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  2. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 9:25 PM
  3. Mary had no idea what to do. She stared at the screen of her scroll, her face as red as a dying sun. Jocasta had sent her a rather lewd picture earlier in the morning and Mary decided to make it her background. She would be wrapped up in a blanket on a couch in the dorm commons. The sun would have been set now, most of the classes done.
  4. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  5. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 9:53 PM
  6. "Heeeey, one punch girl." Ayako noticed Mary's head peeking up from over the back of the couch and approached her from behind. "Heard you got your date. How'd it--"
  8. She stopped mid-sentence as she casually draped over the back of the couch, catching sight of the image on Mary's scroll in the process. She whistled. "Hot damn, she's exactly as hot as I thought she'd be under her clothes. Don't tell JoJo I saw that. No, wait, on second thought, you can tell her. She'll probably hit me."
  10. @BoogieBones | Mary
  11. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 9:57 PM
  12. Mary practically screams as ayako pops up behind her. She slams her scroll against her thigh and almost immediately tears up in fear.
  13. "I- who- what-!!! N-no ayako no no no!!! She said she'll blow my head up if anyone sees this!! No please don't tell her you saw it!!"
  14. She peeks at the photo slightly and holds it to her chest to keep ayako from looking again
  15. "....she is very pretty though....."
  16. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  17. Goose|Solaire SIEL|Jocasta BAJA - Last Thursday at 9:58 PM
  19. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 10:01 PM
  20. "Geeze, relax. I won't actually tell her. It was an accident, anyway; I ain't gonna look at private stuff like that." Ayako hops over the back of the couch to sit next to Mary, wincing a little bit with the action. "JoJo thinks you're real cute too, for the record. She was gushing all about your date; it's kinda adorable."
  22. @BoogieBones | Mary
  23. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 10:06 PM
  24. She smiles and glances over at her
  25. "R-really...? She really likes me?"
  26. She squirms a little in the blanket and can't help but hold back a smile, she looks over at ayako.
  27. "I really enjoyed the date too, jojo brought me to this building and we watched the ocean... I hadn't seen it before and it was green... no not just green... it was perfectly glorious."
  28. Sighing happily she lays over to her side opposite of ayako, now grinning.
  29. "And after that she brought me back to her dorm and we slept together, ah it was amazing... it felt so great to be in her strong, tough arms. She even lent me her pajamas."
  30. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  31. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 10:09 PM
  32. "Yeah, that sounds cu--wait." Ayako pauses for a moment, replaying the last few things Mary just said in her mind. "You slept together? She didn't mention that. Holy shit. I can't believe you had sex already. She didn't sound like she wanted to move that fast with you."
  34. @BoogieBones | Mary
  35. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 10:14 PM
  36. Mary hits the ground with a thud, all ayako sees is a mess of limbs scrambling beneath the blanket. Mary's torso pops out, of course she was wearing the same black tshirt as always, and her face is even a deeper shade of scarlet
  37. "W-WHAT?!?! N-no no no no no!!! We didn't have s-se.... we didn't do the thing!!! We just fell asleep while cuddling!!!"
  38. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  39. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 10:16 PM
  40. Ayako cackles. "Okay, okay, that makes MUCH more sense. Usually when people say they slept together, it implies that they fucked, though, so you might wanna be careful with that. Man, you are adorable." She stands up and offers a hand to Mary. "Relax, babe. Even if you did, it ain't a bad thing as long as you both want it."
  42. @BoogieBones | Mary
  43. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 10:20 PM
  44. She takes the hand and pulls herself up. She stands there for a moment twiddling her thumbs, nervously looking at ayako
  45. "...do... do you.... do you think she maybe wants to... do the thing?"
  46. She picks up the blankets and gently sets them on the couch. And picks her scroll up off the ground and shoves it into her sweatpants pocket.
  47. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  48. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 10:22 PM
  49. "I'm sure she does, but not until you're ready for it. She ain't gonna pressure you into anything." Ayako helps Mary gather up the fallen blankets, looking at the arm that Mary had hit her with. "How's your arm, by the way? You got pretty messed up last time I saw you."
  51. @BoogieBones | Mary \
  52. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 10:26 PM
  53. Marys mood changes almost immediately and flexes her arm, her muscles bulging and stretching her sleeve.
  54. "Yup it's good as new, after all of my shattered bones reset."
  55. She grins and punches her knuckles together, ayako would then notice they were quite raw, like she had been punching something without gloves.
  56. "How about you? I didn't hurt you too bad did I?"
