Butt off (Pegasuseseseses 1)

Apr 10th, 2016
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  2. >"I have already won, Caramel."
  4. >"I won, Caramel."
  6. >You were cut off as Anon slowly reached up and clamped your mouth shut
  7. >Though his suit was in tatters, and there was a great big bump on his head, you could still see that BUCKING glint in his eye
  8. >"Caramel," he said slowly, as if savoring every word. "I. Have. Already. Won. You. Little. Horse."
  9. >Behind him, Applejack was laying on the floor, a dopey smile on her face as she laid in a puddle of her own... juices
  10. >Beside her was Cheerilee and Lotus, both of whom were in a similar state
  11. >You were holding a broken shovel and were as angry as all Tartarus
  12. >What on EARTH gave Anon the idea that doing THAT to those mares in front of all of these ponies was alright?!
  13. >Did he really have to do it right here?!
  14. >Where you could watch?!
  15. >In broad bucking daylight?!
  16. >You knew that Anonymous was too much normally
  17. >But that
  18. >THAT was too bucking much!
  19. >You brandished what was left of your shovel threateningly as Anon wiped the... juices off of his chin
  20. >You were going to find another shovel
  21. >You were going to grab that bucking shovel
  22. >And you were going to beat the stupid out of this stallion until he was an upstanding member of society
  23. >And then you were going to beat him a little just to make it stick
  24. >Anon smiled as you let out a growl
  25. >"Aw, come on, it wasn't that bad," he said, dodging out of the way as you took a swing at him
  26. "IT WASN'T THAT BAD?!"
  28. >"It's not like anyone was complaining other than you."
  30. >Grumbling as he rubbed his head, Anon stood up
  31. >While you and Anon had had your little spat it looked like the other fellas had gotten to work clearing the stage
  32. >Every mare but the before mentioned ones had been cleared off and swept off
  33. >In fact most of the ponies standing in the crowd weren't even blushing all that much
  34. >...Though now, because of BUCKING ANON, there was a musky smell in the air
  35. >A very musky, icky smell that you didn't like very much at all
  36. >"Sooooo... Who's ready for the next round?"
  39. >WHAT THE BU--
  40. >No
  41. >No...
  42. >Deep breaths, Caramel
  44. >Getting angry isn't going to help anything
  45. >Angry can't beat the stupid that is your human friend
  46. "...Alright, but I swear to Celestia if you try something like that again."
  47. >In the crowd you saw Princess Celestia make a face at you using her name in vain but thank goodness she didn't say anything
  48. >Your reputation was already going to be in the gutter today; having a princess tear you a new one might just kill you
  49. >Anon just grinned that stupid grin of his
  50. >"Don't worry, Caramel old pal, the booty madness has passed. I should be good for a while now. But, since fair's fair, if you find a hot number that you want to chow down on you can go right ahead."
  51. "BUCK YOU!"
  52. >"We'd like to see that!" somepony in the crowd yelled
  53. >You spun around, ready to start screaming your lungs out, when Anon wrapped an arm around you and lifted you up to his chest
  54. >"Easy there, big blue. EASY," he muttered, running his fingers through your mane
  55. >Mother.Bucker.
  56. >You weren't Blue!
  57. >YOU WEREN'T!
  58. >You struggled against the pets with all of your might but the power of Anon's fingers was too great
  60. >Eventually you found yourself calming down, hanging limply in the air as you grumbled to yourself
  61. >Those pigs...
  62. >You'd bet your newest hoof-stitched designer bag that half of the mares here were looking at your sheath and balls RIGHT NOW
  63. >Somehow sensing that you were calm enough to be put down without you attacking anypony, Anon put you beside him and stood up to his full height
  64. >"Alright! Since the... er... INTERMISSION! Intermission; that's the word! Since that's all over how about we get to the next race, eh?"
  65. >Anon ignored you as you glared at him, clapping his hands together
  66. >He's seriously going to just ignore what he did?
  67. >No, even worse: was everypony else just going to gloss over the fact that Anon just orally stimulated three mares in public
  68. >An act that you're a hundred and fifty percent sure is illegal?
  69. >...
