The Master Quest - Darkness Incarnate, Part 2

Sep 27th, 2019
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  1. <DM> *LAST TIME ON ZURPG - Darkness Incarnate*
  2. *Corsava, you and Bloodwind took a trip to Gerudo Fortress in order to find the Lens of Truth. After bluffing your way through the guards, you reminisced in your old hometown a bit. It's far emptier than the lively place it used to be, its total population less than the number of houses in the whole town. You even found your old house, though it wasn't maintained well.
  4. *You stayed out of sight until you ran into the new leader of the Gerudo, Ahlma, or however her name is spelled. From there, Bloodwind stalled her while you got to enjoy some mono e mono chat with their spiritual leader, Nabooru. She revealed to you that your powers are a product of Koume & Kotake, whom you know from Gerudo history are a pair of Gerudo witches steeped in the dark arts.
  6. *You and Bloodwind managed to escape with the Lens of Truth, courtesies of apparently casting madness into Trident one too many times, and now you wander the Gerudo Desert in search of the Spirit Temple...
  9. <DM> *A quick look around the desert, and it's starting to get to evening, a maroon sun beginning to set in the distance as the whole sky burns from the desert sands. Oddly, it's clear out, contrary to the usual sandstorms you're used to hearing about.
  10. <Corsava> "Well, I didn't know I could overload the trident..."
  11. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You overload anything with too much madness, and it's gonna go haywire. Unless it's blessed by the Goddesses themselves.
  12. <DM> *Having just used the Lens of Truth on Bloodwind, you hear some vague Interloper whispers, but you can't make them out. Odd, you couldn't hear them before even when you were right next to him.
  13. <DM> [Bloodwind]: *muttering* Hush, you darned stalker.
  14. <Corsava> "Well, now that I know, I can probably think of one or two uses for that."
  15. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... indeed.
  16. <Corsava> "Thank you, by the way."
  17. <DM> [Bloodwind]: For what?
  18. <Corsava> "Helping me to learn more about myself. Accepting me when even my own people won't give me so much as time to speak once they know my name, or my...signs."
  19. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Well, when you live a misunderstood life like I have, you tend to accept someone for who they're trying to be rather than what everyone sees them as. Anywho...
  20. <DM> *Another Interloper whisper. You still can't make out what it's saying, but it seems just about every comment Bloodwind makes, that Interloper says... something, afterwards.
  21. <DM> [Bloodwind]: If you don't mind, would you kindly scour the horizon with that thing and find one of those mystical goalposts?
  22. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Or whatever the heck leads us to the Spirit Temple.
  23. <DM> *He points at your Lens of Truth.
  24. <Corsava> [nods] The others spoke very poorly of you. [pulls out the lens and looks at the horizon] It seems a large number of people mistrust and loathe you. Why is that?
  25. <Corsava> Obviously I don't care what those ignorant fools thing, but I'd like to hear more of your side of things, especially since you probably don't get much chance to talk about yourself to someone who isn't actively judging you.
  26. <DM> *You take a peek through the Lens, and upon a quick pass-over the horizon, you see what appears to be some... pole, sticking out of the ground, some distance off. Oddly, when you try to look in that direction without the Lens, you don't see anything.
  27. <DM> [Bloodwind]: sighs
  28. <DM> [Bloodwind]: It's probably my darned "origin story". Aka, when "this guy" came along to mess my life up.
  29. <DM> *He points at his head, and you hear the whispers follow right afterwards, with some snickers in the mix.
  30. <Corsava> "The Interloper?"
  31. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Apparently, I slaughtered a caravan of innocents and have been on the run since. In my defense, it wasn't me, it was this guy.
  32. *Sephiroth stumbles in, exhausted from a day of peopling, and hides in an invisible pole.
  33. <DM> *Through the Lens, you think you see a silver-haired being within the pole in the distance, but being so far away, you're not sure...
  34. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Found that darned pole yet?
  35. <Corsava> "Yes. I can see it. There's moment."
  36. <Corsava> [takes my Twilight Scope and attaches it behind the Lens so that I can see it closer]
  37. <DM> *The items, despite being from different origins, connect together surprisingly well. You think you can keep them attached without having to hold the darned thing like a scoped rifle.
  38. <DM> *You peer into the pole, and with the Twilight Scope enhancing your vision, you indeed see some silver-haired pers- annnnnd it goes dark.
  39. <DM> *Suddenly, you feel spiritually drained.
  40. <Corsava> "There's something in the marker, and I want a closer look at-
  41. <DM> *Via your Spirit Vision, you realize the Lens of Truth is devouring through your Magic at a pretty ghastly rate.
  42. <Corsava> [shudders] My...that's...quite an exhausting tool to use.
  43. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... I forgot to mention, that thing drains your Magic like a hungry beast. Here.
  44. <Corsava> I could swear I saw a creature lurking within the marker.
  45. <DM> *He chucks a Blue Potion at you.
  46. <Corsava> [downs the potion]
  47. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Sounds about accurate. From what I've heard, there's supposed to be some guide that leads us to the Spirit Temple. Then again, I don't know what could possibly live out here...
  48. <DM> *You down the potion and feel thoroughly refreshed, both in health and magic.
  49. <DM> *Despite being blue, it tastes of iron and... what actually is in a blue potion, anyways?
  50. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Lead the way, will ya?
  51. <Corsava> [starts walking in that direction, taking a sip from my waterskin]
  52. <DM> *It tastes of iron, jello, and something staticy...
