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  2. SECTION A - Tell us about yourself
  4. 1) What is your in-game name?
  5. Pridepvp
  7. 2) How old are you? (You must be over the age of 15)
  8. 18
  10. 3) What country are you currently living in?
  11. England
  13. 4) What time-zone are you, and what time-zone do you play on?
  14. I am from the Eu so play Gmt, but because I work from home, I can be flexible on what times im on, so can fill in any gaps with staff not being able to be on at a certain time. Also am happy to be on whatever times I am told and well as being on as much as possible because can work and sleep whenever .
  16. 5) Do you own a microphone?
  17. Yes its is a snowball blue
  19. 6) Please list your discord ID here:
  20. Pridepvp#4572
  22. 7) What's your favorite realm to play on and why?
  23. I love to play on Amber because its where I have always played, since I came back to the archon and have made a name as a Co-owner in a top faction and also mod in another big faction. I have also played skyblocks to though. I have played factions since green on the archon and have also played many other relms such as silver, gold, black and blue. I love the game mode of factions the most because this is what I have played for years, playing on servers such as cosmicpvp, timeless and desired craft and many more. However, I have also played a lot of skyblock.
  24. __
  26. SECTION B - Who are you on TheArchon
  28. 8) What has motivated you to apply for a staff position on TheArchon?
  29. I feel like I can make a change on the server and try and make the server more hacker clean and help the players on the game understand the game of factions more. I would also try and make the factions experience as clean as possible for the server and encourage new player to join and to continue to play because of the clean and well organized server, this I believe can be done in just being on to make sure that the chat is always pleasant and that the communitie is friendly and alongside this making sure that there is no hackers and people get whatever help they need in game.
  31. 9) If you are currently playing in a faction on The Archon, what is the faction name?
  32. Ambition
  34. 10) Have you received any punishments on TheArchon, or any other server?
  35. One ban, and have never had a mute. I did try and apeal the ban because it was just a case of I wasn’t looking at the screen and watching while clicking a video, but because of the fact we were getting raided I just brought the unban.
  37. 11) Have you created an application before this? If so, when on what date?
  38. Yes a few weeks ago, so I waited till I can apply again because I am keen to be staff and also think im the fight man for the job
  40. 12) How long have you been playing on The Archon?
  41. I have played for about 6-7 years on and off and at the same time as this because playing a lot of factions on other servers, this has meant that my knowledge of the game has increaded to a high level.
  42. _
  44. SECTION C - Knowledge of Factions
  46. 13) On a scale from 1-10, how knowledgeable are you in factions?
  47. 10- this is mainly to do with the fact that I have been playing for so long, so I know everything to do with the game mode.
  49. 14) What skill sets do you place yourself under regarding factions? (Options of Base Builder, Raider, Power Slave, PVPer, Cannoner, Leader) (Give a bit of detailed knowledge about each you think you are)
  50. Base builder - because I have been playing for so long I have built many a base so understand everything that is needed to be done.
  51. raider- a few years ago used to be a very good cannoner, but cannons moved on and haven't kept up, but still understand how they work and can still build some and raid whatever base.
  52. pvper- this has just developed because of the amount of the game I have played, this has given me a good understanding of the rules of pvp and what people are capable of doing so I know if anyone may not be legit
  54. 15) Do you know the basics of how a cannon works? If so, explain.
  55. Yes I understand how a cannon works and have my own 60 stacker I use on basic raids. I know every component of cannoning and can also use other people's cannons that can raid any base. Because I have also played other server where regends and stuff are enabled I know how more complex stuff works such as regen busts, even though they arent allow on the archon to build regens.
  58. 16) How familiar are you with cheaters and or hacked client? Do you have any experience screensharing? Explain.
  59. I have screenshared many people on discord and I also know about hacks from being head admin on kitpvp on a very small server and mod on kitpvp on alia craft. I understand pvp very well so find it easy to know when someone is hacking, I also know all hacks that people can use and how to know if they are legit or not. With ss I know how to look through peoples files to see if they have hacks and also know how to check what they have been running to see if they were using them.
  62. SECTION C - Knowledge of Skyblock
  64. 13) On a scale from 1-10, how knowledgeable are you in skyblock?
  65. 10
  67. 14) What skill sets do you place yourself under regarding skyblock? (Options of Island Builder, Community Player, PVPer, Leader) (Give a bit of detailed knowledge about each you think you are)
  68. island builder, pvper, community
  69. I would defenatly say I am a pvp because I believe that is a transferable skill across all aspects.
  70. Island builded- I am also very understanding on how to build an island and what u need, for example grinders and mob farms and ore gens
  72. 15) Do you know the basics of how our Island Top works? If so, explain.
  74. Yes, it is do with the amount of ore blocks that you have placed on your island, I have played a few seasons of sky block and have been on the top page of ranked before so have a good understanding.
  76. 16) How familiar are you with cheaters and or hacked client? Do you have any experience screensharing? Explain.
  77. Yes as said before- there isnt a different in hacks that can be used on skyblock to factions and as said in factions I have a good understanding of all the hacks and ss intail
  80. __
  82. SECTION D - Experience as a staff member
  84. 17) Why should we choose you to become a Staff Member?
  85. I feel like I can really help with the server and making the game more enjoyable for others, also I have good people skills and also I am very active in all time zones and I notice that in the middle of the day Gmt there is a big gap with not many staff. Also I believe that I have good people skills and that im also very keen to help out all players with their problems so that they have a more enjoyable experience and a more fair experience. Also, as im more mature I think I can control and help people better because I know how to deal and talk to players in a more appropriate way.
  87. 18) What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game? If you were staff on another server, state the server name as well as the highest rank you obtained.
  88. I was mod on kitpvp alia craft
  89. Head admin on a small kitpvp server with about 50 players
  91. 19) Is there anything else which you would like to add? (Recommended)
  92. I think that I would really be the right man for the job and would work so hard to do my job to the best of my abilities in everything that I do. I am also very keen to be apart of the team and to make a difference in a positive way in everything that I do. I also believe that not many people if any have been playing the game as long as me and have as good understanding of factions. I also would like to add if I do get a chance, I will work so very hard and be very active so that I can prove myself. I would describe myself as hard working and motivated. Also as I work from home can be very flexible and also can devote myself to the server for many years to come.
  94. Thank you.
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