The Cuddly Amazon [Complete!]

Mar 4th, 2014
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  1. >You are anonymous
  2. >Well technically, you're just a kid going through high school, in love with a girl who was way out of your league
  3. >But it wasn't like she'd notice your scrawny, virgin ass anyway
  4. >So you were effectively anonymous
  5. >Unfortunately, you mentioned that to a friend, who spread it around like AIDS in Africa
  6. >So now, you were anonymous and Anonymous all at the same time
  7. >And that girl you were after didn't even know your nickname, let alone your real name
  8. >No, it was of course a different chick who wanted your D
  9. >Not an insanely unnatractive one like that Rarity bitch, but still just not your type
  10. >For one thing, she had at least a head of height on you, arms the size of your thighs, and thighs about the size of a tree trunk
  11. >It was like someone had given Chun-Li a rainbow coloured hair do and put her in sportswear that barely fit
  12. >Like X Tekken, but not cancer inducing terrible
  13. >But no matter what character that had more porn drawn of her than any other in the world, or painfully bad video game you compared her to, it didn't detract from the truth
  14. >This amazon of a woman was after the dick, your dick
  15. >You'd seen Futurama, you knew where this would end up
  16. >So you did your best to both humour her, and do the thing that women always did to you, stick her in the friend zone
  17. >And for the most part, she complied
  18. >But sometimes she got a little...feely
  19. >But no matter, today she was nowhere in sight and you could enjoy the latest installment of A Song of Ice and Fire in peace
  20. >Which one of the few good, sympathetic characters left would get killed off this time, you wonder to yourself as you open the cover
  21. >Mmmm, that new book smell
  22. >The smell of paper, plastic and...a slight hint of sweat and perfume?
  23. >Maybe a sweaty chick got it first or something
  24. >Eugh, you'd have to be sure to wash your hands after reading it
  25. >Suddenly, you're grabbed from behind and put into a headlock
  26. >For an instant you freeze in fear, so it had come to this
  27. >You break down blubbering at the pressure exerted on your weedy neck
  28. "Oh god please no! My wallet's in the bag, and so's my laptop! Just take it and leave me alone!"
  29. >A throaty chuckle comes from behind you and the pressure relaxes, but you notice a new one around your chest
  30. >And then your vision goes dark as a soft, massive hand is placed over your eyes
  31. >"Guess who, Anonymous?"
  32. >Oh son of a bitch
  33. "God dammit Rainbow Dash, you almost made me piss myself!"
  34. >She laughs again and ruffles your hair
  35. >"Oh come on, you were just doing egghead stuff anyway. It's nothing you can't or don't do every day you're here, right?"
  36. >Oddly enough, the gigantic beast of a  woman had a good point
  37. >You spent almost every lunch hour sitting in the library, just reading or doing homework
  38. "Fine, you win. What do you want to do, Dash?"
  39. >She makes a show of thinking, scratching her chin and looking into the distance
  40. >Finally, she snaps her fingers
  41. >"I got it, let's do dodgeball!"
  42. >Something in your mind snaps and you try to scramble over the table, away from the insane woman trying to get you to play that bloodsport
  43. >Unfortunately, she's far quicker than you and scoops you into a bear hug before you even clear your chair
  44. >As you struggle against her you, by no choice of your own, feel exactly what the composition of her body is
  45. >You knew she was absolutely ripped, and you had been expecting a layer of diamond hard rock, with the same feeling as laying on a linoleum floor
  46. >But, while you can certainly feel the muscle that is so well defined against her skin, there is a thin layer of fat over her curving body
  47. >It's not the kind that you'd find on that fat slob Pinkie, whose diet consited mostly of candy, but the kind that would go on a rugby player
  48. "Hey, Dash. What sports do you play again?"
  49. >She seems startled by your question and takes a moment to respond
  50. >"Uh, I do javelin throw, hammer toss...Oh! And I love rugby! Nothin' quite like stomping another chicks ugly face into the mud."
  51. >She chuckles cruely and you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach
  52. >"Alight, Anon, let's get going!"
  53. >With that, she starts carrying you towards the gym, slung over her shoulder like a sack of meat
  54. >This was going to be a bad day...
  55. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. >You stand across the gym floor from an athletic giant gripping a ball the size of your head and grinning like a maniac
  57. >You gulp and hold your ball to your chest and stare at your opponent, occasionally flinching at her slight movements
  58. >Rainbow Dash calls across the room to you
  59. >"Hey, Anon! Let's make this more interesting!"
  60. >Your eye twitches a bit and you yell back at her
  61. "More interesting than balls flying at my head with the velocity of an unladen swallow? How could you possibly manage that?"
  62. >She stares blankly at you, clearly not getting it
  63. >Uncultured bitch
  64. >"Loser has to do whatever the winner wants for the weekend!"
  65. >You could see where this was coming from miles away
  66. "Why the hell would I agree to that?"
  67. >She grins with a vengeful look
  68. >"Because if you don't, I'll make you my bitch for the rest of the year, by force!"
  69. >Well shit
  70. >Then again, if that wasn't motivation, you didn't know what was
  71. "Fine, whatever. Let's just get this shit over with."
  72. >And without warning, a ball smashes into onto your face and drops you on your ass
  73. >You drop your own and grip your possibly broken nose, opening your eyes and glaring across the floor through thetears of pain
  74. "What the fuck, Dash?"
  75. >She just grins and tosses a ball up and down
  76. >"First to three hits wins. And you did say go."
  77. >With that, she whips the ball at you with roughly the force it takes to smash through concrete
  78. >You roll to the side and manage to avoid it, standing as soon as you can
  79. "Missed bit--!"
  80. >The follow up ball slams into your shoulder and spins you about, depositing you where you had just been
  81. >"That's two! I can't wait to have a little slave of my own."