  57. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  58. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 11:42 PM
  59. "Heh." Ayako lifts the hem of her shirt to show off her bruise. "You did a damn good job. I'm fine--great, actually--but you might wanna watch doing that to people you like. I imagine that woulda laid most people up for a while." She lets her shirt fall back down. "And, I mean, you probably don't want to shatter your own arm. That's hell of a biceps you've got there. It'd be real tragic if you couldn't flex it anymore."
  60. @BoogieBones | Mary
  61. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 11:44 PM
  62. "A-ah oh oum! Im sorry I didn't mean to leave such a big bruise!"
  63. She ruffles her hair sadly for a moment before perking back up a bit
  64. "O-oh? Hell of a bicep? It's just a normal muscle though. C-can people not flex their arms sometimes? ...it doesn't happen often right?"
  65. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  66. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Thursday at 11:48 PM
  67. "Honey, I'm into it. I wish I had bruises like this all the time." Ayako grins and flexes her own arm. "I mean that you probably can't do this with all your arm bones broken. You wanna keep those arms strong and healthy for punching Grimm and shit. If you go around shattering your arm every time you punch something, it'll be bad news for you."
  68. @BoogieBones | Mary
  69. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Thursday at 11:52 PM
  70. "Ah, yeah your right! ....I don't think Jocasta would want to cuddle me if I was all broken..."
  71. Mary takes one last peek at her phone before looking around
  72. "....hey.... you don't think... jojo would want pictures of me.... d-do you...?"
  73. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  74. June 16, 2017
  75. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Friday at 12:02 AM
  76. "Aw, I'm sure JoJo would want to cuddle you no matter what. Unless she thought she might break you more in the process." Ayako patted Mary on the shoulder, chuckling. "I'm sure she'd like that, but only if you wanna send them. You don't gotta do it just because she did."
  77. @BoogieBones | Mary
  78. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Friday at 12:05 AM
  79. Mary kicks the floor a little bit and continues to blush
  80. "Well... I do kinda wanna send some... I wonder if.... if she'll send me more... maybe I should show her my legs...."
  81. Mary looks up and smiles slightly
  82. "I kinda wanna send em..."
  83. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  84. Megan | Ayako Ito - Last Friday at 12:44 AM
  85. Ayako ruffles Mary's hair. "You do you, babe. She'll love anything you send her, trust me. You want some tips? I'm basically a lewd expert." She turned and struck a slightly suggestive pose, bent just enough to give line of sight down her shirt, as if to illustrate her claim.
  87. @BoogieBones | Mary(edited)
  88. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Friday at 12:50 AM
  89. Mary turns even redder somehow and retreats off into a bathroom.
  90. "O-one second!"
  91. After a few moments Jocasta would get a text from Mary in the pose ayako had shown her. Bent forwards with her shirt off, with her bandage wrappings loosely covering herself and her pants hanging slightly down her hips. Ayako would see Mary walk out looking rather flustered and her shirt on backwards
  92. "S-so? Is there anything you wanna do?"
  93. She smiles weakly.
  94. @Megan | Ayako Ito
  95. Goose|Solaire SIEL|Jocasta BAJA - Last Friday at 12:54 AM
  96. "Holy shit, didn't know you had it in you. Fukken saved."
  97. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Friday at 1:01 AM
  98. "y-you like it? I wasn't sure but if you like it!"
  99. Goose|Solaire SIEL|Jocasta BAJA - Last Friday at 1:02 AM
  100. "Tomorrow, 6 pm, my treat"
  101. BoogieBones | Mary - Last Friday at 1:03 AM
  102. "Are we going to the ocean again? That was really fun."
  103. Goose|Solaire SIEL|Jocasta BAJA - Last Friday at 1:04 AM
  104. "Maybe. I ain't telling."
  105. June 18, 2017
  106. Megan | Ayako Ito - Yesterday at 7:00 PM
  107. Ayako snickered at Mary as she emerged from the bathroom. "Gee, I wonder what you were doing in there? Check your shirt, babe." She poked Mary's shoulder. "I heard you don't get out much. If you wanna do something, I can show you around town a bit. I know this city like an old lover."
  109. @BoogieBones | Mary
  110. BoogieBones | Mary - Yesterday at 7:02 PM
  111. "A-ah alright! Well I guess I'll see you around... yeah it would be nice to get out."
  112. Mary smiles and fixes her shirt with a blush. She begins to walk off with a smile and a wave.
  113. [End]
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