Half-Moon in Equestria 14

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  1. A poof of purple smoke anounces the arival of Trixie, who appears out of the middle of it. "Behold, the Great anmd Powerful Trixie is here to amase and confound with her immesurable magic powers." Sche calls out, in her perple wizards hat and robe. After some admittedly coll magic tricks, she calls out "Are there any here, who think they can match the Great and Powerful Trixie? How about you Twitlight? Do you think you can match Trixie in a contest of magic?"
  2. You take this as your cue, and Step into the light, your midnight blue cloak sparkling like the night sky, your halfmask the only thing visible under your hood.With a booming voice, you say "I will accept your challenge, Great and Powerful Trixie."
  3. You hear the croud gasp, and murmurs go through it as they see your apearance.
  4. "You think you can challenge the Great and Powerful Trixie?" she says with a sneer "Dont make Trixie laugh, you probably dont even have magic".
  5. showing a grin, or at least half of it, you hold up your hand and snap.
  6. A huge stream of fire shoots out, straight at Trixie, before angling upward and exploding with a resounding bang.
  7. Stepping towards the stage, you say "Then what, perchance what that?".
  8. Staring into her eyes as you approach, you can see her fuming before she says "Trixie will admit, that was a pretty good illusion, for a filly" The last bit comes out as a biting snap.
  9. "An' issusion is it" you say calmly, as you reach the front of the stage "you want to test that?".Holding up your hand, you point it directly at her.
  10. Her eyes widen before she quickly says "That is fine, It is true you have magic, so perhaps Trixie can have some fun today"
  11. "And your magic is impressive as well, Though I had a thought. Do you want to make this more interesting?"
  12. "Trixie is Intruiged, what do you have in mind?"
  13. Smiling again, you say "A contest, judged by an unbiased group of judges. Winner gets something from the loser of their choice"
  14. "What judges did you have in mind?" Trixie asks, looking skeptically at you.
  15. "A pair of Ponies, well experienced in magic, but have likely not had time to properly aquaint themselves with us, so there is no inclination either way."
  16. Considering for a moment, Trixie says "Trixie is fine with this, bring out the judges"
  17. "I appologise, but it will take a moment, But in the mean time, you can do as you will".
  18. Stepping into the crowd, you find Twilight and Spike. "Spike I'm going to need you to send a letter to Princess Celestia. Its urgent."
  19. "Of course, you can cound on me" he says, as you hand him the letter.
  20. He immediately incinerates it, and the smoke floats away quickly to Canterlot.
  21. "What did the letter say Anon?" Twilight asks, looking at you confused.
  22. "Simple, it said *Dear Princess Celestia and Pricess Luna
  23. It would please me if you would be so kind as to Act as judges for a Magic competition between Trixie and I. I know how you would both enjoy seeing more of my powers, and what better way than a contest. The problem is, you would have to get here in the next five minutes. Please reply with much haste.
  24. Sincirely Anonymous*".
  25. Twilights eyes go wide, before she says "You cant be serious, there's no way the Princesses would come here with only a five minute warning for just a magic show."
  26. "Trust me" You say, runnig your hand through her mane "They will come".
  27. Twilight looks doubtfull, until spike burps up a scroll. Handing it to you, you open it, and it reads simply *ok*.
  28. Smilling you roll up the scroll and step back towards the stage.
  29. "Trixie, the judges are on their way, and should be here in 5 minutes. In the meantime I propose we prepare, so we may both bring our greatest spells to bear".
  30. Nodding, Trixie steps backstage and you hear papers rustling. Stepping off to one side, you begin the process of making a large enough transmutation circle to make the golem armor.
  31. After a few minutes you hear some ponys gasping and pointing at the sky. there you se two clouds of magic, one pinkish, the other a deep blue like your cloak.
  32. When the two clouds land, you hear gasps, and the sound of shuffling as everyone bows, Including you. Looking up, you see The two Princesses Standing there Regaly.
  33. "Most Honoured judges, it is a pleasure to have you here on such short notice." You say, lowering your hood to properly reveal your mask.
  34. Hearing you address the judges, Trixie walks out, before her jaw drops from seeing the Princesses. "M-most Honoured Princesses, Its an honour for The Great and Powerful Trixie to perform for you".
  35. Nodding their heads, Celestia speaks up "Citizens of Ponyville, as well As Trixie and Anonymous. As most of you know, Anonymous is new to this country, and his magic is unusual, so When he asked me and my Sister to observe and judge a magic contest, We readily agreed. Seeing his Opponent, I can see we will have a good show, and we will be able to accurately compare Unicorn magic with Human Magic".
  36. Luna's voice booms out "If all are ready to proceed, It would be my pleasure to declare The contest started".
  37. Stepping back, you motion to Trixie and state "Ladies first".
  38. She humphs, before she casts her first spell.
  39. A bolt of light shoots out of her horn in the air, before bursting into smaller ones that weave around until *Trixie* is spelt in the air. this hangs for a minute before fading.
  40. She looks at you smugly.
  41. Shaking a circle loose from your robe, keeping it hidden in your hand, you press it into the ground, before pulling up, causing a spire of crystal to rise from the ground, catching the sunlight and spray rainbows over every surface. Pushing it back down, the rainbows fade and you give a small bow.
  42. Her next trick involves her levitating herself as well as a number of crowd members up, and causing them to orbit her. As she sets the crowd members down, you reach up to your mask.
  43. Pulling of your mask, you subtly run your fingers along the circle hidden on the inside.
  44. once everyones attention is back on you, you take and crush the mask between your hands, before throwing it out as a small group of golden butterflys. the butterflys flutter aroun, before landing on the two princesses, quite content to sit there.
  45. She counters by removing her hat and having a flock of birds fly out, before vanishing in a poof of purple smoke.
  46. 'Time to get serious' you think to yourself.
  47. Stepping off the stage, you sit on the circle you drew earlier. Placing your hands on it, you force energy into it, making it glow, before you are enveloped in a dirt coccoon. inside a large amount of dirt, and your cape adjust on your back, turning into a pair of wings theat would respond and remain, as long as you were concious.
  48. Outside the crowd could see the dirt shell crack, before you burst out, flaring your new wings. The crowd gasps, as they see that your new wings look exactly like Luna's.
  49. Everypony looks back at the Princesses, and see that they are fine. This causes them to cheer louder than they had with all the other tricks.
  50. Giving your new wings a few good flaps, blowing up a small breeze, you look over at a stunned looking Trixie.
  51. With a barely audible growl, she prepares her next trick. You can see her focus, her horn growing brighter and brighter as magic flows into it. When she releases her spell the effects are astonishing. A wave of light washes over everything, and everyone starts to float up like there is no gravity. You can see everyone float around for a bit, before gravity slowly returns.
  52. After everypony has safely landed, Trixie looks over at you smugly, though you can tell she is exhausted.
  53. 'ganna have to do this in one go now' you think.
  54. Slowly walking around the group, you use the paper circles to draw a larger circle around the group with room at the edge. You stand in the middle of the circle.
  55. Sitting down, you begin pumping mass amounts of energy into the circle. As you do, a glass dome forms over the area, and it slowly begins to rise. it soon picks up speed, and after a minute, the dome is about 3 kilometers high at this height, you bring it to a slow stop, and everyone rushes to the sides to see out. After another minute of holding it there, you begin letting it down, causing everyone to feel lighter, because of reduced gravity effects. nearing the ground you feel the last of your energy being drained. You have just enough time to touch down, and remove the bubble, before you black out.
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