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  1. There are many reasons why I feel as though I should be accepted but I will cut it down into a few. I enjoy helping out with even the most basic staff jobs because even though it might be boring I know that I need to get it done because in the end it will help the server out and that is what the staff team is there for. I am exceptionally experienced in screen sharing and I have been doing it since 2017 so I know how to find basically anything from cheats to booters. One thing that I think helps me is that I have something called ASD because for some people with ASD they will only focus on a few things and in those things, they will excel in and I feel as though staffing is something that I am very dedicated to. One thing you should know about me is that I am very active on the server almost being on for 30 hours a week when I am staff on a server because that is a way to show that you actually care about the success of the server and that is something I very much care about in Zonix. I have been playing Minecraft for just over 5 years as of now and I been staffing for around 3 of those years so I am very knowledgeable when it comes to staff work.
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