  82. >No more, time to get serious
  83. >You spring up and grab the ball nearest to you
  84. >No boundaries had been set, so you charge like the William Wallace, screaming as if you were trying out for a metal band
  85. >You don't even see what hits you, all you know is that one second you're close enough to see the dribble of sweat running into Dash's cleavage, and the next you're sprawled on the ground with a curious, circular imprint on your cheek
  86. >When you finally find the willpower to get up, you see Rainbow Dash standing above you, holding a ball in one hand and extending the other to you
  87. >Well, at least she was a good sport about it
  88. >You take her firm, but soft hand and have your arm nearly torn from your socket as she pulls you to your feet
  89. >You wince and rub the shoulder, and to her credit, Rainbow Dash blushes and mumbles an apology
  90. >"Well, uh. Looks like I won! I'll expect you over at my place at eight with whatever you need to live away from home for three days."
  91. >Wait what?
  92. "What the fuck are you talking about, Dash?"
  93. >She gives a toothy, gloating grin
  94. >"I won, you're my slave for the weekend. My LIVE-IN slave."
  95. >You're fucked
  96. >That's it, your life is completely over, you'll never recover from this one
  97. >Your shoulders slump in defeat and you begin the long walk to your locker, and Dash calls after you
  98. >"Hey Anonymous! Don't be late!"
  99. >Shit
  100. >Four hours later, you're standing outside your new masters house with a duffel bag in your hand and a scowl on your face
  101. >You'd made the excuse that you needed to work on a big project with your friend so you were staying over the weekend to do so
  102. >Whether they believed you or not didn't matter, you'd be out of there soon enough anyway
  103. >With dread twisting your guts, you knock on the door to the flat
  104. >Rainbow Dash pulls the door open and stands in the doorway, filling it quite entirely
  105. >"Perfect, right on time! Come on in, I've got dinner cooking right now."
  106. >She heads back inside with you in tow, wondering why she was making dinner this late
  107. >As though reading your mind, she pipes up from inside the kitchen
  108. >"I go to the gym around six, usually, for a couple hours and I don't want to workout on a full stomach. So it's always late dinners for me."
  109. >You look around the living room you're standing in
  110. >It's fairly small, but then it is a flat
  111. >There's a big, tube TV as the centerpiece, with an old Xbox and Dreamcast plugged into it, and a bookshelf full of games
  112. >The area is otherwise fairly spare, a simple loveseat couch across from the TV and an end table with a picture of three people, family members you assume, smiling at the camera
  113. >Something half hidden behind the couch catches your eye though
  114. >You walk over to check it out, and what you find makes you drop your back, and pop a boner, in shock
  115. >Sitting there, behind the couch and gathering dust, is a contol console for Steel Battalion
  116. >A closer inspection reveals it to be from one of the originals, instead of the copies, increasing its rarity that much more
  117. >Dash walks back in carrying two plates of delicious smelling chicken and rice, but pauses when she sees what you're looking at
  118. >"I-it's not what you think!"
  119. >You brush the dust of the controller and look up at her with amazement in your eyes
  120. "It's an original Steel Battalion controller! This is fucking awesome Dash, why didn't you invite me over sooner?"
  121. >The blush deepends and she sets the food down on the end table
  122. >"W-well, I kinda're just always busy."
  123. >Oh, right
  124. >Well no matter, the food looked delicious at least
  125. "Sorry about that. But hey, let's eat!"
  126. >She smiles and hands you the plate of food, which you eagerly dig into
  127. >The chicken is spiced in such a way that makes your tastebuds tingle in pleasure, and the rice is a mixture of wild and brown, spiced with curry
  128. >It was amazing
  129. >When you're finished, about two minutes after Dash who had been staring at you since her fork had been put down, you wipe your mouth and smile
  130. "That was delicious! Man, I really should have come over sooner."
  131. >An odd thought crosses your mind, odd not from its nature but from th moment it came up
  132. "Hey Dash, where're your parents? I figure they'd be home by now."
  133. >Her face breaks from geniunely cheerful to a weak, forced smile of false reassurance
  134. >"Oh, uh...they kicked me out a while ago. I had this phase where I was all into chicks and kinda brought my girlfriend home, and well...Here I am!"
  135. >She laughs nervously and looks down at the couch
  136. >"My grandpa though, he was cool. He's the one that pays the rent on this place, and I work for the food. I taught myself everything about house stuff I know."
  137. >You smile nervously, clearly this was a touchy subject
  138. >You give her a gentle punch in her massive shoulder to snap her out of the little trance she's in
  139. "So, uh. I'm you're slave now, I guess. What d'you want me to do first?"
  140. >She snaps back to reality and goes back to the aloof, grinning Rainbow Dash you knew and tried to avoid when possible
  141. >Right. Go get some drinks from the fridge. I'll take a Guinness, you can have whatever. Oh, and pop a bag of popcorn into the microwave. It's in the cupboard above the fridge."
  142. >You stand a give her a silly bow, which makes her giggle in the biggest display of girliness you've seen from her, ever
  143. "Your will be done, mistress."
