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  1. ## Professional Story
  3. I stumbled into tech on accident. After taking the MCAT to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to medical school, I suddenly
  4. realized that becoming a physician was the only real career path I had ever really considered, coming from a healthcare-based family.
  5. Right on the precipice of this incredible journey I had been preparing for my entire life, I suddenly realized that I didn't want to
  6. actually be a physician. I loved the science, that you worked with your hands and people, but I had never considered other career
  7. paths that would fulfill those needs. After that realization, I did the only thing I could think of and enrolled in all Art courses
  8. the following semester. A complete 180, that should have felt more jarring than it did, but I love challenges, so it felt really great.
  9. Though the focus of my life shifted drastically, I realized what I was looking for was a new challenge. Going to medical
  10. school would obviously be difficult, but it didn't feel foreign or like I was tackling something new rather than a continuation
  11. of a path I was working towards for 10 years.
  13. Within the art department, I ended up focusing on Graphic Design. I was yearbook editor of my highschool, and had previous experience
  14. with the Adobe Creative Suite. But more than the actual love of creating designs, I really loved the idea of the lifestyle it
  15. would afford me. So many areas of work require graphic or web design to some degree, so it felt a lot more flexible for whatever
  16. life I would want in the future, compared to medicine.
  18. After a few years finishing school and working in the tech-scene of Arkansas, I moved to Denver to accept a position as a
  19. web designer for a small tech-based marketing agency called the Tiber Group. At this agency, I acquired a lot of incredible skills
  20. such as project and design-team management. The experience was incredible and demanding, but after a few years there, I felt like
  21. there was not anyone above me that could continue teaching me or facilitating my professional growth. I was at a crossroads of
  22. whether to accept another design-based postion at a larger company, or to add to my tech skillset. Upword movement in the design track is much slower, and I am
  23. someone that needs to feel challenged to stay engaged. Thus, I decided to add to my skills and acquire front-end engineering knowledge.
  25. I feel most creative now, because I feel like I finally can see a project from its inception and now through it's creation and execuiton.
  26. As I go through this program, I can feel my design and project management skills click into my new found development skills.
  27. I feel like for the first time, the whole picture is starting to make sense, and now more than ever I feel more freedom in my career path.
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