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  1. The twins were born to a family of high nobles, in the great elven city of _________. Their parents were from very different backgrounds - when they met, their mother, Syndra, worked for the church as an acolyte and an apprentice healer. Their father, Marlevaur, worked as a (??? Something to do with helping on behalf of criminals). One day, Marlevaur's mother took extremely ill, and he was forced to rush her to the church for treatment. While she made a full recovery, a beautiful elven nurse volunteered to help her aclimitise back to her full life - Marlevaur fell for her instantly, and Syndra spent more time pining for him than caring for his mother! Eventually, the pair fell deeply in love, and were married two years later. As the pair grew older, Syndra moved into the position of a fully fledged healer, and Marlevaur took up the mantle of ambassador, responsible for maintaining the relations between the elven capital and the cities of men.
  3. In their 14th year together, Syndra gave both to two twin boys - Thâlùnduil & Faerânduil. Thal & Fae were inseparable from the day they were born, and while they shared many similar characteristics, anyone who spent time with the boys could spot their differences from a mile away. Thal was headfast and impulsive, often attempting feats of acrobatics without thinking ahead - breaking many bones due to his falls from such attempts. While his body was incredibly quick and nimble, his tongue was even moreso. Few would ever attempt to argue with the boy, and even fewer would succeed - a skill that made him very unpopular among his teachers. While his cocky exterior rarely showed it, Thal greatly struggled with his studies - often having difficulty concentrating, and at times even struggling to assemble the words on the pages in front of him. Friends of the family often remarked how similar Thal & his father were, and Marlevaur quietly hoped he would follow in his footsteps, heading into the brazen world of politics.
  5. Where Thal was impulsive and reckless, Fae was the other side of the coin. Growing up, while Thal was climbing along buildings and swinging along rooftops, Fae would have his nose buried in a book. He was no novice at climbing, and on a good day could keep time with Thal - but his true passion came in the form of knowledge. Often the voice of reason, Fae would always be the one to keep his brother in check - noticing the dangers of his actions even quicker than Thal could move, and was truly the reason his brother hadn't fallen to his death, numerous times. Fae and his mother were often seen together, Syndra helping him study texts well beyond his years. While Fae could read both books and people with ease, he struggled immensely when it came to putting his thoughts into words - which often lead to Fae being bullied in classes. It was in those moments that the twins true bond as brothers was forged. When Fae was picked on for his lack of speaking ability, Thal was there faster than you could blink. When Thal couldn't understand the words on the page, Fae was there to help him through it.
  7. The twins were like peas in a pod, and their parents knew that as long as they were together, they would always be safe.
  9. It was on a fateful day, shortly after the twins 12th birthday - a day not unlike any other - when their lives turned upside down. Fae was on one side of the courtyard, his eyebrows furrowed and his nose buried deep in a book. Thal sat atop the back wall, resting after successfully managing to beat his time climbing it. Their mother sat inside, singing to herself. Their father sat in his study, putting together everything he needed for an upcoming trip to ________. It was a day like any other, but unlike any before, today was the day the guard came knocking. The twins simply played in the yard, when the sound of a commotion began inside. Hearing the shouting, the two looked at eachother - Thal leapt from the wall, and headed towards the house to investigate. He reached the inside door, put a hand on the handle, and was nearly bowled over by his father, grabbing him in his arms as he ran. Looking over his father's shoulder, he watched as Syndra scooped up Fae in her arms, and the twins shared one last look before the gap between them was filled with royal guards.
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  12. In that moment, the twins felt something click in their minds - each could feel the others presence, and as their parents lead them each away, they could hear the others voice in a whisper - a promise. "I will find you."
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  15. Fae and Syndra ran southwards, deep into the alleys of the city, where the pair made their way to Syndra's church. The leader of the church, an old friend of Syndra's named ________ took them in, giving the safe harbour and shelter from the authorities. Once the guard had passed, the church leader provided them safe passage out of the city, and traveling with a group of acolytes of the church, the pair headed to the city of _______.
  17. Thal and Marlevaur left through the north wing, making their way into the rooftops of the city. The pair flitted through shadows and cover, disappearing into the night. Marlevaur reached out to an old friend, a member of the old elven court who fell into disrepute, and took up the trade of secrets - selling his knowledge to the highest bidder. For the right price, this man provided the pair with new identities, and they donned their cloaks and disappeared alone in the dead of night, sneaking outwards and making their way to the city of ______.
