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  1. Balder is an unique region. It is just one of three regions where nations are resurrected after ceasing to exist. This we know. But where there is direction and purpose in Osiris and Lazarus, there is not in Balder. Balder is empty, dying, it is-
  3. I'm sorry but I can't go on. I could wax lyrical about the problems the region faces, invent some never mentioned but we all know about problem and even conjure up an enemy the region could rally round to face. I'd be lying.
  5. I'd also be lying if I said Balder wasn't in a worse position than some other GCRs. I could come up with a multitude of reasons why, as could anyone, and I'm sure there'd be disagreement over the validity of those reasons. I do not want to start such a discussion here, but encourage anyone who wishes to discuss it further to make a topic in this subforum.
  7. What I'd like to talk about is some of the things you'd see if I stood for the delegacy and, by the will of the citizens, won. My platform is part the familiar and part the not so familiar. I'll start with the familiar, the stuff you'd expect from any candidate.
  9. 1. A new policy on adspam: It would be banned. Outright. No region would be permitted to post adspam on our regional message board. It would be suppressed, and the spammer banned. However I'd also like to foster an environment where the reaction to adspam is one of amusement, and pity for the poor fools who think that recruiting from sinkers actually works. In this I'd continue the work done by Black Aspens and the members of this region previously.
  11. 2. A widespread campaign to get more members on the forum: This has already started, and Topid should be commended for his work here. But we can do more, just mentioning it in a tg isn't enough. We should post invitations on the regional message board, in a Balder thread in the Nationstates Gameplay forum and elsewhere. It will be given prominence in the forum signature of my main Nationstates account, which posts in many different subforums in Nationstates, and the signatures in my accounts on regional forums.
  13. And once we have them on the forums, let's keep them here. The Spam forum does a great job at amusing some for a short time, but it isn't enough. Let's do quizzes, games tournaments, culture events, anything to keep the region interesting and active. And when it is inactive, we shouldn't be asking what x person is doing, we should be doing things ourselves. From the newest citizen, to the council of ministers, to the delegate and everyone else, we should be looking to how we can keep ourselves active and commit to doing stuff.
  15. 3. A new, ambitious foreign policy: Either through choice or inaction Balder is isolated from the wider world. We do not have the military power nor influence of some of the other GCR's, nor do we have the network of allies and agreements that facilitate cooperation between organisations. In this I'd appoint a foreign minister who shares my ambitions and goals. New agreements with GCR and UCR alike, renegotiation or redrafting of the flawed Pan Sinker Security Pact, the transition of the Declaration of Friendship from TNI, Europeia and other regions into clearly defined treaties, taking into account their interests, our interests and the common ground that we can find.
  17. 4. An expanded, more active military: The foundations are there. Columbia, Warzone Europe, other missions. The Grand Heathen Army could be a force. But for it to be one it needs to be bigger, more active, more ambitious. Let's not bind our military by either legislation or the tired R/D spectrum. Let's go out and cause a stir. Let's act with our allies but not be afraid to question their actions in the military world.
  19. 5. Further Riksdag activity: Again, we have foundations. We have our constitution, we have our legal code and we have experienced law makers in the region. Let's go higher now. Let's amend what we have to amend, abolish what needs abolishing and adding what needs to be added.
  21. And now the not so familiar.
  23. 1. More focus on the Norse theme: We've got names. Cool. Err, what now? Well let's complete the process. It makes little sense to me that we'll name our legislature a Norse name and not extend that to our other institutions. But forget the unpronounceable names we had in the first constitution, and let's delve into the mythology of our theme. The Delegate becomes the All-Father, the guide of the region, and his ministers would take similar alias based upon the Norse gods.
  25. 2. A citizens assembly: There will be changes to our laws. Some people will be concerned with these changes, others will want to contribute to the process. Therefore we'll form an informal legislative drafting body, additional to the Riksdag. The Riksdag members will have no obligation to adopt any law this assembly drafts, but the government will encourage that they seriously consider it.
  27. 3. Further guidance and input from the Executive into the Legislature: BA started this when he instructed the Riksdag to draft a legal code, and I'd like to take it further. If a minister feels that the Riksdag could do something that would make his job easier, then they should request the Riksdag, or the new citizens assembly, address it.
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