Bitstream Episode Ideas

Oct 15th, 2021
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  3. * Bitstream Episode Ideas *
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  8. Each of these ideas could eaily give ten episodes. So there's 80 episodes in here somewhere, enough to keep us going for a few years :p
  10. 1. Game Genres. Pick a game genre and look at chip tunes from those games.
  11. eg, Racing Games; Arcade conversions; Shootemups
  13. 2. Demoscene Classics. Pick a time frame from the past and take a look back at the demoscene in those years
  14. eg, 1995-2000; 2000-2005; 1990-1995
  16. 3. Demoscene Party. Look at a recent demo party, and cover some of the music entries.
  17. eg, Nordlicht 2020; Revision 2021; Assembly '22
  19. 4. Gaming Years. Pick a single year and talk us through computer gaming in that year. Illustrate with game tunes from some of the games you talk about.
  20. eg, Gaming in 1993; Gaming in 1989
  22. 5. Specific Platforms. Pick a computer and look at some chip tunes made for it.
  23. eg, Atari ST Revisited; CPC's Revenge; Atari 8-Bit Rulez;
  25. 6. Featured Composer. Pick a composer, and look at some of their tunes. Include remixes/remakes of their tunes by other people.
  26. eg, Chris Huelsbeck; Count Zero
  28. 7. Country. Pick tunes originating from a particular country.
  29. eg, The Best of British; German Engineering for your SID; The French Connection
  31. 8. Story Themes. Select any tunes you like which follow some theme.
  32. eg, Bitstream Resurrection (Imagine you're relaunching the podcast around halloween time, so you pick some suitably spooky chip tunes to play us.)
  33. eg, Tales from the Scene. (Tell us a story from the demoscene, refer back to things past, people/places involved and their histories, and allow the tune selection to illustrate the story wherever it feels appropriate.)
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