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  1. 193smalls(private): I stick my finger in my butt when I masturbate.    
  2. Shinbatsu: my finger stays out of bums  
  3. aquasaurious: first half minute with shallow entry and exits?  Wait, are we talking about baking again?  
  4. Kierlyn: Accept Noogie Gracefully Dude! you just completed the Accept Noogie Gracefully achievement in MrSpontaneous Is A Sod and won the Accept Noogie Gracefully badge and 475,000 points! making you better than spont!  
  5. Retribute: I could smother him under my thick, ebony feathers without anyone noticing.  
  6. ForceUk: oh, i is a womenz atm  
  7. AjaxNeron: Now, if THAT didn't make Spont's profile, I don't know what will. :p  
  8. AjaxNeron: Evers, I'm trying to pick my nose. Please shut up.  
  9. Retribute: *Sir Smalls finds himself face-to-face with an Ogre, Level 4. He pages through his spellbook, and casts "Analfinger", causing the Ogre to writhe in laughter*  
  10. wilkins: i beat it bobby.  
  11. boyblue: "Ah yea, the screens did go black as jet, and there was a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth.."  
  12. TheoSoft: Congratulations, you have just earned the Spontaneous laziness badge, but it will not show up because we're too lazy to make it and you get no points because of the same reason. Good luck, slacker!  
  13. Soltris: Mr Spontaneous has a first name its.....S-p-o-n-t-a Mr Spontaneous has a second name its....n-e-o-u-s He loves to play every day and if you ask him why! He'll sa a a a a a a a a a a y cuz Mr Spontaneous has a way with K-o-n-g-r-e-g-a-t-e  
  14. aquasaurious: Yeah, I had sex once upon a time.  Can you believe that?  
  15. bebop8929: got any black friends? they're good at transporting tvs  
  16. Kierlyn: spont, I hate you. force is now chasing the boy round the flat with pliers  
  17. heartless_wind: gwen u got a husband or bf?  
  18. ForceUk: Mstaylor: love it in the rear  
  19. KnightofRa: KABAN was the sound effect for banning  
  20. pastrypuff: my cousin actually let me get off.  
  21. petesahooligan: Where in the world are you going to find something that can inject hot, soothing loam that deeply into your throat?  
  22. jameslinacre:  so im an emo-geek hybrid? thats scary... im gonna cut myself with this limited edtion lightsaber!  
  23. gwenwilliams: Spont: King’s Advisor/Knower of All Things/Resident Brownie  
  24. f15hfac3: i need it bc my laptop is a the one jesus used when he was at school  
  25. f15hfac3: outdoors eh? that's where the pizza man comes from  
  26. bebop8929: mm, salmon vodka  
  27. AdonaiSoft: haha, I just creampied msn.com  
  28. assramer27: i is i and you is you you **** get your dam english write  
  29. madpraxis: road scholars must really suck baboon ass...  
  30. bebop8929: sorry, I can't contain my sploosh  
  31. Mstaylor: no, but I hump the maniquins  
  32. boyblue: Thass some ghetto bootay right 'chere..  
  33. bebop8929: I love feet, so much I want to skeet skeet  
  34. Potshotlynxlynx: Points are like E-genitals O.o  
  35. moomoomoomoo: once they are in ass/ the pain stops and the  pleasure/ is soon to begin  
  36. Jakobsdillusion: pastrypuff. naked/  my wildest dreams have come true/ I ruined my pants  
  37. gwenwilliams: how do you say, made of win and god  
  38. BobDylan: say pot, ur an uncle and i'm an aunt, wanna get a room?  
  39. fastpplz: good thing i wasn't drunk enough to make out with another dood ;)  
  40. aquasaurious: I dunno, same thing as every day.  I come in and say 'hi' to fish and then she flirts with puffy and then some trolls say stupid stuff.  
  41. moomoomoomoo: seriously though, i still reckon all the male chars in kongai must fight with constant boners  
  42. Rockefelon: sticks and stones break boners  
  43. Retribute: I want to threesome it.  
  44. moomoomoomoo: yeah i do i pleasure myself with it in the anus  
  45. TheoSoft: haha: we both sucked that time  
  46. Spindle: you can pillage my vi..  
  47. Potshotlynxlynx: gwen, it's better to have nightmares about misspelled words in english than in finnish  
  48. BobDylan: *wants beatballs*  
  49. nutcase07: http://aru.acm.jhu.edu/profile_bacteria.jpg  
  50. Retribute: Damn, Theo, you gots a purdy mouth.  
  51. BobDylan: gawsh i'm more tired than smuzz after alone time with pot  
  53. GwenWilliams: woo hoo, that's a ban chicka ban ban for me!  
  54. mousi: moderator please accept this yelp for help im mousi and in my profile it tells stuff about me but i hate not being rude to ppl but they be rude to me and when i mute some 1 cause there being jerks and they get there friends to tell me to unmute me and there really mean and i hate it and i want to be a mod but the mods that i hang around are mean and they bann me for telling my lame jokes so i wish i could be a mod and i like this game lol  
  55. BobDylan: get on your quoting socks and oven mitts because i gotz a good schtick  
  56. Nicnac: we're like the Galapagos Islands and waterwings is Charles Darwin... quick spont do something tortoiseish  
  57. Benpeck41: first mst and gwen , hell by the time im a mod yaykitties will be a kong employee  
  58. Pleasedonot5: did you see fast naked again? that always makes me sad and depressed  
  59. Pawncakes: ooo a life. You don't see them too often around here. So, what's it like?  
  60. FastPplz: then again? i do loov me a good fast skull-lampin from time to time  
  61. TheDartMonkey: Bush is pointless, just like sonny.  
  62. Goshen: Sometimes, when I'm alone, I like to wear fudge lipstick.  
  63. MSTaylor: *kisses spont full on the mouth* see you babe!  
  64. FastPplz: i love dp  
  65. unnamed300: *bunches his panties* I made a pretzel.  
  66. WolfChild23: which shows my intelligents  
  67. Malekkai: Can you simulate a broken man walking among the traffic in his nightgown after he caught his wife sleeping with Marco the Personal Trainer?  
  68. ParanoiaComplex: Hey guys and spont :)  
  69. amordecosmos: I look forward to seeing Twilight the way it was meant to be seen, on ice.  
  70. asmodous: Spont you're thing is massive  
  71. anticipatient: Is that kirby punching or having an erection?  
  72. arroza: Sponty can i lick your armpit?  
  73. arroza: Die tom fulp! you dont belong on kongregate!  
  74. i_luv_u109: 1) ew 2) ew  
  75. xX1shadow1Xx: Wait..why am I in a dancing maxi pad costume with ketchup all over me?  
  76. KennyXVI: I want MP5. . . . its audio , video and ammo  
  77. GwenWilliams: shoot, back when I was having kids, it was squat down, shoot it out, throw it on the pile and get back to work. :P  
  78. petesahooligan: I knew you were drunk as soon as you said "I'm listening to Pink..."  
  79. Wayward: Technicaly, we;ve all been shoved face first through someons vagina, so we're really acting way too dignified.  
  80. lilkev7: lol mine was big and it shrunk wen i put it on here  
  81. Retribute: It's like YouTube comments had a child with eBaum's World.  
  82. Ooooog: Spont, stop minimodding.  
  83. Wizard_Of_Dreams: She rocks pants AND undies off.  
  84. Rivenstaff: now it just dies from the shame of the trolls and sundry functional illiterates that use her.
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