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  1. Instructions for Adding Songs/Vids/Backgrounds/Themes/Etc:
  3.     Now that you know that it works, you can eject your microSD cards again and place it back into the computer.
  4.     If you have a download of song packs/theme packs/announcer packs, they’re usually split up into the same folder types as you already have on your root.
  5.     Drag and drop them to the root of your microSD card, overwrite any existing folders.
  6.     Once that is done, pop the microSD back into your Switch.
  7.     Put your Switch into CFW and load Stepmania via hblmenu.
  8.     Depending on the amount of new content you just added to the homebrew, it may take a while to load. Just give it time if you added a lot.
  9.     Once it’s loaded everything, you’re good to go!
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