  53. <Corsava> We probably should have brought more water...
  54. <DM> *Bloodwind follows along, occasionally muttering to... now that you know the Interloper is a chatty one, you're pretty sure he's remarking back to that stalker.
  55. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Eh, you'll get used to the liquid jello in time. I've got a few purple ones, but I'd rather not waste them for such trivial needs as thirst.
  56. <Corsava> "So, you mentioned something happened, that put the Interloper into you. Did you want to elaborate? Or is that a sensitive subject for you?"
  57. <DM> *You just hear him keep muttering. Seems he didn't even hear you.
  58. <DM> [Bloodwind]: *muttering* You mention that one more time and I'm finding a way to shove you into the sun...
  59. <DM> *You continue your half-silent trek towards the invisible pole, checking the Lens just briefly (so it doesn't murder your Magic supply) to make sure you're on course. Eventually, you reach the destination.
  60. <DM> *Through the Lens, there is no silver-haired creature in sight. Just... a random pole sticking up out of the sands, with a red flag tied at its top.
  61. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... you led us to the right spot, right?
  62. <Corsava> Yup. There's a flag up at the top of that pole. [puts a hand where the pole seemed to be]
  63. <DM> *Your hand passes straight through it.
  64. <Corsava> Maybe our goal is below us.
  65. <DM> *However, when you look at it through the Lens, your hand collides with it.
  66. <DM> *You hear a soft, distant wailing sound. The winds start to kick up, not enough for a sandstorm, but enough to make the desert a little dusty to see through...
  67. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What, you wanna start digging? With what?
  68. <DM> *He materializes his twin-helix blade and inspects it.
  69. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yeah, I don't think this thing is gonna do much good against a desert...
  70. <Corsava> [bites my lip and looks up at the pole through the lens, and tries to hold onto it and climb, checking if looking through the lens makes it physical]
  71. <DM> *You feel your spirit getting drained as you attempt this, but... you find yourself able to climb the pole.
  72. <DM> *Of course, from Bloodwind's perspective, he just sees you... climbing up nothing.
  73. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... what the f-
  74. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I..... presume that's the pole...
  75. <Corsava> [continues to climb the pole] That would be the notion. Fuck my magic though.
  76. <DM> *You feel your magic about to deplete as you reach the top of the pole.
  77. <DM> *In the distance, you think you see something floating towards you... when your magic runs out.
  78. <Corsava> [chugs a magic jar and tries to catch myself]
  79. <DM> (... hold on)
  80. <DM> *You... lemme get this straight. You're looking at the pole with one hand on the lens, climbing with the other.
  81. <DM> *... how are you drinking the magic jar?
  82. <Corsava> (I assume I'm using my thighs to hold myself against it, unless it's too wide)
  83. <Sephiroth> (Someone has been pole dancing lately...)
  84. <Corsava> (I was more imagining that it would be the only way to climb one handed)
  85. <DM> *You enjoy the lemon-lime thirst of your magic jar as your toned Gerudo thighs hold onto the pole, annnd snap it in half. Turns out the pole is mildly brittle.
  86. <Corsava> (XD)
  87. <DM> *You fall from your high pole into the sand below, taking... nah, you only got up like 10 feet, you're fine.
  88. <Corsava> (Wait, what? You said I was near the top. Was this pole only 10 feet up?)
  89. <Corsava> (...I mean, yay! Safe :D)
  90. <DM> (hmm, guess you wouldn't have been able to see it if it was only 10 feet up, now that you mention it...
  91. <DM> amends that.
  92. <DM> *You fell 20 feet, and as per Sephiroth's suggestion, you're waste-deep in the sand.
  93. <Corsava> [air dashes before I hit the ground to arrest my momentum and be perfectly safe]
  94. <DM> *You try to air dash, but with one hand on the Lens, you find that little Magic Jar wasn't quite enough. Your air dash turns out to be more of an air dive... into the sand.
  95. <DM> *You plummet into the blanket of sand below. Bloodwind slowly peers in from above you.
  96. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Do I even want to know?
  97. <Corsava> "It seems the pole is much more brittle than I imagined."
  98. <DM> (... nope, cause I totally forgot to do that. Mah bad.)
  99. <DM> (I can do it after session, hurr-derp.)
  100. <DM> (Nutshell, whatever you see through it reveals the true nature of what it is. But it's a magic guzzling machine.)
  101. <DM> (Let's just say you didn't notice the brittleness of the pole because you're still getting used to the darned thing.)
  102. <DM> [Poe]: Teehee, that was a fun little display!
  103. <DM> *Upon hearing a Poe's laugh, Bloodwind swings his blade in the direction of that sound, not launching a Ringing Blast from it, just staying on edge.
  104. <DM> *Nearby, a devious sounding Poe floats in...
  105. <Corsava> "Uh..."
  106. <DM> *For reference, Poes are ghostly little figures with beady little yellow eyes poking out from under their hooded visage. They often carry a lantern, and they're known for being both devilish and playful.
  107. <DM> *Peering into the darkness of this Poe, you see a striking resemblance between it and Bloodwind, just... without the beady little eyes on Bloodwind's part.
  108. <Corsava> "Huh...what might you be, little thing?"
  109. <DM> *The little fellow bobs up and down above you, casually floating down to your level. It seems you don't need the Lens of Truth to see it.
  110. <DM> [Poe]: Oh, just a little guide to light your way!
