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Oct 2nd, 2014
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  1. # ActionAnnouncer v1.0.3 Main configuration
  2. #
  3. #
  4. # Do we want to auto announce messages on interval?
  5. announcer_enabled: true
  6. # Do we want to select announcements randomly from the announcements list, or announce in order
  7. announcer_random: false
  8. # How many seconds apart should the announcements be
  9. announce_interval: 14
  10. # List announcements here. Use %player% for player name, use %online% for current amount of players online
  11. announcements:
  12. - Test
  13. # Should we send an announcement to a player when they join the server?
  14. announce_on_join: true
  15. # What should we announce to the player who joined
  16. join_announcement: '&eWelcome to the server &b%player%! There are &f%online% &epeople
  17.   online!'
  18. # Should we not send a sound to the player when we use /aa send <player> <msg>
  19. disable_sounds: false
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