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  1. Characters
  3. Sorrel Denzil/Anima
  4. Role: Protagonist
  5. Appearance: Sorrel has long blonde hair in twintails and amber eyes, and has a lean, athletic figure. She usually dresses formally and in black clothing - her preferred outfit is a fancy long-sleeved black coat accompanied by a black dress, a black top hat, black pantyhose, and black high-heeled boots. The Anima outfit Elwyn designs for her is a skintight full-body jumpsuit with white and purple accents and a mask with three amethysts on the forehead and purple eyes. She also has several amethysts dotted around her sleeves.
  6. Personality: At first, Sorrel is the kind of person you wouldn't really want to make friends with. She's haughty, she's prideful, and she only really looks out for herself or people she happens to like. She even uses her powers for more villainous purposes. However, after this causes her to lose her friendship with Elwyn, she mellows out a bit and starts to act more heroic - still with that pride about herself, but more protective of others, even if she's a little awkward about being nice.
  7. Abilities:
  8. Gem Blades: The Anima costume has two retractable blades made of diamond in the sleeves, which she uses for combat.
  9. Telekinesis: Anima can levitate objects with her mind - the heavier the object, however, the more strain it puts on her.
  10. Telepathy: Anima can read minds - however, this particular power is disrupted by the meteorite's energy. She can also use this power to essentially mind control others.
  11. Teleportation: Anima can teleport short distances. She can teleport long distances if necessary - but the more she uses this and the longer she teleports, the more it tires her out.
  12. Forewarning: Anima can have slight glimpses of the future, allowing her to evade attacks and other dangers. She cannot control when she gets these glimpses.
  14. Elwyn Blackburn/Ronin
  15. Role: Supporting Character -> Antagonist
  16. Appearance: Elwyn often looks like he just woke up - his curly black hair is usually kinda frazzled and his dark green eyes are somewhat weary from staying up late. He's skinny and not particularly fit. He typically just throws on clothes, so they're usually a bit wrinkled - he's most often seen with white dress shirts and jeans. As Ronin, he wears a cybernetic black outfit reminiscent of a samurai, with a dark yellow Asian conical hat, black boots, a mask, and goggles with cold yellow eyes. His energy blade is usually sheathed by his side.
  17. Personality: At first, Elwyn is the kind of person you wouldn't really want to make friends with. While he's got a good heart, he's awkward, dorky, and nerdy, and has terrible social skills, even if he's a genius inventor and appreciates the one friend he does have. However, after his falling-out with Anima, he becomes more isolated and serious, believing that the world won't accept him - and he's going to fight back, which leads to him becoming the supervillain Ronin.
  18. Abilities:
  19. Sword: Ronin's main weapon is an energy blade. Having trained in swordplay, he uses it very well, and can use it to cut through virtually anything - he can even turn on sword beams with the flick of a switch. It can run out of power, though, and too much strain on it (and the sword beams) drain power faster.
  20. Electromagnetism Gauntlet: Ronin has a gauntlet that allows him to retrieve his sword at a distance if he's disarmed, and also throw around metal objects. It also runs on a power supply.
  21. Psychic Blocker: Ronin's mask is laced with nanites that prevent his mind from being breached by Anima's powers.
  22. Speed: Ronin's costume is built to be lightweight and allow for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, see below.
  23. Improved Abilities: Thanks to the meteorite, Ronin has improved kinesthetic senses, giving him more awareness of his movements. He also has enhanced strength and durability.
  24. Power Supply: Ronin's costume is built with a backup power supply that he can use for his sword or gauntlet.
  26. Rodrick Brewster/Jingo
  27. Role: Antagonist
  28. Appearance: Rodrick doesn't really bother to blend in - but then again, he doesn't really need to. He's tall and muscular, with short, ragged brown hair and bright red eyes. His outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination - his clothing is militaristic, with black boots, red pants, and no shirt. He has two gatling guns mounted on his arms that fire with a button press and fold up into a smaller form with another button press.
  29. Personality: After being subjected to testing from the meteorite, Rodrick quickly grew corrupt thanks to his newfound power. Seizing control of the scientists on the project, he forced them to create him power-boosting stuff and off he went. Rodrick, or Jingo as he prefers, seeks to enforce the laws that he thinks should be enforced, and is more than willing to resort to violence - after all, history is written by the victors, and if he wants things to change he'll have to step up himself. He's boisterous, hot-headed, and mostly driven by instinct, making it a challenge for Anima to predict his actions.
  30. Abilities:
  31. Super Strength: Thanks to the meteorite, Jingo's strength is off the charts - he's able to pulverize a dump truck with a single punch.