  111. <DM> [Poe]: Though it seems you've already found your way... into the sands themselves! Teeheehee!
  112. <DM> [Poe]: ^_^
  113. <Sephiroth> giggles.
  114. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Oh don't lie, you're a fledgling Interloper, all of you Poes are.
  115. <DM> [Poe]: Teehee, so I may have been in the past, but like life, we must all change or perish. Isn't that right, my fellow brother?
  116. <DM> *More Interloper whispers.
  117. <DM> [Poe]: Allow me to introduce myself.
  118. <DM> *He tries to bow, but given his short stature, he ends up just doing a barrel roll in mid-air, flipping over himself.
  119. <DM> [Poe]: I am the Phantom Guide, and if you'll play with me, I'll show you the way to the Spirit Temple.
  120. <Corsava> "Uh...suuure?"
  121. <Corsava> "What do you want to play? Do I have to win the game?"
  122. <DM> [Poe]: Hmm... sure, let's call it that. A game, teehee!
  123. <DM> [Poe]: It's been some years since someone came looking for me. I've been quite lonely since, you see. So if you don't mind me playing with you longer than that Link fellow, let's play... a game of puzzles!
  124. <Corsava> "Ooh, puzzles!"
  125. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Oh lovely, yet another Poe that's annoyingly ambiguous. Can't wait.
  126. <DM> *The Poe's glowing little eyes make a -_- expression at Bloodwind.
  127. <DM> *The Poe turns to you, Corsava.
  128. <DM> [Poe]: Isn't it annoying how he hides his feelings through sarcasm and snark?
  129. <Corsava> "A little, I wish he would be more open with me, but it's just his way, and I don't want him to make himself uncomfortable on my account."
  130. <DM> [Poe]: I bet if we could see through the dark veil of his, he'd be giddy with excitement!
  131. <DM> [Poe]: You know what... I have just the thing!
  132. <Corsava> "I...doubt that somewhat bu-"
  133. <DM> *He taps the lantern and floats over near your partner. Bloodwind raises his blade defensively.
  134. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Are you making an open invitation to die?
  135. <DM> [Poe]: Aww, but if you do that, you won't find what you're looking for. Puh-leeeaaase?
  136. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... sighs
  137. <DM> *He lowers his blade.
  138. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Fine, do whatever it is you're gonna do. It'd better not be something-
  139. <Corsava> [thinks] Well, he's either going to be hot, or super macabre
  140. <DM> *The Poe taps his lantern across the veil of darkness in front of Bloodwind's face, and then taps you, Corsava, with the lantern.
  141. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... the heck was that?
  142. <DM> [Interloper]: Heheheheh...
  143. <DM> *Corsava, instead of hearing ambiguous whispers... you can now hear the Interloper. Clearly.
  144. <Corsava> "Oh wow, I can hear your spooky friend now."
  145. <DM> [Interloper]: You can't hide behind me anymore. My thanks, Phantom brother.
  146. <DM> [Poe]: Likewise, big brother! ^_^
  147. <DM> [Bloodwind]: That's it, moment we get to the Spirit Temple, I'm killing the Poe.
  148. <DM> [Poe]: Teehee, have fun with that! I don't mind playing a game of tag!
  149. <DM> [Poe]: Now, let's play... hmmm...
  150. <DM> *He collapses the lantern between his hands, vanishing it somehow, then claps his hands. At that moment, two poles appear in the distance, about... 150 degree angle apart. The dust gets a little thicker, making it more difficult to see through. Corsava, despite supposedly being able to see through sandstorms fine, this is clouding your vision.
  151. <DM> *You can see the poles just barely through the obscurity.
  152. <DM> [Poe]: Pick which one you think leads you to the Spirit Temple!
  153. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... scuse me?
  154. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You're the darned guide, aren't you? Lead us yourself.
  155. <Corsava> "Alright. What tools am I allowed to use to make my decision?"
  156. <DM> [Poe]: Any tools you'd like! Any abilities, wits, and determination you so desire! As long as it's not a crummy attitude like Bloodwindy over here.
  157. <DM> [Poe]: Harumph.
  158. <Corsava> [looks through the lens, after guzzling a magic jar]
  159. <DM> *You look through the lens, presumably at each pole...
  160. <DM> *The pole on the left has magic glowing letters above it. It says "Bad Ideas".
  161. <DM> *You try the pole on the right. It... says the same thing, just in slightly different colors.
  162. <DM> [Poe]: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna observe you from a safer place. I'll see you when you find the next marker!
  163. <DM> *The Poe floats up and above into the sky... annnd disappears from sight among the dust of the brewing sandstorm.
  164. <Corsava> So, does your interloper have a name?
  165. <DM> [Bloodwind]: It's irrelevant.
  166. <DM> [Interloper]: The name is Sithe. A pleasure to meet you.
  167. <Corsava> "Well, ask him if he feels his 'phantom brother' near one or the other, unless he can hear me, in which case, I'm asking him."
  168. <DM> *Apparently the Interloper can now talk directly to you.
  169. <Corsava> "Sithe, can you feel where your phantom brother headed?"
  170. <DM> [Sithe]: Hmm... right now, he's high into the sky. I'd like to say it's leaning towards the one on the right. Isn't that right, Bloodwind?
  171. <Corsava> "Well, let's go to the one on the right, then the one on the left if that's wrong. The only thing it costs us to be wrong is some walking."
