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  1. [16:27] Dawst- Blackheart (dawst): <C://Vyka> Second Lieutenant Vyka on station. Have Officers Khoba and Fate with me will be proceeding with a patrol of the colony soon.
  2. [16:39] Dawst- Blackheart (dawst): <C://Vyka> Starting at patrol towards the Bank. Officers Vyka, Khoba, Fate and Azra heading off. Will update position as we go, be back soon.
  3. [16:40] Chicago Terasaur: <C> Patrol patrol patrol~ MAke sure you get some dumplings from the dumpling cart along the waaayyyy!~
  4. [16:40] Navak (caffeinecoyote): [C://Khoba] ...Dumpling cart?
  5. [16:43] Chicago Terasaur: <C> It seels dumplings!~
  6. [16:47] Naki (nakisisazj): ((Suddenly Chicargo is no longer bold? >.>))
  7. [16:47] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> Well, that certainly was not expected, Toshia works at Red Tail, and she refused to make me sushi even though I offered nearly around twenty thousand credits. Other chefs refused as well.
  8. [16:47] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> amusing.
  9. [16:49] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] What'd you do to piss them off?
  10. [16:50] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> She tried to murder me, so I threatened to collar her in return because I suspected that she had a fake ID chip.
  11. [16:51] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] And you wonder why they refused to make you food?
  12. [16:51] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> She /tried/ /to/ /murder/ /me/.
  13. [16:51] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> To be fair, attempted murder is a pretty serious offense.
  14. [16:52] Naki (nakisisazj): [C;//Erika] *mocking tone* Make me food or I'll take you as my slave! - *normal tone* Not a great image for us there Justin.
  15. [16:52] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> What...?
  16. [16:52] Naki (nakisisazj): ((Sorry, I might have misread slightly, void last))
  17. [16:52] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> SHE /TRIED/ /TO/ /MURDER/ /ME/ in the undercity.
  18. [16:52] Justin (mrfoxventura): (Okay)
  19. [16:53] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> The real question is, if she assaulted an officer, why is she still roaming freely at all?
  20. [16:53] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> She was fined, severely, had her store burnt down, etc.
  21. [16:54] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] Regardless, if she tried to murder you, why would she make you food? And threatening to make her your slave, which is illegal in itself unless consent is signed on both sides may I remind you, still doesnt help the situation.
  22. [16:55] Bonita Eliseabetha Knight (bonnyjestra): <C//Jestra> Especially if you assume that the suspect lacks a proper ID. Assumptions are mistakes, on Mars such a corporate damaging behavior would have you been put in a camp, officer.
  23. [16:55] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> The fine, I get, but burning her shop seems less than prudent. Though, Erika, if her chip was fake, that does not offer her the protections of a citizen under the law, unless I am mistaken. I'd have to read up on slavery laws, but it might be that she could be taken as one.
  24. [16:55] Dawst- Blackheart (dawst): <C://Vyka> Bank clear. Continuing towards Plaza district.
  25. [16:56] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> She refused to get her ID scanned and drove away from me, I went to her store to check to see what name it's registered under, and she and River attacked me, trying to murder me.
  26. [16:56] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] Command, Emergency call through. Relay:  <C//NPC Civilian:>Uhmmm hello? Someone is trying to steal some cola from Dinko. The machine is at Union Boulevard at the right side of the Hospital.
  27. [16:57] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> And Erika, might I remind you that it's legal for slavers to enslave those who have fake ID chips or refuse to be chipp- alright, I'm checking that out.
  28. [16:58] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> If these two tried to murder you after fleeing from an ID check, it seems like there are compounding crimes taken place here. Evasion of the law AND assault on a ColSec officer are both very serious allegations.
  29. [16:58] Khiva (akumaru2): <C://Silthas> About to be on net, heading to the tower to begin some requisition work
  30. [16:58] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] Then that makes you no better than a criminal scumbag, Plain And Simple, Justin. Plain and Simple.
  31. [17:00] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> If the suspect was found to be having a fake ID and was then legally enslaved, that makes him quite different from a 'criminal scumbag'. To be a criminal, one must break the law. We follow the law, not our moral interpretations of right or wrong.
