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  1. confirm:
  2.   expired_confirm: $2Confirmation has expired, please run the command again!
  3.   failed_confirm: $2You have no pending actions to confirm!
  4.   requires_confirm: '$2Are you sure you wish to execute: $1%s$2?&-$2This cannot be
  5.     undone! If you are sure: $1/plot confirm'
  6. move:
  7.   move_success: $4Successfully moved plot.
  8.   copy_success: $4Successfully copied plot.
  9.   requires_unowned: $2The location specified is already occupied.
  10. set:
  11.   set_attribute: $4Successfully set %s0 set to %s1
  12. web:
  13.   generating_link: $1Processing plot...
  14.   generating_link_failed: $2Failed to generate download link!
  15.   save_failed: $2Failed to save
  16.   load_null: $2Please use $4/plot load $2to get a list of schematics
  17.   load_failed: $2Failed to load schematic
  18.   load_list: '$2To load a schematic, use $1/plot load #'
  19.   save_success: $1Successfully saved!
  20. compass:
  21.   compass_target: $4Successfully targeted plot with compass
  22. cluster:
  23.   cluster_available_args: '$1The following sub commands are available: $4list$2, $4create$2,
  24.     $4delete$2, $4resize$2, $4invite$2, $4kick$2, $4leave$2, $4members$2, $4info$2,
  25.     $4tp$2, $4sethome'
  26.   cluster_list_heading: $2There are $1%s$2 clusters in this world
  27.   cluster_list_element: $2 - $1%s&-
  28.   cluster_intersection: '$2The proposed area overlaps with: %s0'
  29.   cluster_outside: '$2The proposed area is outside the plot area: %s0'
  30.   cluster_added: $4Successfully created the cluster.
  31.   cluster_deleted: $4Successfully deleted the cluster.
  32.   cluster_resized: $4Successfully resized the cluster.
  33.   cluster_added_user: $4Successfully added user to the cluster.
  34.   cannot_kick_player: $2You cannot kick that player
  35.   cluster_invited: '$1You have been invited to the following cluster: $2%s'
  36.   cluster_removed: '$1You have been removed from cluster: $2%s'
  37.   cluster_kicked_user: $4Successfully kicked the user
  38.   invalid_cluster: '$1Invalid cluster name: $2%s'
  39.   cluster_not_added: $2That player was not added to the plot cluster
  40.   cluster_cannot_leave: $1You must delete or transfer ownership before leaving
  41.   cluster_added_helper: $4Successfully added a helper to the cluster
  42.   cluster_removed_helper: $4Successfully removed a helper from the cluster
  43.   cluster_regenerated: $4Successfully started cluster regeneration
  44.   cluster_teleporting: $4Teleporting...
  45.   cluster_info: '$1Current cluster: $2%id%&-$1Name: $2%name%&-$1Owner: $2%owner%&-$1Size:
  46.     $2%size%&-$1Rights: $2%rights%'
  47. border:
  48.   border: $2You are outside the current map border
  49. unclaim:
  50.   unclaim_success: $4You successfully unclaimed the plot.
  51.   unclaim_failed: $2Could not unclaim the plot
  52. worldedit masks:
  53.   worldedit_delayed: $2Please wait while we process your WorldEdit action...
  54.   worldedit_run: '$2Apologies for the delay. Now executing: %s'
  55.   require_selection_in_mask: $2%s of your selection is not within your plot mask. You can only make edits within your plot.
  56.   worldedit_volume: $2You cannot select a volume of %current%. The maximum volume you can modify is %max%.
  57.   worldedit_iterations: $2You cannot iterate %current% times. The maximum number of iterations allowed is %max%.
  58.   worldedit_unsafe: $2Access to that command has been blocked
  59.   worldedit_bypass: $2&oTo bypass your restrictions use $4/plot wea
  60.   worldedit_bypassed: $2Currently bypassing WorldEdit restriction.
  61.   worldedit_unmasked: $1Your WorldEdit is now unrestricted.
  62.   worldedit_restricted: $1Your WorldEdit is now restricted.