  172. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You want to listen to the Interloper?
  173. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You know the darned thing is just messing with me, right?
  174. <DM> [Sithe]: Am I now? Or am I helping your "friend"? If you'd even call her that...
  175. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Silence, you.
  176. <DM> [Sithe]: You keep saying that, but you know you can't silence me. You need me... you can't reach your goal without me...
  177. <Corsava> "Is it? I'm sorry, I don't really know the history there."
  178. <DM> [Sithe]: History? Oh, such a thing he avoids talking about. He warps his words, not saying what's really on his mind.
  179. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Shut up.
  180. <DM> [Sithe]: I, of course, remind him. Every time he speaks half the truth.
  181. <DM> [Sithe]: Remind him that he speaks half the lie.
  182. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Fine, we'll go right if it shuts you up. Happy?
  183. <Corsava> [starts walking] "Why?"
  184. <DM> [Sithe]: Because if he really told people the truth, there'd be no hope of-
  185. <Corsava> "No, not that. Why do you focus on haunting him?"
  186. <DM> *Bloodwind suddenly launches a Ringing Blast from his sword into his own shadow. The high pitched ringing blocks out the end of his last sentence.
  187. <Corsava> "Surely there's more pleasant ways for you to spend your time."
  188. <Corsava> " earballs."
  189. <DM> [Sithe]: More pleasant ways? As long as I'm hold up in his shadow, there's nothing more pleasant to me that returning the torture. It's what he gets for locking me up, heheheh.
  190. <DM> *Bloodwind's cloak and robes are now covered in sand.
  191. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I'd be stupid to let you take over for an instant. Interlopers can't be trusted. You think I speak half-truths? Speak for yourself.
  192. <DM> [Sithe]: With pleasure! Now where should I begin...
  193. <Corsava> "Blood, don't let him get a rise out of you."
  194. <DM> [Bloodwind]: GAH!
  195. <DM> *Bloodwind stomps off ahead of you towards the right goalpost.
  196. <Corsava> [follows close behind him]
  197. <DM> *Corsava, you see that despite getting closer to the right-side goalpost, it's actually fading from sight, as if you're getting further and further.
  198. <Corsava> "Hmm...Hold on."
  199. <DM> *From where you are, the left-side goalpost is still perfectly in sight.
  200. <Corsava> "Blood. Stop. We need to head to the left one now."
  201. <DM> *He pauses, though noticeably a bit rattly.
  202. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Fine. Lead the way.
  203. <Corsava> "Bloodwind, are you alright? We don't have to talk if you don't want, but, I wish that you would let me in a bit more."
  204. <Corsava> [heads towards the left one, keeping an eye on the distance to both of the poles as we walk]
  205. <DM> *So far, as you head towards the left pole, it's still more visible, though as you do, the right pole slowly comes back into view.
  206. <DM> [Sithe]: Yes, let her in, just like you let me in!
  207. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Fine, whatcha wanna talk about?
  208. <Sephiroth> pokes the right pole.
  209. <DM> *The right pole receives 1 neutral damage. Congrats.
  210. <Corsava> "Well, now that we've been traveling a little while, is there anything that you feel would be good for me to know?"
  211. <DM> [Sithe]: Like your goals?
  212. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yeah, my goal to be able to expunge this darned Interloper from me.
  213. <Corsava> Is that something I can help with at all?
  214. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Sure, why don't you just cast Madness on the darned thing. I'm sure he'd looooove a taste of that!
  215. <DM> [Sithe]: Ooooh? Are you sure you can handle much more? You're carrying an imbalance of artifacts already. Don't you need me to balance you out?
  216. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You don't balance me out, you're just a parasite, like all Interlopers.
  217. <Corsava> "Is that...something you really want me to try?"
  218. <DM> *As you get closer to the left pole, it now... is vanishing from sight. But now the right pole is visible again, despite being further away!
  219. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... lemme get another Fierce Deity artifact, then try it out.
  220. <Corsava> "Hold."
  221. <Sephiroth> holds his pose.
  222. <DM> [Sithe]: Oh yes, you make it sound soooooo simple! Just get the Crystalline Armor from the most fiercely guarded location in the world. And the mask- hah, you don't even know where that is! Are you sure you can endure for that long?
  223. <Corsava> "I don't think these are separate poles. I think this is altering our perception. We need to head between them."
  224. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What? Between them?
  225. <DM> [Bloodwind]: They're goalposts, aren't they?
  226. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What makes you think going between them will do any better?
  227. <Corsava> "Well, when we approach one it eventually gets farther away."
  228. <Corsava> "And eventually, the other grows."
  229. <Corsava> "I want to see if we go between them, if they both grow or shrink."
  230. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What's the Lens say?
  231. <Corsava> [looks through the lens]
  232. <DM> [Sithe]: It says "you suuuuuck", heheheh!
  233. <DM> *You look straight down the middle atwixt both poles, annnnd there's nothing ahead of you. Just more sand, desert, and a setting sun off to the side.
  234. <Corsava> [rotates 360, to see anything that might be important]
  235. <DM> *You do a slow spin through the lens, and asides from a snickering face inside of Bloodwind's shadow, there's nothing important.
  236. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Hurry it up, will ya? We don't have all day.
  237. <DM> [Sithe]: Yes, daylight is faltering. And night is coming. You know what that means?
  238. <DM> [Sithe]: You think it was pure coincidence you ended up in the desert in the middle of the blazing day?
