still possible that she would suddenly know one day.
  101. But after 200 years, I doubt it.
  103. "Well, Zenith is different from 'that girl' back then.  At least right now, she seems to recognize her flesh and blood.  Maybe her memories can recover."
  104. "It'd be great if that's the case."
  106. I shouldn't be too opportunistic.
  107. Rather, I should just assume the worse and plan from there.
  109. "What about the curse?"
  110. "For now, no symptoms of like mine."
  111. "Right."
  112. "She probably... have a different curse."
  113. "Right."
  114. "Highly likely.  Do you have an idea?"
  116. Idea?
  117. Clues?
  118. Well.
  119. Maybe, maybe not.
  120. I don't have any clue for the curse.
  122. "Nothing."
  123. "Is that so.  Still, can't be too careful."
  125. Probably not a life threatening one.
  126. But as Elinalise said, there might be a trigger somewhere.
  128. "In other words, all we can do now is wait and see?"
  129. "Yeah."
  131. Not too opportunistic.
  132. Hopefully, nothing will happen to Zenith in the future.
  134. "That's everything I know.  I'm sorry.  There's a lot I don't want to talk about, so I was so late to tell you these things."
  136. Elinalise looks downcast after those words.
  137. Yeah, it's a little late.
  138. If it was someone else, he'd yell at her for not saying anything until now.
  139. But I can understand wanting to hide a dark past.
  140. Rather, I should be the one apologizing for hiding my past life.
  142. "No, it's obviously something hard to talk about, yet you told me anyways.  I'm really thankful."
  144. I hold out a hand to Elinalise.
  145. She hold it tightly.
  147. "Then, I'm heading back to Cliff's."
  148. "I'll take a break, then head over to check in with Nanahoshi."
  149. "Ah, then see you later."
  151. Elinalise left the room with those words.
  153. In the end, not much progress regarding Zenith.
  154. Although a curse is highly likely, at least so far nothing happened.
  155. Prepare for now, we'll deal with situations as they arise.
  157. ---
  159. After Breakfast.
  160. I sat by a long table in a room at the Sky Castle.
  161. Seated besides me are Nanahoshi and Cliff, and next to him Zanoba.
  163. Across me me sits Sylvaril of the Void.
  164. With jet black wings, an underling of Perugius.
  166. "Well, let's begin."
  168. Nanahoshi asked Perugius to tutor her in summoning magic.
  169. Having said that, under Nanahoshi's care we end up joining as well.
  170. Since the lessons start from the basics, the teacher isn't Perugius.
  171. Looks like we have to wait until the more advanced part before he makes an appearance.
  172. Right now, Perugius is probably having tea with Ariel.
  174. Although I don't know why exactly Ariel is so set on winning the throne, but having a goal is nice.
  175. I'll support her from behind.
  176. Since Sylphy is her friend.
  177. Although their stations may differ, but there's no such concept as equality in the first place.  It can't be helped.
  178. Since Sylphy and Ariel consider each other friends, then they are.
  180. Oh, I really pay attention to the lessons right now.
  182. "Then, first, just to make sure, what is summoning magic?"
  184. Sylvaril of the Void starts the lesson with a question.
  186. "Person over there..."
  187. "Cliff.  Cliff Grimoire."
  188. "Then, Cliff, answer.  What is summoning?"
  190. Summoning Magic comes in two types.
  192. The Enchantment type.
  193. Primarily has to do creation of magic tools.
  194. In other words, the art of drawing magic circles.
  195. This is Cliff's major and actively taught in Magic City Sharia.
  197. The Summon type.
  198. A way to summon something from this world.
  199. From the most basic creatures to smarter animals like cats and dogs.
  200. Domesticated and docile magical beasts.
  201. Low intelligence magic creatures like goblins and treants.
  202. Or call up the various spirits that dwell in this world.
  203. None of the teachers at Magic City Sharia know this magic, and only a few of the initiates at the Magic Guild are versed in it.
  204. Maybe an unknown country has monopolized the techniques.  Basically, no one teaches it at the Magic City.
  206. That's all I know about it.
  207. Cliff is probably the same and gave a similar answer.
  209. "... That's incorrect."