  63. gamemode:
  64.   gamemode_was_bypassed: $1You bypassed the GameMode ($2{gamemode}$1) $1set for $2{plot}
  65. height limit:
  66.   height_limit: $1This plot area has a height limit of $2{limit}
  67. records:
  68.   record_play: $2%player $2started playing record $1%name
  69.   notify_enter: $2%player $2entered your plot ($1%plot$2)
  70.   notify_leave: $2%player $2left your plot ($1%plot$2)
  71. swap:
  72.   swap_overlap: $2The proposed areas are not allowed to overlap
  73.   swap_dimensions: $2The proposed areas must have comparable dimensions
  74.   swap_syntax: $2/plot swap <id>
  75.   swap_success: $4Successfully swapped plots
  76.   started_swap: $2Started plot swap task. You will be notified when it finishes
  77. comment:
  78.   inbox_notification: '%s unread messages. Use /plot inbox'
  79.   not_valid_inbox_index: $2No comment at index %s
  80.   inbox_item: $2 - $4%s
  81.   comment_syntax: $2Use /plot comment [X;Z] <%s> <comment>
  82.   invalid_inbox: '$2That is not a valid inbox.&-$1Accepted values: %s'
  83.   no_perm_inbox: $2You do not have permission for that inbox
  84.   no_perm_inbox_modify: $2You do not have permission to modify that inbox
  85.   no_plot_inbox: $2You must stand in or supply a plot argument
  86.   comment_removed: $4Successfully deleted comment/s:n$2 - '$3%s$2'
  87.   comment_added: $4A comment has been left
  88.   comment_header: $2&m---------&r $1Comments $2&m---------&r
  89.   inbox_empty: $2No comments
  90. console:
  91.   not_console: $2For safety reasons, this command can only be executed by console.
  92.   is_console: $2This command can only be executed by a player.
  93. inventory:
  94.   inventory_usage: '&cUsage: &6{usage}'
  95.   inventory_desc: '&cDescription: &6{desc}'
  96.   inventory_category: '&cCategory: &6{category}'
  97. clipboard:
  98.   clipboard_set: $2The current plot is now copied to your clipboard, use $1/plot paste$2 to paste it
  99.   pasted: $4The plot selection was successfully pasted. It has been cleared from your clipboard.
  100.   paste_failed: '$2Failed to paste the selection. Reason: $2%s'
  101.   no_clipboard: $2You don't have a selection in your clipboard
  102.   clipboard_info: '$2Current Selection - Plot ID: $1%id$2, Width: $1%width$2, Total
  103.     Blocks: $1%total$2'
  104. toggle:
  105.   toggle_enabled: '$2Enabled setting: %s'
  106.   toggle_disabled: '$2Disabled setting: %s'
  107. blocked command:
  108.   command_blocked: $2That command is not allowed in this plot
  109. done:
  110.   done_already_done: $2This plot is already marked as done
  111.   done_not_done: $2This plot is not marked as done.
  112.   done_insufficient_complexity: $2This plot is too simple. Please add more detail before using this command.
  113.   done_success: $1Successfully marked this plot as done.
  114.   done_removed: $1You may now continue building in this plot.
  115. ratings:
  116.   ratings_purged: $2Purged ratings for this plot
  117.   rating_not_valid: $2You need to specify a number between 1 and 10
  118.   rating_already_exists: $2You have already rated plot $2%s
  119.   rating_applied: $4You successfully rated plot $2%s
  120.   rating_not_your_own: $2You cannot rate your own plot
  121.   rating_not_done: $2You can only rate finished plots.
  122.   rating_not_owned: $2You cannot rate a plot that is not claimed by anyone
  123. tutorial:
  124.   rate_this: $2Rate this plot!