  70. >Urgh...
  71. >"So how about we go with the pegasi next?" he asked the crowd. "We can save the unicorns and alicorns last."
  72. >"Yeah! Get the joke butts out of the way for the grade A ones," a unicorn in the crowd said, giving her flank a smack as she jeered as a group of earth ponies
  73. >"Hey now, none of that little marshmallow pone," Anon said, quick to defuse the situation before a fight started. "This is a day for peace, a day of sisterhood, a day where I touch all of your butts and where lewd things happen. This is no day for hate."
  74. >The mare, now looking ashamed of herself, disappeared back into the crowd as the mares, mares of all races, looked at each other and nodded
  75. >Smiling once again, Anon spread his arms out wide
  76. >"Come on now, ladies, flap those wings and get your butts on the stage. We're burning daylight."
  77. >And come they did
  78. >Though the population of pegasi were a good deal smaller than the earth ponies, what with this being an earth pony town, what they lacked for in numbers they made up for in showmareship
  80. >Almost as if they choreographed it, dozens of pegasi mares launched themselves into the air, spinning and twisting and doing all sort of acrobatic stunts before gracefully landing on the platform
  81. >...And then there was Fluttershy, who quietly made her way through the crowd and walked up the steps like a normal pony
  82. >Aw...
  83. >What a cute little mare...
  84. >You can't for the life of you understand why some stallion hadn't snatched a mare like her up yet...
  85. >"So we just finished up with the powerhouses of the pony races, so why don't we talk about the sleeker model?"
  86. >Anon walked down the line of mares as they turned and presented their rumps to him
  87. >His mouth twitched, and the sudden but violent urge to find another shovel filled you
  88. >Bucking Anon...
  89. >"Unlike their non-winged counterparts, a pegasi's bottom isn't supposed to be big enough to bounce a bit off of. A pegasus is a smaller, sleeker little horse, and that's what we're gonna be looking for. We need small, TIGHT little flanks with just a LITTLE bit of fat on them. The word for these cuties is COMPACT."
  90. >You and the fellas converged around Anon as he knelt before the first mare in the line, a Ms. Clear Skies
  91. >She was wearing a conservative yet tasteful pair of frilly purple panties with a pair of fuzzy purple and blue socks
  92. >Which were cute and looked good on her
  93. >The mare herself was blushing as she looked back at all of you
  94. >"A-Afternoon fellas," she shimmered, her tail flicking nervously
  95. >Placing a hand on the small of her back, Anon knelt down
  96. >"Good afternoon yourself, Clear Skies," he said, patting her rump. "Are you ready get looked over?"
  97. >Gulping, Clear Skies nodded
  98. >"R-Ready as I'll ever be."
  99. >Anon gave her rump another pat before grabbing the edges of her panties
  100. >"Don't worry, we'll go easy on you," he promised, sliding the undergarments off her rump and down her legs. "Now lets see what we're working with."
  101. >Clear Skies twitched as he gave her rump a squeeze
  103. >"Did you guys know that pegasi tails are usually the thinnest of all of the tribes?" Anon asked nopony in particular. "It's supposed to help them with their flying but do you see how if you move their tail JUST a bit you can--"
  104. "Anon."
  105. >"... Anyway... Clear Skies, sweetie, will you do me a favor and tense your flank for me?
  106. >Shifting her weight from left to right, Clear Skies did as he asked, tensing her fanny
  107. >"You see that? You can easily see the muscle but there's just enough fat so that you can't see the muscle striations."
  108. >Clear Skies let out a squeak as Anon ran his hands up and down her flank, his thumbs drawing circles all over her cutiemarks
  109. >"There's a lot of that tight muscle that pegasi are known for."
  110. >More squeezing, more squeaking
  111. >"Though the legs are a little skinny... and the fur seems a bit thick in some places..."
  112. >Humming, Anon pressed his face again her flank
  113. >With time Clear Skies let out a startled moan, her tail flicking wildly back and forth
  114. >"What do you think, Thunderlane?"
  115. >Thunderlane, who had been staring off into space, blinked
  116. >"What?"
