Onyxia Side Session 6/23

Jun 30th, 2017
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  1. >Last post from previous game:
  2. Shima: The pup that grabs onto your hoof chuckles, "The grabbiest." Your skill is inadequate to avoid his tongue however as he successfully lays a slobbery lick on your cheek, however your newfound gusto does allow for you to maneuver past the large pile of dogs as you race for the top of it. You hear several grunts as dogs try and move to stop you, but your shape-shifting paw-hooves gives you the advantage you need to scoot past them as you shove past a particularly large brown bruiser to settle down on top of him, the dogs that surround the pile hollering in celebration.
  4. Red quickly clambers up to shake your hoof as Steel looks up from the bottom of the pile, mildly amused by the antics. "I think that should make her leader of the pack."
  5. Red growls, "NO! Have to get up to top of ALL dogz in Danger house to do that. This good startz" He pats you on the shoulder, "Now for next initiations: you hungry?"
  7. Khazard: Onyxia rises to the top of the pile, her coat shining back at a brilliant crystal luster, if only for a moment it fades back down to her standard apperance as Red climbs up to congratulate her through the other dog cheers. Onyxia shakes his hoof with her paw-shifted hoof, wiping her face of hte lick with her other free hoof.
  8. "Don't worry Red, I won't be stealing your job from under you." She says with a smile.
  9. She looks down at herself, her paw-hoof shifting back to normal.
  10. "...I don't feel hungry, but I haven't eaten in nearly a day. Guess you don't thin kmuch of food with events like this happening." She says with a slight chuckle, "What's on the menu?"
  12. Shima: Red growls, pointing a long, pointed claw to her pelt with a sharp poke. "Grrrr, you betters. Red can get pretty roughs around dogz trying to stealz my spot."
  13. Steel shouts, "Go for it. I will have your back."
  15. "Ignorez other shiny pony." He rubs at his chins. "You not hungry? Any dog would be STARVINGZ after what you didz. Come on, Little Black brain not working so good," he says as he reaches up with his claws and grabbing at your head, shaking it sorta roughly, "Must be jumbled from all that Dome fighting! Here, I show you menu." He shouts as he slides down the dog pile, and all of a sudden you feel the structure you were standing on beginning to collapse, gravity sending you down below into a pile of the mutts as they roll out of the way, your tower collapsing as you find yourself back on the ground with a pile of happy dogs jumping around you. Steel offers you a hoof up as you are sent to the ground.
  17. Khazard: "Maybe I'll go second in command..." Onyxia trails off to mess with Red.
  19. "My brain is working fi-i-i-i-ne." Onyxia begins to say, before her head is shaken about. She holds a hoof to her temple, dizzied at the roughhouse. "L-Lead the way..." She starts, unable to even mvoe before hte dog pile crumbles and sends her straight down without even attempting a slide. She looks up, taking Steel's hoof of assistance to stand back up and get her bearings straight.
  20. "Thanks. Guess I pushed myself a little hard there." She says offhandedly as they follow after Red to see their food.
  22. Shima: Pink, hearing your comment about taking 2nd in command, looks up and gasps, the smaller pup running up to you and grabbing you by one of your ears. "What?! NO! That's my job!"
  23. Blue chuckes, "No it's not, you just Red's little brother. I'm second to Red." He leers at you through his glasses, "You not really after it... are youz?"
  25. After Red finishes shaking your head, he scatters off as Steel helps you up from the dog pilez while the rest of the hounds start to gather around you, leading you on to Red who takes you towards a scrap-metal shed located off to the side, slightly larger than the others. Steel nods, "Yes but you handled yourself well. I think my lessons taught you well for combat.... though I'm concerned what dogs like these must consider 'food'. Given they're carnivores... well, you may want to politely decline."
  27. Red opens up the tent and shows you a long table that the dogs begin gathering around at as he moves behind to a large chest. "Letz' see.... hrrrrrm.... what Little Black's favorite? Peas, carrots, corns, potatos?" He says as he starts throughing out canned food after canned food out of the chest, one rolling around near to you. Some of them are covered in a layer of dust so thick you can't scractch it off to see the expiration date.
  29. Khazard: Onyxia stumbles down as Pink grabs her ear. She gives a little shove at his paw to free herself.
  30. "I'm not gonna take anydog's place, I was just playin along." She reassures Blue and Pink.
  32. "I didn't thnk of that... Hope they know ponies eat different things." Onyxia comments at Steel's point, looking a little anxious at what Red is preparing for them.
  34. As they enter, Onyxia looks for two open seats, so Steel can have a spot next to her at the table. She looks over the cans as they roll about, questioning if they're still edible more than if she can eat it.
  35. "Any kind of vegetable, really. Anything baked, like bread or pastries are also up there." She offers with a slight hesitation, hoping that mentioning cooking that it might get something more fresh, but she wonders if they even have a way to cook food to begin with.
  37. Shima: Blue lets out a small sigh of relief as he holds his claw to his chest, "Phew... okay, goodz. Blue doesn't do well in pile, Red helped him get second place before." He points at his admittedly skinny arms.
  39. "Ooooh, pastries? Like sweetz? Dogz have sweetz!" Red shouts as he goes into a different part of the chest, this time throwing up into the air various compressed, air-tight wrappings of sweet-stuffs. As the cans are picked up and examnied by Steel with a look of disdain at their age, other dogs take them and start clawing them open with their long, sharp talons like can-openers, and a slightly off-putting smell emerges from the can as they start dumping it onto what looks like metal 'plates' set out for everyone. They direct you to a spot to sit down in the dirt as they give you extra helpings of veggies, all smelling a little less than appetizing but not looking rotted at all, preserved throughout what might be years. After that, Red returns with a few packages of sealed, compressed bread that he unwraps messily, dipping them in your pile of canned foodstuffs. "Hmmm, no baking stuffs but, if cold we cans make hot-plate heat it up for you." To top it off, he also adds on a side of those wrapped commercial sweets mentioned before. Some of these are especially ancient, and oddly preserved: there are brands listed on the wrappings you recognize from your time.