  125.   comment_this: '$2Leave some feedback on this plot: %s'
  126. economy:
  127.   econ_disabled: $2Economy is not enabled
  128.   cannot_afford_plot: $2You cannot afford to buy this plot. It costs $1%s
  129.   not_for_sale: $2This plot is not for sale
  130.   cannot_buy_own: $2You cannot buy your own plot
  131.   plot_sold: $4Your plot; $1%s0$4, has been sold to $1%s1$4 for $1$%s2
  132.   cannot_afford_merge: $2You cannot afford to merge the plots. It costs $1%s
  133.   added_balance: $1%s $2has been added to your balance
  134.   removed_balance: $1%s $2has been taken from your balance
  135.   removed_granted_plot: $2You used %s plot grant(s), you've got $1%s $2left
  136. setup:
  137.   setup_init: '$1Usage: $2/plot setup <value>'
  138.   setup_step: '$3[$1Step %s0$3] $1%s1 $2- $1Expecting: $2%s2 $1Default: $2%s3'
  139.   setup_invalid_arg: '$2%s0 is not a valid argument for step %s1. To cancel setup
  140.     use: $1/plot setup cancel'
  141.   setup_valid_arg: $2Value $1%s0 $2set to %s1
  142.   setup_finished: $4You should have been teleported to the created world. Otherwise you will need to set the generator manually using the bukkit.yml or your chosen world management plugin.
  143.   setup_world_taken: $2%s is already a world
  144.   setup_missing_world: $2You need to specify a world name ($1/plot setup &l<world>$1 <generator>$2)&-$1Additional commands:&-$2 - $1/plot setup <value>&-$2 - $1/plot setup back&-$2 - $1/plot setup cancel
  145.   setup_missing_generator: $2You need to specify a generator ($1/plot setup <world> &l<generator>&r$2)&-$1Additional commands:&-$2 - $1/plot setup <value>&-$2 - $1/plot setup back&-$2 - $1/plot setup cancel
  146.   setup_invalid_generator: '$2Invalid generator. Possible options: %s'
  147. schematics:
  148.   schematic_too_large: $2The plot is too large for this action!
  149.   schematic_missing_arg: '$2You need to specify an argument. Possible values: $1test
  150.     <name>$2 , $1save$2 , $1paste $2, $1exportall'
  151.   schematic_invalid: '$2That is not a valid schematic. Reason: $2%s'
  152.   schematic_valid: $2That is a valid schematic
  153.   schematic_paste_failed: $2Failed to paste the schematic
  154.   schematic_paste_success: $4The schematic pasted successfully
  155. titles:
  156.   title_entered_plot: '$1Plot: %world%;%x%;%z%'
  157.   title_entered_plot_sub: $4Owned by %s
  158.   prefix_greeting: '$1%id%$2> '
  159.   prefix_farewell: '$1%id%$2> '
  160. core:
  161.   task_start: Starting task...
  162.   prefix: $3[$1P2$3] $2
  163.   enabled: $1%s0 is now enabled
  164. reload:
  165.   reloaded_configs: $1Translations and world settings have been reloaded
  166.   reload_failed: $2Failed to reload file configurations
  167. desc:
  168.   desc_set: $2Plot description set
  169.   desc_unset: $2Plot description unset
  170.   missing_desc: $2You need to specify a description
  171. alias:
  172.   alias_set_to: $2Plot alias set to $1%alias%
  173.   alias_removed: $2Plot alias removed
  174.   missing_alias: $2You need to specify an alias
  175.   alias_too_long: $2The alias must be < 50 characters in length
  176.   alias_is_taken: $2That alias is already taken
  177. position:
  178.   missing_position: '$2You need to specify a position. Possible values: $1none'
  179.   position_set: $1Home position set to your current location
  180.   position_unset: $1Home position reset to the default location
  181.   home_argument: $2Use /plot set home [none]
  182.   invalid_position: $2That is not a valid position value
  183. cap:
  184.   entity_cap: $2You are not allowed to spawn more mobs
  185. time:
  186.   time_format: $1%hours%, %min%, %sec%
  187. permission:
  188.   no_schematic_permission: $2You don't have the permission required to use schematic $1%s
  189.   no_permission: '$2You are lacking the permission node: $1%s'
  190.   no_permission_event: '$2You are lacking the permission node: $1%s'
  191.   no_plot_perms: $2You must be the plot owner to perform this action
  192.   cant_claim_more_plots: $2You can't claim more plots.
