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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color="green">[US East]</color> <color="red">HydraSCP -</color> <color="green">"Never take your eyes off the prize!"</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. <b>Amount of Servers:</b>  <i>8</i>
  4. <b>Location:</b>  <i>US/CA East (Montreal)</i>
  5. <b>Active Admins?:</b> <i>We have over 25 active admins on our servers almost 24/7!</i>
  6. <b>Slots:</b> <i>20</i>
  7. <b>Discord:</b> <link=""><i></i> (CLICK ON THE LINK!)</link>
  9. <color="red"><size="15">+ Rules +</size></color>
  11. <size="10"><u>Section A: General Rules</u></size>
  12. <size="8">A1. Treat all members and staff with respect!</size>
  13. > Using derogatory (racial, homophobic, etc.) slurs will be counted under this rule.​</size>
  15. <size="8">A2. HydraSCP staff have the final say.</size>
  16. > Staff have the final say in all outcomes regarding the breakage of rules. Do not argue with them.
  17. <size="8">A3. Do not ban or punishment evade. This will only result in significantly higher consequences.</size>
  19. <size="8">A4. Do not impersonate staff. This will result in an permanent, un-disputable ban.</size>
  21. <size="8">A5. Do not threaten to or take malicious actions against any user or our server.</size>
  22. > This includes DDoSing, Doxing, hacking, etc.
  23. A6. Do not loophole the rules, or in other words, try to find ways around them.</size>
  26. <size="10"><u>Section B: Gameplay</u></size>
  27. <size="8">B1. Do not teamkill.</size>
  29. <size="8">B2. Do not exploit the game in any fashion.</size>
  30. > This includes exploiting glitched features of the game. (This includes jumping down the pole in 939s room!)​
  32. <size="8">B3. No ghosting!</size>
  33. > Ghosting is the act of guiding players who are alive while you are dead (spectator).
  34. <size="8">B4. No delaying the round!</size>
  35. > Do not do anything to needlessly prolong the round (such as sitting in a room). This includes purposefully waiting for NTF spawns.​
  37. <size="8">B5. Do not ruin the round for other people!</size>
  39. <size="8">B6. Do not purposefully kill yourself so you don't have to be the role you don't want.</size>
  40. > Doing things such as jumping off of the ledge in HCZ (the one that kills you), will get you set to spectator for the rest of the round.
  42. <size="8">B7. No spawn camping.</size>
  44. <size="8">B8. You may not team with SCP's, Class D, or Chaos if you are a member of the NTF (This includes guards, soldiers of all ranks). You are allowed to team as Chaos+NTF if your common goal is to kill an SCP. You are allowed to team with an SCP as: Class D, Scientist, Chaos. Chaos is also not allowed to team with Scientists and NTF are not allowed to team with D boys unless they tie them up.</size>
  46. <size="8">B9. Do not go on banned spots.</size>
  49. <size="10"><u>Section C: Voice Chat</u></size>
  50. <size="8">C1. Any terrible microphone qualities that result in high-static, white noise, high-pitched ringing, etc. will result in that user being muted until they fix their issue.</size>
  52. <size="8">C2. Do not play music through your microphone over the intercom, while you're a spectator, or over NTF radio. You may do it otherwise though.</size>
  53. > The music should NOT include any racial or homophobic slurs and should definitely NOT be ear rape. Also, if someone asks you to stop, you should stop.​</align>
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