Some Kind of Relationship - 32

Jun 15th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Some Kind of Relationship - 32


PC Bang

MC at a PC Bang playing some game, he's happy because he won a bit of money..
FMC comes and scolds him about his lifestyle, being an unemployed person etc.. He tells her that he just won 10,000 won (~ 9$)..
She shouts at him that it's the same amount of money that he use to rent a computer at the PC Bang.
She continues to yell at him about the fact that he lives in her apartment and tells him to works with his father to make some money and have a proper life. Then ultimatum, "Do it or get out!!!".. MC is shocked.

She tells that she doesn't want to see him living like that anymore.. MC is pissed he asks her is she's serious and that she's not happy with him, then she can leave him.. She's surprised and regrets what she said asking him to not go..

MC leaves, FMC cries thinking that she doesn't want to scratch his ego and she just want to have a proper life with her lover like couple. (Going on a date, holidays etc..)


FMC's apartment

MC is still apologizing about being more a selfish bastard than boyfriend, he says that being without her for a couple of days made him realize how much he loves her and he understands more about his heart and himself.. It was a wake up call for him.. He doesn't want to let her go.. He asks her if she can forgive his previous selfishness and to trust him one more time.
She's in his embrace, they're both crying.

Title Drop

FMC's bedroom

They kiss, he removes her skirt and begins some foreplay..

He tells that she love it at the entrance.. She moans.. She thinks that he's the one who knows best her body.. In this for years he's the one who is the most familiar with her body and the one that she loved the most..

MC removes his jacket and taunts her a bit telling her that she is dripping wet and it begins to feel hot there..

She tells him that's because of his hand.. He comes closer to her and tells that he missed her a lot, she says his name and think that she can't do that with him but her body wants it so much.. She craves for MC's body..

They lay next to each other in the bed, naked, they kiss, she rubs his erected penis..
They fuck, she moans a lot thinking that her body can't forget MC..
She forgot how sex can be this pleasant..

They're having sex in a lot of positions and she thinks that she tried to avoid having sex with him during their relationship ever since it got bitter between them.

They climax at the same time.. She lays on the bed exhausted..


FMC doesn't understand why MC asks her if it was too short, she asks him if he talks about the size or the time.
MC is surprised and asks if he was that bad.. She laughs and tells him that it was good but she can't compare because he's the only one she had sex with.

She trolls him a bit by saying that she needs to have sex with other guys to compare.

He shouts at her saying "Hell No!", she laughs again and asks him if it's really important to him and if it's not enough to like him.

She asks him about his feeling when they have sex, he tells her that's feels pretty go she asks for a more detail and he tells her that when they're having sex it's like he loses the control of his body and he feels like falling and he can not stand it.

She asks if it feels good, he nods at her saying she's perfect for him and it feels so good. He tells her that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life, she likes the idea and tells him that's a promise.

Then they promise to love each other for the rest of their lives.

To be continued
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