Rotwhite chapter 7

Dec 15th, 2014
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  1. >Cold, that’s how you feel as you groggily wake up from what has to be one of the crappiest nights you have experienced
  2. >Well, at least you had a little ball of warmth next to you, which you now have to admit feels really nice
  3. >Honey Mug is still snoring lightly as you raise your head and look at the broken window
  4. >a little bit of fog and some daylight, it must still be pretty early
  5. >You lift your wing up to reveal the orange filly who’s curled up into a big lump of fluff against you
  6. >Honey Mug stirs a bit in her sleep and nuzzles against you while pulling her hooves tighter against her body to preserve warmth
  7. >Not feeling lie moving yet you look around the room a bit more, just to pass the time
  8. >yup, it’s still the same old boring storage room
  9. >You shake your head and then nudge Honey Mug with your hoof
  10. >She slowly opens her eyes and gets up
  11. “Mmh...morning...”
  12. >And then she lets out a big yawn while her antennae quiver as she stretches them by making them stand as erect as possible
  13. >You start getting off the bed but then pause and grimace as you set your hurt hoof down on the floor
  14. “Are you ok?”
  15. >Honey Mug is now looking at your hoof with worried eyes
  16. >”Yeah”
  17. >This will be problematic, you won’t be able to move very fast like this
  18. >if only...
  19. >You look at the rags you found last night and the stuff that’s around and an idea comes to your head
  20. >You gather the needed items as Honey Mug climbs off the bed and hops down
  21. >her tummy gives a loud growl
  22. “I’m hungry...”
  23. >You sit on the floor and stretch out your hoof painfully
  24. >”I’m sure there’s something to eat at the library”
  25. >You start making a makeshift splint while your stomach lets out a growl as well, which makes Honey Mug smile a little
  26. “We’re both hungry”
  27. >”I need you to help me tie this up”
  28. “O-ok”
  29. >You instruct Honey Mug and the two of you get your splint done
  30. >it’s not pretty but it’ll hold
  31. >You stand up and put some weight on your hoof to test it
  32. >still hurts a little, but you can now move much faster
  33. “Does it hurt?
  34. >You shake your head
  35. >”No, it works”
  36. >You walk to the window and look around
  37. >there’s some fog but other than that it seems like a calm day, thought it's not really sunny out, at least yet
  38. >You turn your attention to the door and press your ear against it
  39. >Honey Mug instantly puts her hooves in front of her mouth and stays quiet while you listen
  40. >...nothing, it’s dead silent
  41. >Cautiously you move the wooden trunk away from the door, trying to be as silent as possible, and afterwards you press your ear against the door once again
  42. >still silent, here goes nothing
  43. >Honey Mug gasps as you peak out of the storage room
  44. >The whole house looks ransacked and there are small patches of the frosty looking rot growth on the floor and walls
  45. >You glance back at Honey Mug and find her cradling her growling tummy
  46. >”You feeling sick?”
  47. >Honey Mug shakes her head
  48. “I’m just so hungry it hurts a little...”