  117. >Anon pinched Clear Skies on the flank and yanked at the fur, trying to see how far it would stretch
  118. >"You're our resident male bird horse," he said, pushing Clear Skies back against him as the mare tried to lean away as she bit her lip. "You've probably seen a lot of pegasi booty. Tell me what you think."
  119. >Thunderlane's nose scrunched up
  120. >"That's racists, Anon."
  121. >"Racists? If looking at ass is racist then I'm a fucking neo-Nazi."
  122. >"Not that! You called me a bird horse! THAT'S the racist thing!"
  123. >"Why? You're a horse with bird wings. I don't see the big deal."
  124. >Clear Skies closed her eyes tightly as she began to grind herself against Anon's face
  125. >Anon, who was still poking and groping her flank, looked like nothing was out of the ordinary, even as you noticed a wetness dripping down the pegasi's leg
  126. >Thunderlane, his nose scrunched up, stomped his hoof
  128. >"...Well, one: I'd say that your statement was inaccurate since my species came from primates. And two: I wouldn't really give a fuck."
  129. >Anon shrugged as Clear Skies began to shake, her wings extending to their full length
  130. >You, along with the other fellas, saw this, and you tried to warn Anon but the human continued
  131. >"Bird horse, monkey, zigger; their just words. And if you let words--"
  133. >Anon reeled back as he got a face full of mare cum
  134. >"Motherfuckingshitniggercuckdammit!"
  135. >Clear Skies, redder than you had ever seen her, let her front hit the stage, her rump trembling and her wings flapping as she rode out her orgasm
  136. >Rolling out of her "firing range" Anon watched the mare's rapid winking with a surprised, yet pleased, smile
  137. >"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, pegasi buns can be pretty sensitive..."
  138. >Both Thunderlane and Anon watched as the mare let out another lewd moan, wiggling her rump back and forth
  139. >...
  140. >You know, if you would have seen something like this this morning you would have lost your mind
  141. >But now?
  142. >Now you're just kind of... desensitized
  143. >You could only feel just a little irritated as you watched a mare that you knew and were friends with cum in front of hundreds of ponies
  144. >And that was Anon's fault
  145. >The bucker...
  146. >...
  147. >Wow was Clear Skies really cumming...
  148. >Somepony was PENT up...
  149. >...
  150. >Those bucking pants of his BETTER be as comfy as they look...
  151. >"...Anon?" Thunderlane said quietly
  152. >"Yeah?"
  153. >"How do you know so much about butts?"
  154. >Anon was silent as Clear Skies, her orgasm finally running out of steam, let her whole body flop onto the floor with a groan
  155. >There was a big smile on her face as she closed her eyes, panting like she had just ran a marathon
  156. >"I have a PhD in Assology," Anon finally said, pulling out his napkin and cleaning up his face
  158. >Thunderlane's nose scrunched up
  159. >"No you don't you bucking liar."
  160. >Anon turned to look at him, his head cocked to the side
  161. >"I have a diploma in my study if you don't believe me."
  162. >"You don't HAVE a study in your house," Thunderlane instantly replied
  163. >And he was right; Anon didn't have a study in his house
  164. >You didn't even know what somepony like him would even use a study for
  165. >Anon's face scrunched up a little more before he shrugged
  166. >"...Well, if I DID have a study it'd be in there."
  167. >Pulling out his marker, Anon walked over and put a seven on Clear Skies rump
  168. >"There you go sweetie. Next time how about you be a gentlemare and warn someone the next time you go ahead and do that huh?"
  169. >Cloud Skies let out a sound that was a mixture between a groan and a moan, the now sweaty mare still trying to catch her breath
  170. >Standing back up Anon looked around
  171. >"Okay, so who's nex--"
  172. >He let out a yelp as a rainbow blur landed next to him with such force that it cracked the wooden stage
  173. >"Don't even bother looking at anymore mares, Anon," Rainbow Dash said, her chest puffing out. "Cause you got the winner right here!"
