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  1. What is your role?
  2. What are your responsibilities?
  3. How long each week does it take you to conduct your responsibilities?
  4. Who do you report to?
  5. Who reports to you?
  6. What major problems occur that you have to solve?
  7. How do you solve those problems?
  8. Who is your work reviewed by?
  9. If not, would you like your work to be reviewed?
  10. How do you feel about the following:
  11.     The work I do in the lab
  12.     The work others do in the lab
  13.     The type of work conducted in the lab
  14.     The amount of time given to complete tests in the lab
  15.     The amount of time I spend working in the lab
  16.     The amount of learning that happens in the lab
  17.     The amount of input I have in creating test plans
  18.     The amount of input I have in running tests
  19.     The amount of input I have in analyzing test data
  20. What major improvements do you feel could be made to improve the lab? (Not including hardware or physical building space)
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