Yome Urakaze no Iru Kurashi [Typeset]

Oct 11th, 2015
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  1. Yome Urakaze no Iru Kurashi Translation
  2. From
  4. >Ahh, so tired.
  5. >I still can't believe I made it to Level 99.
  6. >But why the rush?
  7. >--Urakaze...
  8. >Marry me.
  10. >Okay.
  12. >Urakaze--!!
  13. >Hm?
  14. >What is it, Admiral?
  15. >Roma just isn't coming~
  16. >BB Farming is suffering!
  17. >ARa~
  18. >Pushing yourself too hard is no good, you know?
  20. >...Urakaze
  21. >It seems like you've changed somewhere.
  22. >Ara, is there something in particular that's strange?
  23. >In the past, you always gave off this "No problem" kind of feeling.
  24. >Well I don't know why, but it just felt natural to say that.
  25. >--Well then
  27. >Let's get back in there!
  28. >Ah, is that so.
  29. >We're going combined fleet this time around, right? Let's go and find Roma together.
  30. >No need.
  31. >Just wait for me to come back!
  33. >The way to marry the commander >It must be that! >You have to grab hold of his stomach! >...well, but Commander might become a bigamist, you know~
  34. >...I'm kidding.
  36. >C- >Congratulations on your marriage!
  37. >I won't feel lonely.
  38. >Nothing up until now has changed.
  39. >That's right! Come and find me if he makes Urakaze cry!
  41. >Isn't that great? Congratulations!
  42. >I can't believe you two really ended up marrying.
  43. >Thank you!
  44. >With such an irritating admiral too~
  45. >>...but I don't completely understand.
  46. >The Admiral
  47. >Why did he choose me?
  48. >...Hm~
  50. >Is it just yo boobs?
  51. >Is that so? But there are quite a few well-endowed people here.
  52. >Then it's your cooking ability.
  53. >There are a lot of good cooks here as well...
  54. >It's quite unbelieveable.
  55. >I don't feel that way~
  56. >But Tanikaze has thought of the answer.
  57. >Eh, what is it?
  58. >Right, if I get it right, you're going to have to make me pancakes!
  60. Mm~ so tired!
  61. >It'd be nice if Roma came tomorrow.
  62. >I'll do my best.
  63. >...why
  64. >Why did the Admiral choose me?
  65. >Hm~
  67. >Big Boobs!
  68. >It was that after all.
  69. >But there are many people with big breasts?
  70. >Next up-- you're so gentle!
  71. >Mm~ but we're all gentle people.
  72. >Also you can cook!
  73. >There are also many people who can cook.
  74. >H...Hiroshima-ben!
  75. >Although that indeed is only me, I am not the only one who speaks in different dialects. >When you say that, it's hard to answer.
  76. >This seemed to have changed into me bullying you. Pardon.
  77. >Urakaze may not have many special points...
  79. >But I only chose Urakaze because you are Urakaze.
  80. >[The Admiral]
  81. >[He'll defniitely say that he picked you because you're Urakaze!]
  82. >Looks like I'm going to have to make pankeks for Tanikaze.
  83. >Pancakes? Why?
  84. >Thank you, Admiral.
  86. >...Although I don't have that many specal points,
  87. >My wish to bring the Admiral happiness
  88. >Won't lose to anyone!
  90. >Yeah~!
  91. >Tanikaze's amazing. She might understand the Admiral more than me.
  92. >Hm, is that so?
  93. >I originally wanted to say it was easy to guess. To think that she didn't nkow~
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