  144. >With that, you walk into the kitchen to find the items
  145. >You hear Dash get up and walk down the hallway, pressumedly to her room for something
  146. >Whatever
  147. >You open the fridge and know immediately that the weekend wouldn't be too bad
  148. >There's more alcohol in here than food
  149. >It takes you a good minute to find Rainbow's Guinness, and decide to take one for yourself as well
  150. >You set the stout on the counter and grab the popcorn, which was exactly where it was said to be, to pop in the microwave
  151. >You set the timer and let it go, taking  a moment to lean against the sink and think
  152. >Dash didn't seem like too bad of a person, just a little over eager
  153. >You probably wouldn't have a hard time getting along with her, if it wasn't for her constant advances on you
  154. >Sure, maybe some might call you a faggot, but you just weren't into girls that could bench five of you
  155. >But you wonder what exactly she would have planned for this weekend, and you prayed that it wouldn't end with your death by crushed pelvice
  156. >The thought makes you shudder, and the microwave chimes that it's done
  157. >You take a silver bowl from what you pray is the clean side of the sink, recover the popped corn, and pour it into the bowl
  158. >Rainbow Dash tromps up the hallway and you can hear the squeak of tortured springs as she hops onto the couch
  159. >You walk back in, beer and popcorn in hand
  160. >She's laying across the couch, feet comically sticking out over the end and into empty air, in flannel pyjamas that were, somehow, too large for her
  161. >"Just set the stuff down on the table and get over here, Anon."
  162. >She raises a remote and flicks on the TV
  163. >The Jungle Book, the old Disney film not the live action one, is already playing, though is only at the intro
  164. >You sit down by Dash's legs, barely having enough room to fit the edge of your ass on the cushion
  165. >"Oh no you don't."
  166. >She pounces like a spider and drags you into a spooning position, as the little spoon
  167. >Your hands unconsciously move to cover your balls and you curl up a bit tighter as Dash squeezes you like a favourite teddy bear
  168. >The worst part, to your mind, is that it's not entirely unpleasent
  169. >While more muscular than Rowdy Roddy Piper, she has a thin layer of fat over it
  170. >Not enough to be obnoxious mind you, but it's enough to make a difference in comfort
  171. >Instead of a slab of marble, being cuddled by her is more like have a firm mattress snuggles against you
  172. >Albeit, one with tits better placed in a bowling alley
  173. >You find yourself pressing closer against you as the movie goes on, especially near the end at the confrontation with Shere Khan
  174. >When he pounced at Mowgli, after that oh so eloquent count, you flinched and pressed against Rainbow Dash
  175. >Her grip tightened slightly, and one of her hands found its way into stroking your hair
  176. >This was terrible, to you
  177. >You were being immasculated, well more than usual, by her
  178. >What was worse is that it didn't feel bad, you felt comfortable, warm, and safe when you were in her arms
  179. >Your brain viscerally rejected it, but your body told you it was all good
  180. >Dash, for her part, didn't let go even after the credits were rolling
  181. >Instead, her fingers started stroking your cheek and neck, and she started nibbling on your ears
  182. >Finally, your brain kicks your body in the blue balls it was quickly developing and you spring against her grasp
  183. >She reluctantly lets go and you turn to face her with a deep bow
  184. >You had to play the role of slave, at least
  185. "Mistress, it is very late. We should get to bed. Would you like me to tuck you in, perhaps a good night kiss?"
  186. >She yawns, smiles and stands up before picking you up like a child
  187. >"You're right, it is time for bed. But for you too, not just me."
  188. >Of course, you can do nothing
  189. >You simply relax and go with the flow of things
  190. "Yes, mistress."
  191. >She smiles and tousles your hair, to which you grimace
  192. >You yawn as she opens the door to her room and pushes into the dark niche
  193. >You feel yourself being set down, and the weight of her settles behind you
  194. >She hugs you again and runs her fingers through your hair and across your cheeks
  195. >Weariness begins to overtake you and you begin to nod off
  196. >Before you sleep though, you feel her arms encircle your midriff and it gives you one last conscious thought
  197. >Oh god, what have you got yourself into
  198. --
  199. >You awaken to the sound of birds twittering
  200. >Silly birds, you can't use phones!
  201. >Nuzzling back into the Nanachi dakimakura you seem to have wrapped your arms around, you begin drifting back to sleep
  202. >Wait a minute
  203. >As much as you've wanted one, you don't have a dakimakura
  204. >And despite how good this one smelled, it definitely wasn't fluffy enough to be the Bun
  205. >Cracking open your sleep caked eyes, you can't help the sudden gasp as you finally realize your predicament
  206. >Memories of last night wash away any grogginess you feel, the last feeling of Rainbow Dash making you her unwilling teddy bear
  207. >And now you find yourself cuddling her arm
  208. >It definitely wasn't your fault!
  209. >She was the one who put it there after all
  210. >Your body just naturally moved there without any input, so totally, mostly her fault
  211. >A stiffening of muscles and movement behind you alerts you to the fact that Dash is waking up
  212. >You freeze, not sure whether it's better to pretend you're asleep or not
  213. >A warm breath tickles your ear as Dash whispers
  214. >”Hey Anon, you awake?”
  215. >Still embarrassed about how you'd found yourself, you hesitate to respond
  216. >Clearly she takes it that you're still asleep, and begins to gently stroke your hair like she had last night
  217. >Touching you so intimately, and without your consent no less
  218. >Irredeemable!
  219. >...
  220. >As emasculated as you may feel, or whatever weird churning it made in your chest
  221. >It felt nice to have such a gentle touch on your head
  222. --
  223. >After a few minutes of her gently petting you, you decide it's time to actually start the day
  224. >You let go of Rainbow Dash's arm and stretch your limbs out in front
  225. “Morning, Dash.”
  226. >Her arm tightens a bit around your chest, not enough to start choking you at the very least
  227. >It does seem she was mostly conscious of just how strong she was
  228. >Mostly
  229. >”Did you sleep well, Anon?”
  230. >You feel prickles of heat ripple across your face
  231. >Frankly it had been one of the most relaxing rests you'd had in a long time
  232. >But you couldn't just come out and say that!
  233. “S'alright, how about you?”
  234. >Dash's grip tightens further and she nuzzles against your longish hair
  235. >”It was the best sleep I've had in years! You make a great teddy bear.”