  193.   cant_claim_more_clusters: $2You can't claim more clusters.
  194.   cant_transfer_more_plots: $2You can't send more plots to that user
  195.   cant_claim_more_plots_num: $2You can't claim more than $1%s $2plots at once
  196.   you_be_denied: $2You are not allowed to enter this plot
  197.   merge_request_confirm: Merge request from %s
  198. merge:
  199.   merge_not_valid: $2This merge request is no longer valid.
  200.   merge_accepted: $2The merge request has been accepted
  201.   success_merge: $2Plots have been merged!
  202.   merge_requested: $2Successfully sent a merge request
  203.   no_perm_merge: '$2You are not the owner of the plot: $1%plot%'
  204.   no_available_automerge: $2You do not own any adjacent plots in the specified direction or are not allowed to merge to the required size.
  205.   unlink_required: $2An unlink is required to do this.
  206.   unlink_impossible: $2You can only unlink a mega-plot
  207.   unlink_success: $2Successfully unlinked plots.
  208. commandconfig:
  209.   not_valid_subcommand: $2That is not a valid subcommand
  210.   did_you_mean: '$2Did you mean: $1%s'
  211.   name_little: $2%s0 name is too short, $1%s1$2<$1%s3
  212.   no_commands: $2I'm sorry, but you're not permitted to use any subcommands.
  213.   subcommand_set_options_header: '$2Possible Values: '
  214.   command_syntax: '$1Usage: $2%s'
  215.   flag_tutorial_usage: '$1Have an admin set the flag: $2%s'
  216. errors:
  217.   invalid_player_wait: '$2Player not found: $1%s$2, fetching it. Try again soon.'
  218.   invalid_player: '$2Player not found: $1%s$2.'
  219.   invalid_player_offline: '$2The player must be online: $1%s.'
  220.   invalid_command_flag: '$2Invalid command flag: %s0'
  221.   error: '$2An error occurred: %s'
  222.   command_went_wrong: $2Something went wrong when executing that command...
  223.   no_free_plots: $2There are no free plots available
  224.   not_in_plot: $2You're not in a plot
  225.   not_loaded: $2The plot could not be loaded
  226.   not_in_cluster: $2You must be within a plot cluster to perform that action
  227.   not_in_plot_world: $2You're not in a plot area
  228.   plotworld_incompatible: $2The two worlds must be compatible
  229.   not_valid_world: $2That is not a valid world (case sensitive)
  230.   not_valid_plot_world: $2That is not a valid plot area (case sensitive)
  231.   no_plots: $2You don't have any plots
  232.   wait_for_timer: $2A setblock timer is bound to either the current plot or you. Please wait for it to finish
  233. paste:
  234.   debug_report_created: '$1Uploaded a full debug to: $1%url%'
  235. purge:
  236.   purge_success: $4Successfully purged %s plots
  237. trim:
  238.   trim_in_progress: A world trim task is already in progress!
  239.   not_valid_hybrid_plot_world: The hybrid plot manager is required to perform this action
  240. block list:
  241.   block_list_separater: '$1,$2 '
  242. biome:
  243.   need_biome: $2You need to specify a valid biome.
  244.   biome_set_to: $2Plot biome set to $2
  245. teleport:
  246.   teleported_to_plot: $1You have been teleported
  247.   teleported_to_road: $2You got teleported to the road
  248.   teleport_in_seconds: $1Teleporting in %s seconds. Do not move...
  249.   teleport_failed: $2Teleportation cancelled due to movement or damage
  250. set block:
  251.   set_block_action_finished: $1The last setblock action is now finished.
  252. unsafe:
  253.   debugallowunsafe_on: $2Unsafe actions allowed
  254.   debugallowunsafe_off: $2Unsafe actions disabled
  255. debug:
  256.   debug_header: $1Debug Information&-
  257.   debug_section: $2>> $1&l%val%
  258.   debug_line: $2>> $1%var%$2:$1 %val%&-
  259. invalid:
  260.   not_valid_data: $2That's not a valid data id.