  211. To that, Sylvaril shakes her head to refuse.
  213. "Indeed, magic circles are indispensable for summoning magic.  But the art of magic circles itself can't be properly call summoning magic."
  214. "In other word, summoning is two of the latter?"
  216. I ask to confirm.
  217. This reminds me of when Roxy taught me magic.
  219. "Yes.  It's true that summoning come in two types."
  220. "Basically, Enchantment isn't one of them."
  221. "That's correct."
  223. Sylvaril continues the lecture.
  224. But there're no teaching supplies, no black boards.
  225. We're using feather pens to take down notes.
  226. This really feels like a lecture.
  228. "Summoning come in two forms, "Magical Beast Summoning" and "Spirit Summoning."
  229. Spirits exist in this world somewhere, but they seem to be rare.
  230. I only ever saw the Spirit of Light from my magic scroll.
  232. "What's the difference between them"
  233. "Magical Beast Summon is just as you think, it can summons creatures from various places.  But by an ancient covenant "man" cannot be summoned.  Besides that, it can summon any living thing of this world."
  235. All living things.
  236. Even dragons?
  238. "Ancient Covenant?"
  239. "A covenant passed down since the founding of summoning magic in this world.  No magic can defy this covenant."
  240. "I see."
  242. Man cannot.
  243. ... But, is it really impossible?
  244. Teleporting people, and summoning that person, what's the difference?
  245. Em, oh well.  Let's focus on the basics for now.
  246. Once we get there, I'll ask properly.
  248. "Sorry, please continue."
  249. "Okay.  With Magical Beast Summoning, it's impossible to summon any existence with greater magic power.  Even if it's done, it cannot be controlled."
  251. Ah, I read a story like this before.
  252. The book was "Shigu's Summoning Techniques."
  253.  witch named Shigu summoned an existence she cannot control, and was eaten alive.
  254. I have enough magic to probably summon anything, but doesn't mean I have to follow through.
  255. Indeed, I have no plans to summon anything that scary.
  256. Basically, I already have 3 pets at home.
  257. No point in calling another one.
  259. "Say, can we only summon living things?"
  260. "Yes.  We can't summon the dead."
  261. "No, not that.  Like things... For example, can I summon cloth from home?"
  262. "That's impossible."
  264. In other words, Roxy's panty is out of question.
  265. No, wait.
  266. Nanahoshi successfully summoned a baby bottle.
  267. So it isn't impossible.
  268. More like this is the limit of current technology of this world.
  269. Then Perugius met Nanahoshi and confirmed her results.
  270. So that's why Perugius and Nanahoshi end up working together.
  272. "May I continue?"
  273. "Ah, yes.  Sorry for the interruption."
  274. "No, questions shows you're paying attention."
  276. Sylvaril nods slowly and continues the lecture.
  278. "Spirit Summoning... is the magic of constructing spirits."
  279. "Constructing?  So they're made?"
  280. "Yes.  Using magic of the summoner to construct spirits of various attributes.  That is Spirit Summoning."
  282. Oh.
  283. In other words, those scrolls I been using.
  284. When I summon them, I'm really making the Spirit of Light myself?
  286. "Spirits have low intelligence.  They'll follow the summoner's every commands until their magic has been exhausted."
  287. "Can they refuse any commands?"
  288. "... If the magic circle has been especially designed that way, it might be possible."
  290. Ohh.
  291. Make it yourself, then it can be anything you want it to be.
  292. So it's almost programming.
  293. Eh?
  294. Basically programming, where have I heard that before?
  296. "That doesn't make sense."
  298. Cliff sounds unsatisfied.
  300. "You are Familiars of Perugius-sama, and He summoned you over 400 years ago, right?  Yet you're both intelligent and permanent.  Isn't that weird?"
  302. Oh, as expected of Cliff to get to the heart of the matter.
  303. Sylvaril nods with satisfaction.
  305. "About that, allow me to explain.  Perugius-sama's predecessor, the original Armored Dragon-sama, left behind the method of summoning 11 ancient spirits of both high intelligence and power.  But such powerful spirits only lasted a day.  It is Perugius-sama that developed a way to make it possible for them to exist as long as he lives."