  236. >Without waiting for you to respond, she sits up and stretches out with a loud yawn
  237. >You hazard a glance and your breath catches in your throat at the sight
  238. >The early morning sun streaming through a crack in the curtains makes a spectacle of your rather massive bed partner
  239. >The light catches in the rippling flow of her well defined back muscles, hardly any of which was hidden by the tank top she was wearing
  240. >Far from being weird or masculine, it was quite flattering
  241. >From behind, you could see that she was really a stunning beauty, and clearly she worked hard to be that way
  242. >A shake of your head sends those thoughts scattering
  243. >This was still Rainbow Dash, queen of the Amazons, Destroyer of Spines
  244. >No matter how shapely her body, how hypnotizingly flowing the lines of her muscles...
  245. >A poke to your cheek pulls you out of your trance
  246. >”You see something you like, Anon?”
  247. >She's close!
  248. >You jolt backwards at your sudden realization of her proximity
  249. “Uhh, just looking out the window. Sunrise you know? I'm not usually up this early.”
  250. >A yawn punctuates your totally truthful statement
  251. >Dash lets out a quiet giggle and stands up off the bed
  252. >”Well get used to it, this is sleeping in by my schedule!”
  253. >This weekend really was going to be hellish
  254. >You follow her lead and get out of bed, half of your brain trying to drag you back to the warm covers
  255. >Dash has already begun a routine of stretches, oblivious to your being in the room
  256. >”Instead of staring, you could join in you know?”
  257. >Well maybe not so oblivious
  258. “What for, exactly? I thought I was here to be your 'slave' or whatever. You know, doing your homework or cooking or something.”
  259. >She twists about to face you, still stretching all the while
  260. >”Well yeah, but it's no good if you can't keep up with me. Besides, what kind of mistress would I be if I didn't keep you in tip top shape? Now get stretching.”
  261. >With a heavy sigh, you begin following Rainbow Dash through her routine
  262. >Immediately you find yourself struggling with even the most basic movements she's making
  263. >You knew that you weren't exactly in shape, but this was embarrassing
  264. >By the end of it, you're breathing far harder than you should be
  265. >Dash seems entirely uncaring, giving you a slap on the back
  266. >”Good warmup huh? Alright, time to run. You brought some gym clothes right?”
  267. >You give her a look of disbelief, of course you hadn't
  268. “I wasn't exactly planning on becoming a fitness junkie like you while I was here, Dash.”
  269. >She crosses her arms and pouts, looking for all the world like a giant toddler
  270. >With a long suffering sigh, she waves a hand and starts walking out the door
  271. >”Fine, fine, I'll figure it out later. Can you handle cooking breakfast at least? It's Saturday so go for a full spread, I should have some eggs, bacon, and whatever else in the fridge.”
  272. >With that, she's out the door
  273. >There wasn't even a chance for you to tell her that you burn water
  274. >Still, you weren't about to let that stop you
  275. >As you walk into the kitchen, you pull out your phone and start looking up instructions on a simple breakfast
  276. >Even though it would be easier to screw it all up just to spite her, it wasn't like you hated her
  277. >Hell, she really could be cool, she was just....overbearing
  278. >This occupies most of your thoughts as you begin making breakfast
  279. >It was actually pretty easy, all told, so you could really think about things
  280. >As sausages and acon sizzle away in the pan, your thoughts drift back to how she had been the night before and in the morning
  281. >It was clear she liked you, but besides the casual contact hadn't made any advances
  282. >Was she nervous about how you'd react?
  283. >Around school she was always laid back and up front, never mind being widely regarded as the singular force that led the rugby team to two championship cups
  284. >But with you, there had always been a kind of tension
  285. >As blunt as she had been, her actions towards you seemed almost forced sometimes
  286. >The awkward wordplay she tried her best to make clever (it wasn't), the sudden hugs from behind and near as sudden distance when you actually started talking
  287. >It wasn't a question of whether she was insecure, but why she was
  288. >Your train of thought comes to a pause as you takes the meat out of the pan and place it onto a plate and immediately put it in the preheated oven to keep warm
  289. >You crack a few eggs, then a few more into the greasy skillet and are rewarded with the pleasant scent of a good breakfast
  290. >Thinking about it, it would be the first time in a couple years since you'd eaten anything but toast in the morning
  291. >Always waking up either fifteen minutes before class started, or at noon, didn't leave much time for great food
  292. >In fact, now that you're really on this, your diet has been pretty terrible for a long time
  293. >No wonder you'd been winded just from a basic stretch routine
  294. >It probably didn't help that, besides walking to school and back, you did little to no exercise
  295. >As you take the now cooked eggs from the pan and lay them out on a pair of plates, you make a small decision
  296. >It couldn't hurt to at least TRY to get fit with Dash
  297. >You'd get healthier, and maybe she'd be less weird and awkward around you
  298. >Everyone could win!
  299. >You dig some orange juice out of the fridge and make sure it hasn't expired before pouring it in a pair of glasses
  300. >Just as you get the table set, the front door slams open and shut, announcing Rainbow Dash's return
  301. >As she walks into the kitchen, flushed from her run, you open your arms wide in presentation
  302. “Your breakfast is ready, mistress!”
  303. >Her eyes flit from you, to the table spread, and back again before she moves closer to you and towers high above your head
  304. >After a second of stillness, she wraps you in a bear hug and laughs
  305. >”It looks great Anon! I'm glad you didn't burn down the kitchen at least.”
  306. >Despite her just having finished a run, she's nowhere near as sweaty or smelly as one would think
  307. >And despite the suddenness of the hug, it's actually quite pleasant
  308. >Less stiff than usual at least
  309. >You return the hug with less enthusiasm than she had begun it and pat her back
  310. >She releases you almost immediately and steps back, her face more red than before
  311. >”Sorry about that, let's eat!”