  261.   not_valid_block: '$2That''s not a valid block: %s'
  262.   not_allowed_block: '$2That block is not allowed: %s'
  263.   not_valid_number: '$2That''s not a valid number within the range: %s'
  264.   not_valid_plot_id: $2That's not a valid plot id.
  265.   plot_id_form: '$2The plot id must be in the form: $1X;Y $2e.g. $1-5;7'
  266.   not_your_plot: $2That is not your plot.
  267.   no_such_plot: $2There is no such plot
  268.   player_has_not_been_on: $2That player hasn't been in the plotworld
  269.   found_no_plots: $2Found no plots with your search query
  270.   found_no_plots_for_player: '$2No plots found for player: %s'
  271. camera:
  272.   camera_started: $2You have entered camera mode for plot $1%s
  273.   camera_stopped: $2You are no longer in camera mode
  274. need:
  275.   need_plot_number: $2You've got to specify a plot number or alias
  276.   need_block: $2You've got to specify a block
  277.   need_plot_id: $2You've got to specify a plot id.
  278.   need_plot_world: $2You've got to specify a plot area.
  279.   need_user: $2You need to specify a username
  280. near:
  281.   plot_near: '$1Players: %s0'
  282. info:
  283.   none: None
  284.   now: Now
  285.   never: Never
  286.   unknown: Unknown
  287.   everyone: Everyone
  288.   plot_unowned: $2The current plot must have an owner to perform this action
  289.   plot_info_unclaimed: $2Plot $1%s$2 is not yet claimed
  290.   plot_info_header: $3&m---------&r $1INFO $3&m---------
  291.   plot_info: '$1ID: $2%id%$1&-$1Alias: $2%alias%$1&-$1Owner: $2%owner%$1&-$1Biome:
  292.     $2%biome%$1&-$1Can Build: $2%build%$1&-$1Rating: $2%rating%&-$1Seen: $2%seen%&-$1Trusted:
  293.     $2%trusted%$1&-$1Members: $2%members%$1&-$1Denied: $2%denied%$1&-$1Flags: $2%flags%'
  294.   plot_info_footer: $3&m---------&r $1INFO $3&m---------
  295.   plot_info_trusted: $1Trusted:$2 %trusted%
  296.   plot_info_members: $1Members:$2 %members%
  297.   plot_info_denied: $1Denied:$2 %denied%
  298.   plot_info_flags: $1Flags:$2 %flags%
  299.   plot_info_biome: $1Biome:$2 %biome%
  300.   plot_info_rating: $1Rating:$2 %rating%
  301.   plot_info_owner: $1Owner:$2 %owner%
  302.   plot_info_id: $1ID:$2 %id%
  303.   plot_info_alias: $1Alias:$2 %alias%
  304.   plot_info_size: $1Size:$2 %size%
  305.   plot_info_seen: $1Seen:$2 %seen%
  306.   plot_user_list: ' $1%user%$2,'
  307.   plot_flag_list: $1%s0:%s1$2
  308.   info_syntax_console: $2/plot info X;Y
  309. working:
  310.   generating_component: $1Started generating component from your settings
  311.   clearing_plot: $2Clearing plot async.
  312.   clearing_done: $4Clear completed! Took %sms.
  313.   deleting_done: $4Delete completed! Took %sms.
  314.   plot_not_claimed: $2Plot not claimed
  315.   plot_is_claimed: $2This plot is already claimed
  316.   claimed: $4You successfully claimed the plot
  317. list:
  318.   comment_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% comments
  319.   clickable: ' (interactive)'
  320.   area_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% areas
  321.   plot_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% plots
  322.   plot_list_header: $1List of %word% plots
  323.   plot_list_item: $2>> $1%id$2:$1%world $2- $1%owner
  324.   plot_list_item_ordered: $2[$1%in$2] >> $1%id$2:$1%world $2- $1%owner
  325.   plot_list_footer: $2>> $1%word% a total of $2%num% $1claimed %plot%.
