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  1. Called the queen of the succubi, this demoness is considered the leader of all succubi. She is furthermore counted as one of the Four Kings of the overlord's armies. She is a powerful magician, capable of commanding the wind at will. Furthermore, her supple limbs allow her to use various martial techniques, to the point where she is considered the most accomplished fighter among the Four Kings.
  3. She likes to take it easy and hates thinking complicated thoughts. She pursues transitory joys and pleasures, and seemingly believes in living life optimistically. Though she isn't a particularly loyal person, she recognizes the overlord's might, and so will abide by her will.
  5. As you might expect from a succubus, her greatest joy is to torment men. The men she catches are subject to all kinds of imaginative torture, which is usually fatal to them. Often she will use her tail to rape her victims. Her tail features an orifice on the end meant to extract spirit energy. When she uses this to extract the man's semen, he will experience pleasure so intense it can render him invalid. She will continue to suck out every last drop of semen from her prey. In addition, it appears she can use the orifice in her tail to swallow a human whole and digest them.
  7. However, it seems she will only torment the warriors who challenge her. She does not appear to have an interest in defenseless civilians.
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