  307. Sounds like a point of pride for her.
  308. Day long familiars becoming perpetual ones.
  309. Perpetual motion, no matter what world that's an incredible achievement.
  310. Eh?
  311. 11 ancient spirits?
  313. "Don't you mean 12?"
  314. "Right.  I'm not one of Perugius-sama's spirits."
  315. "You're not?"
  316. "That's right.  Perugius-sama rescued me during the Laplace Campaign.  Since then I have always served him.  I'm merely a Heaven Race."
  318. Heaven Race.
  319. Well, that makes sense, she got wings after all.
  320. Compared to rest of his underlying, she seems more like his confidant.
  321. Actually his lover... No, that's impossible.
  322. Not every relationship is about love.
  324. "Then, which will we be studying?"
  325. "We'll use Magic Beast Summoning as foundation, but Perugius-sama believes other worlds summoning is closer related to Spirit Summoning, so we'll touch up on that as well."
  327. Teaching both types?
  328. Looking forward to it.
  329. Summoning magical beasts from all over the world and open a zoo could be fun.
  331. "Then if possible, please teach us Spirit Summoning in detail as well."
  332. "I am also very interested in Spirit Summoning."
  334. Zanoba and Cliff both seem particularly interested in Spirit Summoning.
  335. Ah, that's right.  I get it.
  336. Programming.
  337. The heart of the automatic doll.
  338. When I saw it back then, I thought it looks like programming.
  340. In other words, with Spirit Summoning, it might be possible to complete the doll.
  341. But I imagine, if the Mad Dragon King Chaos left it unfinished, it can't be that easy...
  342. But, we should at least be able to take another step forward.
  343. But I don't know the specifics of where to even begin to apply such knowledge.
  345. "Well, let's start with the basics of Magic Beast Summoning.  First take a look at this magic circle--"
  347. While I was thinking, Sylvaril begins the lecture on basic summoning.
  348. I really should have studied up the basics on my on own rather than getting help.
  349. Well, a little late for that.
  350. Better now than never.
  352. In the end, I'm only 18 years old in this world.
  353. Compared to Zanoba.
  354. Who's already 25 or 26 by the time he enrolled, yet he still day and night practicing doll making.
  355. I need to follow his example.
  357. Anyways, right now, I'm definitely behind everyone else.
  358. After class, I need to do some self-study.
  360. "By the way, everyone, it's about time for lunch.  Please feel free to ask if you want something in particular."
  362. With that said, Sylvaril ends the lecture.
  364. ----
  366. Lunch.
  368. Last night various traditional cuisines from Asura Kingdom were prepared.
  369. Meat balls and potato boiled in vanilla soup.
  370. Wheat bread made with various whole grains.
  371. Basically the same as in the Magic City.
  372. It might look a little shabby for this castle, but it's simple and delicious.
  374. It might seem like traditional cuisine to us, but to Perugius, what he considers a typical meal at Asura Kingdom.
  375. Cuisine from 400 years ago.
  376. It is said, technology advances in war, food advances in peace.
  377. Food culture of the Asura Kingdom probably advanced quite a bit after 400 years.
  379. Although food was served individually, but I went to eat with Sylphy anyways.
  380. No matter how luxurious the room is, eating alone is lonely.
  381. I would never thought about that in my past life.
  382. I did ate breakfast alone, but it can't be helped.
  384. "Something from Milis?"
  385. "Ah, I want Shirone food."
  387. Cliff and Zanoba both suggest food from home.
  388. They probably feel little homesick.
  390. "I can do that.  That's fine."
  392. From behind her mask, Sylvaril's voice sounds gentle and accepts their requests.
  394. "Anything is fine."
  396. Nanahoshi responds.
  397. Does she not realize what an opportunity this is?
  398. I'm not a man that let an opportunity like this slip away.
  399. "Make the best use of the chance to its maximum," The man known as Red Comet once said. <ref>Char Aznable, Mobile Suit Gundam Z reference.</ref>
  401. "Vinegared white rice with sliced raw fish on top, are you familiar with that dish?"
