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  1. [16:48] <chewy456> I pinged out and never saw the rest of your message I am not quitting Minederp.
  2. [16:48] <chewy456> I shall never quit
  3. [16:49] <basketballdude> i thought u were going laxers server though
  4. [16:50] <basketballdude> ?
  5. [16:51] <chewy456> No no I was just checking it out to see how it looks
  6. [16:51] <chewy456> I ain't quitting minederp
  7. [16:51] <basketballdude> but i just looked on their website?
  8. [16:52] <basketballdude> Can I be admin or mod if I join?
  9. [16:53] <chewy456> Someone is impersonating me I swear  
  10. [16:53] <chewy456> I never said that
  11. [16:53] <basketballdude> no way.
  12. [16:53] <basketballdude> really?
  13. [16:53] <chewy456> Yes
  14. [16:53] <chewy456> I NEVER said that
  15. [16:53] <basketballdude> they also said this
  16. [16:54] <basketballdude> 9:58 pm chewy456 Sorry, once I log in I need to be sure I will be a mod/watchmen because I am guaranteed to be kicked from minederp
  17. [16:55] <chewy456> Why would I think I would be kicked from minederp and I NEVER TYPED THAT UP
  18. [16:55] <basketballdude> have u ever even been on the website?
  19. [16:56] <chewy456> No I
  20. [16:56] <chewy456> have never seen the Web Address nor Homepage :E
  21. [16:57] <basketballdude> how did u get the server ip then?
  22. [16:57] <chewy456> PMC
  23. [16:57] <basketballdude> pmc?
  24. [16:58] <chewy456> Planet Minecraft
  25. [16:58] <basketballdude> really?
  26. [16:58] <basketballdude> so if i look into it more. ur saying that will not be ur ip?
  27. [16:59] <chewy456> I went on it Once and that was just Now
  28. [16:59] <basketballdude> how did u get the website address?
  29. [16:59] <chewy456> PMC
  30. [16:59] <basketballdude> mhhmmmm
  31. [16:59] <chewy456> I Never bother to go to a Server's Website till I am on the Server
  32. [17:00] <basketballdude> ok.. so if i look into it and see the account made under chewy456
  33. [17:00] <basketballdude> it won't be under ur ip?
  34. [17:00] <chewy456> I NEVER MADE A ACCOUNT
  35. [17:00] <chewy456> I got on Website
  36. [17:00] <basketballdude> I'm asking u a question
  37. [17:00] <chewy456> It won't I NEVER MADE A ACCOUNT
  38. [17:00] <basketballdude> if i look up the ip of chewy456 on there. ur ip won't show up?
  39. [17:01] <basketballdude> ok
  40. [17:01] <basketballdude> then sorry for the bother
  41. [17:02] <chewy456> Sorry to get all mad
  42. [17:02] <chewy456> I just hate people accusing me for stuff I didn't do
  43. [17:03] <basketballdude> ok
  44. [17:07] <basketballdude> i don't know why you would lie.
  45. [17:07] <basketballdude> but i know you are now.
  46. [17:08] <chewy456> What...
  47. [17:08] <basketballdude> same ip buddy.
  48. [17:08] <chewy456> I Promise I never made a Accound
  49. [17:08] <chewy456> Account
  50. [17:08] <chewy456> SWEAR
  51. [17:10] <chewy456> Can I tell you something
  52. [17:11] <basketballdude> what?
  53. [17:11] <chewy456> Whenyou get on the Website it auto puts you  on recent users and I Never Registered on that Site I Promise Plz Trust me I didn't Register.
  54. [17:11] <basketballdude> its the same ip
  55. [17:12] <chewy456> I Promise you I Never made that post I wasn't on my computer at that time our Internet was down... I SWEAR
  56. [17:12] <basketballdude> explain how it was the same ip then.
  57. [17:13] <basketballdude> ok ill tell u what chewy456
  58. [17:13] <basketballdude> u tell me the truth about EVERYTHING right now, i will say nothing to ANYONE. if u don't... then its another story
  59. [17:15] <chewy456> Okay fine I will tell you this
  60. [17:16] <chewy456> I Made a Account thats it thats all I did I never made that post someone framed me making that post
  61. [17:16] <chewy456> I promise
  62. [17:17] <chewy456> I g2g to see my Grandma.
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