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  20. Every night, the twins shared a moment - Fae praying to _______ for his brothers safety, and Thal quietly singing a song hope. They each could feel the others presence, and though the distance was great, neither felt truly alone.
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  23. The twins well over a year apart, and they each began to learn the way of the world. Fae & Syndra found safety in an old country church, where Syndra used her talents a healer to make her keep. Fae was glued to the library, and spent many months learning more and more of the ways of the world, studiously exploring any book and tome he could get his hands on. He took the time he had in the church to study the teachings of _____ and took upon himself to learn the ways of the world, along with the healing magic his mother often practiced.
  25. Thal & Marlevaur were not so lucky. Marlevaur's face was known the world over, and he had to work in secret - leaving Thal to his own devices. Thal revelled in his newfound freedom, and perfected his skills in speed and agility. His speed with a blade was legendary, and he soon became adept at cutting purses and picking pockets.  Unfortunately, Thal was still akin to his traits, and without his brother there to stop him often bit off more than he could chew. More than once he landed on the wrong side of the law, and more than once he was able to talk his way out of it.
  27. Months passed, and over time Syndra and Marlevaur filled the children in on the day they had to run. On a diplomatic mission, Marlevaur discovered a plot to kill _______. Throughout his journey away, he discovered more and more proof of the plot - and upon returning to ______, he brought it to his superior, _______. _______ thanked him, and promised to pass it along to the king himself. Days passed, and Marlevaur thought he had saved a life - until the guard came knocking on his door. _______ had been killed, in just the manner Marlevaur had warned - but Marlevaur & Syndra had been framed. Knowing all hope was lost, the family had no choice but to run.  
  29. Shortly before the twins 15th birthday, nearly three years after the families escape, Marlevaur heard whispers of a healer with immense powers, tending to the sick and injured in a small country church. Believing it to be Syndra, he and Thal collected what remained of their belongings, and headed to the church.  
  31. It was a long journey, but the pair arrived in _______. Heading into the church, Thal & Fae locked eyes once again. Dropping the broom he had been cleaning with, the twins leapt into an embrace, glad to be finally reunited. The family, together again, spent many happy months at the church, tending to the meek and entertaining the children - when one day, a letter arrived. Addressed to Marlevaur, from an old and trusted friend - detailing a meeting place, and simply stating he had "proof". Believing he could finally clear the family's name, the group packed up and headed out on a trek to a nearby elven city of ______. Together, they hustled through the city and into the back alleys, slowly winding their way out and upwards. As they walked, Fae began to notice a strange noise. Thinking nothing of it, the group quickly arrived at the location - a small shack in the cities backalleys, directly adjacent to a large bridge crossing the gap over a cliff face. The twins waiting outside, Marlevaur & Syndra headed in, to finally clear their name.
  32. Hearing the sound again, Fae recognised it - the sound of chain links in an armor piece, clanging together. The sound of the royal guard.
  33. Fae threw the door open, warning the family of what was coming. The old friend quickly scuttled backwards and out of the house, and the family quickly rushed back the way they came. With a parent on either side and the twins in the middle, they made it half way across the bridge before the guards boxed them in.
  35. ______ stepped forward, removing his mask. The twins recognised him from old family engagements, as the man who betrayed their father. Giving the order, the guards began to close in, and the twins reached out and clasped eachothers hands. Thal drew his dagger, quickly trying to calculate any means of escape - Fae closed his eyes, whispering quietly to himself. As the cuffs closed right on their parents wrists, Fae's eyes open, shining bright with a light Thal had never seen. With strength he'd never witnessed from his brother, Fae grabbed him and together, the two leapt off the bridge.
  37. It was many hours later when the twins awoke - battered, sore, and on a cart drawn by a disgruntled firbolg. Surrounded by dead bodies, Thal & Fae grasped eachother's hands once more, and slipped off the back of the cart and into the moonlit fields. Deep in unknown territory, completely inequipped, and without their parents, the twins made a pact to never be separated again. Promises whispered, the two slipped into the nearby forests - beginning their journey in search of justice, freedom & vengeance for their parents.
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