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  1. 20:16 <bloobla> unfilter spacechan you nigger
  2. 20:17 <robi> kill yourself
  3. 20:17 <bloobla> i have hundreds of ways and blank characters left
  4. 20:17 <bloobla> i can go on forever
  5. 20:17 <robi> come at me
  6. 20:17 <bloobla> if you want war then you can get war
  7. 20:17 <robi> stop being such a god damn faggot and join the webring and i won't do anything
  8. 20:18 <robi> spamming it like an autistic retard will just get you banned
  9. 20:18 <bloobla> i'm not the owner of spacechan
  10. 20:18 <bloobla> so i can't add addons
  11. 20:18 <robi> then tell space_ to do it
  12. 20:18 <bloobla> i did
  13. 20:18 <bloobla> he's lazy :^)
  14. 20:18 <robi> then you get free advertisement without lifting a finger
  15. 20:18 <robi> then i don't care
  16. 20:18 <robi> i don't want other board spam on my boards
  17. 20:18 <robi> you'll get banned
  18. 20:18 <bloobla> 1 post isn't spamming you nigger
  19. 20:18 <robi> yeah i still don't want it
  20. 20:18 <bloobla> we have 4 times as many users as your board
  21. 20:19 <robi> i don't give a shit
  22. 20:19 <robi> do it the right way
  23. 20:19 <bloobla> there are plenty of different characters i can use to circumvent the filters and use images too
  24. 20:19 <bloobla> endless possibilities
  25. 20:19 <robi> okay, try your hardest
  26. 20:20 <bloobla> will do :^)
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