  402. "Eh?  For reals?"
  404. Hearing me, Nanahoshi suddenly brightens up.
  405. But Sylvaril shakes her head.
  407. "No, I don't, but I prepare rice often."
  409. Nanahoshi looks disappointed.
  410. But now I'm excited.
  411. As long as we have rice, then any side dish would do.
  413. "How about adding chicken egg and flour in cold water, mixed well; add in shrimp, squid, and vegitables; then boil in hot oil?"
  414. "Never heard that before either, but we do have flour and eggs..."
  416. We have eggs!
  417. In other words, I can finally eat that!
  419. Well, no sushi and tempura.
  420. Then probably no sukiyaki either.
  421. We need cooking wine, rock sugar, and soy sauce for that.
  422. It won't be the real thing, but with ingredients, I think we can come up with something close...
  423. So it come down to soy sauce.
  424. The taste of Japan I long for comes down to soy sauce.
  426. "Then, a sauce made from fermented soy beans.  Does that exist?  Soy sauce, anything like that?"
  427. "Not in the castle."
  429. Sigh, none.
  430. Sure enough, this world, no soy sauce.
  432. "But I have heard of that sort of seasoning exists in Biheiriru Kingdom  <ref>ビヘイリル王国</ref>.  I can ask Arumanfi to check."
  433. "Yes!  Please!"
  435. Even troubling Arumanfi is fine.
  436. If it can be found, then he has to find it.
  438. ---
  440. A hour later.
  442. In the end, no soy sauce.
  443. Maybe a hour wasn't enough time for a comprehensive search.
  444. It's only to be expected, looking for ingredients right when right before cooking starts.
  446. No soy sauce.
  447. But.
  448. At least.
  449. Arumanfi did bring something else.
  450. Fermented from soy beans, a tea-colored edible.
  452. They call it "tofu" in this world.
  453. But I call it "miso."
  454. Because that's what it is.
  456. Biheiriru Kingdom... from memory, it's a country on the north-eastern corner of the Central Continent.
  457. Maybe, there, I can finally find soy sauce.
  458. I should visit one day.
  459. Ten years, twenty years, if an opportunity arise I will definitely visit there.
  460. I'll leave that aside for now.
  462. We have rice.
  463. We have miso.
  464. We even have fresh fish.
  465. No ginger or radish, but there is lemon.
  466. I have pickles too, but I might be pushing my luck.  So that'll have to pass.
  468. With ingredients we have, I try instructing Sylvaril the best I can.
  470. "Is this how you want it?"
  472. After a while, it finally arrives.
  473. Fresh cooked rise.
  474. Hot miso scallop soup.
  475. Also, grilled fish with lemons.
  477. Order for two.
  478. The other is for Nanahoshi.
  479. And I got a raw egg on the side.
  481. "It's nice to eat something like this every once a while."
  482. "... Well, I guess."
  484. The dishes look fantastic, but Nanahoshi doesn't look particularly pleased.
  485. As expected, just looking like Japanese food won't impress her.
  486. Ah, oh well.
  487. Regardless it won't come close to the taste of Japan.
  488. But it's kind of fun to try.
  490. "Give it a shot.  I'm digging in."
  491. "... I'm digging in."
  493. Nanahoshi furrows her brow and begins eating with spoon and fork.
  494. Doesn't look like she's enjoying it.
  495. She peels off some fish with a fork, squeezes a little lemon juice on it, and put it in her mouth.
  496. Then follow it up with some rice with her spoon and start chewing.
  497. And takes a sip from the miso soup directly its porcelain bowl.
  498. And she finally said.
  500. "This soup doesn't even have any dashi in it..."
  502. Tears flow out of her eyes.
  503. She didn't stop eating as she ate.
  505. To be honest, the food doesn't taste particularly good.
  506. The rice is dry, and the soup a tad salty.
  507. The fish is delicious, but a bit fishy, and the lemon doesn't match.
  509. The balance is off.
  510. Not really tasty.
  511. Japanese cuisine in our memory is much better than this.
  513. But Nanahoshi's hands keep moving, and her tears keep dropping.
  514. Eating quietly, and she soon finished.
  516. "... Thank you for the meal."