  32. [17:00] Victoria (hooked.dagger): [T://Elizabeth] Do we seriously have an active officer who doesn't get why burning down someone's store and threatening to enslave them might tick them off?
  33. [17:01] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> I did not burn the store down, a superior ordered it for no particular reason.
  34. [17:02] Naki (nakisisazj): [C;//Erika] Y'still threatened to Enslave them.
  35. [17:02] Victoria (hooked.dagger): [T://Elizabeth] Even just the latter, really - I grew up in a mine and blow stuff up for a living and even I can see why that might create some biases.
  36. [17:03] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> Because she tried to murder me in the first place, I got really annoyed and spat it out in an attempt to make her back off.
  37. [17:04] Naki (nakisisazj): [C;//Erika] Then y'call it in, Arrest them, kill them and ultimately imprison them. Not start throwing empty threats around.
  38. [17:04] Victoria (hooked.dagger): [T://Elizabeth] I wasn't there so I can't judge whether you should or shouldn't have said anything, I'm just saying that then being annoyed at you isn't surprising.
  39. [17:04] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> I do not kill or harm people, Erika. I do things non-lethally.
  40. [17:05] Aurum (tiberious.exonar): <C://Marcio> The suspect ran when asked for a routine ID inspection and then collected an accomplice to aid in attacking an officer of the law. Whether or not they were annoyed with the officer is of no concern to the law or it's upkeep.
  41. [17:05] Naki (nakisisazj): [C;//Erika] No, of course not. But then threatening a civilian, criminal or not, after the fact with slavery, Is.
  42. [17:06] Bonita Eliseabetha Knight (bonnyjestra): <C//Jestra> Then tranq them officer and cuff them, if you spit out threats and others hear you, its seriously bad PR, officer.
  43. [17:06] Victoria (hooked.dagger): [T://Elizabeth] Sure, but then turning around and expecting them to act like you're a friend is asinine. This person was taken in, punished by Colsec, and is now out again.
  44. [17:07] Victoria (hooked.dagger): [T://Elizabeth] Our jobs would be a whole lot easier if we could stop breeding more resentment every time we interact with the public. Not that I mind being kept busy on the bomb disposal front.
  45. [17:07] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> I did cuff them, they kept attacking me, and breaking out of cuffs.
  46. [17:07] Khiva (akumaru2): <C://Silthas> Has justin been threatening prisoners with enslavement again?...
  47. [17:07] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> No.
  48. [17:08] Naki (nakisisazj): [C://Erika] No, Just Civilians this time.
  49. [17:08] Bonita Eliseabetha Knight (bonnyjestra): <C//Jestra> No, this time a colonist that they suspect to lack an ID.
  50. [17:08] Khiva (akumaru2): <C://Silthas> Gee, thats so much better
  51. [17:08] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> We're talking about Toshia and Red Tail refusing to serve me because we had a previous spat, I have not threatened anybody else.
  52. [17:08] Bonita Eliseabetha Knight (bonnyjestra): <C//Jestra> So an even worse PR shattering, sir.
  53. [17:11] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> Fucking fuck this, why did I listen to a person begging me to get off emotion suppressors, this is exactly why. I'm going back on them.
  54. [17:19] Naki (nakisisazj): [C;//Erika] As the Medical Professional here. Do you have a prescription for those blockers, Farmer?
  55. [17:27] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> *Calm, neural tone without an iota of emotion.* Yes, ma'am. I had them prescribed back in Alpha colony in order to control my emotions and suppress urges, people have questioned my usage of emotion suppressors, my unwarranted, unprofessional behavior towards an extremely violent criminal who tried to bring my life to an end. I should have not listened to people's encouragement for me to get off them. It will not happen again.
  56. [17:27] Justin (mrfoxventura): (*end is the example on why)
  57. [17:28] Talia (lostsoul396): <T://Talia> Sorry to interrupt this... Lovely talk of emotions and drugs. But is there a high ranking officer online right now who're capable of issuing rank pins? I still need one.
  58. [17:28] Justin (mrfoxventura): <C://Justin_Farmer> I'll be assigning myself to the desk, do let me know if you need me for anything.
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