  174. >You and the other boys, including Anon, frowned as you looked at the loud-mouthed pegasus
  175. >You might have liked it when a mare was confident but too much of it was more annoying than anything
  176. >A mare that was too confident would always get in other mares faces, she'd be too aggressive with stallions and just be a pony that was an all around douche bag
  177. >Things which Rainbow was to T
  178. >"Goddammit, Rainbow, are you trying to fucking kill me?" Anon snapped, glaring at the pegasus as she stared up at him with a smirk
  179. >"Oh keep your boxers on. I wasn't going to land on you," she said with a dismissive wave of her hoof. "I just wanted to come over here and get my butt looked at so you can just go ahead and give me the title."
  180. >Anon just stared at her, and for a second you thought that he was just going to tell her to get back in line and wait her bucking turn
  182. >But this was Anon, somepony who went out of their way to do the thing that made the least amount of sense, so instead of doing that he just smiled
  183. >"Alright Rainbow, if you REALLY want to go next I guess we can let you."
  184. >He motioned you forward with a hand, and you could see a new glint in his eyes
  185. >A glint that you were sure was sparkling in your eye as well
  186. >Time to show Rainbow what happens when you get your wish...
  187. >Looking as smug and cocky as could be, Rainbow turned around and presented her flank as you all crowded around her
  188. >And, just like you thought, it wasn't all that much to write home about
  189. >In fact, it was so small that the panties that she was wearing looked a size too big for her
  190. >And, with a quick peek at the tag that was sticking out from the waste band (good job Rainbow), you couldn't help but notice that the panties were size too small
  191. >Oh~
  192. >Oh here we go...
  193. >With just a flick of a finger, Anon made the panties, which were barely holding on as is, slip off Rainbow's flank
  194. >The second that you could see her bare fur you and the fellas couldn't help but giggle under your breath
  195. >Small was an understatement; in fact you've seen foals with bigger butts
  196. >The flank that you were looking at was flatter than a pancake
  197. >There was barely any shape and from what you could see there was no fat at all (which wasn't a good thing AT ALL)
  198. >"Rainbow, could you do me a favor and flex your flank?" Anon asked, not even bothering with his groaping
  199. >Not that you could blame him really
  200. >You were sure that all he'd be feeling would be bone
  201. >Rainbow, not realizing just how much she had bucked up, did as he asked
  202. >Her flank bulged out ever so slightly, letting you clearly see the muscle striations on each flank
  203. >"Aw, look at that," Thunderlane cooed. "It looks like a flank that belongs on a five year old."
  204. >"I don't know what's worse; this flank or Mrs. Ca-- Honey Dew," Spark Plug said, his eyes darting nervously toward Mr. Cake
  206. >Rainbow immediately stiffened, spinning around
  207. >"What the buck did you say?!" she demanded
  208. >Anon shook his head
  209. >"Turn back around, Rainbow."
  210. >"I don't know who the buck you think--"
  211. >"Rainbow, you wanted to go next, so shut your fucking mouth and turn around. Your evaluation isn't over with yet."
  212. >Rainbow looked like she wanted to argue but instead snorted
  213. >"Stupid bucking colts don't know a good flank when they see one..." she muttered, slowly turning around
  214. >"Look up here," Anon said, pointing at her back. "Rainbow's back muscles are HUGE from all the flying that she does. They're probably twice as big as a normal pegasi."
  215. >Rainbow looked over her shoulder, a smile back on her face, and you sure that she was going to say something but Anon continued
  216. >"Which is why she has an unusually tiny flank."
  217. >You couldn't help but smile as Rainbow's eyes bugged out of her head
  218. >"What the buck did you!--"
  219. >As quick as a flash, Anon pressed his thumbs both on the small of Rainbow's back and right above her tail
  220. >She froze, her eyes darting back and forth as she struggled to get out of... whatever the buck Anon was doing to her
  221. >"Usually you get a nice ass by exercising it. That doesn't mean going around kicking trees all day like applejack; usually a bit of running or walking will give it some shape."
  222. >Poking all around Rainbow's flank, Anon lifted his hands away from the still statue-stiff mare's body
  223. >"But Rainbow here, since all she does is fly around to get ANYWHERE, hasn't developed her butt muscles all that much."
  224. >"But I've seen Rainbow kicking clouds all day," Thunderlane said as Rainbow's butt twitched. "That should have done something for her right?"