  312. >Almost as soon as she sits down, she spears one of the three eggs from your plate and wolfs it down
  313. >You roll your eyes at her
  314. “Come on Dash, I made three for each of us. Even though it's early I'm still hungry dammit!”
  315. >She shakes her head and finishes her mouthful of food, using her fork to gesture
  316. >”Routine, Anon; I eat four eggs at least for breakfast. It's all pre-planned and well balanced so I can stay constant in weight and in good health.”
  317. >You blink, momentarily stunned by the serious tone she'd suddenly taken
  318. >She usually seemed to not have a care in the world about anything besides sports
  319. >It makes sense that fitness and sports would go hand in hand, but it was still surprising that she took it this seriously
  320. >You notice her face flushing as she looks down and stuffs more of the breakfast in her mouth
  321. >Well, you suppose it's time you had a taste of your own medicine anyway
  322. >With that, you take a bite of the eggs
  323. >Your eyes widen at the sudden burst of flavour
  324. >You'd been skeptical when the recipe called for the eggs to be cooked in the bacon grease, but it was hard to argue with the utterly delicious results!
  325. >Barely pausing between mouthfuls, you scarf down the rest of the eggs fast enough to give the Tasmanian Devil pause
  326. >In the corner of your eye, you see Dash wolfing down her food as well, pausing every so often to glance up at you
  327. >After just a few minutes of silent eating, you've both finished the last scraps on your plates
  328. >You're utterly stuffed, not used to eating so much in the morning, and Rainbow Dash looks quite content leaning back in her chair
  329. >You clear your throat and stand up, grabbing the plates and glasses to clean
  330. “Well I'll wash these up and grab a shower.”
  331. >You hear Dash chuckle behind you as she cleans up the table
  332. >”Like hell you will, I just got back from a five kay run. I NEED a shower.”
  333. >You agree with her, but that smartass part of your brain never backs down from a chance to argue about anything
  334. “Dash, I didn't shower yesterday because I rushed over here after school. And then I had to make breakfast so I still haven't had one. Besides, I'll only be a minute.”
  335. >Rainbow Dash approaches you and towers overhead, hands on her hips as she stares down at you with a predatory grin
  336. >”Well why don't you join me then if you're so desperate?”
  337. >It takes a few seconds for what she said to fully process
  338. >Did she just invite you to shower with her, like for real?
  339. >You turn and stare up at her, narrowing your eyes incredulously
  340. >It takes about the same amount of time for Dash herself to realize what she just said
  341. >Her face turns a shade of red that you'd only seen on fire engines and without another word she runs at full speed into the bathroom and slams the door
  342. >As you finish cleaning the dishes and setting them aside to dry, you take time to think about it
  343. >A girl, widely considered to be a bombshell at school, just invited you to shower with her
  344. >And judging by her reaction, she may have been serious
  345. >What's worst is that, despite growing up on a healthy diet of sarcasm and bitterness, it had left you speechless
  346. >More than that, it had dried up the dozens of accompanying questions and overshadowed them with one more looming and ominous
  347. >Why?
  348. --
  349. >Lost in thought, you never hear her coming
  350. >From the deep shadows of midmorning, Rainbow Dash springs forth and latches onto her prey
  351. >With a cry you're dragged to the sofa and brought to a violent, smothering end in her python-like embrace
  352. >And then she flicks on the TV and forces you to watch Saturday morning cartoons
  353. >The fiend!
  354. >Though it could be worse, she could be making you do actual work
  355. >Instead of turning you into a slave, she's made you more like a living body pillow
  356. >Hardly a bad fate, if you're really honest with yourself
  357. >Even her grip around you is more relaxed than it normally would be
  358. >It's...pleasant
  359. >It gives you a warm little pulse, deep in your chest
  360. >And despite your pride protesting, you find yourself snuggling deeper in her embrace
  361. >Between the warmth of the cuddling and the early morning wake up, your eyes begin to droop shut
  362. >As you rest your cheek on her forearm, she begins stroking your hair
  363. >This time, instead of igniting a pulse of indignity, it simply lulls you deeper towards sleep
  364. >You feel a sudden, gentle shake on your shoulder
  365. >”Hey Anon, can you move? My arm kinda fell asleep half an hour ago.”
  366. >You crack open your eyes and realize that you must have taken a nap
  367. >With great effort, you lift your head and Dash immediately moves her arm
  368. >She sits up, dragging you with her
  369. “Sorry about that, Dash. I'm not used to early mornings”
  370. >You let out a tremendous yawn that punctuates your words
  371. >She giggles and flicks off the TV, since the cartoon hour was over
  372. >”Don't worry about it, I thought it was kinda cute. Except for the whole, drooling on me thing.”
  373. >Now it's your turn to blush, for once, and you hurriedly wipe your mouth
  374. >She laughs again and wraps an arm around your shoulders
  375. >You'd always been middle of the road in height, but Dash managed to make you feel like a dwarf
  376. >Especially now, when she could practically wrap her arm almost entirely around you
  377. >You lean back and try to relax again, when suddenly Rainbow Dash gasps and yanks her arm away from you
  378. >The motion sends you nearly sprawling off the couch
  379. “Jeez Dash, a little warning before you pull on a guy like that huh?”
  380. >She looks at you apologetically before looking back at her wristwatch and giving it a smack
  381. >Sorry Anon, I forgot that me and the girls were supposed to be going out today.”
  382. >Oh yeah, that weird group that Dash always hung out with
  383. >A pretty random bunch, it included all sorts from nerds to divas, but somehow they all got along great
  384. >Rubbing the back of your head sheepishly, you glance over at her
  385. “I mean, I can just stay back and clean up. Maybe do some of that big pre-calc assignment.”
