Minifi-cpp benchmark alpha

Jun 30th, 2017
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Benchmark Alpha

  • Install 'collectl' which will be used for host metric collection
    • yum install collectl -y
    • sudo apt-get install collectl -y
  • Install minifi-cpp version 0.2.0, the tarball install is fine. The tarball folder becomes $MINIFI_HOME
    • RHEL/CentOS:
    • yum install -y epel-release
    • yum install -y leveldb
    • Debian/Ubuntu:
    • apt install -y libleveldb-dev
    • apt install -y libxml2
  • Reuse Existing Template provided by placing it under the $MINIFI_HOME/conf/config.yml
  • start collectl for 5 minutes before starting Minifi
    • $file is the path + file prefix you wish to use for log collection.
    • ie: 'export file=/home/joe/run3' will create a log for each metric type prefixed 'run3'
    • nohup collectl -sCmNDYZ -f $file -P &
    • collect an idle system baseline for 5 minutes
  • Start minifi-cpp
    • $MINIFI_HOME/bin/ start
    • allow to run for 60 minutes
    • $MINIFI_HOME/bin/ stop
  • stop collectl after 5 more minutes of idle
    • ps -ef | grep collectl
    • kill $pid
  • Collect log files
    • 4 files will be created at the $file location
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