  239. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ...
  240. <DM> [Sithe]: Tick tock, tick tock! Time is ticking, tocking away before Bloodwindy goes insane, kyeheheheh!
  241. <Corsava> "...are you a werewolf?"
  242. <DM> [Bloodwind]: A werewolfos? Heavens no, I hate those guys.
  243. <Corsava> Uh...sure.
  244. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Frigin' luchado- I mean uhh...
  245. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Fine, let's try your theory.
  246. <Corsava> [shrugs and heads in the direction between the two]
  247. <DM> *You head between the two, careful to walk a straight line between the two. As you're no longer heading towards either, the two poles stay perfectly visible through the dust of the desert.
  248. <Corsava> "So, what happens at night, then?"
  249. <DM> *Finally, after some careful wading, you hear a dinging sound in your head, and then a goalpost pops up from the sand right in front of you.
  250. <DM> *Your phantom friend floats on down from above.
  251. <DM> [Poe]: Goody goody gumdrops! I see your Gerudo friendy is smarty, unlike such a singleminded soul as you, Blood.
  252. <DM> [Poe]: See, goalposts can be used in more ways than one.
  253. <DM> [Poe]: Corsavy here figured it all out, teehee!
  254. <DM> *He offers you a high-five.
  255. <Corsava> [high fives him with my curse mark hand]
  256. <DM> *He recoils slightly as your curse mark hand comes in contact.
  257. <DM> [Poe]: Eeek! That hurts, you know!
  258. <Corsava> "Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. I don't always realize."
  259. <DM> [Poe]: It's okay, dearie. You're still my friend, right?
  260. <DM> [Bloodwind]: So what next, we any closer to the Spirit Temple?
  261. <DM> [Sithe]: Oh, dodging the question about nighttime. Well, I guess Corsava will get to see for herself when it arrives!
  262. <DM> [Poe]: Hmm... still evasive even after opening up, I see...
  263. <DM> *He rubs his face, or... whatever is under that hood of his.
  264. <Corsava> "Let me guess, you turn into a complete hunk?"
  265. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yeah, sure, let's go with that.
  266. <DM> [Sithe]: Precccccisely!
  267. <Corsava> [grins at Bloodwind] "Of course, Poe."
  268. <Corsava> "Is that your name?"
  269. <Corsava> "I just assumed because that's your name-tag."
  270. <DM> [Poe]: My name? My... oh, no one's ever asked me my name before! Oh hoh, I... why, I think I've lost my name...
  271. <DM> [Poe]: How bout we play a game to get my name back?
  272. <DM> [Bloodwind]: More games? Really?
  273. <Corsava> "Sure, I'"
  274. <Corsava> "Oh, I hate me."
  275. <DM> [Poe]: Teehee, good one!
  276. <DM> [Poe]: First, let me see if my floating friend knows my name...
  277. <DM> *The Poe pulls out a whistle of sorts. He blows through it, but you don't hear anything.
  278. <DM> *A few moments later, a... different floating friend appears, floating down from a magic carpet. The man sitting above it is wearing a straw hat that completes covers his face. He's polishing down a few Bombchus.
  279. <Corsava> "Uh..."
  280. <DM> [Poe]: Carpet Man, would you tell me kindly what my name is? I seem to have forgotten it!
  281. <DM> (this is an actual guy from Ocarina of Time. I ain't making it up.)
  282. <Corsava> "Bloodwind, am I high right now?"
  283. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Holy bonkers, he does exist.
  284. <DM> [Sithe]: The rumors are true!
  285. <Corsava> "I don't know enough of the lore. Is he a fabled figure of legend?"
  286. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Just... rumors of someone floating around the desert on a magic carpet, obsessed with explosives.
  287. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: No. Explosives that run! Yes yes, they must run on their two little feet, and they must reach their destination, prompto and with gusto!
  288. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... yeah, that. Like a cracked out Goron, without the accent, thankfully.
  289. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: I don't know if I know your name, Phantom Guide, only your guise. But, maybe if my little creatures get some exercise, they might know!
  290. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I... suddenly don't like where this is going.
  291. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: I propose a little game of my own. Mr. Phantom Guide, would you like to assist me in a game of seek-and-go-seek?
  292. <DM> [Poe]: Ooh, that sounds like fun, much fun! How do we play?
  293. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: Well, it's simple, really...
  294. <DM> *A little running critter falls from the carpet. It lands in the sand next to you. You can't help but notice the giant bomb strapped to its back. It looks up at you, Corsava, and gets a wiiiiiide grin, with demonic glow in its eyes.
  295. <Corsava> "Huh..."
  296. <Corsava> "Do I...need to get away from it before it explodes?"
  297. <Corsava> [casts madness into my trident]
  298. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: You just take one of these fellows, and... let it run! And so these fools will go running away from them, oh so foolishly!
  299. <DM> [Poe]: Ahahahah, I like that! Here, gimme that...
  300. <DM> *Your trident rings out like it did before, but it manages to stay stable... for now.
  301. <DM> *The little critter proceeds to launch itself towards your foot, Corsava!
  302. <DM> [Bomb Critter]: Squeeeeeeeee!
  303. <DM> *Got a response, Corsava?
  304. <Corsava> (How big is it?)
  305. <DM> *The critter itself is no larger than your foot, but the bomb strapped to its back is about the size of a curled up Goron, so... about half your size.