  386. >You preferred some alone time anyway, plus you probably wouldn't fit in to their group
  387. >Dash slugs you in the shoulder, probably nearly breaking your arm in the process
  388. >”C'mon dude, I'm sure the girls will love you. Besides, I have to show off my prize right?”
  389. >You look down at your feet, muttering to yourself
  390. “You don't HAVE to show me off, I'm quite happy not being a trophy.”
  391. >She laughs and pulls you off the couch
  392. >With that, she drags you to her room and shoves you in before closing the door behind you
  393. >”Hurry up and get changed, I'm giving you five minutes before I get in there and shove you into a dress myself!”
  394. >She would never
  395. >Right?
  396. >Realizing you really don't want an answer to that, you dress yourself inside two minutes and rush out the door
  397. >Rainbow Dash nods in approval before walking into her room and shutting the door
  398. >Not wanting to seem creepy, you walk to the front door and get ready to head out
  399. >A few minutes later, Dash come out wearing a light blue hoodie and a darker pair of spats
  400. >Her hair had been drawn back into a loose ponytail, but her bangs were still messy and all over the place
  401. >You roll your eyes and stretch up to comb them down with you fingers
  402. “Honestly, it's like you hate your hair. You ought to take better care of it, Dash.”
  403. >She rolls her eyes and gives your shoulder a half-hearted push
  404. >”You sound like Rarity. Come on man, we're gonna be late if you keep this up.”
  405. >The small grin touching her mouth says something different though
  406. >It seemed she was either amused or enjoying the attention you were giving her
  407. >With a sigh, you give up on taming her unruly hair and open the door to the warm, spring morning
  408. >It's not a long walk to the bus stop, nor is it a long ride to the mall where you were meeting up with her friends
  409. >Both of you remain quiet on the trip, and Dash seems to be lost in her own thoughts
  410. >Even though you've become a little more comfortable around her, you're not about to dig into that can of worms
  411. >Maybe she was just thinking about the upcoming season or something
  412. >Yeah that was probably it
  413. >You lean against her as the bus bounces along, staring past her out the window
  414. >Taking the moment, you reflect a bit on how funny things have been between you and Dash
  415. >You'd gone to school with her for six years, and despite how different you two were, you'd gotten along quite well
  416. >Being friends with her, you'd been pretty well left alone by any dickheads that wanted someone easy to beat up
  417. >In return, you had helped her get through the toughest parts of her studies
  418. >Anyone who listened in to you talking with each other would hear seemingly sharp comments traded constantly
  419. >You teasing her about her grades, and her mocking you for being shorter than a girl
  420. >As high school had come around, the two of you had grown further apart
  421. >Dash got into sports more seriously, gained some new friends, and generally became more well known and liked around school
  422. >On the other hand, you were content to stay quiet and coast through unnoticed, happy to neither be the best nor the worst
  423. >On the rare occasion that you had to meet up, it was always during school, and usually Dash was the one coming up to you
  424. >For the most part, you had ignored her, until you'd decided to humour her this one time
  425. >And it wasn't turning out too bad
  426. >Maybe you could stand to get closer to her after all
  427. >No reason you couldn't be good friends again and all that
  428. >The bus jerks to a halt, snapping you out of your reverie
  429. >In tandem, you and Dash get up and walk to the door and start heading down to the mall
  430. >In your head, you affirm the conclusion you reached
  431. >It was high time to be a bit more sociable
  432. --
  433. >The mall is massively crowded, as it tends to be on Saturdays
  434. >At least from what you've been told
  435. >You were usually busy on your computer, playing video games or shitposting on message boards
  436. >But here you were sitting in a crowded food court with a giant, waiting for Dash's friends to arrive
  437. >You could see her occasionally glance over at you before looking away and drumming her fingers
  438. >It had been a half hour since you'd arrived, and neither of you had seen any sign of the others
  439. >Dash kept fiddling with her phone and fidgeting in general
  440. >You had just sort of spaced out after the first ten minutes
  441. >Suddenly, there's a ring from Rainbow Dash's phone
  442. >She answers it in a split second
  443. >”Hello? Yeah. No, we're here where are you? Oh, okay. Yeah no problem guys, another time? Cool, later.”
  444. >She lets out a loud sigh and slumps with her face down on the table
  445. >You poke her arm, curious about the call
  446. “C'mon Dash, the table's gross. What was that about?”
  447. >She remains slumped over and turns her head to look at you
  448. >”Something came up, the girls aren't coming.”
  449. >It sounds fishy
  450. >But the look on her face says otherwise
  451. >She looks genuinely disappointed that her friends weren't coming
  452. >Think, you can salvage this situation somehow!
  453. “Well I mean, you and I could just hang out, you know together or whatever.”
  454. >There's a long pause, filled only by the sounds of the crowd
  455. >Then a smile spreads over Dash's face in an instant
  456. >”That actually sounds great! It'll be like a date!”
  457. >Almost immediately her mouth snaps shut and her face turns bright red
  458. >There's another moment, and you really think about what she said
  459. >You're really not sure how you feel about the idea
  460. >Or about Dash in general
  461. >Sure you like her, you both get along well, and she's definitely not ugly
  462. >But she's also Dash, you've been friends for years and even if you have been growing apart, it's not something you're sure you want to risk
  463. >Because for better or worse, you really did enjoy hanging out with her
  464. >And suddenly, you find your hand on her arm, and a warm smile on your face
  465. “Yeah Dash, like a date.”