  518. With that, I am content.
  520. ---
  522. After the afternoon class, I return to my room.
  524. Summoning Magic class is quite interesting.
  525. Rather, Sylvaril is a good teacher.
  527. Today she didn't taught anything special in particular, but I might fall behind pretty soon.
  528. I need to study up while I still can.
  530. You know, I wonder how long these lessons will take.
  531. At this rate, maybe about a week?
  532. Although at school only homeroom is required to attend, and the rest is free time, but I don't want to stay away for home for too longer.
  533. I'm worried about Luci and how Zenith is doing.
  535. Well, I should focus on what's in front of me.
  536. All we can do for Zenith right now is observe her, and Aisha is taking care of Luci.
  537. What I should do now is review and prepare Summoning lessons.
  539. Knock knock.
  541. Just when I sit down on a sofa and take out my notebook, someone knocks on the door.
  543. "Rudi, you're in?"
  545. Sylphy comes in without waiting for my answer.
  546. After spotting me, she just wanders in and sat herself next to me.
  547. Then, she sighs.
  548. I take out a pitcher and pour a cup of water for her.
  550. "Tire?"
  551. "Thanks."
  553. Taking the cup, Sylphy empties it all in one shot.
  555. "Phew."
  557. She looks exhausted.
  559. "How was it?  On Ariel-sama's side?"
  560. "Ugh.  Well, it's been rough."
  561. "Really?"
  562. "Perugius-sama doesn't really care for anything Ariel-sama has to say."
  564. In an attempt to get Perugius in her camp, Ariel has been suggesting various incentives for helping her.
  565. Like offering him a title once she becomes queen.
  566. Or territory from Asura Kingdom.
  567. Or offering various concessions in business.
  568. Of course for Perugius, those things are long behind him.
  570. "Well, of course."
  571. "Really?"
  572. "Isn't Perugius-sama living here precisely to get away from those things?  Not just disinterested, he probably really hate them."
  573. ""Eh? I thought he said he lives here so he can always be ready for Laplace."
  575. Sylphy looks puzzled.
  576. Did Perugius say that?
  577. Well, maybe that's one of the reasons.
  579. "Besides, if he really wants power, then he could get it on his own.  After all, he's still the hero of Laplace Campaign.  Didn't Sylvaril say that he hates how old fashioned Asura is.  Offering those things would only annoy him."
  581. If he wants to, he can probably leave any time.
  582. Yet he lives in seclusion.
  583. Although I don't know the details, but there're probably reasons for that.
  585. "Really?  I guess so.  Ariel-sama is really anxious about this... Eh, Rudi, what do you think she should do?"
  586. "What to do..."
  588. I'm not good with these kind of things.
  589. But I think Ariel got off the wrong foot.
  590. Normally, don't you try to get to know each other first?
  591. Requests can come after that.
  592. If the other side felt troubled, then you can offer various concessions.
  593. All things, one step at a time.
  595. Ariel has charisma.
  596. Maybe that's why she always been able to convince others to her cause, without making that first step.
  597. So when she met someone undaunted by her charisma, she gets cornered.
  598. Nanahoshi, Perugius, both are like that.
  599. And me too, I suppose.
  600. I would help for Sylphy's sake, but for Ariel I don't really care.
  602. "First, how about befriend Perugius-sama better?"
  603. "Befriend?"
  604. "Right, talk about his hobbies, listen to his war stories, those kind of things."
  605. "Hobbies and war stories."
  606. "Bring Zanoba along might be a good idea.   Among us, he seems to like that guy the most."
  608. Zanoba and Perugius lead the conversation, and Ariel can join on the side.
  609. Perhaps that can get some results.
  611. "Oh.  Makes sense.  I'll tell Ariel-sama to give that a shot."
  612. "Don't take it too seriously? I could be totally wrong."
  613. "Haha, thanks for the advice."