  306. <DM> (I can roll dice rolls from IRC if needs be and forward them over here)
  307. <Corsava> [uses my magnet gloves to push the bomb away, since bomb casings are metal]
  308. <DM> *The critter is about to puncture your foot with its teeth, when suddenly, it's launched into the sky, getting caught up by desert winds.
  309. <DM> *It whirls round and round a few times up above before promptly exploding.
  310. <Corsava> [grins] I like these games.
  311. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: Hey, you're supposed to take 'em for a walk, not blow him up!
  312. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Says the guy that strapped a bunch of bombs to their backs.
  313. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: It's... encouragement. Yes yes, clearly! Why... I think you all need a lot more encouragement, yes!
  314. <DM> [Carpet Merchant]: Here you go, Phantom Guide, split them with me... let's have some fun!
  315. <DM> *This time, a waterfall of these critters falls from the carpet into the sands around you. They pile up and bounce across one another, not exploding somehow.
  316. <DM> [Bloodwind]: That... is a lot of bombs in one spot.
  317. <DM> [Sithe]: You should blow them up. All of them!
  318. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I'm more inclined to shoot the ones launching them if they weren't necessary for getting to the Spirit Temple...
  319. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Though technically... just one of them is necessary.
  320. <DM> *He raises his sword towards the floating "friends" unleashing a load of these bomb critters.
  321. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I got a new plan, Corsava. Kill the guides, steal their carpet, and fly to the Spirit Temple. How's that sound? No more of these darned games.
  322. <Corsava> "What."
  323. <Corsava> [uses the gloves and tries to repulse the bombs]
  324. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Wait, WHAT ARE YOU DOING-
  326. <DM> *Corsava, you repulse the bombs.... into a bunch of bombs right behind them....
  327. <DM> *There's a moment of silence as you get to contemplate your regret.
  328. <Corsava> [faces the camera] "You're probably wondering why I'm here."
  329. <DM> high-fives Corsava.
  330. <DM> *You see what appears to be a quantum singularity as ALL THE BOMBS go off, converging into a single point of annihilation of mass genocide against these critters. It then bursts outwards, erasing anything and everything in a 10 kilometer square radius. Or... it would...
  331. <DM> *But a tangled mess of thorny vines shoots out suddenly and wraps around the nuclear explosion, containing it within a bubble and letting it die to a whimper.
  332. <Corsava> "What..."
  333. <DM> *Besides you, your partner seems to have donned Majora's Mask, which is now visible in place of his darkness veiled face.
  334. <DM> *Thorny vines shoot out from within him as he screams out in agony. He braces himself on the hilt of his Twin Helix blade, trying to keep himself upright.
  335. <DM> *As he speaks, his voice is distorted through the intensity of the madness.
  336. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You.. darned... idiot. Trying to blow us all up...
  337. <DM> *He reaches out a shaky hand towards you.
  338. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I need you alive, Corsava, not in a smoldering grave.
  339. <DM> [Poe]: Aww, he finally shows his true compassion!
  340. <DM> [Sithe]: Ugh, the madness... I'mma take a break...
  341. <DM> *The whispers of your new Interloper friend go silent for once.
  342. <Corsava> "Thanks, Blood."
  343. <DM> *He tries to grab your marked hand. Do you let him?
  344. <Corsava> [pulls it back] Blood, I don't want to hurt you.
  345. <Corsava> "It hurts people when my hand touches them..."
  346. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Not me, it won't. Give me your hand, dangit.
  347. <DM> *Just by him approaching you, you feel a sharp pain in your hand, like a dagger is piercing straight through it.
  348. <Corsava> "Are you asking for my hand?"
  349. <Corsava> [winces]
  350. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yeah, just a bit.
  351. <Corsava> [extends my hand towards him]
  352. <Corsava> A-Aaaah....f-fuck that hurts, whatever it is.
  353. <DM> *More cursed vines wrap around Bloodwind, each thorn stabbing into him, threatening to strangle him. The unique visage of Majora's Mask seems to warp just by looking at it, twisting and turning into a spiral of chaos, its eyes looking deeper and deeper into your soul, threatening to tangle it all up and let it choke on itself!
  354. <DM> *He manages to just barely pull through and... grab your hand.
  355. <DM> *Corsava, roll... err, what's your Hearts stat?
  356. <Corsava> (19)
  357. <DM> $19d10 Corsava
  358. <Navi> <DM> You rolled 19 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 4, 1, 6, 4, 5, 1, 10, 6, 9, 1, 10, 1, 2, 5, 7, 7, 10 and 9. Total: 104. Successes: 15.
  359. <DM> $35d10 Madness
  360. <Navi> <DM> You rolled 35 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 1, 5, 1, 10, 5, 8, 1, 10, 8, 10, 2, 4, 3, 3, 10, 7, 7, 10, 6, 3, 9, 7, 3, 10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 7, 4, 8, 7, 9 and 9. Total: 217. Successes: 30.
  361. <DM> (Good news, you're not dead!)
  362. <Corsava> (Yay!)
  363. <DM> *The mark on your hand manifests into dark, shadowy versions of those same thorny vines. It tangles across your whole body, ripping out pain from each and every nerve, slowly consuming your very fiber of being. Not just physical pain, but all your painful moments at once, recounted to you in excruciating detail, layered on top of each other.
