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Jan 27th, 2011
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  1. I'm an Internet activist working with Telecomix [], a Europe-based group that works for free speech & an open Internet. We are currently providing comms support for protesters against the Mubarak dictatorship on the ground in Egypt - ways to evade Internet censorship, retweeting [], IRC channels, medical advice, etc..
  3. As communications conditions deteriorate (the city of Suez was completely cut off from the outside world tonight), we are exploring non-Internet modes of communication, including amateur, shortwave and pirate radio. We need your help.
  5. We are looking for radio operators who can reach Egypt (European, presumably), as well as technical advice and recruiting assistance. We are seek to establish an emergency communications network so that Egyptians can pass messages to family and friends outside the country. I will continue to monitor this forum, or you can join us on - web client [].
  7. Thanks!
  9. --n0pants
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