  49. >Hmm, maybe you can grab something for her to snack on from downstairs
  50. >You sign for her to follow you and the two of you walk out of the room
  51. >You pause and listen, but hear nothing so you quickly hobble to the stairs
  52. >but then you notice something white and freeze
  53. >...but it’s just a rot-encased pony
  54. >still does not make you feel any safer, no telling when a monster will burst out from it
  55. >You can tell Honey Mug is unnerved as well as the two of you walk downstairs
  56. >The double doors leading outside hang open and one of them barely stays connected to the frame
  57. >You have to wonder how that happened, the one you saw at the farm house could not even break a window
  58. >You are about to sneak out of the house when you notice Honey Mug staring at something
  59. >it’s a small jar of honey, peaking from a cupboard behind the cocoon
  60. >You squeeze past the cocoon next to the dining table as cold shivers run trough your spine as you have to brush against the waxy thing
  61. >You seriously hope that this does not make the thing inside the cocoon wake up
  62. >Honey Mug follows you and has no trouble going past it thanks to her small size
  63. >Maybe you should have send her to go and get it herself
  64. >You hand Honey Mug the jar of honey and she instantly starts to gulp it down like it was water
  65. >”Slow down, you’re going to get a tummy ache if you eat it that fast”
  66. >You have to admit, now you’re feeling very hungry too so you look trough the cupboard but find nothing else that’s edible right away, just some flour and spices
  67. >Suddenly Honey Mug pokes you with her hoof
  68. >You glance at her as she offers you the jar while wiping her mouth in her hoof
  69. >There’s not much in it, but it tastes like the best damn honey you have ever eaten in your life
  70. >As you finish the jar and you’re about to say your thanks you suddenly notice a monster wobbling near the open door
  71. >Honey Mug turns her attention towards where you’re looking and gasps while clinging to your hoof
  72. >As the monster slowly shambles in you and Honey Mug hide behind the table and stay silent
  73. >You noticed something odd about this monster when you first saw it but now you finally see why
  74. >on the monsters face you can make out parts of a filtration mask, almost like it was fused into the beings flesh
  75. >Could it be Barnacle? H got cocooned when wearing the mask
  76. >You keep looking as the monster slowly heads upstairs, but then you see another shocking thing
  77. >just like the mask, some parts of a supply vest are visible
  78. >This monster is Barnacle, or at least what came of him
  79. >You and Honey Mug sit still as the monster shambles upstairs
  80. >”Let’s go”
  81. >the two of you waste no time in getting out of the ruined safe-house and waste no time in taking in the gray weather as you start walking towards the part of the village where you remember the library being, as fast as you can with your hurt hoof that is
  82. >While walking and listening for more monsters you notice something else
  83. >the rot has really spread during the night, now the white frost-like rot is found on walls, fences, there seems to be small patches of it growing on everything
  84. >And there’s also peculiar white vein-like things growing on the ground, almost like veins tryign to spread the ro-
  85. >You stop as you turn a corner
  86. >Amnesia blossoms, it’s like a small field of them
  87. >Must be because of the rot, this area seems like it’s almost completely taken over by it, it even ahs weird white fungal-like fauna you’ve never seen anywhere growing randomly all over the place
  88. >Suddenly you spot movement and a monster that must have been lying on the ground rises to its hooves
  89. “Snow!”
  90. >As the monster starts moving you and Honey Mug quickly start running back towards where you came from
  91. >But as you glance back you see that the thing is gaining on the two of you
  92. >Shit, if only your leg was ok
  93. >For some reason these monsters that look different with their more developed face and larger white sponges are much more agile and faster than the normal ones
  94. >Honey Mug glances back as well and screams loudly before suddenly running much faster than she was before
  95. >You glance back as well and see the spear-like tongue miss you by a mere inch
  96. >”Shit!”
  97. >You notice a small alleyway between two houses build very close together that has a junk filled broken cart in front of it
  98. >You quickly grasp Honey Mug and slide under the cart in a swift motion
  99. >You bite your teeth’s together as a pang of burning pain shoots trough your hurt hoof and hop up
  100. >As you turn to look at the cart if the monster can get past it you almost loose you’re footing due to the pain in your hoof
  101. >But, the monster does not follow
  102. >you can hear it ramming itself against the cart but it does not budge
  103. >”Let’s go!”
  104. >You and Honey Mug hurry onwards, but at a much slower pace
  105. >You are now limping slower than you were before and Honey Mug has to stop every now and then and wait for you to catch up
  106. >Every step sends a shooting pain trough your hoof as pained sweat starts to form on your face
  107. >There’s a groan behind you
  108. >”Oh come on!”
  109. >Three of the faster type of monster runs out from the fenced yard of a random house
  110. >Honey Mug is already at your side, hurrying you in panic
  111. “Hurry up! Please hurry! Please!”