  326. left:
  327.   left_plot: $2You left a plot
  328. chat:
  329.   plot_chat_spy_format: '$2[$1Plot Spy$2][$1%plot_id%$2] $1%sender%$2: $1%msg%'
  330.   plot_chat_format: '$2[$1Plot Chat$2][$1%plot_id%$2] $1%sender%$2: $1%msg%'
  331.   plot_chat_forced: $2This world forces everyone to use plot chat.
  332.   plot_chat_on: $4Plot chat enabled.
  333.   plot_chat_off: $4Plot chat disabled.
  334. deny:
  335.   denied_removed: $4You successfully undenied the player from this plot
  336.   denied_added: $4You successfully denied the player from this plot
  337.   denied_need_argument: $2Arguments are missing. $1/plot denied add <name> $2or $1/plot denied remove <name>
  338.   was_not_denied: $2That player was not denied on this plot
  339.   you_got_denied: $4You are denied from the plot you were previously on, and got teleported to spawn
  340. kick:
  341.   you_got_kicked: $4You got kicked!
  342. rain:
  343.   need_on_off: '$2You need to specify a value. Possible values: $1on$2, $1off'
  344.   setting_updated: $4You successfully updated the setting
  345. flag:
  346.   flag_key: '$2Key: %s'
  347.   flag_type: '$2Type: %s'
  348.   flag_desc: '$2Desc: %s'
  349.   not_valid_flag: $2That is not a valid flag
  350.   not_valid_flag_suggested: '$2That is not a valid flag. Did you mean: $1%s'
  351.   not_valid_value: $2Flag values must be alphanumerical
  352.   flag_not_in_plot: $2The plot does not have that flag
  353.   flag_not_removed: $2The flag could not be removed
  354.   flag_not_added: $2The flag could not be added
  355.   flag_removed: $4Successfully removed flag
  356.   flag_added: $4Successfully added flag
  357. trusted:
  358.   trusted_added: $4You successfully trusted a user to the plot
  359.   trusted_removed: $4You successfully removed a trusted user from the plot
  360.   was_not_added: $2That player was not trusted on this plot
  361.   plot_removed_user: $1Plot %s of which you were added to has been deleted due to owner inactivity
  362. member:
  363.   removed_players: $2Removed %s players from this plot.
  364.   already_owner: '$2That user is already the plot owner: %s0'
  365.   already_added: '$2That user is already added to that category: %s0'
  366.   member_added: $4That user can now build while the plot owner is online
  367.   member_removed: $1You successfully removed a user from the plot
  368.   member_was_not_added: $2That player was not added as a user on this plot
  369.   plot_max_members: $2You are not allowed to add any more players to this plot
  370. owner:
  371.   set_owner: $4You successfully set the plot owner
  372.   now_owner: $4You are now owner of plot %s
  373. signs:
  374.   owner_sign_line_1: '$1ID: $1%id%'
  375.   owner_sign_line_2: '$1Owner:'
  376.   owner_sign_line_3: $2%plr%
  377.   owner_sign_line_4: $3Claimed
  378. help:
  379.   help_header: $3&m---------&r $1PlotĀ² Help $3&m---------
  380.   help_page_header: '$1Category: $2%category%$2,$1 Page: $2%current%$3/$2%max%$2'
  381.   help_footer: $3&m---------&r $1PlotĀ² Help $3&m---------
  382.   help_info_item: $1/plot help %category% $3- $2%category_desc%
  383.   help_item: $1%usage% [%alias%]&- $3- $2%desc%&-
  384.   direction: '$1Current direction: %dir%'
  385. grants:
  386.   granted_plots: '$1Result: $2%s $1grants left'
  387.   granted_plot: $1You granted %s0 plot to $2%s1
  388.   granted_plot_failed: '$1Grant failed: $2%s'
  389. '-':
  390.   custom_string: '-'
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