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  1. Happy: Whatchudoin??
  2. Writer: Writing.
  3. Happy: Can I see?
  4. Writer: It’s still not done though.
  5. Happy: Can I see?
  6. Writer: It’s not like a picture. You can’t see where it’s going unless-
  7. Happy: Can I see?
  8. “Writer lends her the pages. Happy focuses on reading them.”
  9. Happy: I don’t get any of this.
  10. Writer: Dammit! I told you! It’s not like a picture where you just see, it’s pretty, and that’s it. Here, you need the background of every character, the clues, the-
  11. Happy: Why don’t you draw then?
  12. Writer: Because writing can… because… when you… aaaaaaah, just let me think about it.
  13. Happy: Sure?
  14. “Writer looks away while mumbling to itself. At one point it grabs its head in desperation, looking at the ceiling. Happy raises an eyebrow.”
  15. Happy: Isn’t writing about describing things to the reader?
  16. Writer: Yes but no! You SHOW things… and… and…
  17. Happy: It’s ok, take your time.
  18. Writer: …and… and… they, like, it’s like a puzzle, no, like, no, yes, a jigsaw puzzl,e and you give them the pieces!
  19. Happy: Isn’t a puzzle like a puzzle?
  20. Writer: I said a story is like a puzzle!
  21. Happy: Oh.
  22. Writer: And then, when all the pieces fit, you get the whole picture! And it all makes sense! And it’s very awesome!
  23. Happy: Oh, well that’s very nice. Where are the pieces, though?
  24. Writer: In the story.
  25. Happy: Aaaah.
  26. Writer: ….
  27. Happy: ….
  28. Writer: Please just let me finish it.
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