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  1. Skills ( It is really a must to go Dual Transcender )
  2.  Sword Skills:
  3.  -Shield Splinter lvl9 or 12/15(9 for the best cooldown or 12/15 increase in amp and attack with cooldown slightly increased)
  4.  -Shield Break lvl9(best damage skill)
  5.  -Shield Explosionlvl18 (360 degrees knockdown)
  6.  -Shield Ray lvl20 (the furthest ranged sword skill)
  7.  -Storm Crush lvl20(this isn't really good because it has a very long cast time, but you can use it before you can get better skills like the first 2 above)
  8.  -Guillotine lvl15 (frontal knockdown)
  9.  -Shield Charge lvl15(this is a moving/attack skill, warps you 4 spaces up to hit the enemy)
  10.  -Earth Divide lvl15 (similar to Guillotine, but with further range and smaller radius)
  11.  -Dash lvl9
  12.  -Fadestep lvl9
  13.  -Force Kick lvl9
  14.  -Impact stab lvl18/20 (for DPS)
  15.  - Force Stab lvl18/20 (for DPS)
  16.  - Mighty Wish lvl20
  18.  Magic Skills:
  19.  -Regeneration lvl4(this is a buff skill)
  20.  -Crushing Blade lvl20(this is a buff skill)
  21.  -Shield Harden lvl20(this is a buff skill)
  22.  -Heal lvl20(quite lousy, but what the hell) << lol
  23.  -Blade of Judgement lvl9 or 12(your only stun skill, essential)
  24.  -Terra Lance lvl20 (MFS)
  25.  -Fire Lance lvl20 (MFS)
  26.  -Aqua Lance lvl20 (MFS)
  27.  -Stone Cannon lvl20 (MFS)
  28.  -Fire Cannon lvl20 (MFS)
  29.  -Aqua Cannon lvl20 (MFS)
  30.  -Mortal Bane lvl20
  31.  - Shadow Shield lvl20
  32.  - Art of Defense lvl20
  33.  - Provocation(max)
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