  466. >She grips your hand and pulls you away from the table and into the crowd
  467. >The next few hours are a whirlwind
  468. >Dash takes you around the mall, through some of the few stores she actually shops at
  469. >You spend a half hour at a Gamestop, debating the finer points of mech games and the downfall of the genre
  470. >It's something you and Rainbow Dash share a surprising amount of common ground on
  471. >After that you hit the arcade and kick her ass at Time Crisis before she hands you yours at Afterburner
  472. >Everywhere you go, she holds your hand the whole way
  473. >You get some odd looks, probably because Dash towers over the entire crowd
  474. >But you have to admit, her enthusiasm is infectious
  475. >By the end of the day, you find yourself wishing that you had more time
  476. >Dash was just like you remember, a weirdo that you had fun with
  477. >But even though her own tension and reservedness around you has totally evaporated, you find yourself tensing when you two start talking
  478. >You feel like you have to be careful with every word you say, that any wrong move could send this good thing crashing down
  479. >Whatever you were feeling though, it wasn't enough for you to bring up to her
  480. >Dash was as happy as you'd ever seen her, and there was no way you were going to ruin that
  481. --
  482. >By the time you get back to Rainbow Dash's place, the sun has started to go down
  483. >You had barely noticed how long the two of you had been out, but with a moment to think about it, you notice your fatigue
  484. >On the bus, you had leaned on Dash and nearly fallen asleep
  485. >By this point you were pretty well over how emasculating it was to be the 'little spoon' as it were
  486. >Besides, it actually felt nice to not be the one making the moves for once
  487. >Maybe that was why you struck out with girls so often, you were just too passive
  488. >But around Dash, you didn't feel pushed into making any moves, she was more easygoing than that
  489. >Finally though, you get through the front door and collapse on the couch
  490. >Rainbow Dash isn't far behind, falling right beside you and wrapping an arm around your shoulders
  491. >For a while you just sit there, cuddling in silence
  492. >But then, almost at the same time, both your stomachs rumble ferociously
  493. >You glance at each other and giggle sheepishly
  494. “I suppose I'd better make some dinner. What do you want to eat?”
  495. >Dash shakes her head and stands up, stretching her arms and nearly touching the ceiling
  496. >”Nah dude, I'll make supper. You can wash up when we're done.”
  497. >You shrug
  498. >Can't argue with someone else doing the work
  499. >So instead, as she walks into the kitchen, her hips swaying smoothly, you lean your head back and close your eyes
  500. >You Dash occupying more and more of your thoughts
  501. >Maybe it was just because of this weekend though, and how it hadn't turned into a total disaster
  502. >But deep down, you can feel it's more than just that
  503. >If you're really honest with yourself, you had missed her dearly when you two stopped hanging out
  504. >Eventually though, you just distracted yourself with games, books, and schoolwork
  505. >You had made a few friends, but none of them were very close
  506. >And instead of going out of your way to try and get closer to them, you doubled down on the distractions
  507. >It worked, usually
  508. >Sometimes you'd find yourself needing to vent with nowhere to go, and you'd wander off for a while until you just stopped thinking about it
  509. >And again, it worked for the most part
  510. >But now, you were in a situation where you couldn't just quietly avoid thinking about things
  511. >Now the object of your thoughts was just in the next room, and soon enough, she'd be beside you
  512. >There was no getting away from it, no way to really distract yourself
  513. >Even if you flipped on the TV and started playing games, she'd eventually come and join you, and once more she would be at the forefront of your thoughts
  514. >Damn it
  515. >You'd heard your friends talking about how spending a couple days with their girlfriends made them really fall in love, but you'd called BS
  516. >But here it was, happening to you, and against your will
  517. >And even though it wasn't what you wanted, it's not like it felt terrible
  518. >No way were you going to bring it up with Dash though
  519. >She'd never let you live it down
  520. >Just keep quiet and everything would be--
  521. >”Hey Anon? Dinner's ready.”
  522. >FUCK
  523. >You started as Dash spoke and jabbed your ribs
  524. >She probably didn't mean to do it that hard, but OW!
  525. “Jesus, Dash, a little warning before ya try and impale me.”
  526. >You look up and see her wearing an embarrassed grin
  527. >”It's your fault for being so weak, you nerd.”
  528. >She shuffles her feet awkwardly on the carpet
  529. >”C'mon, it's gonna get cold if you keep cocking about in here.”
  530. >You get up and follow her into the kitchen
  531. >Your jaw drops at the spread
  532. >You must have been sitting on the couch for longer than you'd thought
  533. >She's managed to fry up a pair of delicious looking steaks, complete with mashed potatoes and even biscuits
  534. “Holy crap, how long was I out?”
  535. >She shrugs and takes a seat, starting to cut into her steak
  536. >”Like half an hour? The biscuits are just those cheap ones that come outta the tube, but everything else is pretty easy to make.”
  537. >You sit down across from her and start digging in
  538. >The steak was marinated with peppercorn and fried to medium-rare perfection, just the right amount of juicy
  539. >After you finish your first mouthful, you point your fork at her
  540. “You gotta teach me how to cook, dude. Either that or like, cook for me every day.”
  541. >”Then you become my live-in maid as payback.”
  542. >Both your eyes widen as you finally hear yourselves
  543. >Immediately you look down and keep scarfing down the food
  544. >Better that you don't speak right now, obviously
  545. >Dash fumbles with her fork for a moment, then joins you in the 'stuffing your face so you don't speak' club
  546. >Spaghetti would be a more fitting meal tonight, it seems
  547. >You don't even speak when you finish up, simply gathering the plates and utensils and going straight to the sink
  548. >Dash hurries herself out of the room as well
  549. >The only thing you think about while you wash up is how to avoid ever speaking again
  550. >You'd opened your mouth and tried to fit both feet and a good part of your legs inside
  551. >All too soon, you've finished cleaning up
  552. >You wander down to Dash's room, intent on actually doing something productive today with your homework
  553. >As you pass by the bathroom, your eyes drift up and see it's half opened
  554. >Inside, you see Dash with her spats rolled up, lining up a needle on her thigh
  555. >She looks up as she hears your footsteps and her eyes go wide as dinner plates
  556. >Dropping the needle, she slams the door shut in your face
  557. >To say you're shocked is an understatement
  558. >She wasn't diabetic, you're pretty sure
  559. >And there's no way that Dash would even think of doing drugs, she was too focused on sports to ever risk it
  560. >So why was she stabbing herself with a needle?