  41. "Here next step of Dogz trials. You must eat like CRAZY until so full you cannot eats anymore!"
  42. Steel purses his lips. "Suddenly I find myself somewhat glad I lack a stomach. And a tongue."
  44. Khazard: Onyxia reels back slightly as the ancient aroma from the cans hit her. She tries to mask it to not offend but the smell is just a tad stronger than she expected. She looks through the wrapped packages first as they're added onto the veggie-pile, with a lingering glance at the familiar ones. She makes a mental note to probably not eat these too much when she gets back home.
  45. "That's fine, I think this is better cold."
  47. "Wish I could say the same..." She lowly mutters after Steel, lookingdown at her stomach and unfortunate condition.
  48. "Eat everything on the plate here?" Onyxia questions, taking a taste nibble of a carrot out of the pile and one of the breads to see how it is before she takes their challenge.
  50. Shima: The somewhat goopey, canned goods do leave a powerful impression on your nostrils, though as far as tasting goes you can be convinced you could eat something like this in a pinch. If you tried not to taste too hard. Red snickers, clapping his paws together, "Hehehhe, Red agrees!" He grabs at another can, opening it up as the smell of preserved meats come through to you, as he downs everything in his can in a single gulp, burping afterwards. "Hhmmmm... cold cutz."
  52. Steel grimaces sympathetically. "Maybe you can transmute it inside me to hide it, so you won't offend." The dogz nod in approval as you ask if you need to eat everything upon it, and so you take the first bite of the daunting task. You think you see a small swirl of pink around the edge of the carrot you lean forward to bite as you test the waters, and, surprisingly, your taste-buds alight with something more... savory, than what you had expected. The food smells less than ideal but the moment it touches your tongue, it's more appetizing. The bred and carrots are somewhat stale, but the taste is satisfactory for your test, and you feel especially warm as it's chewed.
  54. Khazard: A squemish feeling runs through Onyxia's body as Red downs a whole can of meat. "Y-Yea..." She says, trying her best not to catch the smell of the dogs' cans.
  56. ("That'd be too rude after all they've done. ...Maybe I'll just take a bite or two and leave it at that.")
  57. She whispers to Steel before she tests the food. She shuts her eyes hard to not notice any more... miscolorings, on the food, as she pops the little bits in. She chews slowly, and her eyes slowly open and her face relaxes from it's hesitative scrunch. She expected some mush, or a taste cloesr to when she left lunch out in the open at the forge after a day's long work in the summer.
  58. "This... This is actually alright!" She exclaims in surprise at the reasonable tastes.
  60. She looks over hte mountain of food stacked before her, taste won't be a problem at least s she can stomach however much it takes. But she gives another look down at herself, the extra pounds she put on a Starswirl's not all that encouraging to enter an eating contest with. Looking around at all the dogs gathered and how they poured out their own food for her, how they cheered before for the last ste pof the initiation, she can't waste this all on them now. She opens a few of the snack wrappings from her time, still a tad cautious on hte taste... and more importantly the looks. But with expecting eyes, she starts to chow down into her pile to make a starting dent and see where it leads.
  61. >Starting Shovel Amount [10]
  63. Shima: Steel turns at you in suprise as you suddenly try the food and, to your shock, find that it is satisfactory. "What? But it's..." he asks before Red bumps in, reaching over to pat you lightly on the back,
  65. "Hahahaha! Goodstuffs! Dogz only eat the best, and Red opened up reaaaallly good, aged cans. Smell good, hmm?" He says as he takes a whiff, and lets you gorge yourself as you please. You see whiffs of the pink energy floating off the bites you hungrily reach for, taking less worry to your slight gains since this morning at Starswirls with the savoriness of the aged canned goods. You find your appetite more overwhelming than you had thought, and Steel occasionally mutters some words of disbelief as you eat at the sweets (somehow even more delicious than you recall from your youth, despite their clear age there is something nostaligc about them as well, like tastes of home you haven't seen in days), and the canned foods seem to fill you to content with each scrapful.
  67. Before long, you see you have more or less decimated the plate in front of you of all the canned foods as the bizzarely delicious taste, somehow familiar now that you've had enough of it, sits upon your tongue. Steel has his jaw slightly agape as do most of the dogs, looking at the wrapped pastries, breads, and veggies scattered around. Red smiles, "Woooooooooh.... you WERE hungerz. Little Black chomp down on food like any dog he ever see!" The hounds around you give yelps of congratulations as they begin to shovel more in front of you. "Want secondz?"
  68. Steel looks up, "Is this necessary?"
  69. "No, just askingz. She seem famished."
  71. Khazard: The dogs' words and Steel's mutters fade into obscurity as Onyxia is lost in the flavours of these odd mixture of foods in age and type. A symphony of mmm's and chomps as she works through her entire plate are the only responses given as her mind sinks in the buffet. Memories of school and late work nights living off these seemingly immortal snacks surface as she digs in, the strange savoury flashes from the veggies and breads mixing as if she's tasting all the years they sat away in their cans. As she finishes the last morsel, her coat is glowing brilliantly again. She gives a light burp of her own, holding a hoof to her mouth in both politeness and to wipe the food from her muzzle as she loosk down at the empty plate. Her eyes widen a little in surprise, less so from that she ate it all and mostly from how there's no more left.
  72. "Yes, please. I haven't eaten like this in days it feels."
  73. She responds quickly to Red's offer through a drawn-out exhale as she's paused for a moment after that ravenous display.
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