  615. Sylphy finishes with a kiss on my cheeks.
  616. Feeling her supple lips, my decision to study flew out the window, perverted thoughts fill my head.
  617. Grab Sylphy right here, and let's make a second baby right on that bed...
  618. Those thoughts cross my mind.
  619. No, no.
  620. I can't be so impulsive right now.
  621. I need to study!
  622. Okay, how about stroke that ass a little? No, better not.
  624. "Say, how's things on your side?"
  625. "Oh.  It's like this."
  627. With the H Genie sealed, I talk about events of today.
  628. Zenith and her curse.
  629. Summoning magic.
  630. Also, the meal with Nanahoshi.
  632. "... Rudi is so nice to Nanahoshi."
  634. Sylphy looks a little displeased when I mention Nanahoshi.
  635. So eating alone with another woman is no good?
  636. Well, Zanoba was there too.
  637. Maybe I shouldn't have prepared something special for Nanahoshi.
  638. Not good, got to do something to make Sylphy happy.
  639. Sylphy needs to a reminder that the one I love isn't Nanahoshi, it's her.
  641. "Em, Sylphiette-san?"
  642. "Yes?"
  643. "May I have a hug?"
  645. Hearing that, Sylphy puffs her cheeks and turns her head.
  647. "Oh, playing nice all the sudden?  What's wrong?  Feeling guilty.?"
  649. Eh, eh?
  650. Why is Sylphy so cold today?
  651. What happened?
  652. Is she mad?
  653. Did I say something wrong?
  655. Burnout?
  656. We been married for almost 3 years now.
  657. The 3 year itch?
  659. No, how many years doesn't matter.
  660. What do I do now?
  661. Danger, danger.
  663. "Eh, sorry.  You always seem so excited whenever Nanahoshi comes up, so spoil me for a bit."
  665. Sylphy sticks out her tongue and hugs me tight.
  666. I return the hug.
  667. Feels so warm and soft.
  668. Feels just like Sylphy.
  669. Honestly, I might have done something that displeased Sylphy.
  670. But, I don't want her to hate me.
  671. Got to be more careful in the future.
  673. "If Rudi really want to make Nanahoshi-san your third wife, please don't just drop it out of the blue like Roxy.  Can we talk about it first?"
  674. "No, that won't happen.  My relationship with her isn't like Roxy and Sylphy.  Just that, I know a bit about where she's from, so I want to give her a hand.  There's nothing between us..."
  675. "Oh really?"
  677. Sylphy slaps me on the head with a smile.
  678. Then she pat me on the back before she head out.
  680. "Well then, I need to get back to Ariel-sama.  Do your best, Rudi."
  681. "Ah, oh.  You too, Sylphy."
  683. Not good.
  684. I was earnest, but without realizing it made Sylphy unhappy.
  685. This is bad.
  686. This is very bad.
  687. I need to keep my distance with Nanahoshi.
  688. I can't do too many things to please her.
  689. Okay.
  691. "Eh?"
  693. Opening the door on the way out, Sylphy suddenly stops mid-track.
  694. Nanahoshi is right outside.
  696. "Sorry, I didn't want to bother you two, but... Cough.. Cough..."
  698. Nanahoshi coughing roughly.
  699. Holding her chest and neck, she seems in serious pain.
  701. "Sorry.  I accidentally overheard your conversation.  Cough... I don't plan to have that kind of relationship with Rudeus, so please rest assure... Cough.."
  702. "Ah, oh.  That's fine.  More importantly, are you feeling alright?"
  703. "It's fi-... cough, cough."
  705. I never seen Nanahoshi in such a bad shape before.
  706. Like something is stuck in her throat, she keeps coughing.  How worrying.
  708. "A bit, just now, I start to have a really bad cough... cough... cough... So I been looking for someone to cast detoxication for me.  I went over to Cliff's, but they're... busy.   So I came over to find Rudeus... But if it will cause some misunderstanding, then I'll hold it and wait for Cliff tomorrow."
  709. "No, it's fine.  Don't worry about that..."
  711. Sylphy hurriedly grabs Nanahoshi by her shoulders.
  713. "Then, let me take care of it.  If it doesn't work, then we can have Cliff cast a Advanced one instead?"
  714. "Thank you very much, please do..."
  715. "Alright, first thing first."