  561. >As you dig around in your bag, you hear her footsteps approaching rapidly
  562. >You suppose you'd be getting some answers soon enough
  563. --
  564. >Dash opens the door timidly and walks over to her bed without speaking
  565. >Giving up on trying to distract yourself with homework, you join her sitting on the bed
  566. >Dangling your feet over the side, you sit in awkward silence for some time
  567. >Your eyes drift down to her thigh, and you notice a small band-aid on the top of it, barely uncovered by her spats
  568. >When Dash speaks, you hear her voice shudder
  569. >”So I guess the secret's out.”
  570. >You put a hand on top of hers, gentle as you can be
  571. >You feel her grip the bedsheets tightly and she takes a shaky breath
  572. “I don't know what you're talking about Dash. I didn't see anything.”
  573. >As you look up to meet her eyes, she shakes her head
  574. >You can see tears welling up when she meets your eyes
  575. >”No, you at least deserve to know. I've avoided it long enough, I just thought it would go away eventually.”
  576. >She takes a number of deep breaths, trying to calm herself down
  577. >You grip her hand tightly, and her voice is steadier when she speaks again
  578. >”You know how I've always been taller than you? Well there's something wrong with my pituitary gland. I don't know what, but it means that I just keep growing. The docs don't know how to fix it, so they just gave me Somatuline, which just happens to an IM injection.”
  579. >She gives a raspy laugh and looks down
  580. >”It's kinda funny, I always hated needles as a kid. Now I have to use one every couple weeks.”
  581. >You give her a warm smile and rub your thumb over the top of her hand
  582. “Well that's not too bad. It's not like you're doing steroids or anything!”
  583. >She smiles back sadly and sniffs back against her tears
  584. >”No you don't get it, it just slows my growth down. Eventually, I'm not gonna be able to play sports, I'll need a cane to walk right, and eventually my heart is just gonna give out.”
  585. >You feel droplets of water striking the top of your hand, and her voice begins trembling once more
  586. >”B-but at least I'll be around for a little while longer. A-and I got to go on a date with you! So it's all okay.”
  587. >You feel a lump growing in your throat
  588. >God dammit, why hadn't she told you this years ago?
  589. >You'd never have pushed her away
  590. “Why didn't you tell me?”
  591. >She sniffles and you see more tears streaking down her face
  592. >”I just don't want anyone to look at me different. 'Oh there goes that giant girl, oh the poor thing.' I want people to remember me as Rainbow Dash, the coolest, best athlete in school! Not Rainbow Dash, that really tall crippled kid. So just forget I said anything, forget you saw anything. Just leave it.”
  593. >You take your hand off hers and she immediately wraps her arms around her sides
  594. >But not a moment later, your arm slides around her back and grips her tightly
  595. “Don't be dumb Dash. I may have spent most of junior high helping you with homework, but I know you're not an idiot. Condition or not, I'm still gonna be your friend, and kick your ass at video games.”
  596. >She lets out a choked laugh
  597. >”As if, y-you're still a scrub.”
  598. >You gently punch her arm with your other hand and tighten your grip further
  599. “See? You're still Dash, deep down. My best friend.”
  600. >You shuffle on the bed, thinking of how exactly to word what you've been thinking about all day
  601. “You know...I really missed you. I tried not to think about it, but growing apart really hurt.”
  602. >You draw your own shuddering breath
  603. >You weren't going to cry, you can promise yourself that at least
  604. “And hanging out with you this weekend, like old times, it feels good. Even if I'm just doing the cleaning and stuff, I'm glad that I made that bet. I never would have come over here otherwise, never would have gotten to see all your cool stuff, wouldn't have tried your great cooking.”
  605. >A blush comes over your face, and you lower your voice
  606. “I never would have got to go on a date with you.”
  607. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see her blush and look at the floor
  608. >Then, you feel one of her arms wrap around your shoulders, pulling you closer together
  609. >”I-I wouldn't say no to going on another one. Only if you want though! It can't be a pity date or anything.”
  610. >You rest your cheek on her shoulder, smiling warmly
  611. “You know what? I do want to have another date. I had a fun time, Dash, but I don't think it would have been fun without you.”
  612. >You both sit in comfortable silence for a while
  613. >The tension was gone
  614. >Both of you had finally confronted the things that had been worming their way inside for years
  615. >At long last, you had been honest with each other, and more importantly, with yourselves
  616. >A pure warmth radiated from your belly as you cuddled with Dash
  617. >Really, you hadn't know this was what you were missing
  618. >But knowing now, you felt like a moron for keeping it pushed down for so long
  619. >Your pride kept you from acting like this, but no more
  620. >Dash speaks up after a long while
  621. >”I guess we ought to get to bed, huh?”
  622. >You silently nod your head, not moving away from her
  623. >”Alright, I've gotta change.”
  624. >You smile and stay right where you are
  625. “Go ahead.”
  626. >She giggles and shoves you off playfully
  627. >”Get outta here you perv. Go on, shoo!”
  628. >Smiling like a fool, you grab your own pajamas and walk out of her room to let her change
  629. >You walk into the bathroom to change yourself, still smiling
  630. >You felt truly happy, deep down
  631. >And as you walk back into Dash's room after you both finish, you wonder why it took so long
  632. >You both crawl under the covers, and Dash cuddles up, spooning you
  633. >But you know it doesn't matter how long it took, or how hard the road was to get here
  634. >Because from now on, it was going to be you and Dash
  635. >Your cuddly amazon
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