  225. >Anon frowned
  226. >"I don't know anything about cloud kicking but I'm guessing that it isn't that hard," he said with a shrug. "But if it is then maybe Rainbow here just got the short end of the genetic's stick?"
  227. >You all looked at each other
  228. "So... What does Rainbow get then?" you asked
  230. >This was just a formality really
  231. >You all knew that Rainbow wasn't going to get a good score
  232. >But even so you just wanted to twist the knife a little more
  233. >For all of the times that Rainbow bothered you and the fellas
  234. >For every time she flew by, making your tails fly up
  235. >Everytime that she told a sexists joke just loud enough for you to hear
  236. >"I don't know. What do you guys think?" Anon asked
  237. >This was a punishment
  238. >And hell hath no fury like an angry stallion
  239. >"I'd give her a two," Thunderlane immediately answered, giving Rainbow the stink eye
  240. >Time Turner nodded
  241. >"Yeah, I wouldn't give her anything more than a two or three," he said
  242. >"I know that most ponies can't compare to my pumpkin but this is AWFUL," Mr. Cake said. "I'd give her a one."
  243. >You didn't say anything, nothing more needed to be said, you just stared at Anon, who whipped out his marker
  244. >"Now Rainbow, I'm gonna give you a two. I'm going to put it on your flank right now. After that I'm going to unstiffen your body."
  245. >Anon quickly put the two on Rainbow's, who was growling in rage, flank before capping the marker and putting it away
  246. >"Now, if you get any funny ideas AFTER I let you go just remember that you were the one that came flying over here making demands like a cocky asshole. I want you to also remember that if you try to jump one of us if I don't get you one of these HUNDREDS of mares probably will. You got that sunshine?"
  247. >Rainbow was silent for a moment, no doubt weighing her options, before she let out a series of grunting sounds
  248. >Though they sounded like nothing in particular to you Anon seemed to take it as a yes, his hands a blur as he undid... whatever he did to Rainbow
  249. >When he was done Rainbow flopped to the ground with a groan
  250. >"Ow..."
  251. >"Alright then!" Anon chirped, clapping his hands together, once again his cheerful self. "Now that we got all of that out of the way who's next?"
  252. >"U-Um... I am... If you don't mind that is..."
  254. >You all turned to look at a butt that clearly belonged to an earth pony
  255. >Your nose scrunched up
  256. >Alright, who was bucking trying to be funn...
  257. >Wait...
  258. >Looking again you saw the mare that was wearing those tight-fitting red panties had a pair of wings on her back
  259. >Was that... FLUTTERSHY?!
  260. >Fluttershy did her best to hide behind her mane as you all stared at her, your jaws hitting the floor
  261. >"O-Oh, I'm sorry. Did you w-want somepony to g-go before me?" she shyly asked, nervously shifting her weight back and forth
  262. >This caused her butt to jiggle back and forth in a very appealing way
  263. >Anon covered a mouth with his hand, looking just as shocked as the rest of you
  264. >Without saying a word he turned around, walked over toward the end of the stage and hopped into the crowd
  265. >You, Fluttershy and the other fellas watched as he grabbed Bonbon, who began to protest, and carried her onto the stage
  266. >"Hang on, give me a second," he said, putting the earth pony in his arms down next to Flutter's. "Bonbon, shut up for a second and hold still. The same goes for you, Flutters."
  267. >Bonbon, who looked both confused and annoyed that she had just been stolen from her marefriend, nonetheless did as he asked, standing side-to-side with Fluttershy, who seemed to be getting redder as the seconds ticked by
  268. >"Oh m-my... Did... Did I do something wrong?" Fluttershy squeaked
  269. >Anon smiled, patting the mare on the rump
  270. >"Of course not, Flutters, I just wanted to see something," Anon assured
  271. >He then turned toward all of you as he pulled Flutter's panties down
  272. >"Do these look similar to you guys?"
  273. >Upon closer inspection you noticed that Anon was indeed right
  274. >Fluttershy's rump, which was big and round and shapely and amazing, looked pretty much the same as Bonbon's, which was also big and round and shapely and amazing
  275. >...