  717. Sylphy gently places a hand on Nanahoshi's neck.
  718. She can voiceless invoke detoxification magic too.
  719. Something even beyond me.
  720. No, I should have that potential too.
  722. "Eh?"
  724. While thinking that, Sylphy looks puzzled and confused.
  725. Next moment, Nanahoshi's cough suddenly intensifies.
  727. "Cough.. Cough..."
  728. "Eh?  Feels... really weird?  Magic-ish... Eh?"
  730. Sylphy tilts her head and places her other hand on Nanahoshi's shoulder.
  731. Instantly, Nanahoshi's cough get even worse.  The situation is critical.
  733. "Hey, what's wrong?"
  735. Feeling anxious I ask.
  736. Nanahoshi covers her mouth.
  738. "Ugh.. cough!"
  740. Splat.
  742. "Eh?"
  744. Blood splattered over the floor.
  746. "Hey; hey!"
  747. "..."
  749. Nanahoshi looks stunned at her hand.
  750. Then, slowly opens her palm and show it to us.
  751. Her palm painted in red with blood.
  753. Immediately, Nanahoshi lost conscious and collapsed on the floor.
  755. "Eh?  WHy?"
  757. I'm not the only one in shock.
  758. Sylphy stands stunned, unable to comprehend what has happened.
  760. "Just now, I feel, in Nanahoshi... Why?  Eh?"
  762. Her face and hand splattered with blood, looking down at Nanahoshi on the ground.
  763. Her face pale white.
  764. I rush to her side.
  766. "SYLPHY"
  768. I yell out in a coarse voice.
  769. Sylphy's entire body trembles.  Fear in her eyes, she retreats several steps.
  771. "N-No!  It wasn't me!  I didn't do it."
  773. Sylphy has retreated into to a corner.
  774. I silently follow behind.
  775. With her back against the wall, realizing she has no where to run, she can only shut tight her eyes.
  777. "I might have said those words, but I was only joking around... Something like this... I would never do anything like this!"
  779. I talk out a handkerchief and dip it in some water (warmed with magic) and start whipping the blood off Sylphy's face.
  781.  "Eh?"
  783. Then I wipe off the blood on her hand.
  784. A patient's blood is a treasure trove of pathogens.
  785. Although I don't think just wiping would help, but leaving the blood there probably won't do.
  786. Sylphy offers no resistance.
  788. "Don't worry.  Sylphy.  I was watching.  It's not Sylphy's fault."
  789. "Oh, oh."
  791. I'm very calm right now.
  792. Seeing Sylphy in a panic somehow calms me back down.
  793. Maybe it hasn't settled in.
  794. For now, stay calm.
  796. "It's fine.  It's not Sylphy's fault.  Nanahoshi has been weak lately.  RIght?"
  797. "Em..."
  798. "This time you just have bad timing.  Caught her at her worst.  It's not Sylphy's fault."
  799. "... Em, em, but, just now, I felt, when I used magic, in Nanahoshi, something strange, detoxification, did not work at all... Not just that... it ballooned..."
  801. Nanahoshi on the ground, blood gushing from her nose and face.
  802. Unconscious.
  803. Situation critical.
  805. Sylphy is still a mess.
  806. Better to calm her down first.
  807. No, better to keep her busy at something.
  808. The best thing to stop someone from panicking is to give her a goal.
  810. "Listen carefully, Sylphy.  Cliff, Perugius-sama, go find someone and call him over."
  811. "Call?"
  812. "I will examine Nanahoshi's condition and do what I can.  Meanwhile, Sylphy go find help.  Can you do it?"
  813. "I-I can."
  815. Sylphy's eyes regain focus.
  816. Then, she heads to the door and rush out.
  817. Even though she has experienced a lot in her life, seeing blood so close up must still be quite a shock.
  818. Especially from someone she's in contact with.
  820. Even if she's jealous, Sylphy would never do something like that.
  821. But Sylphy could be impulsive sometimes...
  822. No, no.
  823. That's impossible.  Definitely impossible.
  825. "Okay."
  827. Stopping myself from overthinking, I turn towards Nanahoshi.
  828. Although there's little I can do here, I'll do what I can.
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