  364. <Corsava> [sobs, the physical she can handle, but remembering the times that she's felt rejected, hurt, that she's done things that have made her feel awful about herself, it's overwhelming]
  365. <DM> *You usually enjoy the pain of your mark (you masochist), but contained within those memories are far deeper than the usual pain it inflicts. Emotional scars, from the betrayal of your people, from betraying your own party to meet your own personal gains for power, from memories of killing your own family.
  366. <Corsava> (Well, honestly fuck the party, that she's not hurt by, but the other stuff, yeah :P)
  367. <DM> *Scratch that, you actually enjoyed that one bit. Anywho....
  368. <DM> *That's right... you killed your family. You brutally, mercilessly slaughtered them all! Indulge in your madness, let it consume you, and you'll have the power, UNNNNNLIMITED POOOOWEEEEEER-
  369. <DM> *Next thing you know, you receive a slap across your face. You're... back to normal, your mark is no longer devouring you, and you're staring up into the night sky, the silence of the stars shining dimly upon you.
  370. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You back yet?
  371. <Corsava> [looks up at him] Yes...I'm here...
  372. <DM> *Nearby, Bloodwind seems to be back to himself. He's no longer donning Majora's Mask, though his bloodstained cloak actually seems more stained with fresh blood.
  373. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Sorry about that. I do need you alive, but... I also can't lose control just yet. How are you feeling?
  374. <Corsava> [she hugs him]
  375. <Corsava> Thank you for snapping me out of that.
  376. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Gah-!
  377. <DM> *He instinctively tries to push you away. Roll Power to hold onto him?
  378. <Corsava> (XD No. I have like, 20 power. If he's contesting me, he probably just auto gets it)
  379. <DM> (You'd be surprised.)
  380. <DM> (lessee, no shield, so no defense dice bonus...)
  381. <DM> $20d10 Corsava
  382. <Navi> <DM> You rolled 20 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 4, 6, 7, 4, 4, 6, 5, 8, 9, 7, 7, 6, 4, 6, 2, 7, 5, 8 and 9. Total: 120. Successes: 15.
  383. $6d10 Bloodwind
  384. <Navi> <DM> You rolled 6 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 7, 6, 9, 2 and 3. Total: 31. Successes: 3.
  385. <DM> (Congrats, you found his low stat!)
  386. <Corsava> ...huh
  387. <DM> *For the first time in many years... Bloodwind actually receives a hug. With his rather lower power, he's unable to push you away from your strong Gerudo grip.
  388. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You... you idiot. I... I shared some of my madness so I wouldn't lose control!
  389. <DM> [Sithe]: Wow, he's not mincing words. Surprise, surprise.
  390. <DM> *The Interloper seems to be back.
  391. <Corsava> "You pulled me back."
  392. <Corsava> "You have your reasons, I know."
  393. <Corsava> "But, you still pulled me out of it."
  394. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Idiot.
  395. <DM> *He... actually puts his arms around your back and hugs back lightly.
  396. <DM> [Bloodwind]: You can't die on me yet...
  397. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... how long are you gonna hold me?
  398. <Corsava> [after a few seconds, she releases him]
  399. <DM> *Bloodwind quickly takes some steps away, turning his face away from you.
  400. <Corsava> "Sorry, I just..."
  401. <Corsava> "It meant a lot to me."
  402. <DM> [Bloodwind]: It's fine. We're both alive.
  403. <DM> [Sithe]: And it's night time! But thanks to your antics, I'm a bit weakened. Lucky, lucky you...
  404. <DM> [Bloodwind]: No insanity from you tonight.
  405. <Corsava> [chugs a slurpy potion of heals]
  406. <DM> [Sithe]: Enjoy your break while it lasts. One night of peace, and once the next one is upon us... I'll be here. I'll wait as long as I need to, kyeheheheh.
  407. <DM> *You heal back to max hearts and magic, but you still feel the lingering pain throughout your body. You notice you're kinda sluggish.
  408. <Corsava> "Well, actually, Sithe, if I can pull the madness out of him, that means it won't happen as long as he's got me."
  409. <Corsava> [smiles] So, he's not in such dire straits.
  410. <DM> [Sithe]: Kyeeeeehahahahah! Ohhhhhh the poor vai doesn't understand a thing, does she? Why don't you tell him, Bloodwind? Tell her what would happen if you lost all your madness...
  411. <DM> (curse you typos)
  412. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ...
  413. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Since you asked what you should know, and you're suggesting something that would kill me...
  414. <Corsava> "What, jeez not all of it! I just meant so you don't have a ragesplosion at night."
  415. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Oh good. Well then...
  416. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Thanks.
  417. <DM> *He's able to turn and face you properly now.
  418. <Corsava> "What, do you think I'm some kind of masochist?" [giggles]
  419. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yes.
  420. <DM> *He replies quickly and bluntly.
  421. <DM> *Nearby, a Phantom Guide floats back on down.
  422. <Corsava> "Well, yeah."
  423. <DM> [Poe]: Well shucks, Carpet Man is off crying into his carpet. But, at least that got you to finally open up!
  424. <DM> [Bloodwind]: That's it? That's all you wanted?
  425. <DM> [Poe]: I enjoy seeing the truth of others come to light, teehee! Even from you, Corsavy!
  426. <DM> [Poe]: I know he hasn't said everything yet, but now that he's willing... I'm sure your next trial will bring it all to light.
  427. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Dangit, would you stop with the games already?
  428. <DM> [Poe]: I already have! Try looking around...
  429. <DM> *Bloodwind takes a look around.
