Sour Frosting (Pinkie Pie)

Oct 15th, 2013
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  1. > "They've been arguing for at least an hour now." Pinkie Pie thinks as she holds Pound and Pumpkin close to her.
  2. > Luckily the twins are asleep so they wouldn't hear the commotion downstairs
  3. > Mr.Cake came home drunk again.
  4. > And Mrs.Cake was tired of it.
  5. > She and Mrs.Cake were cleaning up the shop before bed when Mr.cake walked, well staggered in.
  6. > Mrs.Cake gave her THAT look and she quickly whisked the twins upstairs to her room.
  7. > Which happen to be the furthest one from them.
  8. >Although you wouldn't know it form the volume of shouting.
  9. > Pinkie sighs, she really can't stand when they fight.
  10. > The things they say to one another are so harsh.
  11. > Then she hears it.
  12. > The sound resonate all the way up to the room.
  13. > Pinkie's mane straightens at the realization.
  14. > It's the first slap of the argument.
  15. > She hold the twins tighter to her as the sounds of wrestling, things being knocked over broken erupt from downstairs.
  16. > Pinkie had tried to stop it before but it only earned her a bloody snout.
  17. > She can hear Mrs.Cake screaming for him to stop.
  18. >And all of Mr. Cake's meanie mouth insults.
  19. > Eventually it dies down.
  20. > Pinkie can hear Mrs.Cake crying as Mr.Cake stomps past her room and into his own.
  21. > She stay motionless for what seems like hours.
  22. > After some time, soft uneven steps make their way to the front of her door.
  23. >"P--Pinkie dear" A hoarse voice whispers from the other side.
  24. > Pinkie quietly lays the twins down on the bed before unlocking the door and letting Mrs.cake in.
  25. She give her landlady just enough space to enter before shutting the door tight and re-locking it.
  26. > Pinkie watches Mrs.Cake limp over to her bed before getting in and snuggling with her children.
  27. > Soft whimpers echo through Pinkies room for a few moments before it is replaced by deep breathing.
  28. > Pinkie does what she always does when this happens.
  29. > She sits and watches the door for the rest of the night.
  30. > Mane straight
  31. > Eyes wide
  32. >Knife under hood
  34. End
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