Aug 6th, 2017
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  1. Russia was hit in 2014 with multiple major explosions of unknown origin in 2014, what changed course of history. As It recieved international support at first, it faced alien threat of some scentient horses. As war went on, coup d'tat happened, and new goverment of uncertain ideology started making rapid changes, to amazement ond mostly joy of Russians and concern of any other nation. After succesful military reforms and operations, they went for a ceasefire to everyone's surprise, and made laws on existance of alien species in human world, though in semi-ambiguous state of slaves. As our story starts, we meet our protagonists: Vasiliy Ostrovsky, middle-rank manager that betrayed his company for working in shadows for Exile Mobile, Anon, former lawyer and smuggler that seeks way out of black market for sake of safe life of his family, and Trixie, alien that was bought by Vasya for his grand project for Exile. The story is criminal comedy-drama, and as story progresses, protagonist dig their grave deeper and deeper, introducing some secondary characters: Marynovsky, protectional racketeer that "taxes" Anon's bussiness; Mariya Somova, CFO of Oilprom and Daughter of deceased criminal boss Somov who Anon worked for as lawyer; Starlight Glimmer, who was head of Special Night Forces during war and became Minister of Integration during ceasefire; Elirax, Changeling of who knows what affiliation; Minister of Economy growth, formerly stock trader known as "Agent of Chaos" for basically starting another crisis on stock market; etc.
  2. ----spoiler----
  3. First part ends with protagonists successfuly buying major stock package of OilProm and opening daughter company in Equestria, making plan and informal agreements to sell it out to different parties(with major stock going not to Exile) for insuring possible peace and cooperation with ponies, which Minister of Economy Growth, military and some oligarchs seek out, as they both consider it profitable, as well as believing that they had to prepare to enemies from homeworld instead.
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