  430. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... Lens, now.
  431. <Corsava> [looks around through the lens]
  432. <DM> *You whirl around, annnd in the distance, through the clear desert air and calm winds, you see not a goalpost... but a whole temple!
  433. <Corsava> "Wow, that's a whole ass temple."
  434. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What? The whole thing is hidden?
  435. <DM> [Bloodwind]: How does that even work?
  436. <Corsava> "It's called the Spirit Temple."
  437. <DM> [Poe]: Bingo!
  438. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Yeah, I know for a fact when I chatted it out with Nabooru in the past-
  439. <DM> [Sithe]: You meant threatened her at bladetip.
  440. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Whatever. That whole temple is supposed to be visible to the naked eye.
  441. <Corsava> "Wait, I have the ability to see spirits"
  442. <DM> [Bloodwind]: If it wasn't, Link could never have gotten there.
  443. <Corsava> [lowers the lens to see if I can see it still]
  444. <Corsava> "Maybe he wasn't in this world, but in the spirit realm?"
  445. <Corsava> "...I don't actually know whether or not there is a spirit realm."
  446. <DM> *Now that you've seen its true form, you're able to see spirits, alright. The spirits you saw beside Nabooru when you looked into her spirit, you see those same ones, in the distance, resting among the temple. Their collective existence is what's keeping the temple hidden.
  447. <DM> *Which might explain why Link was able to visit it... there were simply a lot more Gerudo alive at the time.
  448. <DM> [Bloodwind]: No idea either.
  449. <DM> [Sithe]: But there is a Twilight Realm!
  450. <DM> [Bloodwind]: I'm happy to take you back there once I have the means.
  451. <Corsava> (Wait, so I can see the temple now?)
  452. <DM> (Yes, you can. Bloodwind can't.)
  453. <Corsava> [takes a step up]
  454. <DM> (... just one step?)
  455. <DM> (or you mean just get closer in general)
  456. <Corsava> (Like, a step to it)
  457. <DM> *You get closer to the temple?
  458. <DM> [Poe]: Well then, now that you've found your destination, I'll be on my way! Don't forget, the truth will set you both freeeeeee!
  459. <DM> *The Phantom Guide winks at you both and floats on up into the sky. Bloodwind is contemplating firing a blast at the Poe, but he seems weakened himself still.
  460. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Gah, I hate Poes...
  461. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... hold on, if we can't see the temple, how in the world do we get in?
  462. <Corsava> [walks into the temple]
  463. <Corsava> "I can see spirits, Bloodwind."
  464. <Corsava> "It's a spirit Temple."
  465. <Corsava> "The whole thing is a spirit."
  466. <DM> (whoops, you were some distance away from it still- OKAY RIP DISTANCE)
  467. <Corsava> (...Oh, I thought it was right in front of us XD)
  468. <DM> *You take one loooooooong step and end up in the temple!
  469. <DM> *Gerudo legs goin' loooooooong!
  470. <Corsava> (XD)
  471. <DM> *A few minutes later, Bloodwind catches up.
  472. <DM> [Bloodwind]: What kind of glitched out shenaniganery was that?
  473. <DM> *He's about to question it further when he notices he's inside the temple, at which point he stops to look around.
  474. <Corsava> "Can you see it too now?
  475. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ... hold on, I was in a desert a moment ago, where'd this come from.
  476. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Apparently...
  477. <DM> *Surrounding you are Gerudo spirits of those long past. They wave at you, Corsava, unable to speak to you, but able to see you at least.
  478. <Corsava> [waves at them quietly]
  479. <DM> *Bloodwind looks at you.
  480. <DM> [Bloodwind]: The heck are you waving at?
  481. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Walls don't just wave back on their own, ya know.
  482. <DM> *The wall waves back at Bloodwind.
  483. <DM> *The fourth wall goes back to its perch.
  484. <Corsava> "I just told you I can see spirits."
  485. <Corsava> "We are in the spirit temple. Why would you assume we're alone?"
  486. <DM> [Sithe]: I don't hear or see anything but torches and walls.
  487. <DM> [Bloodwind]: ...
  488. <DM> [Bloodwind]: For once, I'm with Sithe on this one.
  489. <DM> [Sithe]: Hey, you actually called me by my name!
  490. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Shut it, Interloper.
  491. <Corsava> "Awwww,"
  492. <Corsava> "You two, being all friendly."
  493. <Corsava> "Look, maybe it's because I'm a gerudo."
  494. <Corsava> "Or maybe it's because of the mark."
  495. <Corsava> "Or that I played along with those funny little things earlier."
  496. <Corsava> "But, I'm telling you, I see spirits right now."
  497. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Doubt it's the mark. Gerudo are inherently weak to madness.
  498. <DM> [Bloodwind]: It only consumed Nabooru what... three times now?
  499. <DM> [Bloodwind]: Well, spirit vision or not, goody two shoes on you. Now that we're here, it's time to search for some graves...
  500. <Corsava> [shrugs] Alrighty.
  501. <Corsava> [looks around the temple, half-smiling at the spirits, a bit of conflict re-entering her mind now that we're here.]
  502. <DM> *You look around to see what other details are around you, when suddenly, the light of the spirits is whisked away. Darkness creeps in, oozing from the very walls. It overtakes the light of the torches, devours your shadows, and sends you to the abyss. The familiar abyss of...
  503. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  504. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  505. <DM> -=SESSION END=-
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