  276. >Wow...
  277. >"You wouldn't happen to have any earth pony blood in you would ya, Flutters?" Anon asked
  279. >"N-No, I don't think so," Fluttershy answered, giving her rump the tiniest of shakes
  280. >...
  281. >Wait a tick...
  282. >For just a second you saw a ghost of a smile on the mare's face before her face was once again covered by that long, long mane of her's
  283. >Oh that cheeky devil!
  284. >She KNEW what she was bringing to the table!
  285. >She was just acting shy!
  286. >Looking around at the other pegasi contestants you could see them eyeing Fluttershy's rump with envy
  287. >You suddenly noticed a wet spot on Fluttershy's panties as she gave her flank another "nervous" wiggle
  288. >...
  289. >Huh...
  290. >It's always the quiet ones huh?
  291. >"We have to give her a low score."
  292. >Your eyes snapped up to Anon
  293. >Fluttershy's eyes snapped up to Anon
  294. >Bonbon looked up at Anon
  295. >Everypony in earshot looked up at the human like he had just lost his mind
  296. >Anon just continued to stare down at Fluttershy's rump, his face an emotionless mask
  297. "What?! What do you MEAN we have to give her a low score?" you demanded. "You just said that her butt looked just like Bonbon and she got a--"
  298. >"Bonbon is an earth pony," Anon interrupted, sadness overcoming his features. "Flutter's here is a pegasus, and even though she has a nine out of ten earth pony ass we can't judge her like an earth pony."
  299. >He shrugged, though it was such a small movement that it may as well have been a twitch
  300. >"We gotta judge her on the traits that make the best pegasus butt; a butt which she doesn't have at all."
  301. >Each word seemed to cause Anon pain now as he knelt down beside Fluttershy, tears in his eyes
  302. >"Flutter's... I know that it's shitty, and I'd give you a nine if I could, but I gotta follow the rules. I'm gonna have to g-give you a zero b-because you don't have any of the traits of a g-good pegasus a-ass"
  303. >Snuffling, Anon gave her rump a pat, watching it jiggle
  304. >"A-And I'm s-sorry about t-that. I r--really am..."
  305. >Was he really about to cry over this?
  306. >Really?
  307. >Really, really?
  309. >...
  310. >Your disgust could be felt galaxies over
  311. >Fluttershy, too concerned seeing how much Anon was beating himself over this, turned around and pulled him into a hug
  312. >"Oh it's alright, Anon," she said, nuzzling his cheek. "I'm not mad. You have to follow the rules like everypony else. Its okay, you don't need to cry."
  313. >Aw...
  314. >She might be a secret pervert but Fluttershy really was a very sweet mare
  315. >A sweet mare with a big wonderful butt
  316. >Anon, of COURSE, had to ruin the touching moment by grabbing Fluttershy by her butt and giving it a squeeze as he pulled her against his chest
  317. >Fluttershy let out a squeak, her eyelids fluttering as her wings flapped
  318. >Your eyes narrowed
  319. "Anon."
  320. >Anon sniffled again as his fingers began to roam up and down her flank
  321. >"L-Leave me alone for a little bit, Caramel," he said as Fluttershy buried her muzzle into the nape of his neck to mask a moan. "Can't you s-see that I'm trying to console poor Flutter's here."
  322. >"Yessssssss, that's it~ Pull my tail like that~"
  323. >Your eye twitched as Fluttershy's wings fully extended
  324. "Anon, get away from her right now."
  325. >"But Fluttershy is sad. She's the first one that I've had to give a zero to and I'm trying to make her feel better."
  326. >Ahhh~! I'm so wet; can you feel how wet I am, monkey boy~?"
  327. "Anon... I'm not going to ask you again."
  328. >"..."
  329. "..."
  330. >"The booty fever is coming back, Caramel."
  331. "Anon."
  332. >"I'm not going to be able to help myself. You know that I'm a weak-willed man, Caramel."
  333. "ANON..."
  334. >"Prey for your nigga, my little horse friend. The booty madness comes once again. AND I MUST HEED THE CALL, CARAMEL! I MUST HEED IT!"
  337. "ANON!!!"
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