  112. >This is bad
  113. >You fight against the pain and try to get away but they’re gaining on you and Honey Mug
  114. >But then you notice something
  115. >One of the houses has its door wide open
  116. >”The house!”
  117. >Honey Mug quickly rushes towards it as you limp behind her
  118. >You can hear the tongues hitting the ground as you rush into the house and slam the door shut and lock it
  119. >instantly there’s thuds on the door as the monsters try to fight their way in
  120. >You back away from the door with a sobbing Honey Mug clinging to you
  121. >Damn, you need to barricade the door with something, you need to check the house for monsters so you did not just walk from one death trap to another, you need t-
  122. >you pause and listen
  123. >The monsters have stopped banging on the door
  124. >”Let’s go”
  125. >Now you just need to make sure there’s no monsters in the house
  126. >You start looking around with Honey Mug refusing to let go of you and then your blood runs cold
  127. >there’s another door from this house to the outside
  128. >you ignore a few rooms as you quickly limp to the door so you can close it befo-
  129. >the door is not just open, it’s broken and lying on the ground
  130. >but then you get knocked to the ground by a monster that was waiting just outside the door
  131. >Honey Mug screams and you do too as you hold the white monstrosity away from you
  132. >it’s antennae / tentacles are wiggling at you, inching closer and closer as you feel your strength draining and the creature inching closer and closer at you, it’s face mere inches from yours
  133. >Honey Mug is now openly crying as she stares in horror while the monster opens its mouth
  134. >as you see the tip of its tongue right in front of your face only one thought goes trough your head
  135. >like hell you will die here
  136. >you stop holding the monster back with one of your hoofs and grasp at something, anything
  137. >You do not even know what you are holding as time seems to slow down and the tongue slowly shoots out from the monsters mouth
  138. >but your hoof is faster
  139. >you bash the monster right in the head with something and the tongue shoots past your head and hits the ground as the creature falls off of you and to the floor right next to you
  140. >You roll up and bash the creature on the head again
  141. >all you can hear is the pounding of your heart as you hit the creature on the head a third time, making it pop out something gooey with bits that look like organs in it
  142. >You notice Honey Mug looking in horror at the door and turn your head to see another monster jumping at you
  143. >But you manage to smash its head in as well
  144. >as you stand there you drop the object from your hoof and just breathe hard as your hearing returns
  145. >You feel like crap and your hooves are covered in something
  146. >You look at Honey Mug who’s looking at you with horror now
  147. >”Let’s go...”
  148. >Honey Mug joins you in silence as you look out of the door, and finally you see some good news
  149. >you are on the other side of the alleyway where the Amnesia Blossoms were blooming, and you can see a direct line to the library
  150. >You move your hoof to usher Honey Mug forward but as your hoof makes contact with her she jumps away
  151. >You feel some sort of an emotion run trough you as it happen, it's like someone’s twisting on your hurt hoof, but the pain is felt on the inside...
  152. >No, this is no time for any emotional crap, you two need to get over there
  153. >”Move”
  154. >Honey Mug complies in silence and the two of you rush towards the library
  155. >You feel tense and ready to fight every time the two of you pass anything from where the monsters could jump at you, but none do
  156. >the library looks like a fortress, instead of just random crap piled in front of it it has been boarded up properly and solid
  157. >”Hello!”
  158. >You start shouting as you and Honey Mug approach the front door
  159. >A lone pony peeks from one of the upper story windows and instantly opens it
  160. >It’s the yellow mothpony mare
  161. “Honey Mug!”
  162. >Honey Mug wastes no time calling back to the pony
  163. “Ms. Soothing!”
  164. >and then Honey Mug just starts to cry while the yellow mare throws down a rope ladder
  165. >Honey Mug wastes no time in rushing up and into the arms of the yellow mare as you struggle to get the ladders up yourself due to your hurt hoof, and the slippery blood on your hooves
  166. >Finally you get in and you’re met with worried looking ponies, all staring at you
  167. >”Alcohol. Now.”
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