  32. Durability: Jingo is nearly unstoppable, able to take most things thrown his way and shrug them off or hit back just as hard.
  33. Gatling Guns: Jingo has gatling guns mounted on his arms that activate with the press of a button.
  34. Impulsiveness: Jingo mostly just does whatever without putting too much thought into it. This makes Anima's mind-reading powers not particularly effective on him.
  36. Algernon Haward
  37. Role: Antagonist
  38. Appearance:
  39. Personality:
  40. Abilities:
  42. Story
  43. Arc #1 - The Beginning
  44. A meteorite is shown falling somewhere. It cuts to Elwyn reading some news about the meteorite (setting him up as the protagonist) and then working on his own project. He gets picked on a bit as some other kids pass by, but Sorrel comes by, tells them off, and talks to Elwyn, stating her plans to check out the meteorite. She eventually departs, and while Elwyn is concerned, he gets over it, knowing Sorrel will be fine.
  45. It then shows Sorrel approaching the meteorite, sneaking past the police tape and idly noticing that there aren't any people on duty. She goes to touch it, but the radioactive energy seizes her, knocking her unconscious. It jumps to her in Elwyn's room, and she wakes up, with Elwyn explaining that he couldn't stop worrying about her and followed her, bringing her back when things went sour. Sorrel is rather touched, and Elwyn allows her to rest at his place for a while.
  46. The next day, the meteorite moves into government safekeeping, and Elwyn makes sure to do one last check-up on Sorrel before she goes off. Much to both their surprise, Sorrel is able to read Elwyn's mind. After some experimenting Elwyn discovers her other powers (except her future sight). He's understandably excited, and Sorrel eventually calms down after thinking of the things she can use the powers for. Sorrel experiments with her powers a bit. Elwyn even makes her a suit, seeing her as a superhero - which she has no real interest in, so she takes the suit and leaves it.
  47. It cuts to a montage of Sorrel using her powers for more... villainous purposes, though she makes sure to keep them a secret. Telekinesis to pick on people she doesn't like, mind controlling people into doing humiliating things or professors into giving her good grades... all that. Elwyn grows progressively concerned with his friend's behavior and talks to her about it. Sorrel attempts to mind control him into going along with it, but Elwyn is able to fight it off. Feeling betrayed, he forces her out of his lab.
  48. The story then properly switches to Sorrel's point of view. The weight of what happened just sunk in. After a failed attempt to apologize to Elwyn, she decides that she'll only be able to approach him when she's a new woman. When she overhears a couple of people planning a bank robbery, she takes matters into her own hands, and dons the outfit Elwyn made for her, along with a new alias: Anima. She stops the bank robbers, and it's at this point where she starts getting popular.
  49. From here, it shows Sorrel starting to become a hero, intermixed with Elwyn's resentment growing, and an insight into his perspective. Eventually, he decides he's had enough, and reveals that he took his own chunk of the meteorite when rescuing Sorrel. He uses it to begin creating... something.
  50. It cuts to a couple days later. Sorrel keeps up her identity as Anima, and is finally feeling ready to try to make up with Elwyn. She goes to talk with him in his lab, but finds he's not there, which is odd - he's almost always there. Deciding to come back later, she notices that there's apparently a supervillain issuing a public challenge to Anima, and she goes to meet him at a factory. This supervillain is named Ronin, and the two battle. It's no contest, really - Anima is hopelessly outmatched, as Ronin seems to have an answer to everything she tries. Ronin beats her down and traps her in rubble, revealing that he's Elwyn. Elwyn explains his motives and destroys her suit, leaving her to wallow in misery.
  51. Sorrel's spirit is broken, and she retreats to her apartment, feeling defeated. The next day, she finds she's received a package - sender unknown. She goes to check, and it's an entirely new Anima suit, with upgrades from the one Elwyn made. Sorrel is unsure what to make of it, but it lifts her spirits, and after seeing a broadcast of Ronin attacking innocent people, she resolves to defeat him, no matter what it takes.
  52. Ronin is attacking some more innocent people, when Anima shows up. Anima manages to trick him into getting in an area where his gauntlet isn't very useful, and the two battle. Though Ronin is smart enough to switch locations, Anima manages to get him angry enough that he's not doing as well, and eventually defeats him. Elwyn wants Sorrel to finish him off, but she refuses, and takes him to jail.
  53. Having defeated Ronin, Sorrel takes some time at home to reflect on everything. She's still wondering who sent her that suit, though, and doesn't have any ideas. It cuts to the reveal of who sent her the suit - a man named Algernon Haward.
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